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June 13, 2024
To be platonic is not easy.
But it is the best if one finds a similar platonic partner.
Waiting for such lady to communicate and to find out if there is matching chemistry to communicate further.
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Our next Journey

May 25, 2024
An international Man in late 60's, who is educated, well travelled, social, open, sincere and honest. Extremely fit and enjoys walks and hiking in nature. Love theatre, music, arts and loves life. I'm a nonsmoker and enjoy a laid back lifestyle, with no pressure.
Yes I'm searching for that wonderful lady who is social, energetic, and has a great life balance. Romantic, adorable and has that perfect smile, who will enjoy travelling and prepared to have a good laugh.
I'm genuinely looking fora relationship with that special person.
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How about being friend for a start?

May 17, 2024
55yrs british expert, currently working in austria but open to connect with HK local lady as i hope to retire and relocate to live in HK. If you re serious about meeting up then inbox me with brief introduction about yourself and the type of man you are looking to find. A photo of you will also be highly appreciated and i'd reciprocate with same gesture. Best of luck to finding the right woman!!!
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Looking for dating experience

May 11, 2024
Hello everyone I'm 43 handsome guy
Looking for friends I can meet any time
I like to go to everywhere in hongkong together with you all. pls let me
Know if anyone interested of me (any of age is fine to be friends.single mom,divorced woman like who feel alone and scared of people.pls don't stay alone everyone.I can make peoples life like feel in love and happiness)let's enjoy life. don't keep your feelings
hide open your mind for the world. Pls contact
Thanks all.
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May 06, 2024
fit older professional guy from uk

looking for a lady who wants to enjoy the senior years

love food, gym fit , and good fun

ID: 7237b687-c67d-4439-9458-22e8b2829936

Wonderful Man

May 06, 2024
I am a beautiful Handsome American man who very passionate about life and helping others. I am loyal and extremely humble and loyal. I am looking for a kind honest hearted woman for friendship. I have no children or attachments. I also practice Kung Fu and will finally finish my training in Shandong next year. Please do not hesitate to reach out and say hello friendships are very vital to a healthy mindset and peace.
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Wealthy woman for marriage

May 05, 2024
Hi 46 male from Melbourne Australia looking for wealthy Chinese woman for marriage only. I hold a dual citizenship and am 100 percent genuine. Please no time wasters
ID: 8bf6fe5d-9ab6-411e-a9b9-294c1791506a

Man (black African) looking for relationship

April 05, 2024
I am 37 years old black African male currently residing in Hong Kong. I am 5’8 tall and medium athletic build. I like to network with new people and share new ideas and experiences . I am a HK permanent resident working full time. I am single with no children. I am looking for a woman who is interested in having a committed relationship, someone who likes outdoors, travelling, adventure, good food and a laid back kind of life!someone who is passionate about nature ,animals and new cultures . Looking forward to hearing from any interested ladies
ID: 45b38c1e-b1f6-40fe-82db-3d74e16c11ad

Looking For My Kind Of One Of A Kind…

April 02, 2024
I want to Find a partner who wants a beautiful love story but is also willing to put in the work to make it happen. One who does not expect perfection and we do not force each other to grow, but our clear commitment to each other creates a sense of emotional security that inspires us both to take on the inner journey. A strong connection can bring us together, but the way we both take our evolution seriously keeps our relationship vibrant and deepens our love for each other. We are not only partners in love but we are also partners and soulmates in healing and in developing greater emotional maturity as we grow through life together…
ID: de7881ca-3f48-46d0-8e0f-193c5d6e7d3c

New friend & also a good companion.

March 21, 2024
Is there any real & genuine female out here? If any exists here then yea looking out for u. I been in HK for 12+ yrs now. Most of my close buddies have left from HK as most of them come here just for short period unlike few like me who stay here for such a long time & stay here calling HK a home. That is the reason for my post here. Looking for a nice female to be friends with & having a nice companion as well so can have some mental & spiritual peace which i feel is what we all need now. If u also looking for same then kindly feel free to write to me with more details. Dont forget to mention own name & whatsapp contact as i am only looking for a real connection. Not any online chatting. If u not looking for real & not ready for meeting then kindly no need waste eachothers time.
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Looking for a lady for companionship.

March 13, 2024
Looking for a lady for companionship.
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Mr Magic for Ms Magnificent

March 05, 2024
Not exactly Houdini but can charm you with my wits and humour.
Offer a shoulder to lean your weary head on.
A good listener but also very masterful.
Good oral skils. Excellent hygiene and a non-smoker.
Care to know more—— message me.
ID: 53c92b51-0207-4b76-aeb8-e4798bb80716

Honest friendship

February 28, 2024
I am Alexander, 48 years old . Looking for any lady for sincere relationship/friendship.
ID: 2242df46-b0f1-4238-add1-0e06adb573ea

Lucky Year of the Dragon?

February 26, 2024
Hope to meet creative, open-minded woman for friendship, adventure, exploration and fun. I'm a long-time HK PR having made a (Chinese) New Year Resolution for a better work-life balance. My Chinese horoscope says the Year of the Dragon will be lucky for me. I hope for once my horoscope is right.
ID: 02af7775-2e82-4f3a-91ca-7874e3047e7b

Looking for serious relationship with Hong Kong local woman.

February 07, 2024
I'm a friendly and family-oriented sort of man, who seeks nothing more than spending quality time with the right woman. The first thing people usually notice about me is my lovable personality, closely followed by my warming smile and sense of humor. reach me on WC markwongfrank I enjoy varieties of outdoor activities and sports ranging from Zumba dance, swimming, biking, volleyball on free weekends, spending time in natural serenity hiking, and more.

I am In Medical field. I don’t drink often but a glass of wine sometimes does justice to a good evening I enjoy coffee but I have started to cut the numbers of my daily dose. lol...Never smoked, Don’t do drugs... Ok, Well, I've subdued that. I am a real mature man, definitely too old for games and not into the hookup scene. If you are the right woman for me, please feel free to write me a note so we can learn more about each other, I'm fairly open about myself and will like to meet with someone of like mind.
ID: 9350d2ed-072d-4714-8acd-3b23bb24251e

Nomadic Wanderer

February 02, 2024
Namaste Hong Kong,

Hope you are keeping well and being safe too. My apologies if I may have intrude your privacy and for the long extract. I hope we can be in a friendly acquaintance in the strange roads of Life. Hopefully, you are a kind of a person who earns his/her own bread & butter and pays their own bills. You own everything in Your life.
Not looking for any hook-ups, affairs, or money, so don't worry as I know how to respect a human being, and it's two-way appreciation from two individuals.

I am a reasonable guy having an appetite to Live life. Love to travel and simply looking for Love, Life & Laugh with Good Company.
I would love to hear back from you and have a conversation with you though I understand you might be occupied or this note must be subdued by other emails too, but hope to hear from You.

Please share your WhatsApp/ Telegram to connect.

Au Revoir !!

- Centristneo
ID: df2d9d47-80ef-4da6-897d-9dc3fc84925f

Life partner

January 30, 2024
Hi everyone

How are you I'm Ahsan living in Hong Kong I'm looking life partner if anyone interested please feel free to contact me thanks
ID: d70a5ff2-790e-4919-b80f-76807ff84a2b

find a partner

January 23, 2024
i will travel in March to Hong Kong. Like to have a good woman for speaking , going out and be together in any time which she is open.
ID: 26a1d2a6-e142-4e21-b97d-c41d04d61dcb

Let's start with friendship to see how things go from there

December 23, 2023
Hey everyone, 55yrs british expert here in HK is open to make connection with the right woman who is friendly and have a good communication skills. feel free to write to my inbox. i am Gerry by name.
ID: 6a55da16-dd5f-4a8b-a730-d65a6184b689