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Indonesian looking for serious man.

February 21, 2019
I'm Indonesian.
Good looking and good manner of course.
I'm looking for man for serious relationship.
ID: cc94e70a-1332-4b6d-acff-b99af43d7b7b

Genuine British Lady.

February 20, 2019
Hi, I’m 55, British and am looking for a genuine Man to share the good things in life with.
I love to travel, like hot/warm weather, beaches and pools.
I’m told I don’t look my age, I certainly don’t feel it.
I like to have fun and smile.
Get in touch, I’d love to hear from you.
I’m not looking for holiday fun or one night stands, looking for someone around my own age also.
ID: 6be0ec16-086b-4fac-b55d-1562f11e9fdd

There must be one or two genuine Men in Hong Kong

February 20, 2019
Hi, I would love to meet a Guy who is actually living and working in Hong Kong, ideally between the ages of 50-57.
I’m a very young at heat 55 year old British Lady who is hopefully looking for a long term relationship, I would love to be able to share the good things in life with someone special.
If you fit the bill then what you waiting for?
Send me a message and let’s see where it takes us.
ID: 2136da3e-6400-4943-8894-b1e3e916da1b

Something in common

February 18, 2019
I’m looking for someone to start from a nice coffee and conversation, then maybe become friend or more if we find something common in each other.
Something about me, I’m 40+ local female who enjoy a chilling lifestyle. Dog lover and enjoy traveling. Spending weekends at a cafe, beach, dog park, movie, concert or yoga class are are wonderful. Hope there’s someone who enjoys similar things out there.
ID: 761cdf57-88e0-47df-b71d-a6bd8271ab7f

I’m looking for a sincere, open-minded, purposeful, persistent, cheerful man, who keeps his words

February 17, 2019
I'm going to meet my true love one soon and that is why I'm here.... If you are young with your soul and heart, if you have smiling eyes, if you can comfort a lady in the moment of sadness and if you can laugh with me in the moment of joy... then we are meant to be together!. I'm waiting for you! I'm a single lady 44 years (widow) living in a town. I'm calm, honest, faithful, caring and a heart filled with love. Have a good job. Like traveling,animals among many other things. I have a 15 year old daughter. If you are under 43 of age, don't to contact me

My hobbies are fishing, cooking, traveling, gardening and volunteering.
ID: 959c92c6-509a-4e81-90d1-0327c7e8b7c6

Cheerful Pinay

February 17, 2019
Im 40years old from Philippines.
No Kids..
Not yet Married before.
Looking for nice and serious guy..
ID: 1b2ab417-2b27-4e74-ac57-4ea709dc87d4

I'm seeking long term relationship

February 17, 2019
l'm 24 years of age. I'm seeking a man to get married. Age doesn't matter. I 'ml'm from Uganda. I need a honest, loving, caring, friendly man.
ID: 77141429-f99a-4c2b-b611-b2b7b9f85437

Looking for some decent company during my visit

February 11, 2019
Hello! In HK for a short visit so want to make it a memorable one. I am quite familiar with the place as visit often. I look like an Indian woman, taller than average women out there. Am a mature lady, 48 years of age. The days pass quite quickly, it’s the night time that drags on as one cannot sit for too long in a bar holding onto a drink, looking at strangers walk by and no one to converse with. It’s truly an ordeal. I want to do something different this time round. I need a partner with whom I can go see a movie, visit an animal shelter for few hours or maybe go for a salsa dance class. I know there is a place in Central doing this. I am amateur at this kind of dance and if you are too then great, we can have a good laugh trying to match our steps OR if you are a pro then you can teach and I will follow. I enjoy learning about different cultures so a platonic meeting chatting about life in general is just as acceptable to me as salsa dance, movies etc. Please be genuine as I am not here to waste time
ID: 50ce0336-8539-44b8-ae81-bac6c5e1b185

drinks, dinners, shopping, decent chatting, etc. for platonic friendships

February 11, 2019

I'm a nice and simple Hong Kong woman. I am looking for nice white gentlemen who are friendly, caring, giving, kind, gentle and generous.

We may go out for drinks, dinners, shopping, decent chatting, etc. for platonic friendships.

Please tell me something about yourself, reply with your name and phone number with WhatsApp.

Hope to meet you in person very soon. Business travelers are also welcome.
ID: f03e4817-d492-45d0-b2d5-2b53031a7031

Seeking a Matured men

February 11, 2019
Hi, I married without love for 20 years.
I realized life is short as I get older.
Most people say that I am still attractive.
I am looking for a matured guy (I wish local HK )
for friendship maybe more.
ID: d538877c-bd9f-45df-94e8-17168a8b93f7

Filipina looking for a mature guy to pamper.

February 11, 2019
I am a Filipina who are looking for a decent guy who are taking his words and actions seriously.
I don't play games and I never will. I am looking for an honest and hopefully a long term partnership.

I am in my mid 30'slokk young though I am petite.
I love and enjoy nature a lot,I can prepare you a nice and yummy dishes,and I know how to make you pamper.
I like going to cinemas but I'll enjoy more if we just stay home with a good movie.

I enjoy all kinds of music genre,though you wouldn't find me in a bar/night clubs as I don't really drink alcohol.

What else can I say....(sigh..) I am not good at selling myself haha!
Please feel free to ask more if I at least catch a bit of your interest.

Just message me here.

Ohhhhh.....but I wouldn't able to reply as I am not a paid member here. Uuuuggggghhhh...so complicated!
ID: a3c913a5-57d3-40d4-937f-a4fd7c0cc07c

Looking to connect with S :)

February 10, 2019
Hi Mr. S,

Hope you are reading it. Saw your ad on Men Wanting Women section and wanted to send you a message but failed so here I am...desperate enough to give it a go! Lol!!

A little about me. I’m 33 yo local who used to live in Australia. Moved back to HK two years ago. 160 cm and 46kg (if that matters lol) happy, good looking, educated (now I sound kinda like a female version of you :P) I enjoy being active, gym, music, beach, food...and I would love to get to know YOU :)

Please be in touch and we will take it from there!

Your admirer,
Ms. S
ID: 50b59512-7782-429a-b8cc-975f8707a143

Serious Ad Here

February 10, 2019
Having a better life, a good job or business are my goals. But i cannot make it alone mostly "I have Nothing".
So here i am now, trying to seek someone who can help me to start a new or better life.
About me, i am single mom with kids.It is hard to be alone while you are raising kids and you dont have a good job or anything. I am very tired in this kind of life, i need to try something to make a solution.

So for me, i am open to hear your offers or deals(job,business,gf,etc) what you have in your mind. Let me know and lets talk about it and see where it will go. I am also open in LTR relationship,Discreet etc...
So if you are intrested kindly drop a line on my box with your viber number or wechat so we can talk and exchange some pics.Hopefully i can find someone here who will save me..

PS. I am not doing this for my own sake only. Pls do not judge me mostly if you dont know me. I am very serious, real and honest here so pls be like that also. Lets not waste our time thanks!
ID: a99399e1-a01b-457d-b3d7-3397c40b23c2

Very nice & pretty woman looking for seriousrelationship

February 10, 2019

Hi guys
ID: 177a8231-4f89-458d-9c35-acd10bf86c05

Fun companion for couple travelling to Macau

February 10, 2019

We are a couple based in HK and planning to spend a fun night in Macau next week, most likely on Wed/Thu (10th or 11th Oct), planning to stay on the Cotai Strip. If anyone is interested in joining us (male or female) for fun, you are most welcome. Drop us a line and we can discuss and plan specifics.

Reply soon,
ID: 5fc732c7-4661-44f6-8be2-548148eb4637

local girl looking for friend

February 10, 2019
I am a local girl, Chinese, 22, looking to meet a guy friend for fun. I am engaged and I live with my fiancé, but he does not mind we have an open relationship. I am just looking for a normal guy who can handle this kind of thing and who likes to have fun. Write me a message and we will see if we fit.
ID: 77894550-d3c4-4de8-807f-823da3bd3ef2

hello friend

February 10, 2019
Hi I am a local Hk lady working in a professional area. I am in mid 40s, average height and weight, look good. During the weekend, I like to do exercise, going to the mountains and nature, meeting friends for movie, food and good conversation. I am single and genuine and would like to have someone also has similar interests, genuine, not reserved and unattached too. Prefer someone in not more than 55 years old.

ID: 4c18d20e-f15c-4c57-b582-f3e067ef8dd3

I hope you are the one

February 10, 2019
I am looking for a soulmate that we can spend time in festives; a man that we can spend time to watch movies, cooking, enjoying good food, wine, going to art gallery, travelling around.....etc together; a man that can share life no matter in good or bad times; a man that needs me be the one in his life. A mid 40 woman here; and hope to receive your message soon; hope you are the Mr. Right!

Happy New Year!
ID: 139c69b9-ba8c-43da-abc9-e8213affcea7

Life is short, hurry up!!!

January 28, 2019
Hi there,
Me: Chinese lady based in shanghai,mid 40's,170cm,average,like movies,sport,travel,foods etc. Never married and want to find a life partner.
Looking for:gentleman,over 45, 175cm and above,well educated,kind and generous,mature and responsible.
ID: 6277622e-3af2-4a6d-8e7a-2984bea5a27c

Relaxed, nice, stylish caucasian

January 13, 2019
Hi there,
Looking for "good, quality" company so are there any CAUCASIAN men who are interested in a caucasian female? I am financially independent, attractive, master degree educated and in good shape.
I am not interested in party goers or young guys. I would prefer more mature men who are easy on the eye, charismatic and who are interested in life. A good head of hair and non-smokers only.
OVER 183cm (6 feet) would be ideal ;-) Drop me a line if you are interested. Would you mind telling me a little about yourself if you reply.
BTW, am not desperate for a relationship nor to get married. But you never know where life will take you ;-)
ID: 3330458b-b3b6-451d-b51d-194b63b5d743