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Seeking New Friends

April 08, 2021
Hi, I’m a western educated, professionally qualified guy, well travelled, with a broad worldview and, importantly, a sense of humour. I would like to meet women with similar background in the hope of becoming just friends ….to share common moments together, laugh a little and together decide which of the world’s problems are worth solving. I’m easy going, so I promise no pressure, no judging, just friendship with no strings attached.
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Looking for friends

April 01, 2021
am a happily married woman with two kids .. currently staying alone in hongkong . I am a banker who like to talk and listen and connect to people . Looking for some platonic friendship . Please connect if you want to meet over a cup of coffee .
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Platonic friendship

March 26, 2021
In these Covid times life can be very different from what we were previously used to.
I am looking for a platonic friendship - re discovering Hong Kong, meals out, drinks, movies and of course chatting on a variety of topics and sorting out "the world's problems".
I am an expat man here in Hong Kong, early 60's, fit, happy and easy going.
If this may interest you please do be in touch.
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Looking for people to connect

March 06, 2021
I am hoping to find like-minded people to connect with.
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perfect friend

February 08, 2021
Hello, Eastern European guy living in Hong Kong, playing football and working part-time as a fitness trainer. If you need an energetic positive friend, or something more, send me a msg and lets talk about rest. Tall, handsome, strong, and have a great smile.
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Attention hedonists

February 07, 2021
Looking for a fellow restaurant and hotel junkie with the desire, time and means to explore or revisit old favorites. Currently on my list are the Rosa Alpina in the summer, possibly the brand new Evrima (never say never to cruises) and much more. Closer to home, a dining companion for local restaurants would be nice. Perhaps we could commiserate on the end to nonstop flights to Male (MLE), compare lists and even look forward to checking off a few matching items together. No smokers, please. 
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Need company

February 06, 2021
Hi. I’m looking for someone positive and mature. I’m in my 40s female expat. Since I’m not looking for relationship but I prefer to have male friend here. Someone who is okay for exchanging some emails first then will going out for nice cup of coffee that would be great. Sorry if I’m sound not so exciting but hoping I can find good friend soon. Thank you
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Looking to make friends with Married Guys that can relate

February 02, 2021
I am a married man in his late 30s, I would like to make friends with men who are married as well and can relate to how difficult it could be sometimes.
Most of my friends here are single and can't really get it, so I think networking and connecting with others that are married could help, we can confide in each other and just build some friendship.
Women are open to message me too, I don't discriminate.
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January 27, 2021
Hello guys nice to meet u all ,I'm kpier by name I'm orginaly mix race Balinese holland,,this covin19 really bring it so hard life's ,,so I'm wanted to meet activities people to shared like sport ,hikes in the Saturday ,beach or other ,,please not discrimination about race ,skin or religion ,,we just make friend and shared ,,just be respectful to each other here my wechat pieran44 Hope can hear u soon ,,welcome female & male to make friend ,,,having nice day stay safely
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Morning/afternoon Coffee and chat

January 26, 2021
Male early 50's in between jobs, looking for a nice person to chat with over a cup of coffee in the morning or afternoon. Nothing heavy just casual conversation. Am Central based and am not fussy with coffee as I take it as it comes no milk just a bit of sugar. Message me if interested, Stay safe and healthy.
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January 25, 2021
Guys here I'm looking friend who easy going special hikes during Saturday,,female ,male are welcome ,,I'm mix race lives in hk for 3 yrs ,,I'm like do outdoor sport and like shared experience,,please have to respect in each other thank u ,,and nice to meet u all
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Looking for new friends

January 05, 2021

Just moved to Hong Kong and currently it's a bit hard for me to meet new people. So I try it this way.
I am a European guy in early 30s and looking for some new people to spend time together on weekends / evenings.
Suggestions what I could imagine
- Going for a beer
- Eat
- Hike / camp
- Explore the city
- Language / cultural exchange

Looking forward to hearing from you!
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Friends with common or same interest

November 17, 2020
Hello, im an adventurous woman in her 40's who love enjoying the outdoors. I am an expat (from the Philippines) who had been living in HK for quite sometimes. I feel in love with this vibrant city and lucky enough to have explored its nature, countryparks, outlying island and even hiked its highest mountains and looking forward to explore more in the coming days. I was able to conquer myself, my fears and always keep a healthy lifestyle. We are social beings and we all love to connect with others for leisure, friendship or more. Looking forward to meet new friends here with same or common interests and share life experiences.
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Just feel bored....

October 22, 2020
anything more than ....email/chat..are unwelcome, thanks
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