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Let us communicate and see if we can click or not !

July 05, 2020
Let us communicate and see if we can click or not .

Have a blessed day.
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Chill tonight

June 23, 2020
Dinner and drinks tonight if you are interested
. 36m here.
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Single dad looking for a life partner

June 22, 2020
52 year old american , 5ft 11 tall with good looks. I'm down to earth, honest, straightforward and easy going. Anyone that knows me will tell you I am loyal to the end.
I do exercise quite often to be fit and I maintain a healthy lifestyle. You'll have to ask if you want to know more about me. I've been told I'm a gentleman and hopeless romantic.
I'm looking to meet someone special for long term relationship perhaps marriage.
It'd be nice if I could find someone interesting ( preferably local) with a good heart and personality.
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Young man looking for mature lady

June 14, 2020
I am an attractive young university student, looking for a mature woman who knows what she wants and ready to have some fun ; )
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Do You Like Dark Chocolate?

June 13, 2020
I am a Black man in my late 30s, 6 ft tall and physically fit. I am also quite energetic and a huge sports fan.
I am a straightforward, honest man some might find me intimidating but those who know me well consider me a big teddy bear.
Really do hope to find the right woman to have a connection with and make our dreams come true together.
Being happy is very key to me and I hope it is the same for you too.
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Someone to chit chat with when bored

June 12, 2020
Greetings, I'm a mature mid 30's guy just looking for someone to have chats with when bored. work takes up most of my time and when I do have free time, it's usually doing nothing socially as I really don't have a social life.

I'm a down to earth guy, who enjoys meaningful conversations on a range of topics. I enjoy, music, sports, computers, tech, learning about animals, religious things and outdoor activities.

Send me a message so I can give you my number and we chat over WhatsApp. I speak English and a little bit of Spanish.
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look for a good hearted woman for longterm relationship

June 11, 2020
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Loving and Caring Woman Wanted!..

June 11, 2020
Life is funny sometimes, making wrong decisions in life can be really upsetting and making your life upside down..Also this Covid-19 made life more upsetting...So, i am mid 40s, Caucasian Westerner with black hair, hazel eyes, a bit overweight, about my skin some says white, some says brown, i know it matter in Hong Kong, haha.. High school diploma, English not bad, lived in Hong Kong quite a while, looking for a loving and caring lady whom really believes relationship is forever, don't have high financial expectations from the man, thinks time to live life, be happy, plus i am quite honest man, straight forward, sometimes shy, sometimes silly, a big baby, so need to handle me lol.. haha.. So, if you reply we can chat more...Hong Kong is a city so crowded but many time make me feel like i am Robinson Crusoe ..haha..So lonely..
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Older women preferred

June 08, 2020
I'll love to meet older women here.
Outgoing and open minded older women preferred
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Calling the single ladies

June 08, 2020
Single 40's black expat living in Hong Kong looking for single lady 30+ for a meaningful relationship
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Let’s start from friendship

June 07, 2020
I’m Dennis ,single , simple , calm guy . If you want to know more simply drop a note , let’s meet and start from friendship. Thanks
ID: e49570ae-9cfa-4c2b-a48b-aae3a0c5ff58

Looking for a Little Spark

June 05, 2020
Disclaimer 1: I’m not seeking marital bliss nor a life-long partner, nor am I looking for last ditch romance.

Disclaimer 2. I’m not Caucasian, so any woman looking for Mr. Right (Mr. White!), sorry, I’m not your man. My heritage (long story) is part Persian, part Arab, part Indian. I also have an ounce or two of Jewish blood.

Okay, now that that’s out of the way, let me give some facts about myself: I’m over six feet tall, western schooled, finance professional. I have a healthy respect for my physical self (nonsmoker, social drinker, regular jogger). I'm a great conversationalist.

I won’t go into the bit about hiking, movies, yoga, candle-lit dinners and curled up with a book/glass of wine routine. Yes, I’m into all these too if that’s how you want to spend your time. I prefer a little more excitement in life.

I’m a good listener, private, nonjudgmental, intellectually curious with a healthy sense of humour (I promise you I’ll make you laugh, or at least make you smile).

So why did I pay Asia Expat $188 for the privilege of putting this post on their website. Simply put, I’m stuck in a groove. I would love to meet an intellectually curious, broadminded, mature woman who may be in a similar disposition, so that together, we can bring some spark in to our lives.

So, if anyone intrigued by my post so far, it’ll be a privilege to continue a conversation via social media until our mutual interests invite taking this relationship to the next level, providing COVID-19 does not get in our way.
ID: 500ced8a-677b-4b5a-b8b7-6559e41afb78

Art, music, movies

June 02, 2020
Everything is on the title. If you're craving for some more culture (not necessarily boring c'mon! ;)) and want to share it with someone, then I'm you're man. I'm 38yo, French living in HK side.

ID: 3c102134-a6c3-43e3-b249-2f03e5a828e1

Searching for fun

May 30, 2020
Just a usual student who wanna meet more ppl . If you are up for a chat or and further intimacy, just message me or WhatsApp me
ID: 6839970b-805f-4c1e-abc7-50344c8c8a56

Canadian man seeking to marry

May 30, 2020
I would like to meet asian lady for marriage. I do not want to relocate to Hong Kong so this is directed to ladies who think they might enjoy Canada. I am easy going, some say handsome, others do not, photos available.
I am suddenly out of work which has never happened to me at this time of year. Oilfield shut down which is not big deal because I usually go to Vancouver Island where i have scuba diving/deep sea fishing business i operate during summer months,but that is also not viable with current virus shutdown.
I am outdoors person, hiking, scuba, mountain biking, deep sea fishing,quad expeditions.
My goal right now is to start conversation with lady and see what kind of connection we can develop. I would like to make it clear i think it is best if you have some English skills, i have met foreigners before and it can be a lot of fun developing speaking skills, however there needs to be the understanding we know we will have some mistakes in communication which we really need to just find the humor in.
Just because i am in oilfield and have tourism business does not make me wealthy, i do not even own a house. My oilfield work sees me travel all over during winter months and the tourism is all around Vancouver Island so i live on my boats when there.
I will reply to any who send response but i will make sure i am as straight forward as possible and make no false promises.
ID: 1960fa83-0250-4367-b3c0-2125ba404053

Looking for a Sp

May 30, 2020
When I say SP I don’t mean a total non-emotional physical rant. I ain’t really looking for multiple partners as such nor a ONS. I know it’s confusing. Message me to know more.

I am in my mid 30’s. Non Chinese, decent looking, avg body.

Well settled, own business, been in Hk for 12-13 years. Love this place.

I am respectful, definitely a good company. I don’t take things too seriously, like to be happy. I don’t live by a lot of rules but I work really hard for what I want.
ID: e296a2e5-5e97-4ef5-ade1-30586fff9e78

55yr male available for next 3days

May 30, 2020
If you have sense of adventure, wish to practice english with an amicable Australian. Have a wish to visit and explore Australia for a grand holiday in a mobile home. I'm a gentle retired grey nomad seeking friendship and company to talk with. I just discovered this site and thought I'll throw this out there.
- Ian
ID: ba4c53e9-a1b1-4bc9-9776-c87dfe9fd8d9

30 Year old Cbc looking for older women

May 24, 2020
Western educated Chinese male looking for an older woman. I enjoy travelling, boxing, cooking, movies, art and hiking. I am sick of younger girls playing mind games and would love to meet a mature woman to have decent conversations with. Someone who can have fun but also discuss in-depth topics. Looking for someone to workout with in the gym, go hiking with or maybe even go boxing with. I hope you enjoy the casual drink as well, I love trying new bars and restaurants. Would love to find someone I can travel with and cook for!

Send me a message if you're interested!
ID: 3fd88618-6af2-43a8-9135-cd83548e24fe

I want a nice woman in my life to shear love and happiness with

May 22, 2020
I am a Pharmacist, I am 48 years old, I am in need of a nice woman who is ready to shear happiness and love with me and make a happy and great future together, please feel free to send a message to me as I will be very happy to find that special woman here.....
ID: 653520d9-9e3e-4f64-a1fa-8a559cb1b3ce

Good heart with good attitude man looking woman for life partner

May 21, 2020
Good man looking woman for love . Life partner
Love each other so life is very easy
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