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Hong Kong second week of August Travel buddy

Posted 06/25/2017

I have been to China twice but never been to Hong Kong and i want to try it out am on a business holiday so i wanner explore and make new friends.
I ll in around the Second week of August.

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Looking for a travel buddy in Hk

Posted 06/19/2017


My name is Howard and I will be visiting HK for a week starting from June 25. I am looking for a fun, adventurous travel buddy (doesn't matter which gender, I just wanna have a good time whilst in HK) who can come with me to different parts of HK and explore this exciting, bustling city.

I am Canadian so I won't bite. This is my first time visiting HK and hopefully I can find a good buddy who can come with me to this adventure.

If you wanna hang shoot me a message.


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Bkk together

Posted 05/31/2017


I will travel to BKK for a leisure trip in mid-june and would like to see if anyone will also be travelling there around the same period of time. I think better to have a companion this time to share some great time together. We can explore the city and enjoy some swimming and the sun there.

By the way, I am from Hong Kong and a Chinese female, well-educated with a cheerful smile, fluent in English.

I am open to any discussion. Let's discuss.

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Travel to Taiwan/japan

Posted 05/27/2017

Anyone interested in travelling to Taiwan/Japan in the near future? Let's go!

Me : in my 40s, Chinese female with cheerful characters.

Drop me a line to exchange more.

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Central and/or South America Trip

Posted 05/16/2017


Anyone out there would be interested to join together for a trip to central and south America like Panama, Costa Rica, Peru, Brazil, Argentina etc. ? I'm just having a preliminary thought, may be join a tour group is much easier and safer.

Me : Chinese Female, good conversationist, positive attitude with cheerful character, early forties.

Just few free to email and discuss more.


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Travelling to Tibet

Posted 05/08/2017

Anyone interested to join a guided tour to the remote Tibetan region in early June?

We are a group of 5 people from Singapore travelling to Genyen Massif in the eastern region of Tibetan plateau for a 12 days' expedition trekking trip.

It is a guided tour to the high altitude (4,000M) Genyen Massif. Great way to indulge in the local culture and interact with the local Tibetan people.

We are looking for more travelers to join us to reduce the cost of the trip. The trip starts from Chengdu on 11 June and adventure into the remote and prohibited Tibetan regions, visiting the two Dalai Lama monasteries.

Anyone interested, please email me

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Serious relationship serious relationship s

Posted 04/27/2017

I m American,52 of age, Passionate with love & Nature, a good listener , a humble soul, I want to meet an imperfect , shy , lovable woman , who knows what it simply mean to cry on my shoulder, i will make sure you are forever happy and your heart desires comes through from me.I love to know what you want, i will love to make u mine forever , Write me immediately and teach me you. i penetrate your heart to see you in my life.
To any woman read this i will make you mine forever7

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End of May to Phuket

Posted 04/02/2017

Already got everything sorted out. Want to do some outdoor activities there. If you're going there around the period, let me know. Thanks.

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Travel to Nepal

Posted 03/19/2017

Looking for a travel partner or partners going to Nepal during late July or early August. Joining self-packaged tour or traveling with an agent are both ok. Sightseeing mostly.

I am a 3x lady from Hong Kong

Hope to hear your replies soon.

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Travel to Hkg

Posted 03/17/2017

Hi am Asian lady 3x am in Hong Kong right now until 24 march for travel business , cone to Hong Kong 5-6 time years , I hv not much friends here , would like to meet friends for drink outside of work time , we can catch up talk anything am open minded person , drop me message here if you interested to meet up .

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Planning to Dubai on Sep

Posted 03/14/2017


I want go over there to find exciting activity, will planning go over there Sep.
I am female 3X and will quit the job in shortly and enjoy my life, message for me if have any interesting join togther

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Looking for a travel guide OR travel buddy Oct1-Oct3 2017

Posted 02/04/2017

Looking for anyone travelling to Hongkong on October 1 to October 3 2017.
I'm looking for someone to explore the city with, go to Disneyland and Ocean Park, I already booked my flights, just looking someone who can join, or who's in Hongkong on those dates.

If you're interested just message me.


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Looking for Travel Guide in Hong Kong

Posted 01/12/2017

I am male based in Toronto Canada coming to HK to visit for 4 days in 3rd week of January.I am looking for a local who can accompany and show me around this city.
later I will go to Shenzhen china.
Write to me if you are available and reply by email or your contact #.

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Looking For TravelFriend

Posted 01/12/2017

I shall be in HK in 3rd week of January 2017.I am looking for some travel friend in Hong Kong to show me the city.It will be my first time coming to Hong Kong.I will be staying 4 days and later will go to Shenzhen China.

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Travel to Bangkok

Posted 12/19/2016

Hi there,

I am a Chinese female and I am planning to Bangkok for vacation on 24th Dec - 2th Jan. rather than being travel alone , anyone out there would be able to join me ? I am easy going .

Please send me message if interested.

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Looking for female traveller to Bali

Posted 12/13/2016


I am planning on going to Bali in January 2017 and looking for other female travellers interested in this.

I am a Europe raised 25 year old, generally interested in exploring Asia.

Drop me a message if interested!


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Travel to cambodia

Posted 12/13/2016

Hi there,
I am in my 20s from HK.
I have been traveling alone here and there.
I have always wanted to go to Cambodia and this time I want a company.
I am planning to go during Easter.
If any of you are interested please send me an email.

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Travel Buddy - Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines.

Posted 12/03/2016

Well, as the title suggests am looking for a travel-mate. I work as a regional manager for an engineering firm and travel quite often into Asia-Pacific. Sometimes it does get really boring.
I am 6 ft tall, broad shouldered, athletic built, well educated & a good conversationalist. The stay is always in 4 to 5 star hotels as previleged. So if you want to travel sometimes on & off, it would be good as my companion. Age & Race is not a criteria. As long as you are decent, friendly, easy going, open minded and love traveling you are welcome to join. Best Wishes.R.

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Single female wants to explore HK during NY's!

Posted 11/23/2016

Hi there,

I am 32 YO single Asian female. I am turning 33 in Jan so I would like to treat myself a trip in HK during New year's. I have traveled to Europe and America but I have never been in HK so I need someone (can be local or a non-local traveler) who wants to join me there or show me around the city. Date should be from 30th to 2nd Jan 2017.

This is just a tentative date. Anyway....I am nice and professional.I speak fluent English and French.

I also would like to make new friends. Please reply this ads if you are interested,
Please give me your line ID

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Trip to The Netherlands Europe? I live there and ccan host, or we can go to other locations

Posted 10/18/2016

Hi, thanks for opening this ad... It is a sort of double ad. I will travel again to China somewhere in January and then will stay there for a few months. In the current period I am in The Netherlands and am free to 'move around'... so I can host for a female partner in my country (did that before and she enjoyed it a lot (to Amsterdam, cute non tourits locations in Holland, special mature party, mixed Europe style sauna, etc)... or also take a trip to a warmer place like the small Island of Spain (Tenerife etc).

I am a white man, 43 yr, 1,89, healthy, none married and no kids, considered smart and with positive attitude to life, open lifestyle and yes, through the years become more and more open minded too....

I can stay in Europe until the end of the year, or I could also move my ass for a few weeks to for example a country Cambodia before I go to China.

I do not look for a serious relation developing from this encounter, although you never know how life develops as it makes its twist and turns. Bit I do look for a person to feel comfortable with and 'connected to' in a way, so we feel at ease and pleased with thatever we do during the encounter

If you are interested to get to know me a bit, then I look forward for your reaction...

Greetings, Vincent

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