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Posted 12/13/2018

I am an easy going Professional that enjoys to laugh, have fun and enjoy making others laugh. I am looking for a proper and long term relationship, a soul mate and someone to share life with both in love, dedication, romance and friendship. Are you interested?

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Single Canadian

Posted 12/13/2018

I am a single Canadian living in HK, I am single, 46 and seeking for a true long term relationship. Please contact me if you are seeking for the same thing.

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Where have you been?

Posted 12/13/2018

I am 45, I am, I live and work in Kowloon. I am interested in meeting someone for a proper and true relationship built on love,friendship, understanding and mutual respect but i prefer to begin as friends.
Are you interested??

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Looking for Casual relationship more than hookup

Posted 12/13/2018

I am mid 30's young man working here as expat from several years. I am straight forward,caring,loving, genuine person.
I am interested in Expat professional girl who looking similar or more. If interested please send me message to start to know more each other.

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Curious yet discreet

Posted 12/12/2018

Perhaps others find themselves in similar boring situations between existing work and relationship. Now I prefer to explore any new adventure while creating a sense of well being. I enjoy hiking, delicious dining in small restaurant, jazz music & movies; and love to hang out with refined mature woman.

I'm mid 40, born & raise here, positive thinking and open minded; and looking for a causal relationship or a soulmate that can share life together.

Sorry no any benefits, no mind games and no hidden agenda. Hopefully you have same mindset to gradually pick up more mentally and spiritually nurturing. If the above raises your curiosity somewhat you are welcome to drop me a line.

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Let us chat and see if we can click -----

Posted 12/10/2018

I am based in Hong Kong.
I am seeking a decent sincere lady to communicate with.
let us share a sincere chat and see if we can click mutually on basis of similar thoughts and interests .
Not looking for any benefits.
no mind games and no hidden agenda.
your msg will get my sincere reply.
have a nice day.

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Male Caucasian looking for female Hk partner

Posted 12/09/2018

Have arrived at a point in life where I notice that all around me many long-married couples are drifting apart...from different interests, pursuits...such that the only real bonds holding them together are the kids, moral obligations, social and family expectations or simply, inertia. They become more like friends rather than lovers, going through the motions of daily routines. Then I realised that such is the case in my marriage as well. It was not a Eureka moment, more like a long drawn out painful awakening over several years. Staying committed and maintaining my responsibilities for children when love has ebbed is very tough. I have given it too many years....

Now separated and navigating a divorce, have an apartment south of Melbourne near the ocean and bay beaches, wineries, golf courses and alone and fairly simply, but missing the companionship of a partner, lover and soul mate.

Travel a lot through work, with an office in HK and Beijing, should have the opportunity to meet somewhere, sometime...

Friends would describe me as funny with a wicked, dry sense of humour, playful but serious at times, smart, sociable, interesting and enjoys intelligent conversations. Neat, tidy, ordered and structured (well i am a virgo afterall). Life experienced, mature. Lovers may describe me as adventurous, passionate, sensual, open minded, caring, respectful and very naughty/kink friendly.

I have a huge range of interests, including but not limited to music (mostly alternative/indie, but can listen to hip hop, classical, jazz, opera, R&B ), movies, architecture and design, travel, coffee, cooking, food/wine, real estate, scuba diving, sports (tennis, golf, soccer), beaches, nature, photography, the Arts, cars/bikes to name a few. Yoga is on my list of things I want to do.....

I'm 5'10/178cm, about 80kg, not fat but no 6-pack either. Been told I am good-looking and look younger than my age. Born in '64, Dragon, i'm 54. Originally from the UK, lived/worked in Middle East on projects before settling in Australia for the last 16 years. In HK on a regular basis.

About you:

Passionate, sensual, sometime submissive and very open minded, honest, caring, loving. Prefer slim/petite body type and somewhat attractive. Perhaps someone professionally employed, financially and emotionally secure, ambitious, not too traditional. Some common interests would be nice.......
.....NO time wasters. Only respond if you are prepared to meet/travel if there's chemistry, connection & attraction, and can hold a conversation. Open to going with the flow and see where it leads. Thanks for reading.

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28 Cbc looking for older lady

Posted 12/09/2018

Chinese, born and educated abroad looking to spend time with an older lady. Love trying new things. Love travelling and exploring new places. Would like to hang out with an older lady because I am sick of young girls playing games and using people. I want to have intellectual conversations with a lady that is independent and career driven. Looking for a smart and refined older woman. I enjoy hiking, fine dining, cooking, art and movies. Would love to have a workout partner!

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Exciting Black Gentleman From England

Posted 12/07/2018

I am black 6ft tall, athletic and in my mid 30s. I have been in HK for a short while now and it has been an exciting a whole new experience for me.
Finding like minded people to connect with can be a task anywhere but here it is doubled for someone like me. Work has been some kind of solace but it can't cheer you up on some days.
I hope through here I could find and meet an open minded, sweet and fun exciting lady, who would be interested in an intelligent, friendly, adventurous and charming black professional gentleman.

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Love is for all

Posted 12/07/2018

Love is sweet and I bet sweeter than honey. Love is magical too and so is its dictates on human minds

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Need life partner

Posted 12/04/2018

Hello everyone
i am 30 years old boy i am loving person i like sport and I looking for life partner I am open minded I need love from women I want do everyday. who interests please contact me send number my inbox
170 heights
brown color skin body muscles
foreign boy

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Hope to find either true friendship or serious relationship

Posted 12/03/2018

I’m humble nice and hard working . I’m 44 years old , single man who would like to
Make new friends or find some one to spend the rest my life with. Want to know
More kindly ask

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Looking for my woman

Posted 11/29/2018

I'm very laid-Back and down-to-earth. I'm also very old-fashioned when it comes to my respect and treatment for women. I have a great sence of humor and like to spend time with someone i love, and loved ones. I am honest man  rolled into one, and seek someone who is not afraid to show their many facets as well. Would love a great romance but believe starting with relationship is the best way

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Vietnam born Chinese look for friends

Posted 11/25/2018

Hello nice to meet you I am 40 years old Vietnam born Chinese, with 6”2 tall well educated, I am looking for funny health lady who can enjoy peace and coffee with me, if you are the one, please feel free to message me thank you.

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Love with no bounds

Posted 11/24/2018

I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where. I love you simply, without problems or pride: I love you in this way because I do not know any other way of loving but this, in which there is no I or you, so intimate that your hand upon my chest is my hand, so intimate that when I fall asleep your eyes close..... looking for that woman

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Are you online for me?

Posted 11/22/2018

A nice sweet, open minded gentleman , definitely not party animal, but would love to join yours, right now is seriously looking for a beautiful human for LTR leads to wonderful marriage for the future. He/She is supposed to be with passion for life, adventurous, spontaneous, funny and caring. (or at least with a good sense of humor).
I do know that I work hard all the time, I don't do drugs (I never have had), I don't hang around bars (but I like to go out and have a nice/decent meal), I like movies, music of all sorts, a good glass of wine.
I like to work on my spiritual development :))

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love in return

Posted 11/22/2018

the greatest thing you'll ever learn is to love and be loved in return, where there is love there is life........ Looking for that woman the will bring love and hope to my world........

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Searching for a friend and partner

Posted 11/19/2018

I’m new in HK and searching for friendship and love.

I might not be able to say much here but here’s the real deal;

I am one passionate person, who loves what I do, I’m free spirited and easy going though, trust me I could be fun to be with too.

I spent a better part of my years in UK, but currently relocated to HK, I am looking for a confident and nice lady, we could start off as friends and hope that something worthwhile works for us. I am not choosy, just do you and i’ll Be fine with you.

Do you think you can hook up with this new comer . kindly drop me a me you won’t regret you did.

Hope to hear from you soon.


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Travel/lifestyle partner. Dutch male (you in Europe, or me at your side)

Posted 11/18/2018

Hai to you on this nice Sunday evening.
I'm a Dutch white male (1m89 meter, white, 89 kg, healthy lifestyle, no kids, unmarried), is looking for a change of scenery for the coming time. But only want to do that with a women I feel connected to. No matter if that I welcome you in my country (The Netherlands, Europe and we travel around there), or I come to your side (and we spend time there. They say I am a gentleman, man-man without being too dominant, humor, open-minded style with a smile, sincere that I want to be honest about life and have nothing to hide. I expect likewise from your side.
We all have our history and current&older 'lifelines' with people, that is normal. I have worked several years in Asia (India and China), holidayed by air, camper and convertible car.
Currently self-employed and work online, so I can easily move around as long as I can be 'online'. Anyway, if interested I look forward to a reaction. Greetings

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Old fashion seeking long term

Posted 11/18/2018

Matured man seeking companionship.... I'm into friendship relationship or marriage depends on who i meet and what she want. I hope this work out for me because its my first time trying this online stuffs though, I was only encouraged by a friend who has had a past experience on it and so i thought i would give it a try since it's a stuffs that connect people from different parts of the world together..... Old fashion is still my style but willing to try new things.. Good luck

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