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Band mates wanted - Oasis/indie Cover Band

September 11, 2023
So I'm thinking of starting an Oasis cover band, simply because I've always wanted to and think it could be a lot of fun. Not a tribute, not going to start dressing the part. Just looking to play the tunes and hoefully do them justice. Looking for bassist, drummer and another guitarist. If you're in a band already, see it as a sideline and a chance to play the classics, especially the rocky hits, Rock n' Roll star, Cigarettes and Alcohol, Morning Glory etc. Seen bands do an Oasis night before and it was always packed with everyone singing along. 38yr old male fyi.

DM if you're interested.
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Hk Rock Bandmates Wanted

August 28, 2023
Hi, I'm Ace Cypher, a female singer/songwriter here, in my early 20s. I've been looking for bandmates to sing rock songs. Not looking for specific rock artists because I love them all Haha. So feel free to join me and maybe we'll go to open mics some time!
I'm looking for lead guitarist, bass guitarist, drums, keyboardist... You name it, I'm a solo birdie right now so I hope I'll compose a full band~
Preferably below 40 years old tho.
Let me know if you're interested in joining my band! Here's my IG to know a little bit more about me.

Leave a DM if you're interested :)
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i am a male vocalist, want to find guitarist/pianist to jam

June 30, 2023
hi i am a mid aged vocalist. i would like to look for guitarist or pianist to jam
my voice is as below
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Blues and classic rock

June 26, 2023
We're a guitar player and drummer playing blues and classic rock. We need others to fill out the band, vocalist, bassist, another guitarist, keyboardist would be cool too.....Blues, classic rock.
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Looking to form a band!

June 07, 2023
Hi !

I have been playing both acoustic and electric guitar for a long time now.

My influences include Pink Floyd, Porcupine tree, John Mayer and Tool.

Looking to play some rock/alternative/ metal/blues music depending on we can create a sound together as a band!

Looking for a drummer, bassist, additional guitars and vocals

Reach me out if interested!!
ID: f18b45e9-c30b-4915-aa96-3373d0604152

Acoustic/electric Rock - band mates wanted!

May 27, 2023
Hi - I am a long time guitarist, band and solo player and looking to set up a band in Hong Kong performing mostly acoustic rock covers, but happy to do some electric versions too.

Influences such as:
- Dave Matthew’s
- Red Hot Chilli Peppers
- The Killers
- Bruce Springsteen
- Pink Floyd
- Dire Straits
- Eric Clapton
- Paul Weller
- Neil Young

… and many others.

Looking for a range of instruments - vocalist, bass, drums, second guitar, even cello/keys.

We’d ideally practise every week or so to get a tight set list, and be looking to get some gigs in or open mics (if any exist) on a fairly regular basis.

If that sounds like something you’re interested in, please get in touch!!
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Singer Needed

March 30, 2023
Hong Kong 'The Police' tribute/covers band looking for new singer (previous singer, sadly, had to leave Hong Kong).

If you think you can sing in the range of Sting, why not tryout and give it a go?

Don't worry about playing bass at the same time - we've got that covered!

We're three easy going expats who play classic songs by The Police. Don't care what you look like or who you are, just someone easy going but enthusiastic, who can hit the notes!
ID: 59cd57de-fb49-4762-88c9-7735316e8aca