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Travel Companion

September 03, 2019
My name is Jake, A itinerant from Pensacola, Florida. I set out to teach English abroad as my first real job and then started traveling the world, I was also a police officer for 4 months but that didn’t work out. I traveled to many countries in my life and every continent alone in year 2017.

I been to many popular destinations but have also been in and out of a lot dangerous situations because of my desire to visit more dangerous less tourist known places. I would love to continue my travels and can be hired as a travel companion and guide.

If your looking for someone to travel with you and help you get around and find the best places to visit and chat with during a trip I would love to join you. I will take you to all the best places and help you get around and be your wingman or activity partner or whatever interests you in your travels, If your Chinese and don’t speak English I can also translate for you haha.

I am a very laid back and easy to get along with guy and am sure we will have a great time together. I specialize at navigating and finding my way around new places and unfamiliar territories, I am very adventurous and ballsy and will try and do mostly whatever. But I am a straight male and do not smoke or do drugs and seldom drink unless my clients want me to drink with them.

I have no kids or partner now or anything holding me back and I an trying to become a full time travel companion. please contact me if your traveling and would like to hire me to join you. you can check out my YouTube with the link below to check out a few of my videos I made while traveling. also check out some of my traveling photos on youtube.

please let me know if you want to travel with me :)
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Going somewhere?

August 02, 2019
Are you planning to travel in this upcoming holiday or go shopping with me at weekends? :) I'm young charming elegant single woman, if you feel yourself cool, decent, easygoing, don't hesitate to leave a message.
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Exploring Hk / Macau July 18-30

July 09, 2019
I'm looking for a female companion who wants to join me on hikes and for dinner, drinks etc between July 18-30. Just looking to have a great time and preferably to work on my Mandarin. I'm an elegant 52 European gentleman, in good shape with a partner at home so this is all about spending quality time together. I'm also traveling to Macau and you are welcome to come with me.
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July 26-august 3 in Hk and China

July 08, 2019
I'm looking for someone who wants to hang out for a while - go out for dinner, drinks, some local clubs, day tours, motorcycle trips, etc. Just looking to have a great time and just live a bit. I'm 47 US guy, good looking in good shape with a family at home so this is just fun, nothing more. I'm travelling for my business so I will be in HK the weekends and then China during the week, but you are welcome to come with me. I'm staying at great hotels. I would absolutely love to learn some mandarin or cantonese!
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travel partner

June 15, 2019
I will be visiting as tourist Macau and Hongkong from 20th June to 26th of June. I would like company of some english seeking young girls with whom I can chit chat and spend evening chit chatting. I can also teach English and learn Madarian or Cantonese in Exchange. I am into sports, music, meditation, travelling and above all knowing about you and talking and talking.
I like to be happy and let others also happy. Life is too short for crying.So lets meet and enjoy life lets have fun.
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Need a friend to visit Ocean Park

May 26, 2019
Hello! I'm Sunil, I'm 25 years old. I'm from India. Been here for past 2 weeks. I need a friend to hang out... I don't know what to eat, where to go.. zzzzz I want to visit Ocean Park Tomo.. hope someone here replies.
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