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I’m Alex

February 13, 2023
I am a Caucasian living in Hong Kong . Single and never been married. Would like to meet anyone for friendship or let’s chat over coffee.
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I know I am not the best guy indeed I would want to try

February 13, 2023
Life enjoyer in late 40s. owner and traveller. love travel and meet new friends. I know you may not understand and I could not give you a good answer, No specific objectives and let’s start from here…

Sincerely looking for nice company to visit places, chill and have a walk in the park, to jog or to hike in the morning, to see and experience something together. Respect, like mindful chats and conversations. Indeeds believe there are connections with drinks and nice foods.
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Companion for Fun

January 09, 2023
Hi,im a guy in my mid 30’s seeking for a companion in this busy place.I used to be enjoy going for long drives ,hiking ,watching movies,swimming and stuff but now its been sometime im quite alone and missing the big things in life.i need a companion to ignite the joy and good times.i like someone who is mature by age and young by heart..age is not a factor basically but she should have the same fun loving qualities.If you interested can txt me lets know each other
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Looking good partner

January 09, 2023
Hi I’m not handsome but good KIND N HEARTED Person, looking good female friend cum partner to share feeling and have a fun, I want take care her , enjoy the rest of life cas life is so short, I’m in HONG KONG
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Seeking friendship or relationship

January 04, 2023
My Name Is Alexander , Single , straight forward, never been lucky to be married so no kids either. Would like to meet anyone for friendship or relationship.
ID: 36dd6cfe-c601-4301-ab0d-a7d5973db6e9

I wish to find a nice Hongkong woman for a serious relationship

January 03, 2023
I am Caleb I am a pharmacist, I am half HongKong half British I mean my mother is from HongKong and my father is British, I am 52 years old, I don’t have a child, I love singing dancing, hiking, fishing, camping, reading, swimming, gym, golfing, horse riding, chess game and cooking , i am fun to be with, I am a happy man, feel free to send me a message if you have same thoughts of having a happy serious relationship, I will wait for that special woman.

Caleb Alex Calvert.
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Looking for date

December 19, 2022
I am looking for date woman
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