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Looking for hk nice woman

March 28, 2023
Hello,everybody,Im 40years old good looking men waiting for nice hk woman pls send me a message
ID: 5d7784e3-bf3e-49a2-93b4-46724a510e47


March 25, 2023
I’m a Single man without Kids, hoping to meet any lady as a friend first and see how it goes.
ID: 822d4815-bdf9-48a9-b010-1e70d8e98d3e

It’s my wish to find a nice woman for a serious relationship here.

March 11, 2023
I am 58 years old, I am a pharmacist, I am mixed half HongKong half British, I work in London United Kingdom but I regularly visit HongKong.

I will tell you more about myself when we communicate with each other, feel free to send me a message, I will be happy to reply.
ID: cd6eb7a7-344d-4a3a-874f-1b790e40312c

The world is embracing my sexuality and external gender temperament. There is no absolute life experience. Only I love myself and the people we love. I am proud that I have a love.

March 08, 2023
A local Chinese guy who grew up in Hong Kong is looking for friends and possibly a lifetime partner, depending on chemistry.

Me: 49, single, non-smoker, average built, kind, caring, affectionate, slightly introverted, enjoy music, swimming, hiking and spending time with the loved one.

You: Late 40s to 50s, single, non-smoker, fit, kind, friendly, thoughtful, affectionate.

Please do write me a message in Chinese, if you feel we share similar interests. I am looking for someone whom we can share laughters together during the good times as well as supporting each other emotionally whilst feeling down; someone whom we can explore and spend our future life-long journey together. You're welcome to send a message, if you're also looking for similar expectations.

This is a genuine ad. If you're a scammer or just looking for ONS/casual sex/discreet relationships or you're not sincere in finding your lifetime person, please search somewhere else as this is definitely NOT the right ad for you.
ID: dee1114b-0cbe-4613-854e-cacdb40aa93f

Together exploring and enjoying life!?

March 06, 2023
Elegant, sporty, broad-minded, fun to be with, middle-aged and looking for a sincere companionship.

If this is also true for you, I would love to meet you over a hike and/or drinks.
ID: cc076aae-9234-437e-bee6-9c222805a2fc

I’m Alex

February 13, 2023
I am a Caucasian living in Hong Kong . Single and never been married. Would like to meet anyone for friendship or let’s chat over coffee.
ID: 8b5e05eb-698c-40b3-8fa7-32f90a1676ae

I know I am not the best guy indeed I would want to try

February 13, 2023
Life enjoyer in late 40s. owner and traveller. love travel and meet new friends. I know you may not understand and I could not give you a good answer, No specific objectives and let’s start from here…

Sincerely looking for nice company to visit places, chill and have a walk in the park, to jog or to hike in the morning, to see and experience something together. Respect, like mindful chats and conversations. Indeeds believe there are connections with drinks and nice foods.
ID: 416e9cb6-bed5-4414-9dcd-a5901427d3c7

Finding Right Chemistry

February 09, 2023
Right Chemistry:
Let us communicate with mutual respect and sincerity.
I am expat male living and working in HK for many years.
I am divorced, no kids and leading a single life.
I am looking for a sincere Lady Friend to communicate with and see if there is similar chemistry to be more then only friends.
ID: 5c03f8c3-4ab6-4005-8d73-dd7de07e54ad

Post-covid Recovery

January 30, 2023
Spoiler Alert: I not Caucasian nor Chinese. I’m financially secure but not rich so if you’re looking for a Sugar Daddy, don’t bother. Finally, I not consciously looking for a long term relationship, but should a relationship develop over time in that direction, I’m open to seriously consider idea

I’m a long time resident of Hong Kong, financial professional in my late sixties. Many in my pre-Covid social circle have flown the coop or decided on another life. With Covid related restrictions generally behind us, I wish to meet someone for companionship/friendship, to discover mutual interests, to explore what wonders Hong Kong has to offer, outdoors or indoors. I offer complete discretion. I look forward to hearing from like minded lady.
ID: 52ee0776-9f84-4c90-bb75-9e221b6cce07

Companion for Fun

January 09, 2023
Hi,im a guy in my mid 30’s seeking for a companion in this busy place.I used to be enjoy going for long drives ,hiking ,watching movies,swimming and stuff but now its been sometime im quite alone and missing the big things in life.i need a companion to ignite the joy and good times.i like someone who is mature by age and young by heart..age is not a factor basically but she should have the same fun loving qualities.If you interested can txt me lets know each other
ID: 46c240de-f609-4913-935e-d30231714db2

Looking good partner

January 09, 2023
Hi I’m not handsome but good KIND N HEARTED Person, looking good female friend cum partner to share feeling and have a fun, I want take care her , enjoy the rest of life cas life is so short, I’m in HONG KONG
ID: c54af60a-11fe-49f6-b1e6-40384b3c4919

Seeking friendship or relationship

January 04, 2023
My Name Is Alexander , Single , straight forward, never been lucky to be married so no kids either. Would like to meet anyone for friendship or relationship.
ID: 36dd6cfe-c601-4301-ab0d-a7d5973db6e9

I wish to find a nice Hongkong woman for a serious relationship

January 03, 2023
I am Caleb I am a pharmacist, I am half HongKong half British I mean my mother is from HongKong and my father is British, I am 52 years old, I don’t have a child, I love singing dancing, hiking, fishing, camping, reading, swimming, gym, golfing, horse riding, chess game and cooking , i am fun to be with, I am a happy man, feel free to send me a message if you have same thoughts of having a happy serious relationship, I will wait for that special woman.

Caleb Alex Calvert.
ID: 1b1860db-60a6-4d84-98a6-fb12da136903

Aussie expat looking for genuine friendship and relationship

December 20, 2022
Me: Outgoing, social, well travelled and educated Australian male. Middle aged: in great shape, enjoys cooking, hiking, wine and world events. Run my own business and have been in HK for many years.

You: Asian, educated, fit, slim, social and outgoing. Kind and caring and looking for something serious.

Looking for friendship that would move into something long term and serious. I look forward to hearing from you!

ID: c6cb5f05-ca35-4764-9549-62078c772553

I am in search of a nice Asia woman for a serious relationship

December 20, 2022
I am Caleb, I am from Hong Kong, I am a pharmacist, I wish to meet a nice woman for a serious relationship, I will wait for that special woman for me, please feel free to write to me, I will love to keep in touch with you.

ID: 64847e2a-61fc-470d-8f70-44e194055da3

Looking for date

December 19, 2022
I am looking for date woman
ID: 3eea0ffe-84e7-4ec3-8810-2e40fa3b0599

South african man searching for a real love in hongkong

December 07, 2022
hey my name is josh,iam from south africa but i live and work in hong kong,iam here searching for a love partner,im a very busy guy from monday to friday some times saturdays,my job is teaching in nursery school,so if you are intrested kindly hit me up here.
ID: d4117964-6812-4747-b445-d5dff1adbb73

long term relationship

December 05, 2022
I am single, I want a woman who is kind, I love someone with a good sense of humor, the ability to laugh at life, with friends/family, and with someone special. I am seeking a long term relationship beginning with friendship
ID: d760365e-06c1-4361-9e24-5a3b675d7680


December 05, 2022
I have been single for two years, I think it is time to find someone to spend the rest of my life with. I love to go out and have fun and I also love being home, it depends on where I find comfort at the moment. Spending time on the couch with your partner to me is quality time
ID: 9b9b72e2-c8dc-496c-9fe2-c9d9bef6f21a

In Search Of A Committed Lifetime Relationship

November 23, 2022
My name is Michael, I am 50 years old, I live in Canada and sometimes in USA, I am a professional in my field of work, I travel a lot but never been to HK.

My preference and interest in women cut across various race, for reasons I will love to share someday with the woman I found. I am more interested in finding the right person irrespective of their race or the color of their skin.

I have interest in visiting/touring some parts of Asia which of course include HK, I wanted to find a matured, beautiful and caring woman who is around my age bracket, or a little younger or older (say 45 - 60 years). I want her for serious and committed relationship which would last a long time/lifetime, and also to experience my adventure of touring Asia with me. I have no interest in having more kids, I will prefer a woman who is on the same page with me.

I am open to discussions/conversations.

Michael A.
ID: bde99061-e35b-4a71-b533-44b9cdc1f73b