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New here!

April 09, 2020
My name is Kelly Hallisey, 59 years old, a Danish descent, currently here in Hong Kong. I seek a woman with a beautiful heart inside, kind and loving. I do believe everything is possible if we put our mind and heart together just like i believe that good things can be found in the least places. In life, taking a chance is what gets results, being afraid gets you nothing. I hope to hear from you soon. Till then stay blessed and stay safe.
ID: 9325eac5-de4a-4666-9744-31d3a17a37bb

Still Seeking.

April 07, 2020
I am Expat, unattached man living and working in Hong Kong for many years.
Seeking a sincere lady to communicate with and see if there is similar chemistry, thoughts and hobbies to explore further and share mutually.
Not looking for any materialistic support here as I am ok with my job and day to day living.
Take care and be safe by taking all precaution against present Corona Virus related sickness.
Wish you a blessed day with peace, good health and true happiness always.
ID: 77eb8fde-b3a8-42ac-bd3e-ecb57ae2356d

Hello there!

April 05, 2020
Hi. Im a project manager in a IT company, Asian living in HK.
Im ok looking for a nice women who can can hold an interesting and fun conversation with a coffee, drink, and interesting food tables. My friends say i am a funny and humble guy.
ID: b33ec171-5cde-4d7e-9205-cc42e7480549

Wish to meet someone nice and interesting!

April 05, 2020
Hi there,

I am a project manager in an software industry in my 30’s.
Been living hk for a many years now and looking yo meet a nice women for a nice fun chats, coffee meets, explore new food and drinks. And all of it with a fun and caring each other makes things so easy. If you feel you like to catch me then please message me. Happy to meet you soon!
ID: 9e086b7e-40d7-433b-88a9-9d630e876a04

30 Year old Cbc looking for older women

April 05, 2020
Western educated Chinese male looking for an older woman. I enjoy travelling, boxing, cooking, movies, art and hiking. I am sick of younger girls playing mind games and would love to meet a mature woman to have decent conversations with. Someone who can have fun but also discuss in-depth topics. Looking for someone to workout with in the gym, go hiking with or maybe even go boxing with. I hope you enjoy the casual drink as well, I love trying new bars and restaurants. Would love to find someone I can travel with and cook for!

Send me a message if you're interested!
ID: 3fd88618-6af2-43a8-9135-cd83548e24fe

looking for a long term relationship

April 03, 2020
i am a very honest and respectful black man looking for a long term relationship. i have no kids. i know how to treat a woman because i respect them. i like dancing,cooking,watching movies and painting. if yo are interested we can start chating aikmen3
ID: 85c1de70-ec9f-4da3-be44-40ce3f49906e

hong kong kiwi

April 03, 2020
Hi. Im a professional kiwi in my 40’s living in HK and like many "working from home" through this challenging time.
Im ok looking, can hold an interesting and fun conversation and comfortable in any environment.
Im looking to meet a local woman in her 30’s or 40’s for coffee, drink, and fun to escape the doom and routine, discretion assured if needed. If you are slim, can speak some english and have a sense of humour lets chat!
ID: 526d1c5a-5464-4fde-9841-75e7b255628f

Finding Asian Lady

March 28, 2020
A decent man finding LTR who can share anything.
ID: 2a5c1f87-ac82-4f22-bf26-742a77591b03

seeking uncomplicated meetings and uncomplicated fun!

March 22, 2020
I have moved in recently to Hong Kong. I am settling down well but due to this COVID situation, my weekends are dull. If there is any fun loving lady who would who is up for afternoon coffee/wine and good time, send me a message. Real people meet! So, let's meet, chat and see what happens!
ID: 1a68c68f-0f37-48f1-84ed-427a0e61321d

Uncomplicated white guy seeking uncomplicated meetings and uncomplicated fun!

March 16, 2020
Hi there! British-Irish guy here, fun, fit, always smiling, fun to be with, tallish and attractive. Well, loads of time on my hands these days with the corona issue, so I'm looking for a fun-loving lady, any age, race, marital status, body type (yep, I'm not picky as long as you have a nice character and a lovely smile!) for some afternoon coffee or wine and a good time. If you're a real person and looking for a really nice time, say hi and let's meet up and have a chat and see what happens! Cheers :)
ID: c01aa01f-cc52-45a7-b222-c861320d6881

Hope am lucky to find one

March 13, 2020
I’m Dennis , a Chinese born in Germany but Working in HK.I’m single and hoping to find any good lady for relationship but we can start from friendship.
ID: 9f311600-93ce-4806-9da2-b33347f6f5c6

Honest and sincere man

March 13, 2020
I am good man, i am loving , caring and enjoy my job , I am here to find a good lady, we can be friends and see where it lead.
I believe in mutual understanding, communication is basis of every good friendship and maybe relationship
I believe there is always a good woman out there for every man, time and patience is all one needs.
ID: e3e55e85-0c74-461f-a78d-75882ddd77b9

Nothing serious

March 12, 2020
Looking for some easy going company - nothing too serious.
Like nice evenings out with chatty company.
You will have a mind of your own, be able to converse well and have a sense of humour.
ID: cdfe4de2-8596-4c88-933d-ee7b039596d1


March 12, 2020
I am 50 years old but young, widow and I am looking women honest loyal and trustworthy for serious relationship for ever. Chinese (Christian) prefer she can speak English fluently.
ID: bac71b0b-22a6-4cb3-8f62-2d49a7f95f8c

looking for a mature local woman

March 08, 2020
wester man living in hk. seeking a local Chinese lady for having a romantic time together.
ID: 611cc645-48a8-49c9-a8e1-c529c99e9008

Do You Like Dark Chocolate?

March 02, 2020
I am a Black man in my late 30s, 6 ft tall and physically fit. I am also quite energetic and a huge sports fan.
I am a straightforward, honest man some might find me intimidating but those who know me well consider me a big teddy bear.
Really do hope to find the right woman to have a connection with and make our dreams come true together.
Being happy is very key to me and I hope it is the same for you too.
ID: c3031316-fc7e-4920-a47e-a87c4e37bf07

looking for somone for friendship maybe more

March 02, 2020
hey all,

I am 27years old, currently working and living in hk from 5years,

looking for some interesting people who would be open for friendship and more
ID: 89068a49-3d58-4400-9cb0-9969aaf9d2b4

Special Someone

February 25, 2020
I am seeking for that special someone and hopefully we could do forever together
ID: 7f39602d-64db-4dcc-8859-d26c80a66ba2


February 25, 2020
I am seeking for a potential partner, I also must say that I hope to find someone who has a passion for love, family and embodies kindness. I am open to have a chat and meet for coffee
ID: 05921d06-81d0-4270-bf8c-6e80528fefe7

I feel like I'm seeking attention haha..

February 25, 2020
Hello there,

This is kind of funny but I hope someone responds to this Ad. I'm a Westerner, 59 years old; seeking to meet new friends in HK. I don't think this is the best time to put up this Ad, but it's one of the things staying indoors has done to me haha.

I'm actually looking at having something serious... rest of my life commitment? Yes! But then I'm a firm believer of process. We can start with friendship, I believe if it's well nurtured, we'd have no other option than to land in the next level.

Are you courageous and confident enough to start this process with me?

Leave a message if you do!

Mr. B
ID: be8d03cd-74d5-4ccb-9739-58bd97506c1d