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Native English speaker wanting to practice with a French speaker

September 09, 2022
Hi there! I recently started learning French and would love to practice with a native (or near native) French speaker. I have been teaching English for the past 16 years, so I can help you with English! I'm looking for someone that I can do practical things with while learning French - go to cafes/restaurants, for drinks, watch movies/TV shows, go shopping, etc.
ID: f26ee0f1-58f6-4593-8dcc-5e6175e905f3

English or Cantonese

May 28, 2022

I am an ex-pat man, looking for a friendly person native speaker ( Cantonese ) for learning, or a Native English speaker to improve my English accent.

In return, i will try my best to treat/take care like planning some interesting activities, dinner/lunch/drink, etc. I don't mind if you are a teacher and offer me professional service, just want to learn a friendly way.

I am an Asian, professional Engineer, age 32, please reach kernelv5 at gm@il[dot]com, just if you don't have a subscription, besides, please reply to me here.
ID: 0fcc2815-0dc1-4b38-8e27-32fb8263f360

Mandarin to French

May 04, 2022
A mid-age female Mandarin native speaker working full time in HK. if you are a French native speaker, please let me know if you would like to help me to improve my French speaking. I have learned French for two years but my speaking progress has been slow due to the well-known reason. My plan is to meet you in person or zoom for an hour once a week ...please whatsapp: 94548900
ID: 4f86ebee-8c45-4257-b39a-a11635fc1c3e