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Female vocalist, impressive vocals,looking for a band/label

November 30, 2019
Hello there! I am 27 years old i have been singing since i was 5. But i started music as a proffesional career 11 years ago. With live band experience of more than 5 years. Can sing 90’ s songs, jazz, soul, reggae, afro pop, a little rap, soft rock and can adapt to new list of songs. Proffesional vocalist here looking for a band or label. I am want to pursue music career in hongkong, Macau or China Mainland . Inbox me if u r my person
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Bassist, Vocalist and Drummer wanted

November 07, 2019
My name is Elliot, I've been living in Hong Kong for 9 years and have always wanted to start a band.

I'm sick of waiting around for something to happen so here I am.

Looking for people to play Hard rock music with, maybe even write some songs as well.

Looking for 1 vocalist, 1 bass player and 1 drummer.

ID: 81d12404-dfe0-42db-b66a-c90dc3b77bc4

Jazz guitarist looking for bass/bandmates, Midlevels

November 04, 2019
Looking to form a small band to play Jazz.
Reach out at 64618307.


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Hard rock band looking for vocalist and keyboardist

October 23, 2019
Hi everyone, we are looking for a vocalist and keyboardist between 20-30yrs to join our band. We will play mainly 70s-80s hard rock and we will play both covers and original songs, ultimate goal is to play live shows. We are setting up a brand new band room in Kwun Tong as well, please pm if interested or whatsapp 56485598, both Cantonese and English is ok, cheers!
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Looking for singers/guitarists/any other musicians looking to jam

October 23, 2019

We are 3 people (1 Korean-American 25-30yrs old, 2 HK locals 30-40 yrs old)

One plays drums
One plays guitar
One plays bass

But we can all switch around as needed as we're looking to make a full band. We're missing a singer/guitarist but can also accept others (piano, etc..)

We usually play on the weekends and perform at open mics / little concerts as well.

We've played RHCP, strokes, radiohead, raconteurs, franz ferdinand, queens of the stone age, and others

But we also love playing rock, blues, 90's, funk, alternative, etc. We like learning other types of music as well!

So if you like jamming, please contact us and we can talk about how we can play together! :)

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Seeking for band members

October 19, 2019
Looking for bandmates to play Nu-metal music
Need 1 vocal, 1 guitarist, 1 bassist and 1 drummer
Please pm if interested
ID: 07c98cc7-0c9f-4732-a136-ab9bcb6f18d0

Songwriter seeking singers, drummers,keyboard,bass and guitar to form band

October 17, 2019
I have been writing songs in the style of power-pop/rock/punk/psychedelia/new age for many years. Now looking for a backing band to perform live and record some new material.

You can check out some of the styles of music I write here:
ID: afb86e5a-d895-44eb-92f2-d12d0ed8578f

Looking for Lead Vocalist

October 13, 2019
Established well-known HK covers band that has been playing regularly over the last 12 years is now looking for a new lead vocalist to take the band to the next level. Over the years, we have played regularly at The Wanch, in addition to performing at The Big Picnic, Grappa's Cellar, LKF Music Festival and numerous private clubs.

We have built up an extensive repertoire ranging from classic 60's songs through to modern day but with a heavy focus on Queen and David Bowie. Drummer and bass provide backing vocals and two guitarists complete the line up. We tend to focus on songs that people know and enjoy but are not done to death by other cover bands.

if you are male or female, preferably with singing and live performance experience, we'd be interested to hear from you. Most important, we are looking for a team player who can also commit to regular practice sessions.
ID: 8b563281-2b1d-4808-b76e-582b10e43109

Looking for fabulous female Singer/mc/entertainer

September 26, 2019
We are looking for a fabulous and fun female singer who can play with us. She can jam with the band, interact with audience and have fun on the stage.

We are a professional band that have regular gigs in Central. The band music style is upbeat, uplifting, groovy, positive and romantic. Genre is funk, modern jazz and classic RnB. Bandmates are from al over the world; Hong Kong, Australia, Thailand, Japan, and the US. We are fun and energetic people.

If you are interested, please direct message me and we can talk. Thank you for reading.
ID: 03ede06c-6dc9-48b3-acaa-8503d4260367


September 16, 2019
Hi Everyone,
I am a guitarist and singer looking to find like minded musicians to jam with after work and perhaps play a few live show. Anything from John Mayer to Jimi Hendrix or even 90's Brit Pop. I ma very open minded, just keen to jam again.
Contact me if you are keen.
ID: 5cf7b7ae-4787-442a-a124-07479d9bebf2

Looking for fabulous percussionist. Latin/african/funk

August 31, 2019
We are looking for a fabulous and fun percussionist who can add colors to our band. He/She can jam with the band, and make a groove. He/She should have a background of Latin/African style percussion; cumbia, bachata and salsa.
Instruments included congas, bongos, timbal, chimes etc.

We are a professional band that have regular gigs in Central. The band music style is upbeat, uplifting, groovy, positive and romantic. Genre is funk, modern jazz and classic RnB. Bandmates are from al over the world; Hong Kong, Thailand, Japan, and the US. We are fun and energetic people.

If you are interested, please direct message me and we can talk. Thank you for reading.
ID: 3bd12929-7d3c-4979-9337-b44b7f502dcb

Looking for bandmates for casual jamming (any instrument welcome)

August 11, 2019
Looking to form a group of vocalists and musicians for casual jamming after work or during weekends, we can also play in open mic every week.

I am a guitarist who may also sing a bit (but I am sure we can easily find a better vocalist).

Some of the songs I played recently (on guitar and vocal):
- Oasis - Live Forever, Stand by me, Champagne Supernova
- Radiohead - Fake Plastic Tree
- Derek and the Dominos - Bell Bottom Blues
- Elton John - Rocket man
- Green Day - 21 guns, Wake me up when Sep. ends, Boulevard of Broken Dream
- Neil Young - Like a Hurricane, Heart of gold
- Coldplay - The Scientist
- Kings of Leon - Use somebody
- Weezer - Island in the sun
- The Clash - London Calling
- Smashing Pumpkins - 1979
- Nirvana - Come as you are
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22 year old male to-be-vocalist

August 04, 2019
I have made a post half a year ago, but here I am, making another one.
First of all, I am not an expat, I was born in HK, who studied in the UK for seven years, and have moved back to HK for nearly nine months now.
I am currently taking lessons to be a male vocalist and is hoping to make that into a profession. Music genre is mainly jazz, but am opened to any possibilities (except for rock/classical). I’m hoping to find some musicians in HK to jam with.
Any interested parties, feel free to drop a hi.
ID: 5b720131-a43b-4737-a6af-128fe978b133

Music and friends

July 31, 2019
I am professional musician, pianist, arranger and a band leaderstill playing at The Lobster Bar of Island Shangri-la in Hong Kong. The Bar is known internationally as a fixture on Asia's 50 Best Bars. I have been performing with the band for 4 years since 2015. I worked with a variety of talented vocalist from UK, US and Canada. (Singers changed every 4 months)

My formal training in music and exposure to various music stints had helped me become more creative and flexible when it comes to music making.

I am introducing my live video performances with the band at the Island Shangri-la, the Intercontinental Hotel and demo video recorded at Studio. You might like the band and hopefully we can have the opportunity performed in another hotels,
weddings or any events. My Music Style of playing the piano is from easy listening from modern pop and classic tunes, smooth jazz, and Latin.

I have several You Tube links of my performance the Sunday Jazz Band, The Tea time Band and The 4 piece Band as my reference. Search for Noliboy Alix at You tube.

ID: 84c275ef-d60f-47e3-80fd-42703d1e6ba0

Don’t know does it work or not, just wanna try it.

July 24, 2019
I’m turning 25 next month, time is running out every second and I wanna do something meaningful.
Um.. guess I should introduce myself first, my name is Dylan, I’m a believer of God, I love singing, and I’m gay.
I’ve been learning pop piano, but not good, I’ve been writing some songs about God and positive things , but can’t complete.
I’ve got a lots of ideas but don’t know how to start it.
I think I have a special voice, it’s an advantage for singing, the range’s around B2 to C6.
(Puberty didn’t take my high notes, I think it’s a gift from God, but people think I’m creepy, huh..)
My favorite singers are Beyoncé, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey.
I’ve got my friends but they’re not really into music, English songs, even God.
So I’m here looking for some friends or musicians who have a same mind or interested in me.
You guys are incredible, wish I’ll get the chance to know y’all, I’m dying to meet you.
As this web says I can’t leave my number and address,
just contact me on this platform. Waiting and be patient.
ID: 6850e9f8-72c0-481a-bd60-edca422bfe9e

Singer looking for a band

July 20, 2019
Hi everyone! I'm a blues soul and Spanish and Latin American folklore singer and I'm looking forward to making music in Hong Kong. I can adapt to many styles and backgrounds. Drop me a line if you're interested :)
ID: 0312309f-0395-4eee-8f7e-c5e48de91063

Rocker looking to start a band - used to play for Gilded Edge who are on Spotify

July 20, 2019
Hey there! Is anyone looking to start a band in HK? I'm a guitarist, songwriter and singer looking to get something going after 5 yrs in Singapore - moved to HK a few weeks ago. Background is pretty much everything rock excluding speed / death metal but open to doing something different, even soul / funk.

Looking to get semi-serious i.e. gigging weekly but ideally just on weekends. Open to a mix of covers and originals though my last band was 100% focused on our own stuff.

Here's the EP my band in Singapore released earlier this year as a teaser (all my compositions) - PM if keen to jam!…
ID: 233d475c-c2be-4c33-863f-90aebdf9fe2c

Handpan player/percussionist looking for a band

July 18, 2019

My name is Sasha Frolov and I am a Handpan player and percussionist. I am a musician who had recently moved to Hong Kong and I'm eager to find a band. Good people with good sound.

Below are videos and pictures of some of my previous performances around the world.

If you would like to find out more about myself, my website is

Alternatively, you may call me at +85254415416
and I am more than happy to chat on the phone or meet in person.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Rock on.

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Rnb funk band looking for singer/dancer/mc/entertainer

July 12, 2019
Hi good people,

We are a four people RnB funk band that looking for a fabulous singer who are also able to do some MC and being fun on stage. We are looking for some good people that is easy going with some charming personalities. This person can also dance a bit, vocal jamming with the band and keep the stage uplifting. He/She can also engage with the audience and keep the vibe nice and enjoyable.

About the band:
All of us are coming from different countries and background. We are semi-professional musician and we are fun people. We have a consistent gig in central and we perform bi weekly in the coming summer. We play jazz standard with groovy style, classic RnB love song. We play songs like Sade, Amy winehouse, Stevie wonders, Grover Washington etc. We have around 20 songs that is able to do two sets.

If you feel that you are interested, please say hi and drop me a line. It will be even better if you have a little video to show yourself on stage! Please do ask question if you have any.
Thanks for reading. Hope to hearing back from you.

ID: 26f5a04b-4b78-4aab-a7ed-df9bd07500bc

Vocal/vocalist wanted for original project

July 03, 2019

I'm looking for vocal/vocalist to create a group for original project, every style is available depends on the vocal/vocalist style.

Drop me a message if you guy have interest.

ID: e2d6c588-d6fd-4605-b740-86f2fb56af8f