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Going somewhere?

August 02, 2019
Are you planning to travel in this upcoming holiday or go shopping with me at weekends? :) I'm young charming elegant single woman, if you feel yourself cool, decent, easygoing, don't hesitate to leave a message.
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Exploring Hk / Macau July 18-30

July 09, 2019
I'm looking for a female companion who wants to join me on hikes and for dinner, drinks etc between July 18-30. Just looking to have a great time and preferably to work on my Mandarin. I'm an elegant 52 European gentleman, in good shape with a partner at home so this is all about spending quality time together. I'm also traveling to Macau and you are welcome to come with me.
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July 26-august 3 in Hk and China

July 08, 2019
I'm looking for someone who wants to hang out for a while - go out for dinner, drinks, some local clubs, day tours, motorcycle trips, etc. Just looking to have a great time and just live a bit. I'm 47 US guy, good looking in good shape with a family at home so this is just fun, nothing more. I'm travelling for my business so I will be in HK the weekends and then China during the week, but you are welcome to come with me. I'm staying at great hotels. I would absolutely love to learn some mandarin or cantonese!
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travel partner

June 15, 2019
I will be visiting as tourist Macau and Hongkong from 20th June to 26th of June. I would like company of some english seeking young girls with whom I can chit chat and spend evening chit chatting. I can also teach English and learn Madarian or Cantonese in Exchange. I am into sports, music, meditation, travelling and above all knowing about you and talking and talking.
I like to be happy and let others also happy. Life is too short for crying.So lets meet and enjoy life lets have fun.
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Need a friend to visit Ocean Park

May 26, 2019
Hello! I'm Sunil, I'm 25 years old. I'm from India. Been here for past 2 weeks. I need a friend to hang out... I don't know what to eat, where to go.. zzzzz I want to visit Ocean Park Tomo.. hope someone here replies.
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Looking for a female companion for travel.

April 04, 2019
Hi all lovely ladies here,
I am 30s guy living in HK for 7+ yrs. So yes i m HK resident now. I m looking for a female age 18-45 who wud like to travel anywhere nearby HK in end april or may. We can go to places like Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Philippines , Singapore or Thailand. We can plan travel together so msg me if u want to travel together. But wud be better if plan thurs-sun as i work mon-fri so just need 2 days off work. Msg me with ur contact details(whtsapp/wechat) & age as easy to talk. I know here have many racists gals but maybe i can find the right person. Who knows? So yeah waiting for replies.
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Love to show your around In Hong Kong

March 07, 2019
Chinese, middle aged guy, returned to HK from S California to look after my mom.

If you happen to be in Hong Kong, love to meet and chat with you... and show you around
I love traveling and have been many countries.

Thanks for reading my ad!

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