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The owner to be my heart

November 28, 2019
I am generally a cool person with a good heart, am 25yo black african easy-going, and I don't think that I'm too critical about things in my life, but I also believe that it takes two people contributing to a relationship to make it work since we all do believe in Almigthy supreme force the saviour ooops so you do? As I mentioned earlier,I like to do things with the other significant person in my life, but I also encourage her to go out and spend time with friends and pursue his own interests and hobbies as well. I believe that time spent apart helps keep things fresh in a relationship and makes the time we do spend together even better.I'm not one who reject others i am lovely and loyal to everyone including kids. i hope i will meet her yes that woman to be over here. Am ready for old and mature woman interested in my age to get knowing each better.

ID: 9041620d-5788-4f94-8843-0d402ac51c96

Mr. Humble Nobody Looking For A Humble Ms Nobody

November 28, 2019
All you Asian ladies out there, hear me!! If you’re 40 years old and over, trust me, you’re just like me. Whatever that brought you past 40 has failed you and you need to start all over. Unless you want to remain single for the rest of your life.

There are many potential partners out there who might not have the same education and language and culture and color of skin and wealth like you but sincere and honest and funny and kind.

If you are willing to break out of your comfort zone and try something new, lets talk. My education, wealth, position in society, color of my skin, part of the world I was born in, the language I speak, all didn't work for me the first time.

Now with all that including my pride set aside, I am a humble, seasoned traveler, 63 years old re-birthed Mr. Nobody looking to settle down with an Asian lady, 60 years old or younger.

I'm a Canuck.
ID: 9bf593ff-1ff5-43ec-98ab-ad6427240f5c

Young, Tall and Attractive

November 21, 2019
I'm a 33yo single guy, living in HK. I'm 184cm and attractive. Looking for some good company to have some fun.

I am very easy going with no drama or hangups. If you are bored or feel alone, please feel free to reach out. You will definitely hear back from me.

Hope to meet you soon :-)
ID: 5479f660-4633-4db7-a88b-c1c7a70c3c6c

In search of that special Lady to love and cherish and tell stories

November 20, 2019
Hi, im a 53 year old Gentleman.. I have been single for a a long time and have decided to take a leap of fate and dive into the dating pool once more.. i am down to earth guy who likes to laugh, listen and go hiking on a sunny afternoon.. i am looking for that woman who will join me in my journey into the new year and hope that we form a bond that will lead us into marriage. So if you feel like talking feel free to send me a message and we can get to know each other..
ID: 0412edb2-b988-461a-9222-a62512954446

Handsome young man looking for woman

November 18, 2019
I’m a kind and honest man with a beautiful smile.
Looking for a true relationship. I have the sense of humor which is able to make you feel good.
I have a stable job that can make me balance my work and life.
Truly hope that you are the best one

ID: 06cfe97e-21a4-4c68-ad90-cfbe7b8c4a5b

Looking for Dating

November 08, 2019
Hello :-)

I am Clay, 34 years old. Looking for Chines lady for actively dating. We can start with a friendship first. I am an ex-pat if you think you can add me in your daily life, you are welcome.

I don't mind if someone older than me or a single mom. HK Chines is a must condition.

Best Regards
ID: c058a345-5706-4a4b-abd7-e31fd81d7133

Looking for real connection. Not just online play arnd.............

November 08, 2019

I am guy in my early 30's single never married., open minded & easy going. I m looking for a gal for a real connection with whom can meet & spend time with not just for online chat & waste time. Start with fds & see how things go ahead. No need to write to me if never want to meet or waste time on chatting online. If there is any real & honest gal out there write to me. Make sure when write to me introduce ownself. Name/age/whatsapp & more details if u wish to. No need to question me 1st. Send me this details then we can go ahead from there. If u can not intro ownself dont waste time for each other. Is there any real & honest gal out here???
ID: 4705167b-9e83-4771-866d-b729dd7da5ca

Australian man searching for lady partner to Motorhome travel in Australia.

November 06, 2019
So sad to see Hong Kong on my news. Maybe time for you to relocate down to Adelaide. Aussie man with slim build, 1.81 cm, non smoker, social drinker, born in 1953, very active and divorced. On WhatsApp. Wechat. Have travelled Asian countries and like to see more. Welcome to start a chat thankyou. Richard
ID: 01dd2648-2d13-4cd6-a4a6-33ce2b898ebb

Are you going to scroll past?

November 06, 2019
Hi there,

I’m a BBC just a few weeks old in Hong Kong. I've been made to understand that this is the worst time to be in Hong Kong; all thanks to the unending protests.

Well, there's always a new beginning after every unpleasant experience. I hope this cliche would work for HK. I'll be in HK until 2030 as I've delegated to promote SDGs awareness and integration in HK and the APAC region at large.

I’m actually looking for a woman that’s based here in HK that I can share real life experiences with every day. We can always start off as friends for sure and coast to wherever the future leads us. I think I’d prefer an English speaker who’s in the age range of late 30s to early 50s

I hope I get a reply

ID: b573de9b-7bb0-4fb2-ab0c-831ca11a0cc8

Inquisitive mind Wanted!

November 05, 2019
Am looking for a little (platonic) adventure with an intriguing woman that may give me what am missing most in my daily non-work related routines. Am not looking for a bodily connection - so no pics required - but for someone who amazes me on an intellectual level. Am also not looking for an affair as I dont' think I'd be able to handle that, but for someone I might consider a real friend (of the opposite sex) purely based on mutual attraction of minds. If you feel like me and sometimes shy away from leaving your social comfort zone I dont mind starting off anonymously until both sides feel sufficiently comfortable. That may or may not sound a little weird, but I guess it's worth giving it a try as I usually hang out with male friends when I feel in need of meaningful and/or rewarding discussions (and am absolutely sure that this must be due to sampling error). I'd intentionally not narrow my preferences so all walks of life are welcome - as long as you have seen your fair share of the world and enjoyed sufficient schooling while still managed to maintain that childish desire to try just looking around one more corner. As for myself, am in my 30s, multi-lingual European, generally positive-minded and not having too much to complain about. Here for the long term, as of now .... so now you go! am curious ...
ID: 20c40d90-7507-42ac-85b4-c6fcdaba386f

Still waiting.

October 28, 2019
We are all just open wounds waiting to be stitched back together again.
ID: c775b2c3-52bf-4dcf-848c-b0851ff56826

Trust the process.

October 15, 2019
I made myself from all the love you no longer wanted.
ID: 0b528e77-78e4-4711-a398-4dc138bbd89b

Don’t give up on love just yet.

October 15, 2019
The strongest people aren't always the people who win, but the people who don't give up when they lose.
ID: 0ab8823b-e477-4218-a0a3-ddd64919f59a

need mature woman

October 14, 2019
50 years old western man living in Hong Kong, looking for a mature woman, interested drop me message lets talk, if we match we can go out for a drink walk and talk see how further we can go.
ID: d11e9f9d-2e16-4a38-97c9-aba3807c15da

Loving men looking for love

October 13, 2019
Loving men looking for love with a matured women in her 50s because I am in my 60s she must be independent out going.lets connect on WhatsApp
ID: 27350dc8-144c-4106-8240-d4f312a45854

Looking for someone to enjoy the time in Hk

October 06, 2019

I am in 33years old asian and looking for girl age above 25+ but less than 35 years. If you are decent, likes sports and hiking as i am great hiking lover then we can enjoy some great places of hong kong together and can be good friends to share our life ups and downs.

Please send me msg who are really serious and ready to meetup to explore much more each other.
ID: ec31a696-2792-47f1-b80b-4a3095de8144


October 02, 2019
55 year old Australian living in Swan Bay Tasmania looking for a lovely Chinese lady to form a relationship with, have dreams about walking along The Great Wall Of China one day I will travel to China but at the moment I can’t as I care for a 93 year old friend who has cancer. Would like to make contact with you and see if we connect.
ID: 88ab5cd5-11aa-4857-a536-118fa317b8ba

Date for Sotheby’s on the 3 rd Vip Launch

October 02, 2019

My name is Dave and I just got a last minute invitation for tomorrow’s opening VIP and Preview at the Convention Centre

If you are free at 6:30 pm would you care to join me

I am European, very elegant and sophisticated
I am mature with great looks and most important charm and a amazing conservatism

Let me know if you would be interested
ID: 4a32da0f-b5a5-4b88-95d8-752bbef41a3f

One day someone will walk into your life and make you realize why it never worked out with anyone else...

September 28, 2019
My desire is to meet a warm, matured and loving woman who is willing to love and be loved and who I can hold her hands and together we will write the remaining chapters of our life and forever together.
ID: b33d9de0-13aa-4dea-9862-df61070ebd06

Seeking gentle person for serene walks

September 28, 2019
I'd appreciate having an attractive female friend for walks in parks, quaint neighborhoods, temples, bookstores, and other quiet activities. A kind person who cherishes simple things and seeks peace, away from the noise and bustle. Of any age, race, nationality, etc. I am upper middle-aged, courteous, thoughtful. I am an ethnic Chinese man who grew up in the U.S.
ID: a4b7e5c6-3265-4067-9e30-c24a7629d8a7