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New friendship

April 12, 2019
late 30s" lady looking for some new friendship to hang out for movies, shopping, dining, art & music and nightout. . .
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Coffee? Drinks?

April 12, 2019
Chat over coffee or drinks??
Please tell me who you are....
I use WeChat....message to ask for my ID
Talk soon...
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April 01, 2019
Hi im Nhanz 35 yr old originally from Philippines just working here in hk...wanting to meet new special friend and to spend or hangout with on my freeday...im simple and open minded
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Looking for friends in hk

February 21, 2019
Hello:) my name is Kate and I live in Hk. I am Russian born but lived in Australia. I’m looking for friends to hang out for coffee, chat or walks or drinks...Doesn’t matter guy or girl and age doesn’t matter either. If anyone interested , please write me:) I am looking forward to hear from you soon:)
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Dinner and Fireworks on Feb 6th?

February 04, 2019

Looking for a local female dinner companion for 6pm on Feb 6th.
I have a dinner reservation for two at a great Japanese restaurant in Sheung Wan.
Will be flying out of HKG at midnight.
Care to join me for dinner and fireworks afterwards?
No strings.

Me: Artist/Photographer/Author/Tea Lover. Tall. Slim. Mature. Deep and/or Funny as needed. Conversant in just about any subject. Easy on the eyes.

You: Creative/Artistic. Also slender and easy on the eyes. Willing and able to talk about all aspects of life on earth.

Happy to trade pics.
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Friends to hang out with

January 27, 2019
I am in my early 40's from Hong Kong. I speak Cantonese and English and maybe little mandarin
I work from home...and have a little free time during the day that I would like to meet some new friends to hang out with sometimes for lunch, coffee or maybe some movie
Hit me up if you are free and also would like to meet some new friends
Guys, Girls, Westerner, Local or any race are welcome as long as we speak the same language
I'll wait for your message :-)
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meet some new friends

January 18, 2019
A female, borned in HK and studied/lived in Paris for some years, just want to meet some new friends male/female to hang out for a coffee, relaxing conversations, explore little corners or going for a hike around HK, please PM me.
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Platonic Friends/running buddy

January 18, 2019
I am an American living in Hong Kong Island (45 years old).
I am looking for a running buddy for early morning or early evenings.
Let me know if interested. Platonic friendship only nothing more.


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Seeking Friends for Coffee/ Lunch and to practise Cantonese

January 15, 2019
Seeking Platonc Friends to practise Cantonese conversation over coffee or lunch etc.
I have been in Hong Kong for a few months and tired of walking by myself. My wife travels every week and not easy to make friends when you don't know the language. Born in the UK and now Canadian of Indian origin who to be in HK for 2 years. Would like to make the most of the time here.
I am a regular guy who likes to explore and enjoy just being at home. Very interested in charitable and voluntary work and need to practise Cantonese so I can do this. I love having fun and intelligent conversations.
I am hoping to find a classy, intelligent, respective, open minded , sweet and caring person to be friends with.
For movies, coffee or dinner.
Just looking for a Platonic female friends Asian, Western, it doesn't really matter. Contact me please
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Make new friends in Hong Kong

January 11, 2019
Hello all,

We have an established group in Hong Kong & if you are looking to make new friends, we have an established group / community that is open to that idea and we love to do activities such as going for coffee, junk boat parties, beach parties, paintball, air-soft, escape room, hiking, BBQ, weekly lunch / dinner gatherings, bike riding, recreational activities and so much more. 

We are a group of people from all over the world who share the same interest as we love to connect with these amazing people living in Hong Kong. We all love making new friends and that is the ultimate goal.

Feel free to contact us to find out more about our group or if you wish to join any gatherings.

 We have an upcoming dinner gathering on 18th Jan (Friday) for a Hot Pot cuisine.

Thanks :)
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Independent, knowledgeable and humorous female friend wanted

January 08, 2019
Guess the titles says it all. I'd like to find someone outside of my present social circle that I can relate to. Someone I like as a person rather than as a body, so being platonic would work just as fine. I love meaningful conversations (not meant to be a phrase, but really mean it) about things that matter and can't cope very well with people that just stare at their phone all day. Ideally you are well traveled, broadly educated and have learnt to keep an open, if not inquisitive mind. All walks of life are welcome, so in short, my first and foremost priority is some sort of 'mental click'. I am Caucasian, in my 30s, fluent in several languages, well settled and of solid background. Guaranteed no weirdo. Drop me a line if this sounds of interest to you. :-)
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Looking for people who are in Ldr like me

December 27, 2018
The title says it all!
Just wanna make friends with people who are in LDR for hanging out, supporting each others during our lonely moments.
Females are more welcomed!
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Curious yet discreet

November 30, 2018
Looking for like-minded woman here. I just want to have break and enjoy my life more now.

Perhaps others find themselves in similar boring situations between existing work and family. Prefer to explore any new adventure while creating a sense of well being. Companionship to share, movie or more fun with mature woman.

I'm 40 professional, born & raise here, positive thinking, little naughty and open minded. Can ugly guy date beautiful woman ? Hopefully you have same mindset to gradually pick up more mentally and spiritually nurturing.

If the above raises your curiosity somewhat you are welcome to drop me a line for a coffee. keep that discretion assured.
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Female company for relaxing easy chat

November 25, 2018
This post was deleted by Success67
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Looking for nice guy

November 23, 2018
Hi, I am a local, going to be 35 soon, looking for decent guy who is around 30-40, to hang out with or go hiking, friends first.

I am kind and patient, but maybe like to banter when we are more familiar to each other (but not at the beginning probably, I guess, I am quite polite lol)

Not the kind of business women or tough women, more like normal girl next door type (okey, probably not girl anymore, so it's "woman-next-door"? haha)

Don't have account here so cannot reply to your ad, do message me if you are interested, cheers.
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