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Writer seeking Friends

August 29, 2022
I am back in HK after 3 months away, I am a writer and currently having a writer's block moment so I can't seem to find the inspiration to finish the books I am working on.
I am looking to make new friends of all gender in hope of having exciting conversations while hanging out would help unlock my imagination.
I am 40, married, easygoing, physically fit and adventurous gentleman.
Please send a message if you are interested in communicating.
ID: 3401a640-0135-413e-bbc9-41a2c8efa0ac

Coffee friends

June 15, 2022
Local, 50 female, busy working schedule but looking for some friends for coffee to refresh a busy working life.
ID: 3c29f357-8468-43eb-8a90-325e6be66553