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Hk Tour to Turkey from 25/12 to 2/1

Posted 11/21/2017

Single Asian female mid-30s working in banking and very well traveled looking for a trip buddy.

A local tour company has a great pkg to Turkey over this Xmas and NY for 9 days & 8 nights with all flights , hotel accommodation and local transportation included for HKD $9100/per person double occupancy. It’s the best time to go to Turkey right now because it’s a low season for Turkey. I have a colleagues who recently went there and had only very good things to say. No overcrowded tourist especially from China, and it is very safe. At this price, I couldn’t even find roundtrip flights to many major destinations over this holiday period. Please ping me if you are interested.

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Travel Group?

Posted 11/15/2017

Hey Folks, I am planning a trip to Cambodia / Vietnam / Thailand starting Dec 11, sorta like backpacking. Let me know if anyone else is planning too so could join up and have fun.

Indian, Single, Straight, M, 34.

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Looking for friends who travel to Hk.

Posted 10/26/2017

I am a male in my early 30s living in HK. Looking for female friends between age 18-36 to meet & spend time with. If u plan to travel to HK dont hesitate to contact me prior so we can plan something. We can go for food, drink or some other activities together. Send me message with name, age & contact info & lets take it forward from there. Waiting for hearing from u soon.

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Mount Kota Kinabula

Posted 10/12/2017

Looking for ppl to join hiking trip to Mt Kota Kinabalu next year in first weekend of March.

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Hong Kong - Macau (19 October - 22 October)

Posted 10/09/2017

Anyone feel free to contact me for travel companion at Hong Kong since I will be going alone. We can share foods, go to Macau together and have fun together. Maybe my plan to sightseeing shopping, we could discuss

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passionate about travelling

Posted 09/21/2017

anyone also passionate about travelling? visiting museums, shopping, hiking, sightseeing, trying restaurants and so on?

travelling alone is nice but it's always better with good company. by good company i mean someone who doesnt smoke or do stupid things. also enjoy food, laughs and chats.

let's continue the conversation via email/wechat. thanks for reading.

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travelling to Hong Kong

Posted 09/17/2017

Im 28 indian male from malaysia. Im planning to visit Hong Kong from 22th Sept to 12th Oct 17. Im looking for a companionship.
thank you

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Travel companion 23 to 24 Sep 2017

Posted 08/23/2017

Hi girls out there :)

Anyone feel free to contact me for travel companion at Hongkong since I will be going alone. We can share foods, go to macau together or anything we can do cafe in hk etc, have fun together. Maybe my plan to sightseeing and disnge or shopping, we could discuss by email me

Thanks Cheers!

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Looking for travel friends 22 to 25 Sep 2017

Posted 08/22/2017

Hi girls out there :)

Anyone feel free to contact me for travel companion at Hongkong since I will be going alone. We can share foods, go to macau together and have fun together. Maybe my plan to sightseeing and disnge or shopping, we could discuss by email me

Thanks Cheers!

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Look a travel friend to Hong Kong in the second week of September 2017

Posted 08/15/2017

Hello there, my name is Grace Giang. I currently live in United States. Today, I'm just curious to know that if there is anyone looking for a travel friend like I am to Hong Kong in the second week of September. I'll be arrived there on September 9th and would like to have someone to be a travel buddy. I'm just a student and no money to take care of your share. If you only want a travel companion like I do. I'll be more than happy to spend time with you while I'm in Hong Kong. I'm okay with either male or female. If you're interested in this journey. Please drop me a line at Grace ma 26 at ya hoo dot com. Thank you for your time. Have a blessing day!

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In Hkg

Posted 07/22/2017

Hi am back Hong Kong right now for busines trips as ussualy let catch up for drink

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travel female to San Francisco from 29 Sept to 8 Oct

Posted 07/06/2017

am looking for a travel buddy during holidays

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Hong Kong second week of August Travel buddy

Posted 06/25/2017

I have been to China twice but never been to Hong Kong and i want to try it out am on a business holiday so i wanner explore and make new friends.
I ll in around the Second week of August.

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Looking for a travel buddy in Hk

Posted 06/19/2017


My name is Howard and I will be visiting HK for a week starting from June 25. I am looking for a fun, adventurous travel buddy (doesn't matter which gender, I just wanna have a good time whilst in HK) who can come with me to different parts of HK and explore this exciting, bustling city.

I am Canadian so I won't bite. This is my first time visiting HK and hopefully I can find a good buddy who can come with me to this adventure.

If you wanna hang shoot me a message.


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Travel to Taiwan/japan

Posted 05/27/2017

Anyone interested in travelling to Taiwan/Japan in the near future? Let's go!

Me : in my 40s, Chinese female with cheerful characters.

Drop me a line to exchange more.

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Central and/or South America Trip

Posted 05/16/2017


Anyone out there would be interested to join together for a trip to central and south America like Panama, Costa Rica, Peru, Brazil, Argentina etc. ? I'm just having a preliminary thought, may be join a tour group is much easier and safer.

Me : Chinese Female, good conversationist, positive attitude with cheerful character, early forties.

Just few free to email and discuss more.


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Travelling to Tibet

Posted 05/08/2017

Anyone interested to join a guided tour to the remote Tibetan region in early June?

We are a group of 5 people from Singapore travelling to Genyen Massif in the eastern region of Tibetan plateau for a 12 days' expedition trekking trip.

It is a guided tour to the high altitude (4,000M) Genyen Massif. Great way to indulge in the local culture and interact with the local Tibetan people.

We are looking for more travelers to join us to reduce the cost of the trip. The trip starts from Chengdu on 11 June and adventure into the remote and prohibited Tibetan regions, visiting the two Dalai Lama monasteries.

Anyone interested, please email me

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Serious relationship serious relationship s

Posted 04/27/2017

I m American,52 of age, Passionate with love & Nature, a good listener , a humble soul, I want to meet an imperfect , shy , lovable woman , who knows what it simply mean to cry on my shoulder, i will make sure you are forever happy and your heart desires comes through from me.I love to know what you want, i will love to make u mine forever , Write me immediately and teach me you. i penetrate your heart to see you in my life.
To any woman read this i will make you mine forever7

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Travel to Hkg

Posted 03/17/2017

Hi am Asian lady 3x am in Hong Kong right now until 24 march for travel business , cone to Hong Kong 5-6 time years , I hv not much friends here , would like to meet friends for drink outside of work time , we can catch up talk anything am open minded person , drop me message here if you interested to meet up .

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Looking for a travel guide OR travel buddy Oct1-Oct3 2017

Posted 02/04/2017

Looking for anyone travelling to Hongkong on October 1 to October 3 2017.
I'm looking for someone to explore the city with, go to Disneyland and Ocean Park, I already booked my flights, just looking someone who can join, or who's in Hongkong on those dates.

If you're interested just message me.


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