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Amateur vocalist looking for music buddies

March 15, 2021
Looking for people to jam together. I’m a vocalist and mostly makes music in pop/folk/alt genres
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Vocal looking for a band

March 07, 2021

I'm an amateur vocal from South Korea.

I have experience as a wedding singer and a choir member.

I am open to any genre except for metal.

Please text me at 5743 249one.

Thank you.
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Pianist/keyboardist looking to Jam - let’s play something!

February 16, 2021
I’m a pianist and keyboardist looking to jam!
Anything goes. From classical to pop to jazz!
If u play the violin or cello we can form a Piano Trio.
Text me to begin the music journey!
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Looking for keyboard player

February 16, 2021

We are “Ghost on the second floor”, who is looking for keyboard player.

We mainly play original music and we have published 1 EP and 1 album already.
We would like to invite one keyboard to diversity our music to explore more chance to perform.

We are now have the following line up
– 1 drummer
– 1 bassist
– 1 guitarist
– 1 lead

All gender would be welcome to join, please hit me up if you have interest or WhatsApp 95350711.
ID: 72395850-d42b-4fa7-84fd-efc47935ba1a

Singer looking for band

January 24, 2021
I am looking for a band to join, practice and hopefully do gigs once restrictions are lifted. I am quite open in terms of musical styles (jazz/rock,etc.), I have experience singing in opera/classical/barbershop and I'm trying to broaden my horizons.
ID: 315d953f-a7ea-4f9f-9bf1-a55f248e38a7

Guitarist available to jam/join a band

January 10, 2021
Hi all. I'm an intermediate guitarist who's looking to join a band. Mainly looking to play hard rock/metal and can play both rhythm and lead. Hit me up on whatsapp 56485598 if you want to get something going, cheers!
ID: 6e3cba26-1fd8-4bfd-b27c-9df70b05058c

Vocal looking for jam/play mates

October 29, 2020
Hi, I'm 31 Vocal looking for a guitarist or pianist to jam/play. Not looking for a band atm.
prefer Robbie Williams era ~ contemporary music.
No hard rock or metal. Prefer soft Rock, R&B, ballad..etc
Can do some Korean songs too.
If anyone interest, pls leave a message or text me at +85255085554
ID: 8f38845d-a9b8-4448-8647-a81e88d7882f