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Guitarist available to jam/join a band

January 10, 2021
Hi all. I'm an intermediate guitarist who's looking to join a band. Mainly looking to play hard rock/metal and can play both rhythm and lead. Hit me up on whatsapp 56485598 if you want to get something going, cheers!
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Vocal looking for jam/play mates

October 29, 2020
Hi, I'm 31 Vocal looking for a guitarist or pianist to jam/play. Not looking for a band atm.
prefer Robbie Williams era ~ contemporary music.
No hard rock or metal. Prefer soft Rock, R&B, ballad..etc
Can do some Korean songs too.
If anyone interest, pls leave a message or text me at +85255085554
ID: 8f38845d-a9b8-4448-8647-a81e88d7882f

Power Rock angry Drummer Wanted

October 05, 2020

BLACKJACK Power hard rock/rock-pop band, with several top hit successes in London UK, was “split” in HK.
We are searching for ours next DRUMMER.
No payment no budget, it is a pro-hobby level.
All original top single songs ready to gig.
New Video and Album were out in 2020.
Since 2012, other 3 albums and 10+ videos were out (in Europe).
Please visit our website for more info:
See you rock hard soon.
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Looking for play/jam mates, potentially a band?

September 27, 2020
Hey there,

I'm Mads. 27 y/o male from Denmark. I'm looking to expand my musical network here / find jam mates, and potentially form a band, if we have chemistry and similar perceptions of music. We could do some covers, write songs together or play some of the songs, I've composed.

I've been working as a musician for +10 years before I came to Hong Kong.

Looking for a drummer, bass-player and/or a soulful pianist (preferably also into hammond / rhodes / clavi - that kind of thing).

I don't care how flashy your gear is, how fast your guitar licks or rudiments on the drums are. I need musicians who can play the song, are musically grounded and have good listening skills. Drummers must be tight and know what a good pocket groove is.

Music-wise I'm much into blues, (classic) rock, soul and funk. Some of my influences are KISS, Beatles, CCR, Lenny Kravitz, Gary Clark Jr., Motown, James Brown, MJ, Prince, and a lot more. Overall, I have quite a wide taste though.

Instrument-wise, I played drums for around 20 years and guitar and singing for around 15 years. Play a bit of piano and bass as well.

I have a small home recording studio, and quite a bit of gear/instruments. Also have access to a rehearsal room through my clubhouse.

Here's a clip of me singing the blues:

Send me a line on WhatsApp if you play your instrument well: +852 six eight seven four nine six three one.

Looking forward to hearing from you :-)
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Guitar player needed for Flying Daggers

September 23, 2020
We sadly had to say goodbye to our amazing guitarist, so now Flying Daggers are searching for a new guitar player!
We play original music and performed in many live shows in Hong Kong, so the goal is to keep going with this trend, create new songs and promote them live around Hong Kong and – why not – overseas too when the situation gets back to normal.

The ideal profile? Well, most likely you have to be:
– technically skilled,
– creative and able to compose new music,
…but most of all enthusiast, easy going, committent and dedicated to the band.
Our style is a tasty mix that blends together our different influences and music backgrounds, from post punk to hard rock, grunge and new wave.
We released our first EP “Man is man’s worst enemy” on last june: you can listen it first to have an idea of what music you’re expected to play and create:


If you think you’re the right fit, then drop us a message to our email or write on whatsapp if you prefer (+852/52988339).

Flying Daggers
ID: 05dbaeb9-72e6-4871-90f2-dc1cb7bf3515

looking for guitarist to jam

September 15, 2020
i am a local hk man aged 45. i am looking for a guitarist who want to jam together. for myself, i have been a lead vocal singer for several bands during my 30s. i can do any kind of music. give me a message if you are interested.
ID: a7612e95-7348-4e8b-a55f-9d98260ec307

Guitarist who can sing wanted

August 23, 2020
Hi. We are looking for an acoustic guitarist who can sing things like the lumineers and kenny chesney. The event will be on the coming sunday for a small group of people in a private home. We are celebrating a 40th birthday brunch!

Please whatsapp +61 449 193 359 ASAP, if you are available
ID: ec937399-4212-4a65-af57-78bcbd5dc221

Male backing vocalist looking to harmonize

August 12, 2020
Hi There

Looking to jam/drink/laugh with some people and add some backing vocals to the mix. I have a pretty good ear for harmonization and genre wise I enjoy Folk, Country & Pop. But pretty open

Hit me up so we can kick start some normalcy back into this wicked world of ours.
ID: d31d4fc9-e020-4c6e-98d1-7d0272293273

Lord knows, dreams are hard to follow

July 26, 2020
Don’t know it’s gonna work or not, just try to post it...
My name is Dylan, 25 year young, local gay, vocal range: F2 - C6, Pop music is all I want.
My favorite singer is Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey, yea, I know it’s kinda old school,
it doesn’t mean I don’t listen Ariana, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, other younger singers.
Whitney and Mimi, their stories always inspire me, no matter where are you from,
no matter how many hard times we’ve been through,
don’t never ever give up and no one can take our dreams away.
Wanna meet some guys who love pop music, dreams, Jesus...
I know we all live in this reality, gotta have some faith in life.
Text me, wish Lord will make us meet.
ID: fbc03ef1-dc1d-44ac-8573-dea09441cbc8