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Hang out friendsc

July 01, 2020
I am in my 40’s from Hong Kong
Would like to meet some new friends for ant crime together with
Cofffee, hiking, long walking, drinks, chats,, afternoon tea, food tasting and islands adventures
Write me if you’re free and interested
ID: 4053926a-73bc-46be-bf60-8e4638be4650

Let's talk

July 01, 2020
I love meeting new friends and people to talk to
I love film, music, art, history, book, and lifestyle~
Pm me
ID: 351ae9bf-2e38-4226-bfcd-637ec127a384

aust in hk for a casual friend only

June 26, 2020
I'd like to meet up occasionally with a like minded lady for casual fun. I'm in my 50s, looking for friendship, chats, mutual fun together. Lets chat then meet up. Thanks for your reply.
ID: c1fdfb3c-0146-4c68-8377-bf4f1d9cd8bf

Someone to hang out with

June 12, 2020
Hey there
I'm a female from the Philippines in her teens stuck here in HK for a few more months because of the pandemic. Am looking for friends to hang out with (movies, lunch, ice skating, or simply walking around)
Shoot me a message here if you want
ID: 2b00e1d5-c778-4f74-8fed-f0bcdf2066d9

Just move to hk

June 02, 2020
Who want to explore hk with me ...looking for a friend ....more details whatsapp me+852 62268029.....simon here
ID: 42a04d4e-8b8f-4f63-b34f-2539993073c6

A Soulmate

May 23, 2020
Just want a soulmate to share ups and downs, secrets, songs, feelings, thinkings...
If you think the same, drop me a note


ID: b26ceb76-6578-4f4f-bff5-8e5faa7225ca

New here!

April 04, 2020
I am of Danish descent and a senior citizen. Just registered here, so I am new on this. I want a sincere friend to get acquaintance.
ID: 9af844c6-6094-43c0-99ae-b63d7d2dfac7


March 31, 2020
I’m single 22 years old man
Looking to friends and lovely conversations
I’m a very kind and friendly person
I’m tanned and pretty handsome
Shoot me a message and let’s get to know each other :) I’m very sporty and active and I love to cook a meal for a lady
ID: 303e2d9b-998a-4733-880d-27bac4465b0d

Making new friends

March 25, 2020
late 30s female want some new friends hanging around the city for fun & exploration. Movies, drinks, dance, arts etc.
ID: e8e9a519-2b7f-4a73-9ccb-a881f45cf4c3

Just moved here from America, let's explore together!

March 19, 2020
Hi there, my name is XPAT, recently moved to HK about 1 months ago for work. I work in Finance. I am looking for like minded friends to explore this amazing city together. I enjoy hiking, food, water sport, night out etc...
Drop me a message on Instagram
ID: 814dda12-0b59-4843-93a3-6b00e07da683

No strange attackman

January 29, 2020
Hello everyone little bit about myself, I am 42 years old, Asian, living and little traveler, open mind and easy going, get along with anything and fun to be with, good listeners, good companions too.

I am here looking for friends who might like to share life experiences or need a friend that can talk about secrets or just want to have little advice, I am here for you.
If anyone interested just message me.
ID: 8655c0ea-3c5a-419b-85ce-7eba40c453b1

Looking for friends

January 27, 2020
Hi looking for friend to chat basically nobody interact purely only friend, I am from Malaysia age 40 married, life is so boring just need someone are there for me.
ID: 10a4bb22-6fbf-4fc7-9146-74bb1f7e5c9d