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30 Year old Cbc looking for older women

May 24, 2020
Western educated Chinese male looking for an older woman. I enjoy travelling, boxing, cooking, movies, art and hiking. I am sick of younger girls playing mind games and would love to meet a mature woman to have decent conversations with. Someone who can have fun but also discuss in-depth topics. Looking for someone to workout with in the gym, go hiking with or maybe even go boxing with. I hope you enjoy the casual drink as well, I love trying new bars and restaurants. Would love to find someone I can travel with and cook for!

Send me a message if you're interested!
ID: 3fd88618-6af2-43a8-9135-cd83548e24fe

I want a nice woman in my life to shear love and happiness with

May 22, 2020
I am a Pharmacist, I am 48 years old, I am in need of a nice woman who is ready to shear happiness and love with me and make a happy and great future together, please feel free to send a message to me as I will be very happy to find that special woman here.....
ID: 653520d9-9e3e-4f64-a1fa-8a559cb1b3ce

Good heart with good attitude man looking woman for life partner

May 21, 2020
Good man looking woman for love . Life partner
Love each other so life is very easy
ID: 6b5c0acd-bace-4e2c-a4c3-ac410c55eb1c

Still Seeking.

May 21, 2020
I am Expat, unattached man living and working in Hong Kong for many years.
Seeking a sincere lady to communicate with and see if there is similar chemistry, thoughts and hobbies to explore further and share mutually.
Not looking for any materialistic support here as I am ok with my job and day to day living.
Take care and be safe by taking all precaution against present Corona Virus related sickness.
Wish you a blessed day with peace, good health and true happiness .
ID: 77eb8fde-b3a8-42ac-bd3e-ecb57ae2356d

Looking for Ltr

May 21, 2020
Hello ladies, I am a down to earth Canadian of HK Chinese descent. Raied in Canada since the age of 10. Divorced 10 years ago, matured guy 174 cm tall and weight 68 kg. Age is a question of mind over matter. If you don't mind then it doesn't matter. I look youthful for my age and have tons of energy and stamina. What matters is soul to soul eye to eye body to body connection. Active in sports and live a healthy lifestyle. Great EQ, extremely good temper. Non-smoker and live alone in HK Island west. Work in Central, financially stable, no debt no baggage no bullshit. Looking for a woman for LTR and no to LDR because it just doesn't work. I am for real. Not one of those scammers. So give me a try. Thank you for reading!
ID: 590658f6-e8a8-4412-8567-bbdb5e960bc9

Successful entrepreneur / investor seeks local love & romance

May 19, 2020
I am late-40s, successful investor and entrepreneur based in HK ... I am Ivy League-educated, confident, athletic, charming, and passionate. My family roots are Spanish. Well established for >2 decades in Asia.

I have been searching for a mature, confident, and attractive young lady to share life’s joys and for exciting encounters which, hopefully, will be a long-term thing … if you seek a transactional or ONS type thing, then look elsewhere.

ID: 22ea5864-74dd-45bd-825f-c1226a9ea0d1

Beautiful, Elegant, Traditional

May 19, 2020
There is nothing better than a true traditional woman, a woman who adores her man and ensures his needs and desires come before all else. One that ensures the house is kept, his meal is always ready. Want a romantic dinner, a movie, or just a quiet time the two of us, or do you want and need a nite of fun and excitement that you would not normally do. Love respect and a lovely family..
ID: 28b6e92d-be9b-4a64-9e0d-aadbd25a379f

Seeking Love & Romance

May 18, 2020
I’m David, American, 66 years old, single, good looking, have a great job and own my home.
My friends say I’m kindhearted, understanding and empathetic, intellectually challenging, ambitious and career oriented.

I’m seeking an amazing woman to spend the rest of my life with. Please be serious about building a relationship before you contact me :)
ID: 51a185e4-498d-4b56-9d0b-c1823e47938a

Inquisitive mind wanted

May 06, 2020
Am looking for a little adventure with an intriguing woman that may give me what am missing most in my daily non-work related routines. Am not necessarily looking for a bodily connection, but for someone who amazes me on an intellectual level. Am also not really looking for an affair as I dont' think I'd be able to handle that, but for someone I might consider a real friend (of the opposite sex) purely based on mutual attraction of minds. If you feel like me and sometimes shy away from leaving your social comfort zone I dont mind starting off anonymously until both sides feel sufficiently comfortable. That may or may not sound a little weird, but I guess it's worth giving it a try as I usually hang out with male friends when I feel in need of meaningful and/or rewarding discussions (and am absolutely sure that this must be due to sampling error). I'd intentionally not narrow my preferences so all walks of life are welcome - as long as you have seen your fair share of the world and enjoyed sufficient schooling while still managed to maintain that childish desire to try just looking around one more corner. As for myself, am 30+, multi-lingual, generally positive-minded and not having too much to complain about. Here for the long term, as of now .... so now you go! am curious ...
ID: 61675163-7d73-4960-b335-d655adf35bbf

True Love, Loyalty and Devotion!

May 04, 2020
You don’t deserve someone who comes back, You deserve someone who will never leave you! A man who understands that he doesn’t have to protect you because you are weak, He protects you because you are important. A man who would build his world around you and put you first in everything! That’s true devotion! Love! And Loyalty!
ID: 73ce320b-4bc1-48dd-806a-2a2984739b13

Looking for friendship or relationship

April 23, 2020
I’m Dennis , lively , calm and honest. Would like to meet anyone for friendship or relationship. Thanks
ID: 73aac4d3-b7cc-455a-a5f1-e87baddd4056

An Indian women out here ?

April 13, 2020
Hi am reallly interested in relationship with an Indian women. Its difficult to interact as there is no forum so would love to catchup with someone interested in open rrlationship, Should be fun to talk with. Status no bar, can be attached as well. Can go for movies, beaches or just casual meet.
If interested please send a hi with contact info.
ID: 6bfc58a5-f25b-4635-83a5-33dd4fc02f90

long term relationship

April 13, 2020
Asian Expat, mid 30’s; HKPR. Looking for beautiful and kind hearted person, mature and who is not hiding behind mascara.
Respect personal space (vice versa).
PS: start of as knowing each other before any commitments. I’m a minimalist, so materialistic girls won’t fit me. :)
ID: 6636699c-beb4-470c-9528-b94183ac5b30

M34 looking for spark in life, no strings attached

April 11, 2020
Am seeking stress free no strings attached relationship. Someone whom I can share laugh with and doesnt mind cuddling and giggling like a teenager. Am working for a reputed bank and seek discreet relnship. Some things in life must remain secret, it adds spice and kik.
ID: b5ce76d1-96d7-4a01-938e-edc7eaf376c4

Looking for YOU

April 11, 2020
I'm a long term expat here in HK.
Looking for some nice friendly company - nothing too serious.
Nice evenings out, good food, great wine and with chatty company.
You will have a mind of your own, be able to converse well and have a sense of humour.
ID: cdfe4de2-8596-4c88-933d-ee7b039596d1

New here!

April 09, 2020
My name is Kelly Hallisey, 59 years old, a Danish descent, currently here in Hong Kong. I seek a woman with a beautiful heart inside, kind and loving. I do believe everything is possible if we put our mind and heart together just like i believe that good things can be found in the least places. In life, taking a chance is what gets results, being afraid gets you nothing. I hope to hear from you soon. Till then stay blessed and stay safe.
ID: 9325eac5-de4a-4666-9744-31d3a17a37bb

Wish to meet someone nice and interesting!

April 05, 2020
Hi there,

I am a project manager in an software industry in my 30’s.
Been living hk for a many years now and looking yo meet a nice women for a nice fun chats, coffee meets, explore new food and drinks. And all of it with a fun and caring each other makes things so easy. If you feel you like to catch me then please message me. Happy to meet you soon!
ID: 9e086b7e-40d7-433b-88a9-9d630e876a04

Hello there!

April 05, 2020
Hi. Im a project manager in a IT company, Asian living in HK.
Im ok looking for a nice women who can can hold an interesting and fun conversation with a coffee, drink, and interesting food tables. My friends say i am a funny and humble guy.
ID: b33ec171-5cde-4d7e-9205-cc42e7480549

looking for a long term relationship

April 03, 2020
i am a very honest and respectful black man looking for a long term relationship. i have no kids. i know how to treat a woman because i respect them. i like dancing,cooking,watching movies and painting. if yo are interested we can start chating aikmen3
ID: 85c1de70-ec9f-4da3-be44-40ce3f49906e

Finding Asian Lady

March 28, 2020
A decent man finding LTR who can share anything.
ID: 2a5c1f87-ac82-4f22-bf26-742a77591b03