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Language Exchange

May 20, 2019
I am a male 34 years old. Professional. I want to improve my accent. Who can hang out with me like a friend. I will offer her a nice dinner, drinks etc even travel around with me. I just want to practice in a natural way.

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Teach French // Learn Mandarin

May 17, 2019
Hello / Bonjour !!!!

I am looking for someone how can help me to learn Mandarin and I help/teach with French.

If you are free on Saturday mornings for 2 hours (1H French // 1H Mandarin) let me know or during lunch time week days.

French girl living in Wanchai
ID: 9c4423b4-07f8-4bed-9e48-446a1fe4550c

Meeting new friends

May 09, 2019
Hi, I am a local Hong Kong girl, age 27 and would like to make friends from different cultures and backgrounds, of course language exchange too:)
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Language exchange Cantonese & Japanese

May 04, 2019
I am 40 years old Japanese Male. I would like to study Cantonese. So I am looking for Language exchange once or twice in month in TST.  Please feel free to contact me.
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Quickest n permanent way to learn chinese

April 29, 2019
this is the traditional way to learn chinese 100 years ago. quick. n permanent.
just spend 10 minutes a day

any opinion can whatsapp 66038889
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Japanese language mate

April 07, 2019
I’m an Aussie male living in HK with an intermediate level of Japanese.
Would love to have someone I could practice Japanese with for an hour a week, over a couple of drinks. Of course, I’ll pick up the tab.
Shoot me a WhatsApp
ID: c9c97dcd-c937-4da2-8acc-6e65668af469

Mandarin <--> English

March 20, 2019
I want to improve my English literature knowledge and presentation skills, looking for a native English speaker to practice . I can offer Mandarin teaching or tuition fees. Thanks.
ID: 6fdc39ac-6e8a-45f9-b55c-3c9f13b2936a

Want to practise french

January 09, 2019
Hello! I am from HK a Chinese female who would like to practise french with a native french speaker. I am studying french, I can speak some but not fluent. In return, I will teach you Cantonese my native language. I can speak also english and mandarin. I am in my 40s. If you are interested in practising language together please feel free to drop me a line!
ID: 7d8e03d0-9862-475e-aeac-e4797dd8698a

My Arabic for Any Language

December 28, 2018
Arabic for exchange to any language. Native arabic here
ID: 80cf2517-9661-492f-89a3-421eed46c0a1

Levantine Arabic / Lebanese

December 26, 2018
Hi ! I am looking for a tutor in levantine arabic / lebanese arabic. Or even better, for a language exchange. I am fluent in German, French and English.
Contact me if interested.
ID: d40900c4-57fb-4ebe-b367-6246b62e9b1f

Keen to Learn Mandrin and Cantonese

December 01, 2018
Hi Readers ,

As a new Comer to this Beautiful Island,i would love to meet People (Male or Female) for learning Mandrin and Cantonese In return i can share my profeciency in French ,English And Arabic Languages,,,by the way i'm a man in Mid 40's.

Looking forward to receiving the first call

ID: be0f0384-1ab1-4ddb-b0f5-616ecd3cc019

Your Japanese for my Cantonese/english

November 29, 2018
I would like to meet native Japanese to teach me Japanese language and culture. Feel free to exchange local language for you. Better in HK Island or East Kowloon. We can meet for coffees or drinks and start with learning through chats. Happy to pick tab or take turns for drinks.
ID: cc066b39-8c2e-44a1-aab1-e4642bddfe09