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A drink or three, a laugh and a yarn…. And see what happens..

September 20, 2021
Mid 40s professional, looking for something outside of a normal and rather mundane life…. Something to get excited about, something two likeminded individuals would enjoy… not much more to say… any likeminded middle aged professional lady wanting the same pls drop a line…. As the title says, a chat, a glass of wine and see how it goes…. Look forward to a reply or two… happy to catch up in central….
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September 18, 2021
50+ Chinese woman, works part-time and has plenty of free time. Would like to meet new friends, who are available during the week or on weekend, to go out for lunch, movie, hiking, sport activities, artistic pursuits, etc. A big plus if you are local and can speak Cantonese, although I can communicate well in English, and handle basic Putonghua.
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Looking for friends from Japan

August 30, 2021
I’m a 55-year old woman living in Japan. I like HK and I often go on a trip there.
I’m looking for friends who like Japan and Japanese culture (around the same age, regardless of gender).
Let’s meet and talk at each other’s town after Covid!
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looking for men

August 14, 2021
hi I'm 42 years old looking for friends here in hk .I'm Filipino I've been here 3 years
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Looking for good friends

July 20, 2021

A local mature female who would like to meet more good people to hang out and explore Hong Kong.

My professional in Human Resources and Administration for 20 years, if you need any advices, I am always here.

I’m a good listener and I like interacting with different people.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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July 18, 2021
Are you bored? Looking for someone to hang out with on weekends? Cocktails, live bands, food adventure, a good laugh. Let's go out and have some fun!
I'm a 50-year-old woman, full of life and wanting more!
Message me.
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Not afraid of a wine or coffee!

June 30, 2021
I'm new to HK, took up an adventure opportunity and have been here 11weeks (inclusive of 3weeks quarantine). I'm looking to meet new people over a quality coffee or wine and explore some of this amazing city. I'm mid 40s professional guy looking to get out more.
If you're in a similar position would be great to hear from you.
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Ukrainian girl looking for a friend

June 04, 2021
Hi, I'm looking for a friend here. I'm from Ukraine, 28. I like to make friend with someone in Hk or China
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Starting a new chapter in Hong kong

June 01, 2021
Hey, this is Amy. I had been studying in the states 10+years ago and moved back to Hong Kong ever since. Just missing being friends with English speaking friends/expats as I work in the local district where I deal with local people most of the time. Please feel free to be friends with me :)
Ciao ciao
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Looking for good friends

May 27, 2021
A local female who would like to meet more good people to hang out & explore HK tgt.

I’m a good listener and I like interacting with different people

Hopefully people won’t mind my age since I’m still in early 20s
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Looking to meet new people

April 13, 2021

After experiencing all the recent lockdowns, I realise I need to make more friends and increase my social circle. I'm an early 40's European guy, I'm easy going, with a few hobbies I that I'm currently failing at, like learning the guitar. Anyway, up for any of the following with male or females.

A beer

Drop me a message if you'd like to get in touch.
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Seeking New Friends

April 08, 2021
Hi, I’m a western educated, professionally qualified guy, well travelled, with a broad worldview and, importantly, a sense of humour. I would like to meet women with similar background in the hope of becoming just friends ….to share common moments together, laugh a little and together decide which of the world’s problems are worth solving. I’m easy going, so I promise no pressure, no judging, just friendship with no strings attached.
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Looking for friends

April 01, 2021
am a happily married woman with two kids .. currently staying alone in hongkong . I am a banker who like to talk and listen and connect to people . Looking for some platonic friendship . Please connect if you want to meet over a cup of coffee .
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