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My Mandarin for your French

Posted 11/20/2017

With my teaching certificate and Certificate of First Class Level of National Proficiency Test of Putonghua (Mandarin), I would like to give mandarin lessons and in return refresh my french ( used to take the basic lessons years ago) intensively. I can host in Central.

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My English For Your Mandarin..

Posted 11/12/2017

I am an Asian guy from USA and in Hongkong for few weeks! I do travel to china often for short business trips and like to gain some basic knowledge of Mandarin. Basically need to learn from scratch :). I will be free in evening times and can catch up for dinner/drinks and conversation. Please if interested drop me a message.


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Seek Native Korean Friends in exchange of Cantonese/english Language

Posted 11/09/2017

Young at Heart !

My wife is such a great fan to Korean culture & food and is learning basic Korean language. She is eager to seek mind alike friend for a language sharing and exchange on Cantonese/English language covering jointly on food, travel, movies, songs and lives in HK & Korea.

Feel free to let me know of your interest so that she will be more happier in her life !
Have a good day !



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My English For Your Cantonese

Posted 10/10/2017

I am an African guy taking Cantonese classes in the Chinese University of Hong Kong. I will like to improve my Cantonese and in turn help you brush up your English. Please if interested drop me a message.

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Asian guy from Nyc

Posted 10/07/2017


I am from NYC and in my early 30s and very outgoing.

I will be attending trade show and having a little get away.

If you want to network and chat, explore, feel free to connect.

I can help improve your English, however, I am trying to learn Chinese (Mandarin).

I speak English and Cantonese and little Mandarin.


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English Bible Study

Posted 10/06/2017

My name is Sam and I am a graduate from a Baptist University. I want to teach English Bible studies and provide opportunity to practice our language and ask questions about the Bible. I believe this will help those who are interested in improving their english speaking and listening.

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My English for your Cantonese

Posted 10/05/2017

Hi there, I've been in HK 3+ years and I'm now taking the govt provided Cantonese classes. I practice what I am being taught in class with my spouse when she has time but I need to support this with much more practice. In return I am native English speaker from Scotland. I am a personable 51 year old male retired IT Service Manager and so other than Tue & Thu evenings, can largely fit my own schedule including hours when most people work. Your age, gender etc makes no difference to me, I'd just like to learn Cantonese for which I offer English. If interested please contact .

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My Cantonese & 2nd language Mandarin to your English

Posted 10/03/2017

Badly looking for a serious exchange partner to improve my spoken English for work. In return , I am a patient guy who can teach you my native Cantonese and non-native Mandarin. I am fine in any urban areas in weekdays after work. Hope to hear from you soon!

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Korean/english to Mandarin

Posted 09/29/2017

Hi, I am Kate from South Korea, 31 year old female.
I am looking for someone of my age who can be friend as well as a teacher of Mandarin
I majored in English Interpretation and Translation in University and lived in Australia last 4 years, so I am quite well in English speaking as well.
I live near Kowloon Station and hope to find someone who is interested

Please contact me through e-mail :

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Mandarin for English/spanish

Posted 09/29/2017

Hi, I am from Taiwan, currently relocating to Hong Kong. I work here as a linguist in IT industry. Mandarin is my first language and I speak English quite well. I have a master's degree in linguistics. I'd love to meet people whose mother tongue is English or Spanish.

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Cantonese and French exchange

Posted 09/20/2017


I just start learning French and would like to exchange my Cantonese teaching for some French practice. Merci!



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My Spanish/ French or English for Japanese

Posted 09/12/2017

Spaniard fluent in Spanish (native), French (native-like) and decent English looks for a Japanese exchange. My level of Japanese is enough for survival after having resided in Japan for several years, but it needs to be improved and more practice. Tasukete kudasai!

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My English for your Mandarin

Posted 09/09/2017

Cambridge educated, UK male, just arrived in HK. I would like to learn some fairly basic Mandarin with a view to travelling to the mainland at some point. My academic subjects are English, History and Art History. Any of these can be swapped for your Mandarin over coffee early evenings in the week. I work in Central, but can travel a reasonable distance.
Thanks for your time

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Have fun in learning – your English, my Cantonese

Posted 09/05/2017

If you know a little about Cantonese and want to brush up on it, I am happy to help you. And you can help me perfect my English. What about language exchange over a cup of tea and have fun in learning?

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my Chinese for your English, French,spanish or German

Posted 08/30/2017

22, a local guy , native chinese speaker( both Cantonese and Mandarin). i can speak English quite well, but still want to practise more, especailly in speaking. Also, i am learning French(A2), Spanish (A1) and German by my self. i am looking for these languages speakers. I would like to help you in Chinese. just drop me a line here

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My mandarin your English

Posted 08/21/2017

I am a native Mandarin speaker, would like to exchange with nitive English speaker
Wish hear from you soon

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My Mandarin or Cantonese for your Italian

Posted 08/19/2017

I am a Mandarin & Cantonese speaker and have many years teaching experience to expats in HK. I like to learn French with native speaker. If you are interested in learning Chinese and exchange with your French, please drop me a line. Thank you!

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My French for your Cantonese/mandarin

Posted 08/12/2017

Hi !

I am a French girl, I arrived in HK 2 weeks ago from Paris. I would like to learn Cantonese/Mandarin and would love to meet up for language exchange! Please feel free to message me. :)

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My English/cantonese/mandarin for your French

Posted 07/29/2017

Hello! I am a 22-year-old local working in a law firm. I am currently learning French and would love to meet up for language exchange! My reading is alright but would like to improve my listening and oral skill. Please feel free to message me :)

J'apprends le francais et j'aimerais améliorer mes capacités d'écoute et d'oralité. N'hésitez pas à me faire un message! :)

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Kantonesisch für Deutsch / Englisch

Posted 07/29/2017


Meine Muttersprache is Kantonesisch. Ich lerne Deutsch aber ich habe nur A1 studiert.
Ich werde bald A2 starten.
Wir können Englisch / Deutsch + Kantonesisch sprechen, obwohl mein Deutsch sehr elementar ist :)
Hoffe bald von dir zu hören! Bis bald! Vielen Dank!

** It would be also great to have a language exchange with an English speaker too! :))

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