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Single mum

August 21, 2019
The title says it all. Single mum with a young child. A bargain - buy one get one free! Joke aside, it does come in a package. And you should be ready to accept and cope with this lovely problem. But rest assured, no kids will be present in any dates!
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Good buddy

August 16, 2019
A very mature Hong Kong woman in good shape of soul, mind and body is looking for a good buddy to do things together, to share views on books & movies, to exchange recipes, and to explore interesting places around us. You're a single guy living in HK, non-smoker, aged 55-65, positive, kind-hearted, appreciate the diversity in life and people. I look forward to hearing from you and let’s take it from there.
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Good to be in Hk

August 15, 2019
Hi there,

I’m a BBC in my late 50s, I’m just a few weeks old in Hong Kong. I Chair an NGO that’s SDGs-oriented. We work with other NGOs, Government Agencies and Civil Society organizations to promote Sustainable Development Goals in target areas. I’m billed to be in Hong Kong until 2030

I’m actually looking for a woman that’s based here in HK that I can share my day to day experiences with. We can always start off as friends for sure and coast to wherever the future leads us. I think I’d prefer an English speaker please who might be willing to help me improve my Cantonese as well

I hope I get a reply

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waiting for a serious date and see

August 15, 2019
hi there,
I am just simple gal looking for a new relationship here. I am looking for white guy under 55, divorced or with kids is accepted. Understand that everyone has their own story. Drop me a line for a drink or so. No pressure ! Haha
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I am young and mature age woman wants male partner

August 04, 2019
I am living in Hong Kong alone, I am doing business worldwide. I would like to know someone who is decent, polite, mature age more than 50,

we can talk, cook, have fun together. He has a healthy purpose that same as me. Please show your picture and must not scammers, if you invite me to chat. please tell me where you from and with a picture. Mature and honesty man is necessary.
No married man and gay, I like white guy who is humor, or if Asian who is kind, and with a polite manner.

I hope you are taller than 5'8" I do not mind some extra weight a happy man, I do not like thin men.
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Serious Ad

August 02, 2019
To save some readers time, here is what I’m “not” interested in that this site sometimes focuses on;

- Online ownership
- Email sex sessions

Categorize me as someone looking for a lifetime partner….

I’m only interested in meeting and conversing with someone who lives in Asia. If you plan to come to Asia; only after you send me a copy of your airline ticket will we chat. (Sorry to be so firm but lots of people on this site can waste your time.)

Here’s me; I’m from the Philippines and working in Hong Kong at the moment. I have kids at home that I support. My interests vary but the main premise of the relationship I seek is one where I’m the dominant partner when it comes to our sex life.

The hotwife/cuckold lifestyle can be designed many ways. I explain more about my hotwife desires in my personal writings on this page (hopefully someone serious about me will take the time to read it). My goals are to find a strong partner who will stand beside me in much of life, yet yield to me when it comes to all things sexual.

I am an independent woman who has brought up children on my own for most of their lives. I don’t really need a man to rescue me. I’m seeking a man of character who is solid and confident in life, yet understands and truly gets excite about being my second when it comes to the carnal aspects of our lives. I don’t see our life focused on any heavy D/s premise unless our discussions lead us to this conclusion.

I’m looking for long-term, so please don’t contact me unless you are not looking for the same. You should be living in Asia and want me to join you. I understand life enough to know many mature men are not interested in the instant-family situation that comes with hooking up with an Asian woman with kids. The perfect situation would be you’d want to join me in the Philippines and we’d all live as one big family. I know this as only a possibility. If my partner of choice doesn’t like the Philippines (or the instant-family thing) I am willing to consider the option of living away from my kids and joining them at various times throughout the year. All options can be discussed.

The majority of our life we would of course live normally. I like what most women do …from movies and romance to chocolate….you’ll find me a pretty typical girl. I like to laugh, have fun and be active. I don’t smoke and only drink on occasion and try to live as healthy a life as possible. Being from the Philippines my English is good enough for deep conversations. If you have a different language I’ll do my best to try to learn it.

As I mature woman I am at that point in my life where I want to find a man who is seeking a woman to live out the rest of his days with. Teammates for life with some kink thrown in to keep things fun… ☺
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Do you feel like something important is missing in your life?

August 02, 2019
Well, I feel the same...
I'm a positive person, enjoy life in general, I smile most of the time to people, I achieved things in my life and think that the best is still ahead.
However if I could find someone who could share my life and is like me, open minded and is interested in a lot of topics, then this life would be even more precious.
Hope you can be that person who is looking for completeness.
ID: 2e318685-bb27-4869-8bb9-1289f73d22c8

Tan Big Phil Woman looking for a Man who makes me feel Super special

July 26, 2019
I'm a big brown skin woman.,who love the sun. Loves cooking and being a great companion and movie buddy, funny girl.

Patiently waiting for a Man who'll show me how to be appreciated for who I am and generously wanting to know me and will make me the prettiest woman in his eyes.

I know he is just there.
I'm gonna wait..... For You
ID: 43c7c661-5a1f-4126-a92b-debb14f59db7

Proud Solo-parent

July 22, 2019
I'm often visit Hongkong to search for new goods.
A well educated woman in her 30's. Looking for goods to sell in the Philippines and at the same time help people for there stuff and errands like( personal assistant per hour). But sometimes Im thinking when will I find the one who will understand and make me laugh again.
Want someone who's very understanding and can laugh, can have date with me, chat and enjoy each others company.

Hope you can hear me and Message back

I'm Franky
ID: a3ebbaa4-3cc4-4e5c-9caf-76b8f6af9d73

Local Chinese looking for a life time partner

July 12, 2019
Hello I am a local Chinese, 43, divorced many years ago. I am family oriented, independent and considerate. I enjoy watching movies, reading. I am looking for someone down to earth, caring and kind hearted, willing to commit to a long term relationship. I still wish to find someone who share my ups and downs, and grow old with me. preferably he is a Christian and can speak Cantonese.
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Chinese woman looking for a decent man

July 06, 2019
Local chinese in early 40s. I was told that I'm attractive and look much younger than my age. Perhaps you can be the judge. ;)

I'm a gym rat but also into reading and meditation. In fact, I'm more of an introvert person and need solitude from time to time.

I have no children and never want one. To me, living a fulfilling life should be more than sacrificing and nurturing another human being. I'm passionate about life in general cos I believe there are always other possibilities and opportunities around the corner if we are brave enough to explore and experience whatever good or bad happening in our lives.

I'm looking for a guy in his mid 40s to mid 50s with no children, or at least your children is old enough and independent. Someone who has a belief that nothing is impossible with enough effort and intellect.

Does that sounds like you?
ID: 066c8237-488b-4596-9da9-2673105c3eba

Looking for a guy

July 04, 2019
I am in my late 20s and eurasian. Speak native English and Cantonese.

I am a nurse so I find it hard to meet guys since most of the men I come into contact with are usually married or in a relationship.

I am a cheerful, smiley and easy going person. Love hiking and travelling.

Looking for a monogamous, committed relationship with a nice gentlemen.

Hoping to look for someone younger than 45. Your race doesn't matter to me :)

ID: 9033d54d-6b14-4803-80e8-7a4b59564cc9

Good buddy

July 04, 2019
A very mature Hong Kong woman in good shape of soul, mind and body, is looking for a good buddy to do things together, to share views on books & movies, to exchange recipes, and to explore interesting places around us. You're a single guy living in HK, non-smoker, aged 55-65, positive, kind-hearted, appreciate the diversity in people and life . I look forward to hearing from you and let’s take it from there.
ID: 60f5f76b-be7f-4f1b-ac9b-3250e847a0c1

Looking for something more casual.....

July 04, 2019
Hi, cut to the chase first: I'm in my mid 40s, slim built, HKer/American just moved back to HK for about a year. Not embarrassed to say I both look and think at least 10 years younger.

Looking for: westernized guys in 30s-40s, hopefully funny, not having a chip on the shoulder type of guy. At the moment, I'm not looking for anything too serious or "long term", I would just like to "date", and enjoy each other's company.

More about myself..... I guess you can tell I'm more of a no-nonsense kinda girl, am curious in nature, mostly chill, do like to watch sports and movies, enjoy both casual or in depth conversations. Looking for someone that clicks and enjoy time with.
ID: 8aa341fd-b45a-4474-9bd8-60548a1406d9


June 29, 2019
Yes I still believe in chemistry despite being in my 40s, maybe that's because I very much feel like I'm in my late 20s. Fairly new to HK and looking for a partner in crime to check out this new place - so many hiking trails and country parks to explore - HK is way too underrated in my opinion and it would be alot more fun to explore this place with a like-minded someone who enjoys the nature, treasures a new experience and one who fancies a good laugh. Someone who is mature enough to understand the complexity and the intricacy of life, honest enough to be himself and kind enough to help those who are in need. Am not asking for alot cos I fully understand that I cannot have it all - just hoping to meet someone I could enjoy spending time with. Maybe that could be you?
ID: 16a6bac5-0a3a-4795-9467-fec152a28be7

Adventurous Partner Wanted

June 28, 2019
Mid 40's American looking for a relationship with someone who likes to go explore, travel, be adventurous, eat yummy food and try new things like salsa dancing. I've been traveling around Asia but have decided I would like to settle in HK and am working towards making that happen. Having someone to show me the fun side of HK would be great.

I'm very young at heart, and a lot of people I meet think I'm in my 30s. I love to laugh and try to find the humor in most difficult situations in life. I spent too much time when I was younger stressing out and now just want to enjoy everything around me. I'm kind of a mismatch of personality traits and not your traditional type of woman. If you are looking for a meek, subservient female that's definitely not me. Or maybe I just haven't found the right man to tame me yet haha.

Please no married or attached men, for some reason I am very attractive to them here! I'm attracted to most races, really the most important thing is I'm attracted to you brain. Without that it won't work for very long.

I would like to chat a little first and then meet up. Looking forward to hearing from you ;)
ID: 9772c448-4732-4c31-80c6-0f7dfedfb5bb

serious and sincere man only...

June 28, 2019
Nothing more to say.... I JUST NEED LOVE YOU FROM AFAR :-(look for someone between 40 and 60, who can look after me, and mentally stable ;-) and has the smartness to have a good relationship am based here in china working as an english tutor....
ID: 0f7c34a1-5add-46d9-b890-d85ee961e372


June 26, 2019
Im not tall,average body.
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Can you deal with a strong woman by your side

June 23, 2019
I am a strong and independent lady, successful in my job and extroverted. Not every man can deal with that and not feel intimidated.....i am looking for the man who is strong enough to be proud of having a strong partner by his side.
I am late 30th, divorced, no kids, European, well educated and i live a very busy life style (work, travel, friends...). For the right guy i have a lot to offer and values like respect, honesty, truthfulness and support are not just words for me but very very important in a relationship or friendship.

I would look for somebody between 30 and 50, who can look after himself, is mentally stable ;-) and has the smartness to have a good debate and discussion. Would be great if you know how to have fun, enjoy life and have a good humor.

If you are not scared please write me a message and rely somehow to my text so i see it is not a pure copy and past message which was send to all other adds on here before ;-)
ID: 8d970074-0290-433a-970f-521d3a40eff2

British Lady

June 23, 2019
Hi, I’m 55 but a young looking 55, I also have a Young outlook on life.
I’d love to meet you if you are a similar age to me, I’d love to have someone to share the good things in life with.
Let’s chat, exchange photos and take it from there, I’m not looking for one night stands, I’m looking for a serious relationship.
ID: 2e5b3567-232e-409f-b745-4bc63f6e6437