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Looking for some decent company during my visit

Posted 12/13/2018

Hello! In HK for a short visit so want to make it a memorable one.

I am quite familiar with the place as visit often. I look like an Indian woman, taller than average women out there. Am a mature lady, 48 years of age. The days pass quite quickly, it’s the night time that drags on as one cannot sit for too long in a bar holding onto a drink, looking at strangers walk by and no one to converse with. It’s truly an ordeal.

I want to do something different this time round. I need a partner with whom I can go see a movie, visit an animal shelter for few hours or maybe go for a salsa dance class. I know there is a place in Central doing this. I am amateur at this kind of dance and if you are too then great, we can have a good laugh trying to match our steps OR if you are a pro then you can teach and I will follow.

I enjoy learning about different cultures so a platonic meeting chatting about life in general is just as acceptable to me as salsa dance, movies etc :) .Please be genuine as I am not here to waste time.

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Soulmate wanted!!

Posted 12/13/2018

I am looking for the right ONE....the one i fully connect with, who shares the same values as myself and who wants to enjoy the nice things in Life together.

I am sure you are somewhere out there and we just haven't crossed ways yet!

My idea about you is that you are between 32 and 48, well educated, open minded to different cultures and opinions, smart and you know how to look after yourself ;-). You love adventures and travelling as much as i do but you also don't mind a nice cosy evening on the sofa with a good movie and a glas of wine.

If this sounds like you please get in contact but show me that you are willing to make an effort and write me a bit more than just a copy and past message.....tell me what you are passionate about (but please not just the standards like traveling and sports ;-)).....me for example i love old trees.....and Eurovision song contest (which gives likely away where i am from ;-))

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Somewhere between friends and Ltr

Posted 12/11/2018

I'm looking for attention that I don't get during the day, just be honest searching to keep from being another lonely human being. Not trying to change my situation. Would like to meet a man closer to my own age and at least with a good sense of humor and curiousity.
I know you're outhere. Nothing to lose

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Hope you are the right one

Posted 12/10/2018


I am a mid 40 woman; and looking for a serious relationship and a soulmate that can share life together.

Not interested in any causal relationship. I hope you can feel me by reading this ad. I believe in fate, and hope to receive your message soon.

Good day!

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Caring, Passionate and Kind....hope you are the same!

Posted 12/07/2018

I would love to hear from guys who are looking for a long term relationship and keen to stay in HK for at least the next two years.

Ideally, you will have similar values to myself (naturally this is very personal and perhaps hard to ascertain over email) However, those three traits are important to me and essential in a future partner, as is personal integrity.

I am an international lady (42 years young, although often get mistaken for early 30's) well educated, open-minded, currently pursuing a career as a Native English Teacher.

Love cooking (I really miss my oven) fine food, comedy, reading, movies and music. I also love the occasional big night out and a bit of a dance with the girls....I have a nice life and, at present, it is relatively straightforward and uncomplicated...I want to share my current romantic dinners for one, with a caring and interesting man who is understanding and mature enough to be looking for a longer term relationship. Ideally, I am looking for a man who is easy to get on with and, communicate with - who will fit into my life without complicating it.....too much!

If any of the above appeals or at least intrigues....I'd love to hear from you.....

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Russian woman looking for serious relationship

Posted 12/03/2018

Hello, I'm based in Moscow but I'm sure that the distance is not a problem if we want to find a right person for life. I am 39, love sport activities, nature and looking for a man with common interests. Write me for more information.

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Let's Explore

Posted 11/30/2018

Thank you for reading my post here.

I am in my mid-40’s, liberated and free, just a normal lady missing male companionship, certainly not rushing into anything serious either. I enjoy comedies and have a good laugh (the Mighty Boosh, Little Britain, Micky Flanagan, Jimmy Carr; and, exploring the many aspects of this delightful city has on offer. Like to join?

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Looking for serious man.

Posted 11/30/2018

Hi,have a good day.
I'm Indonesian,29 years old.
My height 155cm,weight 47kg.

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Looking for something serious

Posted 11/24/2018

With tons of easy girls on tinder and bumble, I wonder if there are still any guys looking for something serious. I'm sick and tired of searching for that person in the pond, so I figured I would just simply post an ad here and see how it goes.

I'm a 26-year-old professional working in HK, independent, laid back and well-travelled. I take good care of myself. Coffee is my everyday essential, and I hit the gym a few times a week, enjoy a nice drink after a long week and prefer staying in the country at weekend.

Looking for someone who is in his mid-20s to 30s, preferably Caucasian who share similarities and is ready for a meaningful relationship. Look forward to hearing from you :)!

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Life is too short to not enjoy.....

Posted 11/24/2018

Life is too short to not enjoy.....
I'm an overseas Hong Kong Chinese female with an easy-going positive attitude, am sociable, independent, loves to smile/laugh and has a personality to match. I enjoy being in the company of those who carry great conversation along with a good sense of humor. Life is too short to not enjoy and live to the fullest, so I truly value a good work-life balance (particularly here in HK), so traveling, movies, music, keeping healthy/fit, hiking, watching sports, enjoying quiet nights in with home cooking are some of my interests. I am told I'm attractive, being thoughtful, caring, open, and genuine are important values - doesn't matter if it's just a friendship or a relationship. I'm seeking a male who also values these attributes, a non-smoking, mature who is done "playing the field," doesn't care for the LKF/Wan Chai scene, knows what he needs/wants and is ideally ready for a meaningful relationship with the right person. You are in your 30's to 40’s Caucasian who appreciates chinese culture/values, intelligent, active, who believes in a leading a balanced, healthy lifestyle. You should enjoy traveling, the sun, beautiful beaches, mountains and the sea. If this has sparked any interest or curiosity, then do drop me a line...cheers!

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Let’s give it a go

Posted 11/23/2018

Hello, I’m here to see who is out there looking for a sweet but sarcastic woman. I have much to give as I feel best making others people laugh, or by just lending an ear.I’m a bit of a spontaneous and outspoken woman, but you know what.... I have a bit of a soft side as well. I suck at the bar and club scene....just like to dance and enjoy a bit of wild with my friends when I go out.... but I love a guy who can bust his moves on the dance floor. I love to meet people who have interests different than mine .... as I love to try and experience with the person.... even if I make an ass of myself . I have a lot of passion, silly, ideas, and just a genuine perspective on life.... I know that sounds cheesy .... cmon.... let’s just give it a go .

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Looking for a nice guy

Posted 11/23/2018

Hi, I am a local, going to be 35 soon, looking for decent guy who is around 30-40, to hang out with or go hiking, friends first.

I am kind and patient, but maybe like to banter when we are more familiar to each other (but not at the beginning probably, I guess, I am quite polite lol)

Not the kind of business women or tough women, more like normal girl next door type (okey, probably not girl anymore, so it's "woman-next-door"? haha)

Don't have account here so cannot reply to your ad, do message me if you are interested, cheers

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Are you looking for love? read here!

Posted 11/19/2018

I am looking for it too! (You may go back to read others now, or you may continue to check me out)
I am a mature minded beyond actual age, may be very intelligent, don't like hiding, cheating, no religion bound, young loving heart local woman.

btw, I almost forget how a good man was.
Tell me if you know some.
Lets sit together, you tell me the details, in a nice afternoon, or midnight.
You may be want a drink of wine, I always coffee first.
Open minded people welcome only.

Good luck to me!

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Dear all

Posted 11/18/2018

I am a mature fun lady who seeking a like mind friend and starting from there. 50+ but look like 10 years younger. 163 ‘ 99 lb Enjoy sport and living in healthy living style And cooking home. Enjoy nature love hiking . Single. No kids. Seeking somebody who is living and working in Hong Kong. I am a good listener. Good luck in your searching

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Fat Lady

Posted 11/14/2018

Hello :)
I am a happy 40s+ Chinese fat lady. Looking to meet Chinese gentleman who is comfortable with a bigger heart fat lady.

Feel free to contact me. Cheers! :)

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Hope to find my better half.

Posted 11/13/2018

Hello, My name is Miranda. I will say am down to earth, hope to find a man with good heart who will hold my hand to walk this journey called life. If you are single and ready to give this a try please drop me a message and i will respond without no delay, A trial will convince you...

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Prove to me that there are uncomplicated men out there.

Posted 11/09/2018

I’m a young at heart British lady, will be 55 towards the end of November, I still feel 35 and told I look good.
My eyes and my smile are my best feature.
I live in Tung Chung, I’m looking for a caring, loyal, uncomplicated man to share good times with, preferably between the age of 50 and 57.
I don’t smoke, I like to have the occasional social drink.
I love to travel, love beach holidays and the sun, enjoy swimming outdoors and like to have fun.
If you think you fit the bill then come on, What you waiting for? Send me a message, you’ll be glad you did.

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Posted 11/08/2018

Looking to meet single/unattached, non-smoker, overseas-born Chinese (or Hong Kong-born locals who have lived overseas), late 30's to 50's, for movies, good food, checking out new restaurants, leisurely walks, etc. I'm not into noisy/crowded bar scenes. I prefer quiet/comfortable places where one could have relaxed dinners and meaningful conversations, share life experiences, etc. If the above sounds like you, please drop me a message, thanks!

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Looking for a good,attractive loving and caring man

Posted 11/07/2018

They said "we don't realize what we have been missing until it arrives and One day someone will walk into your life and make realize why it never worked out with anyone else..." I want to be the special man for that special woman who is ready to break down her walls of fear and heartbreak and hold onto the threshold that leads to Love and endless possibilities.Prefer someone who is 45 to 67 years old.

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Looking for a good,attractive man

Posted 11/07/2018

They said "we don't realize what we have been missing until it arrives and One day someone will walk into your life and make realize why it never worked out with anyone else..." I want the special man for that special woman who is ready to break down her walls of fear and heartbreak and hold onto the threshold that leads to Love and endless possibilities. i want a man between 45 to 67 years.

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