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Meet up

Posted 06/21/2017

Hi I am a unworking wife.

Would love to meet up with someone for drinks and a chat.

Hope to hear someone soon

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Looking for a woman companion

Posted 06/21/2017

40s gentleman prefer to have break to enjoy more in life, drop me a line and let's chat over a cup of coffee, red wine passionate. Hopefully meet same mindset woman with good company to pick up more spiritually nurturing.

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Looking for a female companion

Posted 06/19/2017

Just want to have break to enjoy life from now.

I'm 40s Professional, born here but working aboard. Now back here again, and looking for a like minded woman to hang with. Let's chat over a cup of coffee, sometimes it can share, sometimes it have nice company that matters.

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jo malone perfume star magnolia Mtr Admiralty Saturday 17 June

Posted 06/18/2017


Dear lady that gave me the name of your perfume jo malone, star magnolia in the MTR to Central, on Saturday 17 of June,
We split in Admiralty,
Please contact me.
I would like news from you.


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Wish to build up a long and lasting friendship.

Posted 06/18/2017

I have to admit that I am nervous, as this is my first time using the internet to find a Lady friend.I am English, My hope is to find a Lady 45yrs plus so as to build-up a good honest friendship. We both will have to compromise from time to time. I am not looking for a 7/7 relationship as my schedule becomes erratic and l should imagine you will have a schedule of your own. I am neither handsome or repulsive, it is not the cover, it is what is inside, accept me as I am. I enjoy listening, I hope you will find me Interesting and Versatile, and I suppose sometimes boring, no one is perfect.
I am a one person, person. At the moment l have 14 children maybe more on the way, one never knows. Now that tells you how honest I am.

Nationality... Open,
Language .... Open, as long as it is understandable English. I am willing to help your English if needed.
Physical looks... Open,
Speaks positively in a warm manner and most of all, you are NOT controlled by your
( Mobile phone )

You may have been put off responding to my search, having 14 children plus?
I teach and all my young students I classify as my children, while in my care.

I hope that clears up any misunderstanding.

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Looking for warm and nice friendship

Posted 06/17/2017

Dear All

I am Indian origin female in my early 30s , been in Hong Kong for over 3 years now. I am open-minded, enthusiastic, genuine, well-traveled, doing well in my career . I love coffee and conversations, drinking, dancing , travelling and enjoying life in general.

Looking to men to become friends with , who share similar interests.

Feel free to get in touch

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Local female looking for friends first

Posted 06/15/2017

Hiya, I am a local female in early thirties, looking for genuine friends (well everything start from friends right? haha) I saw many of the posts here and not sure if there will be any replies but just wanna give it a try

One problem though: I am not a member so I cant leave msgs to you lol
So just message me if you are interested and we can chat further :)

Have a nice day!:)

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How about a coffee?

Posted 06/13/2017

Let's chat over a cup of coffee, sometimes its the coffee that counts, sometimes its the company that matters.

drop me a line

Female 30s professional

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Sweet love

Posted 06/12/2017

I am 41, Pure heart, sweet to love, I enjoy all sweet things of life, i'm yet to meet my lovable partner. We can know much more of ourselves as we chat.


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Looking for friendship

Posted 06/12/2017

Single Dad/Expat seeking friendship, or maybe more.Will be in Hong Kong for a while and hoping to meet interesting persons(mature minds).age and otherwise.
Anticipating a reply

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Would love to meet some genuine people to be friends with !

Posted 06/10/2017

Hi there!

Hope this message finds you in best of your spirits ! I am a female in my mid thirties, Indian, married and have a beautiful little daughter. I am well educated and had a highly responsible job in India. In HK, am yet to set foot into my career. I have lived all my life in India except for a year in UK, I just moved to Hong Kong to be with my husband. Hong Kind is a lovely city and I would like to meet some good friends ( both male and female) from different parts of the world ( Any status, any culture ok la as long they are genuine ).
I need some true friends with whom I can be myself, hang out, take a chill pill, laugh a lot and share things. I can be a good listener too (my profession also demands it as well) and I can give my time to the friends I hope to meet here and make mine and their life beautiful, spread with smiles, happiness and joy!
Drop me a line if see me as your future good friend.
P.S: Thanks for reading, now forget all that you read, hit me up if you want a fart buddy!!

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Looking for friendship

Posted 06/09/2017

Single Dad/Expat seeking friendship, or maybe more.Will be in Hong Kong for a while and hoping to meet interesting persons(mature minds).age and otherwise.
Anticipating a reply

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Looking for friends to hang out with and explore Hk

Posted 06/03/2017

Hey there
I'm female in my thirties, an expat new to HK.
Seeking some friends, activity partners over the weekend.
I enjoy walks, easy hikes, sight seeings and checking out nice places to eat.
Would be great to connect with people who are new to HK yoo, or maybe if you have been here for a while and just looking to expand your social circle outside of work.

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Start as Friends

Posted 05/12/2017

I'm a middle age local woman . look younger than I should . stylish , easy going and comfortable to talk with .
would like to expand my friends circle . If you are non-Asian or with western mind and you are mature , Let's :-
- hang out for a drink , dining , movies , chill out ..as friends
- sharing ... as friends
- exploring HK if you are new here ?

See if there's any vibes ??

Take care and look forward to your msg . cheers .

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Meet new friends

Posted 05/11/2017

This is Cynthia
I was working in London for 2 years, recently back to Hong Kong
I feel a bit weird. This feeling makes me want to meet some new friends
I tried Okcupid which is a dating app and I find people looking for more than a friendship

I like outdoor activities hiking, running, rock climbing, badminton, etc
I like art, live music, jazz, classical and opera
I like nature, science
I am a vegetarian

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New expat to Hk - mid twenties

Posted 05/08/2017

New expat to HK looking to make friends outside of work. I work weekdays, so I'm usually free on the weekends. I'm in my mid twenties and preferably looking for a group around the same age or slightly older.
My interests include:
- video and board games
- hikes (the trail walking kind, not with the ice picks and ropes!)
- trying new restaurant's and cuisines
- exploring HK and surrounding islands
- travel abroad
- language exchange
- dogs; anything dog related

Hit me up if any of your interests align with mine!

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Hi ya

Posted 04/16/2017

Just looking who out there!!! Come to Hong Kong about 3 years ago from UK (Essex) want meet some friends out side of my work place. I easy going a person who enjoys life , can text me anytime .thanks

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I am not a people person

Posted 04/02/2017

But I love animals. If you have cats or dogs and want to meet someone that loves playing with them, let me know. Cheers!

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Looking for male friend. Pure friendship

Posted 03/30/2017

Hi there, I am looking for a male friend. PURE FRIENDSHIP!! I. I prefer westerners. People said I look good. I am slim and easy-going and funny. I hope to find someone to hang out with .

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Posted 03/28/2017

What are the challenged that could be faced when relocating to Hong Kong from a western country?

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