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In Search Of A Committed Lifetime Relationship

November 23, 2022
My name is Michael, I am 50 years old, I live in Canada and sometimes in USA, I am a professional in my field of work, I travel a lot but never been to HK.

My preference and interest in women cut across various race, for reasons I will love to share someday with the woman I found. I am more interested in finding the right person irrespective of their race or the color of their skin.

I have interest in visiting/touring some parts of Asia which of course include HK, I wanted to find a matured, beautiful and caring woman who is around my age bracket, or a little younger or older (say 45 - 60 years). I want her for serious and committed relationship which would last a long time/lifetime, and also to experience my adventure of touring Asia with me. I have no interest in having more kids, I will prefer a woman who is on the same page with me.

I am open to discussions/conversations.

Michael A.
ID: bde99061-e35b-4a71-b533-44b9cdc1f73b

No strings attached, purely fun!

November 14, 2022

I've been hk for over 20 yrs, british born chinese, late 40's. I like sports and keeping fit. I work in HK side but live in NT.
Message me if you dare or care!

ID: f7bc3af1-c113-4999-adc1-bc384a24eda0


November 14, 2022
Hi everyone
I’m Simon 44yer old Asia guy livening hk looking for serious relationship for long term , I have good job life is stable , any one like just send me WhatsApp.
ID: 9dbe0952-a922-4e7b-931b-5d104e35fb4a

A drink a chat and see what happens

November 09, 2022
Expat in early forties, been in HK for a while now …
In a fairly mundane relationship so looking for a change in company, refreshing conversation and a momentary escape from reality!!…. Okay,it’s not that bad, but trying get on with the theme here!! Realistically, looking for a like minded lady friend to have a drink, chat and a night out in the city… I like wine, music and deep conversation….if that’s all that happens on the evening, that’s absolutely fine too!! Drop a line if you feel like exploring too!!;)
ID: a2114023-e915-49bc-bf8e-8a5858186325

Looking for Companion

November 02, 2022
I’m Nathan, straightforward and single.seeking any nice lady for a companion or friendship
ID: 4758b72c-f361-4aea-b748-6a90685a33e5

28 guy looking for english speaking mate

October 17, 2022
I am a 28 local male keen on learning english, so I would like to meet an english speaker here.
No matter what your background is, native or not, drop me a message, I am excited to meet you.
I'm down for ltr, friend, pure language exchange partner, whatever.
ID: 39db949a-fa6e-4e89-b8cb-3397bf081f8f

Are the stars aligned this time

October 14, 2022
I'm an American male, late 40s, born in the US but can trace my ancestry to China (i.e. look like a local), well-educated (and in some ways overeducated). I know lots of useless things lol. I'm relatively tall (around 6 ft), fit, and have been told many times up to my mid-40s that I'm handsome. I suppose past a certain age no one is handsome any more.

I'm hoping to meet a woman who is emotionally stable, attractive, and looking for a long-term relationship. We can stay in Asia or move to an English-speaking country. I want to be in a relationship where we enjoy each other's company and feel happy together. This seems simple but perhaps it's not so simple after all. I know couples who are unhappy together and the friends are predicting a divorce. I don't want us to be like these couples.

There were missed opportunities in the past. Maybe the timing wasn't right. We were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Shall we try again?
ID: 802da964-0c88-43bd-8f08-55979b15cd5a

Single Parent

October 12, 2022
Looking for Single Mom to enjoy a cup of coffee while discussing challenges of being a single parent.
ID: dfe12a55-10c9-4ad0-9f13-af8ace9efa50

Hope to find

October 03, 2022
My name is Han, am a expatriate living in Hk for years now and it’s become home. Would like to meet anyone for friendship/relationship
ID: e45d84ce-8d87-4521-b911-c326186ff132

Hello everyone

October 03, 2022
I’m a simple , straightforward man . A professional working and living in Hong Kong, would like to meet serious minded individual for relationship or friendship.
ID: 299e3317-395f-4f80-ba8c-8c7684ca1b37

Here I am !

September 29, 2022

Thank you for taking the time to stop by and learn a little more about me. My name Joseph, I am a French man living in Hong Kong.
I have a decent good looking appearance and body figure. Hygiene and health are very important and respected for me.
I'm concerned about my partner happiness, satisfaction and privacy. I love to take responsibilities, meet and please the right people, however if you'd prefer, feel free to show me how is it done ;-)

I am sincere and committed to your best interest at heart.
I am happy to attend your family gatherings, sporting events or offer instructional learning of valuable life skills. I am able to cook, massage, drive, play with kids etc. By the way I love kids! Unfortunately I do not have any but I hope I will have mine as soon as I meet the right person. Together we can go shopping, have a drink in a nice place or even , chilling at home for relaxing time. I can make crepes and feed you!

Looking forward to hear from you!

ID: 979a11f9-bb11-4dfb-b6a9-62fa1c6deabd

Looking for you

September 29, 2022
ex Pat live in HK. Only n lonely: looking for you
ID: adf8d044-86b4-4de4-ae46-f2f45840cb6b

No strings attached

September 13, 2022
If any lady is interested for an adventure or some fun activities. Send me a message and let's talk more. Looking forward to it!
ID: 7b8ad511-2aa5-4333-9cdc-d6f80ae2c17b

Egyptian boy single

August 31, 2022
hi everyone nice too meet you hear I come from Egypt live in hong Kong for last 10 years I do my business but now I feel I need partner if you intrested contact with me I am 35 years old
ID: a71c4d5b-c14d-4126-811e-882d5032a281

Want to have staycation or couchsurf?

July 27, 2022
Feeling lonely? Dont worry many of us now feel the same as we all are kind of stuck without travelling out of HK due to quarantine rules in HK still. Also nowhere to chill after work or party out like earlier. So why not have a staycation or holidate or couchsurf together to get out of the boredom we face. Looking for a real & genuine female to spend time with. Drop me a message with name, age, whatsapp & some personal introduction so we can take forward from there.

No need to waste time if u only want to have endless online talks & not ready for spending time together as i mentioned.
ID: 8dad3b45-e277-41a9-a502-1572c2628a38

Honest man seeking real friendship or relationship

July 27, 2022
I am a European in his late 40s single and never married with no kids. I wish to meet any woman for friendship or relationship.
ID: 5098dd4d-4c51-4d02-974d-bbcfd4906b8b

New friend & also a good companion.

July 26, 2022
Is there any real & genuine female out here? If any exists here then yea looking out for u. I been in HK for 10+ yrs now. Most of my close buddies have left from HK as most of them come here just for short period unlike few like me who stay here for such a long time & stay here calling HK a home. With the ongoing pandemic situation it has been a very difficult time to find new friends or meet new people. That is the reason for my post here. Looking for a nice female to be friends with & having a nice companion as well so can have some mental & spiritual peace which i feel is what we all need now. If u also looking for same then kindly feel free to write to me with more details. Dont forget to mention own name & whatsapp contact as i am only looking for a real connection. Not any online chatting. If u not looking for real & not ready for meeting then kindly no need waste eachothers time.
ID: e7e82743-b6e8-4925-a7aa-08f93085bb16

Any lonely female here looking for real connection?

July 19, 2022
Is there any lonely female here looking for a real & genuine connection as me? I am really tired of being played around by selfish & playgirls. So trying to find some real & honest girl who is in same situation like me looking for a real connection as well. If you looking for same then write to me with own details instead asking mine without any self introduction. Also i am interested in real meet & talk. Not just online mail exchanges.
Looking forward for hearing from u soon.
ID: ba16bb64-cb7f-46fe-ab9a-3404bfceddb8

mature stylish italian

July 13, 2022
Iam a 60 yo business man and Iam looking for an Asian woman to get a stable relation
Iam 1,77cm- brow grey hair, blue-grey eyes
Age is not important
Looking for intelligent and stylish woman
ID: 9e29c30a-6736-4234-b9ab-efaae59aa612

Casual Lunch / Coffee Friends

June 28, 2022
Hello I am Louis, 40 years old local HK man, gentle and polite, want to meet more people to share stories together, not for serious relationship or sales. Message me if you want a relax afternoon.
ID: 9e8e1849-8224-439c-915d-bb1f4752b7b6