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Coffee friends

June 15, 2022
Local, 50 female, busy working schedule but looking for some friends for coffee to refresh a busy working life.
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New friends

May 25, 2022
50+ Chinese woman, works part-time and has a flexible schedule. Would like to meet new friends, who are available during the week or on weekend to go out for lunch, movie, hiking, sport activities, artistic pursuits, etc. A big plus if you are local and can speak Cantonese, although I can communicate well in English, and handle basic Putonghua.
ID: 9b1acf78-3599-400b-8161-c37c8de15a17

Just Curious

April 01, 2022
I wonder whether there are people actually looking for a friend here. Just DM me on Instagram if you're looking for a local mate!
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European Couple is looking for Asian friends

February 26, 2022
We are a married couple of 58yo and 60yo and want to start traveling or meeting up with Asian couples,men,women to start a friendship together.
Our interests are mainly in traveling together and share nice experiences together.
We are looking for nice persons of any age interested in meeting regularly with us.
ID: 5316910d-637a-4344-974e-1d70a1a0d99b

A bit about me…

February 05, 2022
I may have a wild soul, but I am a lover of nature, simple things and beautiful quiet places…
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