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Interested to form/find a band to join

September 15, 2021
Hi, I am interested to form/find a band to join.

I have been playing piano since I was a child. I can play keyboard and do vocal.

I also write songs and play guitar. I like acoustic music.

If there is anyone who has similar interest, feel free to drop me a message. 

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Looking for live band for wedding :)

September 11, 2021
so I am thinking about hiring a band for my wedding next year ( exact date TBC but prolly on a Sunday), i know it is still far away from now but please do lemme know if any of you have ideas about live band in HK :

4-piece band
Instrumentation : keyboards, guitar, drums and vocal
2-hour call - 12:30-2:30pm
western wedding lunch banquet
Genre : party-wise / pop

thanks xoxo

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Guitarist seeking a jam and/or band (can play bass too)

August 27, 2021
Guitarist ready to join a band or have a jam! (can also play bass)
Used to play a lot of live music back in Australia.

I have 2 big passions within music:

1) Straight out blues/ southern rock / rock.
The Allman brothers, SRV, Cream, Mike Bloomfeild, BB King, all classic 50's blues, Led Zep, Bluesbreakers, Johnny Winter, Black Keys and the Hallacoptors just to name a few. (I also have a steel national resonation here in HK for pre-war blues).

2) Big fan of metal / hardcore / punk
Every time i die, Alexisonfire, Graveyard, Dead Keennedys, The Gun Club, classic punk, Heavy Jam bands (Earthless) etc.

If you want to blend the two genre's i'm keen to have some fun.

If you like the above, lets catch up for a drink and a jam!

Live on HK Island but happy to travel anywhere in HK.
Please contact me via Whatsapp: +852 9501 1361

ID: ca0fa051-81ff-4839-95df-899f8eb8989a

Looking for Shoegaze/indie Band

August 23, 2021

I have recently picked up playing guitar after spending several years as a bass player. Figured out that probably the fastest way to improve my playing is to join a band.

So...I'm looking for a shoegaze/indie rock band in HK.

Main influences MBV, Slowdive, Ride, Deafheaven, Klimt 1918.


ID: 0934dde7-2414-4279-9cfc-78d6f85b177b


August 15, 2021
Looking for people to jam acoustic songs (mostly pop, rock, etc.). If we're good, maybe we can have fun busking.

I'm an amateur guitarist/singer, but wouldn't mind any combo of talent to share things around.

Drop me a line and let's see.

ID: a05602b6-3f0d-4772-8aa5-8d2009cd236c

Bassist wanted for high energy hard rock band

August 12, 2021
Hi, we are looking for a bassist to join our band. Our style will mainly cover 80s hard rock/glam with modern touch.
Here is a Spotify playlist of the kind of sound we are going for:
We have a bunch of originals written and the goal is to perform these live but will start off with a few covers to build synergy first. Please shoot me
a whatsapp if you are interested at 56485598. Cheers!
ID: 0e6d3803-ba6b-41a6-8800-ca0738c59f01

Established Cover band looking for new member. Sax or other...

August 12, 2021
Indigo Town is a band of 5 guys (mid 30s) from different countries coming together with a great vibe amongst us. We mostly play our own arrangements of covers and also have recorded originals. Our style is groove based ... funk/RnB/Pop/rock. We rehearse once a week in MK. We play occasional to regular gigs at venues, functions/events and festivals.

Sadly our Saxophonist is leaving and we are looking for 1 experienced person who can fulfill one of the following roles.

1. Sax/trumpet player...

2. Keyboard player... it's funky so you should be into Wurlitzer/Rhodes/B3/pads and synths vibes. Vocals a big plus.

3. You are a funky female vocalist with a vibe to share vocal duties up front.

4. Backing vocals/rhythm guitar.

5. You are an electronic music person triggering samples and sounds in a live band situation.

ID: d20992a8-8be7-4f56-bb10-d0dec58eb77a

Looking for bassist

July 29, 2021
Looking for a bassist who has a good grasp of groove. Basslines inspired by the likes of Tame Impala and The Last Shadow Puppets are preferred. Must be vaccinated (due to current live show restrictions). Cheers!
ID: 699c979c-66de-4138-a0d1-6e60254c9820

find a match music partners

July 28, 2021
I'm interested to be a vocalist acoustic group/band.
I'm a stranger, I could make songs but I just dunno how to write the lyrics. I sing in pop, blues even rock. hope can find some musician partners here.
Thank you!
ID: ae6efacb-6525-4d50-85c0-64dc7d06c9cb

Bassist looking to form/join band

July 24, 2021

I’m a 3-year bassist looking to form/join a band. Specifically I would need a drummer and a guitarist to start jamming. I can operate drum machines and keyboard synthesisers to get things moving, but playing with you will be much better!

I’m Canadian Chinese, middle-age male. I know good band rooms around town; and, when things go well, I’m also willing to invest in our own band room.

I am flexible in terms of the genres of music to play. Most interested in Muse, Metallica, Aerosmith, AC/DC, Coldplay, Radiohead, Bruno Mars, Green Day, No Doubt…… and many more.
ID: a897942b-4056-419f-ba22-0d0c810a2b8b

string quartet or trio for small dinner party

July 21, 2021
im having a small dinner party at my house and I would like to have a small string quartet for the event. Im open to having a trio. Thank you!
ID: ddb75eba-54dd-4489-802c-e48c6f4ad9d4

Band Members/jamming

July 05, 2021

I am looking for other girls who are interested in jamming and potentially forming a band (and seeing where it goes). I sing and I am currently starting to write songs too. It would be great to find a guitarist, drummer and bassist. There is no limit to the style of music. Let's jam and see what happens!

Thank you!
ID: c4bce894-0523-47f4-89d6-8533b0fe3827

Jazz Vocalist Wanted

June 30, 2021
Professional & experienced Jazz Guitarist seeks Jazz Vocalist for duo work. Influences: Joe Pass & Ella Fitz, Standards, Latin, Tuck & Patti, etc. Also, would love to jam with instrumentalists.
ID: ce56195a-0e91-4f65-92ee-13b85dd700bc

Just Jammin

June 26, 2021
Just wanna jam and see what goes. Used to play guitar when younger. Now picked up for ard a year. Rock, Metals and Blues~
ID: 0ee5ecfd-fbcd-4fd5-9114-6dd78929bc12