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Just want to talk

February 14, 2024
I love to talk , if you are interested, welcome. I am interested in exchange upset or worries thing.

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New friends

January 10, 2024
60+ Chinese woman, works part-time and has a flexible schedule. Would like to meet new friends, who are available during the week or on weekend to go out for lunch, movie, hiking, sport activities, artistic pursuits, etc.
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Looking for music lovers

January 04, 2024
I’m a music lover(f) in my late 50s. living in Japan.
As I especially like C-pop,
I sometimes visit Hong Kong and Taiwan, S’pore etc. to go to concerts.
Does anyone want to go with me?
(around the same age, any gender)

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!
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Visiting Hk after Chinese New Year

December 28, 2023
Hey, I am planning to visit HK after Chinese New Year in Feb 2024. It has been a long time since I visited there (before COVID). I will be there for about two week and will be free most evenings and weekend.
I would like to meet a girl to chat, dine, walk around, and explore HK together. Age, race doesn't matter. I just want someone to talk.
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Looking for people/friends to play Playstation together

December 23, 2023
Hello everyone, nice to meet you here. I'm from South East Europe, 27 year old male. Living and working in Hong Kong. Looking for people, female or male, that like to play video games and chill. I'm always looking for friends that would play online or come over to do gaming together. Send me a message and let's talk more in details.
Thank you!
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Connect And Be Friends

November 19, 2023
Connect…and be friends
If you are looking for friendship here as I do, you are most welcome, please connect.
Am a Chinese lady in my late fifty, enjoy most outings but always lazing at home.
Write me please n let’s start with a drink, movie, activities like jogging n hiking, hopefully a trip thereafter.
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Be friends

November 11, 2023
Hi Expats,

Is there anyone who lives in Shanghai and is interested in
having a beer together ?

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Looking for friends!

October 03, 2023

I'm a 40 years old, European, single father, living in Japan.
I'd like to make friends in Hong Kong, as I love HK's pop culture (anything from Tony Wong's comics to Jin Yong and other wuxia books and series, Leslie Cheung films...)

Please write me if you want to talk about anything interesting!

Thank you!
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Hello everybody!

September 26, 2023
I am a 25 years old boy who wants to make some new friends, I love singing and travelling to new places. Feel free to write me and who knows, we might end up being best friends!

Looking forward to hear from you.
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