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My Mandarin for Your English

September 14, 2020
I’m a Chinese girl who got the certificate of teaching mandarin, but wanna improves my English language and grammar. I’m looking for a foreigner from English speaking countries, who can speak fluent English. At the same time if you are also interested in Mandarin, please contact me through WhatsApp Karen) as a free verbal communication class. I’m looking forward to your reply. Thanks.
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Have fun in learning ... your English, my Cantonese

August 30, 2020
If you know a little about Cantonese and want to brush up on it, I am happy to walk with you. And you can help me perfect my English. What about language exchange over a cup of tea and have fun in learning?

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Seeking Spanish Speaking Opportunities.

August 29, 2020
I'm learning Spanish. Beginner level and wanting to improve. I have been using Duolingo for over a year and I am also taking a weekly beginner's zoom class for the past few weeks.
I speak fluent Cantonese and English. I am a local girl and love to meet up in Central/SheungWan/Admiralty areas to do the language exchange!
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Find a language exchange friend

August 05, 2020
Hi, I am jen from Hong kong, I can speak fluent Cantonese and Mandarin, I want to find a partner who is a native English speaker to exchange language. If you are interested, please inbox me :
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Strong Interest in Spanish or Chinese

July 14, 2020
Hey, there!

For a few months, I had studied Spanish by myself.
Now, I really love to start again with someone who can help each other out.

I can help you to practice English or Korean.
If you're interested in learning the new language, please let me have your message.

Take care of yourself
ID: 5c55c3d2-81dd-4e30-8247-0374ef3dcac4

My Mandarin Exchange your Cantonese

June 23, 2020
I was born in Beijing. Perfect Mandarin can exchange your Cantonese. Expect 1 hour per week online Zoom meeting for achieving that.

Contact if interested.

Thank you,
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Want to learn Cantonese

June 02, 2020
Anyone could help me out ...i want to improve my chinese ... possible ...for more details message me in whatsapp +852 62268029. ...simon here
ID: 313a9a41-5103-4567-973a-9f033066bc40

China modern history - economic and political system

May 30, 2020
I was borned in China and moved to Hong Kong in 1973.
Revolutionary China and Colonial Hong Kong taught me in history.
Because China is huge in population (a 13 million market) and total different in culture and society from the west.
So I would like to contribute my knowledge and experience to those who intend to develop their career in China.
ID: 3319d2f6-38dd-46d8-9527-c6e00c80803c

Want to learn chinese

May 28, 2020
Is there anyone who could help me out ...i want to improve my chinese...more details you may contact me...simon here
ID: 20b4a6c2-7511-417b-a596-ba23a9c1b16d

Exchange Language Cantonese to English

May 27, 2020
Hello, I am a middle age woman looking for zoom/video learning English language. I was born in Hong Kong, eager to learn English verbally and written. I can teach Cantonese and Chinese as an exchange. Thanks very much.
ID: 43247f89-7b46-43c6-b769-b293bc3f801b

Multilingual (canton/ Mandarin/ English/ Spanish) Tutor

May 25, 2020
I am native in Cantonese, Mandarin and English with elementary Spanish. Interested to teach for free and keen to learn other languages. Please send me a message!
ID: ae1faac3-18f5-43dd-997a-4bee0843500c

My cantonese for your English

May 16, 2020

I am native cantonese speaker, have advance level of conversational English.
would like to meet a native english speaker in person to practice regular.

P.S I am 26 years old, male. available in Hong Kong island and Kowloon side

Please send me the schedule and detail for further discussion
ID: 6f82e9a4-f07c-4bc1-b4ff-f9e556b5ba4b

English speaker like video call to learn Cantonese

May 05, 2020
hello, older gentlemen looking for video call English Cantonese language exchange. I'm from UK looking to learn more Cantonese verbally and written. thanks
ID: 777e91a5-cb8e-4eac-b35b-18eb3603d9dc

My Cantonese/ Mandarin/ English for your European Portuguese

May 05, 2020
Hi there, I am a native Hongkonger with proficiency in English and Mandarin. I did my Master in Applied Linguistics. I always love learning languages and knowing the cultures and people. Looking for a language exchange partner on European Portuguese with my Cantonese/ Mandarin or English :)
ID: 80feef24-91e2-40dd-88ff-45195c98b3eb

Any interested in learning Cantonese and Mandarin?

May 01, 2020
Hi everyone, I am a freelancer who has been teaching Chinese since I was at the university and I studied teaching Chinese as a foreign language at the university. Moreover, I had teaching experience in the learning centre. I mainly teach foreigners Chinese, including Cantonese and Mandarin.

My Australian friend in HK told me that I can meet foreigners in HK on this forum so I am here to ask if anyone is interested to learn Chinese from me! No matter you just want to learn Chinese for communication purpose, or you also want to explore the Chinese culture, I can help you with my strong background of language, culture and history! Learning with an enthusiastic teacher is never boring! :)

I offer both group class and private class. With my solid experience, I can design the tailor-made learning materials and select the best book according to your needs and level.

I am an outgoing HK girl who loves making new friend and language! Feel free to send me a private msg so we can discuss more. :)

Positive comments from my students:

You are a very dedicated and passionate tutor. Your lessons are well-structured but also flexible to students' pace and interests. You also make sure to introduce colloquial expressions that are seldom taught in textbooks. Under your guidance, I have picked up a wide range of Cantonese vocabulary and gained a lot of confidence in a short time!
ID: 707665c3-e644-48eb-afc7-a73adbd8b4b1

Exchange Mandarin/cantonese for English

April 27, 2020
I am a native mandarin speaker and speak fluent Cantonese as well. But i need to brush up my speaking skills in English, especially the presentation skill.

So if you, as a native English speaker, can help on presentation and are also keen to learn or improve your Chinese, maybe we can get together for the language exchange.

I am a female, living in Tseung Kwan O.

Best regards
ID: 54a8898c-cd7f-44b5-b260-9691c20cadcb

Is there anyone who is interested in Korean?

April 18, 2020
I am from south Korea.
Of course I am native Korean.
And I can speak Japanese a little.
But I am not good at English.

I’d like to meet friends who want language
exchange<English-korean> once a week.

I live around HK university.
But I think location doesn’t matter.
Plz contact me if you want to learn Korean.

Abigail 9336-9374
ID: beb03b1a-31d2-4988-9dfb-91b44959dde6

Hindi for English

April 14, 2020

I'm looking to learn Hindi, and can help you with English.

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My English for your mandarin.

April 08, 2020
Hello! I'm a 33 year old American looking for someone to meet at a coffee shop or somewhere for a fun Mandarin to English Language exchange! I can hold basic conversations in mandarin so I'm not a total beginner.
ID: 754b4247-ba3e-4e1a-a1f3-0ea32ff4b3ab