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New friendship

September 29, 2020
Hi, there late 30s lady looking for some new friendship for hanging out over the weekends. Thanks.
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September 21, 2020
A local Hong Kong lady of 35-39 yrs old, would like to give it a try here to find the one who share similar thoughts and similar hobbies.

Huge dog lover, like nature and hiking, currently miss travelling so much, hope to hear from you and we can share our stories:)

Take care, cheers.
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Local Hong Kong - Sincere and lasting friendship

September 21, 2020

Hi, my name is Alex and I am local as a tour guide in Hong Kong . I’m now semi retired but still very active with helping students who are preparing to study in Hong Kong and enjoy many hobbies which allow me the freedom to explore the great outdoors. I also appreciate life’s pleasures and enjoy the beauty of music in my new home. It would be wonderful to connect with anyone in Hong Kong that would enable the pleasure of developing a sincere and lasting friendship.
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September 20, 2020
Early 30s female want some new friends hanging around the city for fun & exploration. Movies, drinks, dance, arts etc.
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A Fearless Adventurer?

September 09, 2020

Forced into confinement under Covid instigated social distancing, I realized how limited my social circle is. A very busy work schedule, including pre-Covid travel, prevented me from finding more distractions in my life. Covid, for me, has put things in perspective, a change in life’s direction is needed.

What this means for me is to make new friends, preferably of the female gender. Specifically, I would love to meet a mature, open minded, confident woman for friendship. Someone to share moments with me, for example, over dinner, someone who is comfortable in either Chung King Mansion or a Michelin Starred restaurant, or wine tasting in a noisey bar, or debating the merits of a Netflix mini-series or simply exploring hidden corners of Hong Kong.

I promise no pressure, no commitment, no judging, just wishing to be in the company of someone smart, attractive, intelligent, intellectually challenging so that together we can solve the problems of the world (maybe even Hong Kong's), and laugh at ourselves in the process. If the chemistry is right, then who knows …..

I’m in my early sixties, liberal western educated, professionally qualified, have a broad worldview, well-traveled.

Life is full of surprises, so if you are the adventurous type, lets meet and see where life takes us.
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August 25, 2020
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Hang out friendsc

August 17, 2020
I am in my 40’s from Hong Kong
Would like to meet some new friends for ant crime together with
Cofffee, hiking, long walking, drinks, chats,, afternoon tea, food tasting and islands adventures
Write me if you’re free and interested
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Caucasian man looking for a female friend

August 11, 2020
Westerner in HK, 40s, seeks someone fun for a not-too-serious relationship. Thank you!
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Weekday Activity Partner

July 21, 2020
Male seeking Female for strictly platonic midweek activities

Early 40’s expat with free time in the next two weeks (annual leave) 27 Jul -7 Aug. Just friends to trek around the city - Lantau, Llama Island, hikes, kayaking, paddle boarding, golf tennis anything outdoors. My ideal companion should:

Be sociable and able to carry on a conversation
Be have some experience in the outdoors - hydration and taking it easy in the heat.. sunscreen, water, etc.
Be physically fit for the activity - it’s hot out there and need to know our limits
Be Covid-19 considerate - mask appropriate, hand sanitizer and proper distancing.
Enjoy a beer at the end of the activity

Me: Open minded with an easy going friendly personality. A little competitive when it comes to sports but, graceful in defeat.

I’m used to flying out for long weekends or holidays so, I’m out of practice in HK. Again, this is strictly platonic
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Let's talk

July 16, 2020
I love film, books, travelling , music, art.
I am from HK, and I love to meet different people.
Welcome to PM me.
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Find some friends who share humor

July 14, 2020
Hey, there!

I'm new in this site but hopefully, I can make good friends to enjoy HK life better.
it's not easy to find some good ones, though.

I like to cooking, reading the books, visiting a restaurants and listening to music.
If you feel interested in learning the Korean culture or language,
why don't we try to see if we can communicate well?

Take care of yourself !
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Make new friends in Hong Kong

July 08, 2020
Hi there,

We have an established group / community that is open to that idea and we love to do activities such as going for coffee, junk boat parties, beach parties, paintball, air-soft, escape room, hiking, BBQ, weekly lunch / dinner gatherings, bike riding, recreational activities and so much more. We are a group of people from all over the world who share the same interest as we love to connect with these amazing people living in Hong Kong.

We are currently organizing a weekend [11/07 & 12/07] activity (Indoor War Game / Laser Tag / VR). If you like to join us, please feel free to send a WhatsApp to (852) 96095144.

You may also check out our Facebook page:

Looking forward :)
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Someone to hang out with

June 12, 2020
Hey there
I'm a female from the Philippines in her teens stuck here in HK for a few more months because of the pandemic. Am looking for friends to hang out with (movies, lunch, ice skating, or simply walking around)
Shoot me a message here if you want
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Just move to hk

June 02, 2020
Who want to explore hk with me ...looking for a friend ....more details whatsapp me+852 62268029.....simon here
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A Soulmate

May 23, 2020
Just want a soulmate to share ups and downs, secrets, songs, feelings, thinkings...
If you think the same, drop me a note


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New here!

April 04, 2020
I am of Danish descent and a senior citizen. Just registered here, so I am new on this. I want a sincere friend to get acquaintance.
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