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To learn Mandarin

May 22, 2022
I am Chinese, female, want to practice Mandarin, if somebody interested please let me have your contact number.
ID: a648b07b-cd84-488b-b27a-876b517315fd

English French Chinese

May 13, 2022
I am a business woman, looking for someone to spend time for language exchange, (Chinese, English, French) please send me your contact number if you are interested
ID: 4f10fb4b-2de0-4080-afb1-4499cb300762

Mandarin to French

May 04, 2022
A mid-age female Mandarin native speaker working full time in HK. if you are a French native speaker, please let me know if you would like to help me to improve my French speaking. I have learned French for two years but my speaking progress has been slow due to the well-known reason. My plan is to meet you in person or zoom for an hour once a week ...please whatsapp: 94548900
ID: 4f86ebee-8c45-4257-b39a-a11635fc1c3e

Learning buddy – Your English, my mother tongue Cantonese

January 26, 2022
I am looking for a learning buddy to brush up on my English, at the same time you can perfect your Cantonese. What about language exchange over a cup of tea and have fun in learning?
ID: ccb17e72-02ea-4342-8558-0bdd8b4e08ec

Cantonese for Deutsch

January 02, 2022
I am a native Cantonese male speaker in my 60's and would like to have conversation online with a native Deutsche speaker.

I am a beginner in german language.

Please leave your contact number at my post. I can be reach via Telegram and/or Signal Mobile App but not Whatsapp.

Thanks in advance
ID: 771918f0-e647-4e45-824e-d1610df17d0b