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Blues Band

April 08, 2020
Hey I'm an American bass player looking for some people to play blues with. I'm really into Texas style blues trio but anything will do!
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Rock Female/male Singer Wanted, New Album + Video

March 30, 2020
Power rock band with only original songs is waiting for a new female singer with attitude and look. We have Producer, Recording and Rehearsal facilities for the new album, video, pictures, ready to get with the new singer.
All details here:
Please send us your video links and pictures here:
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Female singer/producer looking for a band to play gigs

March 09, 2020
Hey there,

I am 26 yrs old female working in software full time, HK based.

Produced this electronic cover on Garageband a while ago:

I just started with Logic Pro X and produced this piece:

I am a "one-person band" and mainly focused on singing. I play keyboard and guitar (intermediate level) mainly to facilitate my singing. I covered more than 200+ songs (English, Cantonese and Mandarin) - personal and non profit.

I majored in Music in High School too so I still carry bit of knowledge about music theory and spent big chunk of time appreciating a wide range of music genres. (Not sure how important this is anyways as Music is a life-long thing for me regardless:)

I am for looking for a band / guitarist / all-rounder to do covers and make pieces together after working hours and weekends.

Happy to send over more cover songs and have a chat offline!

- Caic
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musicians wanted

March 04, 2020
I'm Alex
I'm looking for musicians to form a band, I did my first EP on my own, which comes out on March 13.
But i'm not a good guitarist, I need to surround myself, in order to ensure possible concerts.
Here is a link with extracts from the EP.
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Rock Female Singer Wanted, New Album + Video

January 17, 2020
Power rock band with only original songs is waiting for a new female singer with attitude and look. We have Producer, Recording and Rehearsal facilities for the new album, video, pictures, ready to get with the new singer.
All details here:
Please send us your video links and pictures
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Radiohead / Nirvana / Strokes Cover Band

January 07, 2020
Hey I’m Charlie and I’m a 28 y/o drummer!
From Canada and itching to jam out.

Interested in Radiohead, Nirvana, the Strokes, the Smiths, etc.

Would be happy to jam, and don’t mind performing live sessions.

Really want to cover Radiohead’s In Rainbows in full. Open to other suggestions though.
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Rock band looking for guitarist

December 29, 2019
Hi, we are currently a group of 4 (vocals, guitar, bass, drums) looking for another guitarist. We mainly play classic rock/hard rock from the 70s and 80s. Starting off with covers but we will be playing original songs and the goal is to play live shows. We also have our own band room in Kwun Tong. All ages welcome, we are all around mid 20s. Please whatsapp me on 5648-5598 or send me a pm. Cheers!
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Guitarist looking for an R&b classic rock band !

December 22, 2019
I'm an established British guitarist in my late 50's (and have been playing for what seems like most of that time) and usually to be seen jamming regularly in Wanchai at weekends. Time has come to find a proper band, mostly just for the fun and enjoyment of making music with other like minded musician - if we end up gigging that's fine but it's more about the playing for me. Heavily into the likes of The Black Crowes, ZZ Top, Doobies, Snowy White, 70's Rolling Stones, Steely Dan, Bad Co, Allman Brothers, Humble Pie etc . . . but equally at home playing funk, ballads or rock, or even a bit of prog - you get the idea ! but no shredding - I'm just toooo old for that ! If you are interested to get together or need a fill in guitar (even temporarily) then drop me a line here and I'll get in touch. Age is no issue for me you are never too old and you are as young as you feel :) it's all about the music !
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Female vocalist, impressive vocals,looking for a band/label

November 30, 2019
Hello there! I am 27 years old i have been singing since i was 5. But i started music as a proffesional career 11 years ago. With live band experience of more than 5 years. Can sing 90’ s songs, jazz, soul, reggae, afro pop, a little rap, soft rock and can adapt to new list of songs. Proffesional vocalist here looking for a band or label. I am want to pursue music career in hongkong, Macau or China Mainland . Inbox me if u r my person
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Bassist, Vocalist and Drummer wanted

November 07, 2019
My name is Elliot, I've been living in Hong Kong for 9 years and have always wanted to start a band.

I'm sick of waiting around for something to happen so here I am.

Looking for people to play Hard rock music with, maybe even write some songs as well.

Looking for 1 vocalist, 1 bass player and 1 drummer.

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Jazz guitarist looking for bass/bandmates, Midlevels

November 04, 2019
Looking to form a small band to play Jazz.
Reach out at 64618307.


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Looking for singers/guitarists/any other musicians looking to jam

October 23, 2019

We are 3 people (1 Korean-American 25-30yrs old, 2 HK locals 30-40 yrs old)

One plays drums
One plays guitar
One plays bass

But we can all switch around as needed as we're looking to make a full band. We're missing a singer/guitarist but can also accept others (piano, etc..)

We usually play on the weekends and perform at open mics / little concerts as well.

We've played RHCP, strokes, radiohead, raconteurs, franz ferdinand, queens of the stone age, and others

But we also love playing rock, blues, 90's, funk, alternative, etc. We like learning other types of music as well!

So if you like jamming, please contact us and we can talk about how we can play together! :)

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Seeking for band members

October 19, 2019
Looking for bandmates to play Nu-metal music
Need 1 vocal, 1 guitarist, 1 bassist and 1 drummer
Please pm if interested
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Songwriter seeking singers, drummers,keyboard,bass and guitar to form band

October 17, 2019
I have been writing songs in the style of power-pop/rock/punk/psychedelia/new age for many years. Now looking for a backing band to perform live and record some new material.

You can check out some of the styles of music I write here:
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