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Any German speaking person?

January 29, 2020
Hi there,
I've been self learning German.
But couldn't quite get the grammar part of the language.
Happy to do language exchange if you keen on learning some Cantonese/ Mandarin.
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I can teach Hindi/urdu for your Mandarin

January 26, 2020
Hey Guys,

Call me Tan, If anyone interested to exchange my Hindi or Urdu to your Mandarin please drop me a message, I will appreciate your kind gesture.

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Looking For English/french language partner(s)

January 15, 2020
Hello guys~
I’m a HK girl who’s currently studying Nursing and would like to find native English or French speakers for improvement.
And if it’s possible we can be friends :)
Thank you!
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Can teach Cantonese, Mandarin, (little)japanese, Korean would like to have French / Italian / Spanish in return

January 11, 2020
This is Nathalie, 25. I am a native Cantonese speaker with proficiency in Mandarin, and fluent in English. Know some Japanese and Korean at the same time, can teach normal travelling or first meeting with friends' conversation. Keen to learn some European language, went to Rome again, planning to travel to Europe again. Just want to learn it casually, grab a coffee :) Looking forward.

If you are interested, please contact
ID: 39934252-8cdf-45c2-9488-8bdc92e4bb76

My Korean to your English.

January 02, 2020
Hello, I am a korean man in 30’s wanting to improve my English.
Near TST or Tungchung is preferred.
If you are interested please whatsapp me.
‭+852 5962 7446‬
Thank you! :)
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My french for your mandarin/cantonese

November 14, 2019
I'm french speaker looking to learn mandarin ( or Cantonese ) in exchange for my french. Drop me an email so that we can arrange to meet.I can also teach you English if needed.
ID: cdd8754e-ef73-43f5-94aa-eac2e3198d95

Learn Cantonese/ Mandarin in a free & casual way

November 12, 2019
Would like to give free Cantonese/ Mandarin Lessons to those who are interested to learn from scratch or to brush up a bit on either spoken or written Chinese. No language exchange is needed so that you could learn it more effectively.

Flexible time and venue up for the lesson! Learn it in a casual way. Please whatsapp or call Ed at +852 9688 0211 at any time.

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I want to learn cantonese/mandarin.

November 08, 2019

I am a guy in my 30's. I have been in HK for 7.5yrs already. So i know a bit of cantonese but i want to learn more. Also i like to learn mandarin as well. I can teach u english in return. Apart from language exchange will also love to have a new fd. I dont want to have academic class as it does not help for daily conversations. I like to learn in casual way so is easy & faster. This is the reason being fds is very important for learning.
Waiting to find some genuine person soon.
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My Cantonese/english for your French

October 18, 2019
Bonjour! Je suis Shirley. Je travail à Hong Kong Island. A 20 something girl. As you can see, my French sucks. I've learnt it for a month or so. I'm wondering if there's a native French who can speak with men in French. Whatsapp or meet-up are welcome! I can teach you English, Cantonese and Mandarin which I am fluently speaking.
Merci beaucoup!
ID: 51cad5ed-7101-4574-a7a1-a501d013ddb3

I can teach you korean

October 16, 2019
Hi, I would like to learn English

I could teach you Korean

I'm Korean, working TSTi and living in Hk for 6 years

Please whatsapp me at 5541 5214

If you are interested. Thank you.
ID: bf40e70d-00ac-434d-9207-2caf84954105

My cantonese for your english

October 13, 2019
Hi all, I am 20 mid years old local guy who is native in Cantonese and fluency in English. I would like to improve my English and will teach you Cantonese in return. Please feel free to send me a message and leave your contact! P.S: i prefer meet the you in person
ID: f9d570c0-41c4-444b-93c8-a121c60d390a

I need Cantonese speaker friends

September 27, 2019
I would like to learn Cantonese for daily use.
I am hoping to learn it everyday around Tuen Mun / GoldCoast over coffee / long walk.

I am fluent in English as I studied in Canada before, and I also speak Indonesian so I can teach you those
I can also teach all kind of delicious delicious dessert as I am an avid baker :)
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my Cantonese/english for your Japanese

September 16, 2019
Hi there, I'm a 30-year old guy living in Hong Kong. Spent a few years studying in the UK. I am fluent in both Cantonese and English. I have got some basic Japanese skills and would like meet somebody to speak the language more.
I am friendly and easy-going. Drop me an email if you are interested or would like to get connected. Cheers!
ID: 785f8f3f-30e6-4f50-a646-93c6f5cea8c5

I want to improve my english

August 23, 2019
hi there .I am female in my 40's. I want to improve my English , and i can teach you Mandarin . hope you send me message,thank you .
ID: 67987512-9d1d-46e4-81b0-fea20b16e0d3