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If you are lonely female and need a partner, plz contact

January 18, 2022
Hi, I am Sam. 37 year old good looking guy and working in the field of engineering. If you are a female feel lonley and looking for someone to spend time with, Chatting, walking, dining, hiking, sports etc.. plz watspp me . Thanks.
ID: 1b6a1cff-5885-4cfb-83dd-cc0aa1e34bb8

Want to have staycation or couchsurf?

January 14, 2022
Feeling lonely? Dont worry many of us now feel the same as we all stuck without travelling out of HK. Also nowhere to chill afterwork or party out like earlier. So why not have a staycation or holidate or couchsurf together to get out of the boredom we face. Looking for a real & genuine female to spend time with. Drop me a message with name, age, whatsapp & some personal introduction so we can take forward from there.

No need to waste time if only want to have endless online talks & not ready for meeting.
ID: 2efce8ee-f3de-4abf-8e5e-09253af96a91

New friend & also a good companion.

January 07, 2022
Is there any real & genuine female out here? If any exists here then yea looking out for u. I been in HK for 9+ yrs now. Most of my close buddies have left from HK as most of them come here just for short period unlike few like me who stay here for such a long time & stay here calling HK a home. With the ongoing pandemic situation it has been a very difficult time to find new friends or meet new people. That is the reason for my post here. Looking for a nice female to be friends with & having a nice companion as well so can have some mental & spiritual peace which i feel is what we all need now. If u also looking for same then kindly feel free to write to me with more details. Dont forget to mention own name & whatsapp contact as i am only looking for a real connection. Not any online chatting.
If u not looking for real & not ready for meeting then kindly no need waste eachothers time.
ID: d4675f32-ea84-48a0-84ca-3deaf02f30d9

Hope to meet someone nice

January 07, 2022
I’m a gentleman , honest and straightforward, would really like to meet some one nice for friendship or relationship.
ID: 3dd6fb07-8d23-456a-8573-ed21967dc865

serious minded women needed

January 06, 2022
i am a Caucasian living in hk in his mid 40s i am romantic and caring looking for a single hk lady.. age is not a barrier just someone to spend the rest of my life with... thanks...
ID: aff07042-e243-461c-8736-9e7cd69aa076

Looking for long term relationship

January 04, 2022
I am 25 years old looking for long term relationship
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Imagining a Western Woman and the sun set as I hike, feel the wind on the ferry together.

January 03, 2022
I'm just a regular guy from the EU, who came to Hong Kong at the across of the new millennium and I'm still here, has been 21 years now, and somehow, I find myself single again.

I'm successful, sometimes (I have my flaws), thin, tone body, sometimes (my heart is through the stomach). Young enough to do it and old enough to do it right, and I don’t smoke.

I prefer to keep my circle of friends small, but those true friends special and rare, I treasure them deeply. I'm diligent in my relationships, to keep them healthy and growing.

I believe, there is no better way to spend an afternoon or evening, than the company of an exceptional woman, sharing dreams, stories, ideas and lingering over a cup of something delicious.

I’m exactly 6 feet (183cm) tall.

For whom, I'm looking for:

A beautiful western woman, who doesn't smoke. Who truthfully describes herself as curious, adventurous and interesting. Be passioned about something, even if is just about which brand of chocolate sauce you use.

A bit shorter than 6 feet (I don't want to look like I'm going to play basketball with you) and taller than 5.5 feet (I don't want you to look like my kid). A woman who is striking on the outside and down to earth on the inside.

If you are an exceptional woman and you view us perhaps being compatible, I’d love to meet you in person, the way real people meet one another.
ID: 59c82525-6888-42ff-b2c9-47d478780764

To everyone who has been hurt in a relationship, don’t give up on love let the right person get to know you.

January 03, 2022
Hi, I'm a 50yrs old Divorced Caucasian seeking for love. If I were to describe myself I'd say I'm a mix of a few things. First, I tend to be very focused. By that I mean I've made my own way in life and have always been able to take care, even in the worst of times. My friends describe me as ambitious, intelligent, creative, and perhaps quiet (at first). I like taking on a new challenge, learning along the way and the experience that comes with it. Being able to make a difference and contribute towards something greater. I'm business oriented and logic, order, and education lead that part of my life. But I'm also passionate and creative and I'm not afraid to express my emotions or take a risk, though I try to keep a level head :) I'd like to treat that someone special in my life with the best every day, whether it be cute surprise gifts every now and then, making you laugh, or even just listening to how your day went.

If you are interested please contact me.

Thank you,
ID: 77ed9519-7ecc-4057-b11b-4265724b4abf

Looking for Chinese Athletic Woman

December 30, 2021
A local Chinese guy who grew up in Hong Kong is looking for female friends and possibly a lifetime partner, depending on chemistry.

Me: 47, single, non-smoker, average built, kind, caring, affectionate, slightly introverted, enjoy music, swimming, hiking and spending time with the loved one.

You: Late 40s to 50s, single, non-smoker, fit, kind, friendly, thoughtful, affectionate.

Please do write me a message if you feel we share similar interests. I am looking for someone whom we can share laughters together during the good times as well as supporting each other emotionally whilst feeling down; someone whom we can explore and spend our future life-long journey together. You're welcome to send a message, if you're also looking for similar expectations.

This is a genuine ad. If you're a scammer or just looking for ONS/casual sex/discreet relationships or you're not sincere in finding your lifetime person, please search somewhere else as this is definitely NOT the right ad for you.
ID: 13e502c5-39e2-477e-8773-01ec4d716ffa

serious minded women needed

December 21, 2021
hi am a Caucasian living in hk looking for a serious relationship in my mid 40's interested person can contact me, thanks
ID: a6d01905-44ca-47f0-92c4-c30a6c45218f

serious minded women needed

December 19, 2021
i am in my mid 40's a canadian currently living in hk wants a serious relationship and a life partner.... you can wassap me directly too... thanks
ID: 8e30e769-7b4d-4764-b134-0dbea87fa6eb

serious minded women needed

December 17, 2021
i am a canadian currently living in hk looking for a serious relationship..
ID: e809d047-9489-4e6c-abd5-a89ba7f97f90

Looking for serious relationship and marriage. Hope you are the one.

December 16, 2021
My name is Mark Wong, I am a mature and easy-going Hong kong/British man, Have been living in Hong Kong for many years.. and hope to meet a sincere Hong kong woman who also lives in Hong kong. I have a great personality.. blessed in many areas of my life... looking for you to complete me.. are you the one? U can reach me on whats app on five two two four seven five zero four. I love to pamper my partner and make sure she is happy always. wc dr_2016

My personality traits are Funny, Friendly, Happy, Respectful, Chivalrous, Creative, Loyal, Semi-Shy (at first), Honest, & Affectionate. Some of my interests would be.. Driving, Drums, Fishing, Football, Motorcycles, Rock Music, Tennis, Video Games.. much more. however, none of these things will take priority over my partner. I believe that you will get what you put into a relationship .

ID: e9f3ccad-73be-42c2-acff-06fbfa3cbfa2

Open to exchange good energy between each other

December 15, 2021
Dear lady, I'm late 40's Hong Kong man with good energy to exchange between each other ; p
open minded, love, caring, simple and straight forward.
I live and enjoy life in Hong Kong Pearl of Orient.
Life is short and let's get to know each others.
Seeking for life partner walking through, create and enjoy life. Enjoy yoga hiking swim reading movies and dinning out. More to communicate between us. let's feel our chemistry.
ID: 2bb08162-baf3-4a1f-9082-ae6e65940cde

Looking for serious relationship or Marriage

December 15, 2021

My names is Kenneth Tsang. I am an hard working and good looking man and i hope to meet an honest woman for serious relationship or marriage.

My personality are Funny, Friendly, Happy, Respectful,I am fun to be with and i enjoy cooking, travelling and i also exercise for good health
ID: e33c2f6b-836b-4bb7-b5bf-3f59df564dd2

My Heart Desire!

December 15, 2021
My desire is to meet a warm, matured and loving woman who is willing to love and be loved and who I can hold her hands and together we will write the remaining chapters of our life and forever together.
ID: 7bdae39b-62af-4cc3-b83d-76c2df195c95

Keep Believing!

December 15, 2021
You don’t deserve someone who comes back, You deserve someone who will never leave you! A man who understands that he doesn’t have to protect you because you are weak, He protects you because you are important. A man who would build his world around you and put you first in everything! That’s true devotion! Love! And Loyalty!
ID: 185fd28d-7c89-4e7a-99c5-8bd0d91f7ddb

Outgoing sporty and educated Aussie seeking serious friendship

December 14, 2021
Hi there. I am an Australian professional running my own business in HK. After many years away I am back in HK and now looking for a special lady I can be with. I enjoy keeping fit, cooking, hiking, wine and travelling.
You: Asian, slim, mid to late 30s to mid 40s, kind, caring and outgoing.
Me: I am tall, in good shape, great sense of humour. Not looking for short time or scammers.
ID: 9b43be7d-6278-45a4-bca1-0106eabdbf58

Here I Am. (father/husband)

December 14, 2021
Sometimes you have something you need help with. The kind of thing a father would do with you, your son, and/or daughter... There is nothing you can do to avoid needing a father’s arm to hang onto, right!?

You don't need to worry anymore. Here I am!

I am French man in his late 30ies. I am willing and ready to help and support you with fatherly responsibilities.

I believe the foundation for fatherhood, is love. Fathering—whether through biological, foster care, or adoption—begins with love. It is sustained by love. It hangs in there because of love.

I am happy to attend your family gatherings, sporting events or offer instructional learning of valuable life skills. Daycare/school drop off and pick ups etc! I can do it either in English or French! I can drive, cook and many more!

As with all Dad stuff, your secrets are safe with me.
ID: 2c61438a-4d22-4380-85af-dc704e3496c6

maybe you?

December 12, 2021
Western male 52 years old. living and working in hk. looking for a local mature lady for dating and enjoying life and moment.
ID: 88f72b70-fcea-4faa-8f74-1ea1224747a0