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Mandarin <--> English

January 17, 2019
I want to improve my English literature knowledge and presentation skills, looking for a native English speaker to practice (from the UK or the US). I can offer Mandarin teaching or tuition fees. Thanks.
Whatsapp: 98536801
ID: 6fdc39ac-6e8a-45f9-b55c-3c9f13b2936a

Want to practise french

January 09, 2019
Hello! I am from HK a Chinese female who would like to practise french with a native french speaker. I am studying french, I can speak some but not fluent. In return, I will teach you Cantonese my native language. I can speak also english and mandarin. I am in my 40s. If you are interested in practising language together please feel free to drop me a line!
ID: 7d8e03d0-9862-475e-aeac-e4797dd8698a

My Arabic for Any Language

December 28, 2018
Arabic for exchange to any language. Native arabic here
ID: 80cf2517-9661-492f-89a3-421eed46c0a1

Levantine Arabic / Lebanese

December 26, 2018
Hi ! I am looking for a tutor in levantine arabic / lebanese arabic. Or even better, for a language exchange. I am fluent in German, French and English.
Contact me if interested.
ID: d40900c4-57fb-4ebe-b367-6246b62e9b1f

Keen to Learn Mandrin and Cantonese

December 01, 2018
Hi Readers ,

As a new Comer to this Beautiful Island,i would love to meet People (Male or Female) for learning Mandrin and Cantonese In return i can share my profeciency in French ,English And Arabic Languages,,,by the way i'm a man in Mid 40's.

Looking forward to receiving the first call

ID: be0f0384-1ab1-4ddb-b0f5-616ecd3cc019

Your Japanese for my Cantonese/english

November 29, 2018
I would like to meet native Japanese to teach me Japanese language and culture. Feel free to exchange local language for you. Better in HK Island or East Kowloon. We can meet for coffees or drinks and start with learning through chats. Happy to pick tab or take turns for drinks.
ID: cc066b39-8c2e-44a1-aab1-e4642bddfe09

My Cantonese for your English

November 27, 2018
Hi. I am a local native Cantonese guy and fluent in conversational Mandarin. I would like to meet native English speaker to do language exchange. better to do on Hong Kong Island or Kowloon side.

Please feel free to send me a msg. thanks
ID: cc6ef169-125c-4475-9db9-43ea45bb811b


November 01, 2018
looking for arabic speaker with levant or khaleej dialect
ID: c8f61ff1-0d8d-4722-aa1b-da79f6dc6889

Cantonese/mandarin for French

November 01, 2018
I just started learning French and can teach you Cantonese or Mandarin as well as written Chinese in return.
ID: c11a320b-7711-43ba-950f-8fad11733e76

your Mandarin for my French or English language exchange

October 02, 2018
Native French and English speaker here.
I want to practice speaking mandarin (I can read / write only about 800 simplified words)

I prefer to exchange during daytime on week days.
The language exchange can be together with some fitness activities like trail walking.... or can just be over coffee.

ID: 2389d8e6-7a40-45cf-a6d0-f4a66a127cbb

My English (/japanese/spanish/portuguese) for your Cantonese!

September 26, 2018

American Native English speaker (also proficient in Japanese/Spanish/Portuguese) who just moved to HK and wants to quickly immerse herself in the local language, so please let me know if you'd be interested in doing a language exchange :)
ID: 9afb4266-7585-4f0f-b82c-8a69db442b0e

I am looking for an German/chinese to have a tea time with!

September 10, 2018
Hi! I am from south korea.

I am living in Macao since last month, so I am quite new to here.

I was in Germany for two years and also passed the TestDaf test two years ago.

Since coming back home, I rarely speak German.

Thus, I am looking for an German(no matter the gender) who would like to have a nice tea time with me.

I know it is quite hard to find one in Macao, aber ich wünsche dass ich ein Glückspilz werde!

Or I welcome also any Chinese-Korean language exchange partner in Macao.

Please send me an E-mail if you are interested in to this address.

ID: a89b4899-9a43-4106-b290-fc85659420aa

Seeking Mandarin Language Exchange via wechat for English or Australian Syllabus Accounting and Finance Business Studies Tuition

September 03, 2018
What I am looking for: A person (male or female) who speaks Fluent Mandarin so I can practice my spoken Mandarin.

What I can offer: I have an MBA from Australia as well as being a Chartered Accountant for over 20 years. I can teach you business studies, help you pass your Australian syllabus University Commerce degree (undergraduate or MBA both ok) or just do traditional Chinese for English language exchange.

About me: I was born overseas and perfectly fluent in Cantonese. I never learnt how to type chinese so cannot type Chinese (both simplified and traditional into a phone or computer. That is ok as I am too old for that.

If you speak Mandarin, I am interested in talking to you, doesnt matter what age you are, if you are a teacher, then even better.

ps my 4 sounds are terrible.

We can use wechat as you can type in chinese and I can talk/leave messages in chinese so we do not have to be together at the same time to benefit.

pps, I do a bit of hiking in the HK mountains, if you are also a hiker and speak Mandarin, then that would be perfect! We can language exchange on our hike. I can buy you a beer afterwards.
ID: 70bbb1b0-14dd-4c72-8b88-0c3032a76e5d

My Cantonese and Mandarin for your Italian

August 29, 2018
Ciao Im a native HKer. Got interested in the Italian language thanks to the work experience in an Italian company (work alongside and Italian boss). Always want to learn it properly but feel I am too old for classes and all.

If you are native Italian or know Italian very well, please PM if you are interested in doing a language exchange. In return I could offer Cantonese (native) and Mandarin (good working command). Also, it would be good to chat over food and drinks and make some new friends.

ID: bf6c29f7-a300-44ba-b134-509c861e1fdd

Have fun in learning – your English, my Cantonese

August 26, 2018
If you know a little about Cantonese and want to brush up on it, I am happy to help you. And you can help me perfect my English. What about language exchange over a cup of tea and have fun in learning?
ID: ada2becb-4878-40e0-b42a-4461e51f46b6