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Looking for you

August 21, 2019
My name is Tony , i am a 60 year old business orientated man from Townsville Australia looking for a partner future wife to travel with as a companion . Ideally you will be success driven and with a passion for life and all that experience holds .

My interest is still to develop property in Australia mixed with time for travel sight seeing and relaxation ,
I have no age restrictions , If you feel this is you please reply. I have been to HK a few times and enjoy the exciting city. mostly staying in the new territory at the gold coast hotel , i enjoy the ocean and the access for walking there .

I would like to visit again soon making a meeting possible in the next few months.

if interested please write back and i will send picture . and contact details

Prefer but not restricted if you can speak both English and Chinese as my Chinese language dosnt exist.
ID: 94b4401b-12cd-4c05-8ba5-9dccf87c745d

Looking for real connection. Not just online play arnd.............

August 17, 2019

I am guy in my early 30's single never married., open minded & easy going. I m looking for a gal for a real connection with whom can meet & spend time with not just for online chat & waste time. Start with fds & see how things go ahead. No need to write to me if never want to meet or waste time on chatting online. If there is any real & honest gal out there write to me. Make sure when write to me introduce ownself. Name/age/whatsapp & more details if u wish to. No need to question me 1st. Send me this details then we can go ahead from there. If u can not intro ownself dont waste time for each other.
ID: 4705167b-9e83-4771-866d-b729dd7da5ca

It's good to be home.....

August 16, 2019
Hi there,

I’m a BBC in my late 50s, I’m just a few weeks old in Hong Kong. I Chair an NGO that’s SDGs-oriented. We work with other NGOs, Government Agencies and Civil Society organizations to promote Sustainable Development Goals in target areas. I’m billed to be in Hong Kong until 2030

I’m actually looking for a woman that’s based here in HK that I can share my day to day experiences with. We can always start off as friends for sure and coast to wherever the future leads us. I think I’d prefer an English speaker please who might be willing to help me improve my Cantonese as well

I hope I get a reply

ID: b881fdca-8a18-46b1-86c9-8e6ef285f8af

Australian Man in Australia

August 14, 2019
ME: (60) Good looking successful businessman who made huge amounts of money and lost most in divorces.
So, I'm not too clever when choosing a partner. So if you are looking for Mr Rich Man, sorry that's not me. I'm the nice one with a good heart, great sense of humour, artistic, loves cooking, rarely drinks, non-smoker, doesn't gamble and fun to be with. In some ways mature but in other ways never grew up. And now I'm by myself after the divorce many years ago. I travel, love photography and enjoy more humble activities. And now wanting to meet and be with the 'Last Love of My Life'. (5'10" tall and nice and cuddly).
I've been to HK mny times and worked there and also in mainland.
YOU: (40-50) An elegant intelligent woman who enjoys life. I adore skinny small women who have both a smart business mind and are also soft hearted and loyal . If you've had children they are grown up. Your perspective on life is that its too short to worry or complain, however you see the optimum and nicer things in the world.
WHAT NEXT: I am looking forward to hearing from you. I would appreciate some contact info and your photo.
When you reply please tell me what you want and the things you don't want. That way its quicker and easier to see what we have in common.
ID: 6af8c683-c5c0-4ee9-908f-49138bcd315e

Hk makes me feel like I just dropped from Mars

August 11, 2019
Hello there,

I was doing a search for an apartment when I stumbled upon this website... I really don't know if this works but I want to give it a try, I just hope I don't end up sounding weird or like someone really from Mars.

First of all, my experience in HK has been challenging yet rewarding. Challenging because of the unending protests for the anti-extradition bill and rewarding because I've noticed a few prospects that I'm looking out for in Asia already.

I'm an Executive in a pharmaceutical firm in the UK; I’ve lived almost all my life in the UK and I must acknowledge that it’s one of the best places to live in. I have a daughter who is 19, she lives in San Diego where she's studying.

I actually moved to HK because of the ongoing deliberations for the BREXIT deal, it's imperative that I find a better niche for my team where the conditions of doing business are favorable, especially in the aspect of trade flow, and where the future of Drug Research and Development is beyond question, especially in the aspect of Clinical Trials. Oh... I'm already talking so much about work.

To be more precise and concise, my aim of posting this ad is because I'm looking for a lady that I can share real life experiences with in HK. We don't really know that the future holds, but I believe every union starts with friendship. I'm not a perfect person therefore I don't have a set of pre-existing conditions for a partner, you just have to be between 46 and 58; I hope my last statement isn't contradictory lol.

I'm looking forward to getting a reply from you that's reading this if you're between 46 and 58.



ID: b5b50f8e-8ea7-4e1c-97cd-dac2302cb182

Need local mature woman

August 11, 2019
Western lonely man. Looking for a local single or married mature woman for having great,romantic,memorable time together. Drop me message let's get know each other , let's see how futher we can go more.
ID: 1aa131fb-cc06-4d17-83d5-cf86af066dcb

Female looking for a partner ( Mauture white man or Asian)

August 07, 2019
I am living in Hong Kong alone, I am a female, I am doing business mainly in Hong Kong and part in worldwide. I would like to know someone who is decent, polite, mature age more than 50,

we can talk, cook, have fun together. He has a healthy purpose that same as me. Please show your picture and must not scammers, if you invite me to chat. please tell me where you from and with a picture. Mature and honesty man is necessary.
No married man and gay, I like white guy who is humor, or if Asian who is kind, and with a polite manner.

I hope you are taller than 5'8" I do not mind some extra weight a happy man, I do not like thin men.
ID: 1e9411ef-755b-4d81-8d2e-d65c2dce3034

Do you like Chocolate

August 06, 2019
I am in my late 30s, 6ft tall, athletic and very a fit black gentleman, I have been in HK for a few months now but yet to connect with anyone special, I would like to blame it on my busy schedule but I have been told I could come across a bit intimidating from afar. So here I am giving online dating a try and hope I would be seen for the teddy bear that I am.
I am a simple, classy and open minded gentleman, I am quite adventurous and love to learn new things. I always love to smile and stay happy in general, I am always a positive thinker.
I am hoping to find the right woman that would best compliment me and want a meaningful relationship.
ID: f564e58b-b8a4-4956-857f-4488d1d71ee7

I looking for true relationship

August 04, 2019
I am 30 years old man i looking for relationship if anyone interested please contact me if you are serious so reply me thanks you i will waiting for your message
ID: 674703c9-7bc2-4c82-99e2-050b0f6e86bc

May I have your attention please?

August 02, 2019
To save some readers time, here is what I’m “not” interested in that this site sometimes focuses on;

- Online ownership
- Email sex sessions

Categorize me as someone looking for a lifetime partner….

I’m only interested in meeting and conversing with someone who lives in Asia. If you plan to come to Asia; only after you send me a copy of your airline ticket will we chat. (Sorry to be so firm but lots of people on this site can waste your time.)

Here’s me; I’m from the Philippines and working in Hong Kong at the moment. I have kids at home that I support. My interests vary but the main premise of the relationship I seek is one where I’m the dominant partner when it comes to our sex life. I have tattoos and I’ll only show to the man who is willing to join me on my life-journey.

The hotwife/cuckold lifestyle can be designed many ways. I explain more about my hotwife desires in my personal writings on this page (hopefully someone serious about me will take the time to read it). My goals are to find a strong partner who will stand beside me in much of life, yet yield to me when it comes to all things sexual.

I am an independent woman who has brought up children on my own for most of their lives. I don’t really need a man to rescue me. I’m seeking a man of character who is solid and confident in life, yet understands and truly gets excite about being my second when it comes to the carnal aspects of our lives. I don’t see our life focused on any heavy D/s premise unless our discussions lead us to this conclusion.

I’m looking for long-term, so please don’t contact me unless you are not looking for the same. You should be living in Asia and want me to join you. I understand life enough to know many mature men are not interested in the instant-family situation that comes with hooking up with an Asian woman with kids. The perfect situation would be you’d want to join me in the Philippines and we’d all live as one big family. I know this as only a possibility. If my partner of choice doesn’t like the Philippines (or the instant-family thing) I am willing to consider the option of living away from my kids and joining them at various times throughout the year. All options can be discussed.

The majority of our life we would of course live normally. I like what most women do …from movies and romance to chocolate….you’ll find me a pretty typical girl. I like to laugh, have fun and be active. I don’t smoke and only drink on occasion and try to live as healthy a life as possible. Being from the Philippines my English is good enough for deep conversations. If you have a different language I’ll do my best to try to learn it.

As I mature woman I am at that point in my life where I want to find a man who is seeking a woman to live out the rest of his days with. Teammates for life with some kink thrown in to keep things fun… ☺
ID: aa355350-8b2c-4540-9a89-d698088c261b

Widower looking for a friend

July 30, 2019
Here just giving this a try and hoping to find a friend in this over populated yet lonely world.
ID: 66f72a43-e21f-4ed1-a6b1-9e8648d5d10b

Want to find a right one

July 29, 2019
I am a local Hong Kong guy in 20 mid and like to relax, go drinking, and find good food.
Besides, i want someone who is older than me , can grow together and highly prefer non-Chinese ;)
I am hard working, simple and independent.

I hope i can find the right one. Please feel free to contact me. thanks
ID: 45d5effd-9b9f-4a5f-ad06-238143be2588

Is this you?

July 26, 2019
I'm a caucasian expat and been in HK many years.
Looking for a female friend who is educated, well travelled and has a sense of humour.
Your interests would include, travel, fitness and nice evenings out.
The ability to engage verbally/communicate is important
Ideally you would be in the age range of 40-60.
ID: fcc371c6-1d90-4dcd-b602-4d199c080fb5

Young, Tall and Attractive

July 25, 2019
I'm a 33yo single guy, living in HK. I'm 184cm and attractive. Looking for some good company to have some fun.

I am very easy going with no drama or hangups. If you are bored or feel alone, please feel free to reach out. You will definitely hear back from me.

Hope to meet you soon :-)
ID: 5479f660-4633-4db7-a88b-c1c7a70c3c6c

One day someone will walk into your life and make you realize why it never worked out with anyone else...

July 25, 2019
My desire is to meet a warm, matured and loving woman who is willing to love and be loved and who I can hold her hands and together we will write the remaining chapters of our life and forever together.
ID: ced3bf66-7580-4309-95bc-a858296895c9

Hiking patner

July 24, 2019
I need hiking partner on weekends
I am male
ID: e8caa151-d1b2-4479-9d9f-e99f847010fb

29 looking for older lady

July 23, 2019
American born Chinese looking for someone older. I enjoy MMA, cooking, fine dining, travelling, art and movies. I am looking for someone older because I think younger women are far too immature. I am an avid foodie and I enjoy the occasional drink. Come with me to try some new bars and restaurants, or come try my cooking! Then after all that food, lets go hike and workout together! Looking for a food, travel, workout, movie partner.
ID: 1b680a07-905c-456d-a9ea-2ec83193fbc8

I need women who accept me

July 23, 2019
I need women who cares me message me please
ID: cf46fd26-cc47-4ad5-86c0-d7ff4e19efd0

Make your wish come true

July 21, 2019
I am black, 6ft tall, athletic and in my late 30s, I have been in HK for a short while now but yet to connect with anyone special, I would like to blame it on my busy schedule but I have been told I come across an intimidating person from afar. So here I am giving online dating a try and hope I would be seen for the teddy bear that I am.
I am a simple, classy and open minded gentleman, I am quite adventurous and love to learn new things. I always love to smile and stay happy in general, I am always a positive thinker.
I am hoping to find the right woman that would best compliment me and want a meaningful relationship.
ID: c9f8e9c7-6db6-47b7-82e3-fb05bcf45872

Searching for Relationship

July 16, 2019
Hello, I am from Canada of HK Chinese descent, Immigrated to Canada at the age of 10. I am 49, divorced 10 year ago, 174 cm tall and weight 68 kg. Actively into sports and live a healthy lifestyle. Non-smoker and own my own flat in Sai Ying Pun. Work as a senior position in Central. Looking for long term relationship here. Thank you for reading! Mr. A
ID: 5236d573-31fe-48b3-8fc9-f3ee5903c689