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29 looking for older lady

October 19, 2019
American born Chinese looking for someone older. I enjoy MMA, cooking, fine dining, travelling, art and movies. I am looking for someone older because I think younger women are far too immature. I am an avid foodie and I enjoy the occasional drink. Come with me to try some new bars and restaurants, or come try my cooking! Then after all that food, lets go hike and workout together! Looking for a food, travel, workout, movie partner.
ID: 1b680a07-905c-456d-a9ea-2ec83193fbc8

Trust the process.

October 15, 2019
I made myself from all the love you no longer wanted.
ID: 0b528e77-78e4-4711-a398-4dc138bbd89b

Don’t give up on love just yet.

October 15, 2019
The strongest people aren't always the people who win, but the people who don't give up when they lose.
ID: 0ab8823b-e477-4218-a0a3-ddd64919f59a

need mature woman

October 14, 2019
50 years old western man living in Hong Kong, looking for a mature woman, interested drop me message lets talk, if we match we can go out for a drink walk and talk see how further we can go.
ID: d11e9f9d-2e16-4a38-97c9-aba3807c15da

Loving men looking for love

October 13, 2019
Loving men looking for love with a matured women in her 50s because I am in my 60s she must be independent out going.lets connect on WhatsApp
ID: 27350dc8-144c-4106-8240-d4f312a45854

Looking for someone to enjoy the time in Hk

October 06, 2019

I am in 33years old asian and looking for girl age above 25+ but less than 35 years. If you are decent, likes sports and hiking as i am great hiking lover then we can enjoy some great places of hong kong together and can be good friends to share our life ups and downs.

Please send me msg who are really serious and ready to meetup to explore much more each other.
ID: ec31a696-2792-47f1-b80b-4a3095de8144


October 02, 2019
55 year old Australian living in Swan Bay Tasmania looking for a lovely Chinese lady to form a relationship with, have dreams about walking along The Great Wall Of China one day I will travel to China but at the moment I can’t as I care for a 93 year old friend who has cancer. Would like to make contact with you and see if we connect.
ID: 88ab5cd5-11aa-4857-a536-118fa317b8ba

Date for Sotheby’s on the 3 rd Vip Launch

October 02, 2019

My name is Dave and I just got a last minute invitation for tomorrow’s opening VIP and Preview at the Convention Centre

If you are free at 6:30 pm would you care to join me

I am European, very elegant and sophisticated
I am mature with great looks and most important charm and a amazing conservatism

Let me know if you would be interested
ID: 4a32da0f-b5a5-4b88-95d8-752bbef41a3f

Seeking Lady

September 29, 2019
Hello, I am from Canada of HK Chinese descent, Immigrated to Canada since the age of 10. Divorced 10 years ago, matured 174 cm tall and weight 68 kg. Age is just a number so it shouldn't matter besides I look youthful for my age. What matters is soul and eye connection. Active in sports and live a healthy lifestyle. Great EQ, extremely good temperament. Non-smoker and live alone in Sai Ying Pun. Work as a senior position in Central, financially stable, no debt, no baggage. Looking for a woman for long term relationship with similar interests. I am for real. Not one of those scammers which most of them are. So give me a try. Thank you for reading!
ID: fef53d00-c4b3-4bd6-b600-daa8f8e1f895

One day someone will walk into your life and make you realize why it never worked out with anyone else...

September 28, 2019
My desire is to meet a warm, matured and loving woman who is willing to love and be loved and who I can hold her hands and together we will write the remaining chapters of our life and forever together.
ID: b33d9de0-13aa-4dea-9862-df61070ebd06

Seeking gentle person for serene walks

September 28, 2019
I'd appreciate having an attractive female friend for walks in parks, quaint neighborhoods, temples, bookstores, and other quiet activities. A kind person who cherishes simple things and seeks peace, away from the noise and bustle. Of any age, race, nationality, etc. I am upper middle-aged, courteous, thoughtful. I am an ethnic Chinese man who grew up in the U.S.
ID: a4b7e5c6-3265-4067-9e30-c24a7629d8a7

Searching for love

September 26, 2019
I'm a simple and easy-going gentle man with a golden rule type of philosophy and a desire to be better. I'm in my early 60s, been divorced for 8 years and have great passion for animals and nature.
I'm a Marine Engineer from Palm Springs CA, living in HK but I'm currently overseeing an offshore maintenance contract on the eastern Mediterranean but i'll soon return.
I'm having my retirement in a couple of months and I'd love to settle down with a woman who is caring, sincere, loving, faithful and trustworthy. I like a woman who can keep up a good conversation, we can start off with a good friendship and see what the future holds. I can be very busy sometimes but I will always find time for someone I love. Thank you for reading, don't be shy to contact me.
ID: c5487009-4388-4f3d-a36a-13e08911c88d

Let's walk the talk

September 25, 2019
Hello there,

I'm not good at writing narratives about myself, so you really have to bear with my poor narrative skills. I'm new in Hong Kong and looking at meeting a woman I can share real life experiences with. I actually moved over to HK because of Britain's exit from the EU and how it's affected my firm; unfortunately the protests for the anti-extradition bill haven't made made my story better. I want to believe that your reply to this ad would the beginning of my better experiences in HK.

English is my first language and then Mandarin before Cantonese. If you're within the age range of 35 and mid 40s and you're willing to be a part of my HK story, please do not hesitate to leave me a message.

We shouldn't despise our little beginnings...

ID: f3b44bf4-e502-402f-bf6a-bd4979aeaae2

looking for a mature local woman

September 23, 2019
western male looking for a local mature woman to have a romantic time and have a great fun, drop me message you won't regret,
ID: 5968d43b-33a4-4239-8b85-cbf3b5fefe8b

A serious Love Life

September 22, 2019
Good day ladies. I'm a single father of one girl his late 40s in search for a serious long lasting relationship. I'm a successful business man that believes in love. Do send me a message, interested parties. See you soon.
ID: 19ffe94b-940a-43a4-a2cc-5abaefc15da1

Don’t give up.

September 16, 2019
Be patient. For what was written for you was written by the greatest of Writers.
ID: 4786b7ef-5d83-4902-b6f7-d10e6d62488c

The future holds more than your past.

September 16, 2019
You can’t start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last one.
ID: 460d5d13-cbdc-4ed1-8271-083e51460942

Average yet romantic guy needs female partner in crime

September 15, 2019
I am an average look, 36 years old, Indian guy, educated, working in IT, like to explore peaceful places, foodie yet vegiterian, looking for educated and decent lady for long term commitment
ID: 394d891f-1ac5-43c2-8673-e3b372a67169

I am looking for a woman who enjoys lovemaking

September 14, 2019
Hi I am looking for a friendly girl who enjoys a man's touch.
I am 1.85 mts tall and slim I have blue eyes and shaved head.I am 52 years old and extremely fit.I was a international athlete in the past.
I am looking for a girlfriend who enjoys lovemaking .
I prefer small breasts A cup
I enjoy music ,dancing,art.
Your photo receives mine.
I hope that you will contact me.
ID: a916a5b9-a1fc-476c-93eb-198e3addd608


September 11, 2019

They said "Little drop of water, makes a mighty ocean" it's my sincere hope that every drop of my words will sound like a drop of water that will blossom into an ocean of friendship between us.
ID: dc68da52-d069-44ea-82c4-4470502d08d5