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Beginner guitarist and vocalist looking for music buddies to jam

June 18, 2021
Hi, I'm a beginner guitarist and vocalist, can play some basic chords. Looking for music buddies to practice, jam and grow musically together. Seems like most ads out there are for experienced musicians which can be pretty daunting, shout out to any fellow beginner musicians who want to learn and explore music together, drop me a message.

I listen mainly to english tunes, genres which include soul, R&B, blues, jazz, rock and pop.
ID: 6b8edd7f-4591-460f-97c3-e897e58c4313

Looking for second guitarist and drummer for hard rock band

May 26, 2021
Hi, we are looking for a second guitarist and a drummer to join our band. Our style will mainly cover 80s hard rock/glam with modern touch.
Here is a Spotify playlist of the kind of sound we are going for:
We have a bunch of originals written and the goal is to perform these live but will start off with a few covers to build synergy first.

Please shoot me
a whatsapp if you are interested at 56485598. Cheers!
ID: 59e3a79a-b6eb-4d31-9324-d6ab51e9dd02

Amateur vocalist looking for music buddies

March 15, 2021
Looking for people to jam together. I’m a vocalist and mostly makes music in pop/folk/alt genres
ID: 43e20f17-ea85-445c-8e31-ead3a1da283d

Vocal looking for a band

March 07, 2021

I'm an amateur vocal from South Korea.

I have experience as a wedding singer and a choir member.

I am open to any genre except for metal.

Please text me at 5743 249one.

Thank you.
ID: 2a48aefb-0d6b-44c3-bf7f-7038fbf91594

Pianist/keyboardist looking to Jam - let’s play something!

February 16, 2021
I’m a pianist and keyboardist looking to jam!
Anything goes. From classical to pop to jazz!
If u play the violin or cello we can form a Piano Trio.
Text me to begin the music journey!
ID: d4f89de2-4c7d-4c81-817e-ab4f01615c5d

Looking for keyboard player

February 16, 2021

We are “Ghost on the second floor”, who is looking for keyboard player.

We mainly play original music and we have published 1 EP and 1 album already.
We would like to invite one keyboard to diversity our music to explore more chance to perform.

We are now have the following line up
– 1 drummer
– 1 bassist
– 1 guitarist
– 1 lead

All gender would be welcome to join, please hit me up if you have interest or WhatsApp 95350711.
ID: 72395850-d42b-4fa7-84fd-efc47935ba1a

Singer looking for band

January 24, 2021
I am looking for a band to join, practice and hopefully do gigs once restrictions are lifted. I am quite open in terms of musical styles (jazz/rock,etc.), I have experience singing in opera/classical/barbershop and I'm trying to broaden my horizons.
ID: 315d953f-a7ea-4f9f-9bf1-a55f248e38a7