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I'm a singer/ guitarist

July 20, 2020
Hi I'm experienced guitarist/ singer.
Experienced 20 years +
Music is my sole purpose of my life.
ID: 5bf1aa5b-408b-4ef9-8289-da6ee2f4c8c3

Female companion for adventurous outdoor activities

July 16, 2020
Please contact me, Western, energetic men, in his early 50’s, if you are interested to jointly exploring Hong Kong’s beautiful outdoors in a fun and adventurous way. Surprise and delight me on 98558746 with ideas you might have for joint activities.
ID: 34e7b10a-ad65-4c0b-9bad-4ebe9cf3adf2

Workout, swimming and Jogging Buddy

July 16, 2020
American guy, 39, looking for a workout, early morning swim or jogging buddy. HK Island.
Non drinker, non smoker

Thank you

ID: cb80f87d-e36c-4e99-a5f6-30ca4665953f

Piloxing buddy

July 02, 2020
Piloxing - cardio workout group fitness, combines Pilates, Boxing & Dance

want to find fitness buddy to do Piloxing in Kwun Tong.
ID: f412abd0-10c5-496a-abac-5729d7f1342a

Squash in Tokwawan

June 30, 2020
HI, I am a 60 year old expat guy, looking for regular squash activity to get fit, I prefer to play with a partner, and I need to increase my fitness. I don't mind to pay for the court.
ID: 7e7382a5-1ca5-4a61-a34f-99bb17557201

Beach buddy

June 29, 2020
Mid-summer is my favourite season. I love going to beach, however, I don't have much friend also fond of that activity going together. Anyone out there I could be joining with and share the beach sunshine and swimming together.

I am a local female in mid-forties. I am kind, cheerful and enjoy good conversations.

Take care yourself and each other.
ID: 3000ac25-6492-453e-8315-24235176b5c5

Badminton buddy

June 02, 2020
Looking for female or male any prefer ....could play together....whatsapp me+852 62268029...simon here
ID: 99c863dd-d77c-4fda-b6ff-13ae2335809b

Look for badminton pathner

May 28, 2020
Looking for a buddy ...who is interest in playing badmintion...can discuss more details ....simon here message in whatsapp
ID: 33039004-e45f-4006-bd2f-b8e081d1e983