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Inquisitive mind wanted

January 03, 2020
Am looking for a little (platonic) adventure with an intriguing woman that may give me what am missing most in my daily non-work related routines. Am not looking for a bodily connection - so no pics required - but for someone who amazes me on an intellectual level. Am also not looking for an affair as I dont' think I'd be able to handle that, but for someone I might consider a real friend (of the opposite sex) purely based on mutual attraction of minds. If you feel like me and sometimes shy away from leaving your social comfort zone I dont mind starting off anonymously until both sides feel sufficiently comfortable. That may or may not sound a little weird, but I guess it's worth giving it a try as I usually hang out with male friends when I feel in need of meaningful and/or rewarding discussions (and am absolutely sure that this must be due to sampling error). I'd intentionally not narrow my preferences so all walks of life are welcome - as long as you have seen your fair share of the world and enjoyed sufficient schooling while still managed to maintain that childish desire to try just looking around one more corner. As for myself, am in my 30s, multi-lingual European, generally positive-minded and not having too much to complain about. Here for the long term, as of now .... so now you go! am curious ...
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Chemistry matters

November 19, 2019
An attractive lady is looking for young lad, between 30 to 35, for friendship or more. Any race is welcome. Please send a message if you are serious and have something meaningful to say. No time wasters, please.
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want online friends

August 29, 2019
Me: female in my 40's . living in BJ mostly.
I want to improve my speaking English ,so if u will ,send me message.
hope here from u soon .thanks .
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Do you want to be friends and hangout?

August 06, 2019
I have been in HK for a short period of time, the city can be overwhelming with it's busy bee lifestyle and some people could find someone like me intimidating but I am just a simple, happy, positive minded, easy going gentleman.
I have a strong personality and a curious mind, though I could be a homebody and not much into the bar scene, I hope to meet with exciting people and make some friends.
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