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Free Cantonese Lesson

October 18, 2019
Would like to give free Cantonese/ Mandarin Lessons to those who are interested to learn from scratch or to brush up a bit. Flexible time and venue up to mutual agreement. No obligations!
ID: 6238d84e-a206-4b0c-b84c-d2c6ae04082b

My Cantonese/english for your French

October 18, 2019
Bonjour! Je suis Shirley. Je travail à Hong Kong Island. A 20 something girl. As you can see, my French sucks. I've learnt it for a month or so. I'm wondering if there's a native French who can speak with men in French. Whatsapp or meet-up are welcome! I can teach you English, Cantonese and Mandarin which I am fluently speaking.
Merci beaucoup!
ID: 51cad5ed-7101-4574-a7a1-a501d013ddb3

I can teach you korean

October 16, 2019
Hi, I would like to learn English

I could teach you Korean

I'm Korean, working TSTi and living in Hk for 6 years

Please whatsapp me at 5541 5214

If you are interested. Thank you.
ID: bf40e70d-00ac-434d-9207-2caf84954105

My cantonese for your english

October 13, 2019
Hi all, I am 20 mid years old local guy who is native in Cantonese and fluency in English. I would like to improve my English and will teach you Cantonese in return. Please feel free to send me a message and leave your contact! P.S: i prefer meet the you in person
ID: f9d570c0-41c4-444b-93c8-a121c60d390a

I need Cantonese speaker friends

September 27, 2019
I would like to learn Cantonese for daily use.
I am hoping to learn it everyday around Tuen Mun / GoldCoast over coffee / long walk.

I am fluent in English as I studied in Canada before, and I also speak Indonesian so I can teach you those
I can also teach all kind of delicious delicious dessert as I am an avid baker :)
ID: b313a908-7046-476f-aff0-5e8d7efac7ba

my Cantonese/english for your Japanese

September 16, 2019
Hi there, I'm a 30-year old guy living in Hong Kong. Spent a few years studying in the UK. I am fluent in both Cantonese and English. I have got some basic Japanese skills and would like meet somebody to speak the language more.
I am friendly and easy-going. Drop me an email if you are interested or would like to get connected. Cheers!
ID: 785f8f3f-30e6-4f50-a646-93c6f5cea8c5

I want to improve my english

August 23, 2019
hi there .I am female in my 40's. I want to improve my English , and i can teach you Mandarin . hope you send me message,thank you .
ID: 67987512-9d1d-46e4-81b0-fea20b16e0d3

I want to learn French :)

July 21, 2019
Hi, I would like to learn French and also improve my English accent.
I could teach you Cantonese and Mandarin.

I'm Hongkongese, working in Wanchai and living in TKO.

Please whatsapp me at 9202 9434 if you are interested. Thank you.
ID: 798b7075-22cb-45ea-8e48-8b1312bcb924

My Cantonese/mandarin for your Spanish/french

July 09, 2019
I’m a woman looking for a Spanish/French teacher, in exchange I can teach Cantonese/Mandarin.

Please WhatsApp 68088788 if interested.
ID: 9c33f351-9e13-42e9-8c15-a89abe1af1fe

My cantonese for your english

June 15, 2019
Hi all,

I am 20 mid years old local guy who is native in Cantonese and fluency in English.
I would like to improve my English and will teach you Cantonese in return.

Please feel free to send me a message.
ID: 82b4e3ca-abc4-44d5-94b3-1564d15a8643

Teaching Cantonese

June 08, 2019

I would like to learn French or English, and I am happy to teach you Cantonese or Mandarin in return. I will be mostly free on Saturdays. If you are interested, please feel free to let me know. Thank you.
ID: fb87a66e-d697-47e3-b339-df3a534b1867

My English for your Cantonese

May 29, 2019
Hi there

I am real keen to pick up Cantonese - in exchange for me fine tuning your English;

I am a lawyer - been in Hong Kong 45 years and still a non Punti speaking ignoramus! - further I am happy to pass on some legal knowledge if required.

Thank you

ID: 7d61af90-d044-4a0f-8c22-c40179d10271

Language Exchange

May 20, 2019
I am a male 34 years old. Professional. I want to improve my accent. Who can hang out with me like a friend. I will offer her a nice dinner, drinks etc even travel around with me. I just want to practice in a natural way.

ID: d844e7b5-c9da-4c3e-a661-e1c930fc8507

Teach French // Learn Mandarin

May 17, 2019
Hello / Bonjour !!!!

I am looking for someone how can help me to learn Mandarin and I help/teach with French.

If you are free on Saturday mornings for 2 hours (1H French // 1H Mandarin) let me know or during lunch time week days.

French girl living in Wanchai
ID: 9c4423b4-07f8-4bed-9e48-446a1fe4550c

Meeting new friends

May 09, 2019
Hi, I am a local Hong Kong girl, age 27 and would like to make friends from different cultures and backgrounds, of course language exchange too:)
ID: 9611f1c4-f11a-4389-806f-5b0a75ace6b3

Language exchange Cantonese & Japanese

May 04, 2019
I am 40 years old Japanese Male. I would like to study Cantonese. So I am looking for Language exchange once or twice in month in TST.  Please feel free to contact me.
ID: a6007a1c-7458-45e5-ac4f-89860ae1888c

Quickest n permanent way to learn chinese

April 29, 2019
this is the traditional way to learn chinese 100 years ago. quick. n permanent.
just spend 10 minutes a day

any opinion can whatsapp 66038889
ID: 3357e315-a444-42ff-b4c5-f3b087179172