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Are you there for me...

January 17, 2022
Hi.... I am a local female in the age of 48. I am looking for a genuine heart to share talk, interest, dining and happiness together. I am 166cm tall and hopefully you are over 175cm. I am currently working in marketing industry.
Life is full of challenges as word is just word. Let's try and see how it goes...
ID: d3ca2ed1-ceb3-4442-834b-8d94cb4650bd

Looking for the right one

January 05, 2022
Hi there, I'm a Hong Kong lady in my late 30's, looking for a caring and patient gentleman, friends first and hopefully to find a match for a relationship. Dog and animal lover.

Do send me a message if you are interested to chat:)
ID: 45de4606-b378-4dce-8fad-6ee93b7c442a

Looking for New year Eve buddy for a drink

December 28, 2021

I’m a young girl that just broke up with my bf and I’m looking for a guy to take me out on the new year Eve! Simple as that.

Text me here https://wa.me/85261799646

See you soon
ID: b1188452-22f2-476f-8643-ddaea2882dc5

Chemistry matters

December 26, 2021
I am looking for a young lad(any race), between 30s to 40s for friendship or more. As the title states, chemistry is important. Please send a photo with an introduction if you are keen.
ID: a251f64a-5297-4750-aa6c-b0811e1563e6

Are you the one?

December 23, 2021
I'm quite attractive, sporty, semi-introvert, never married, still in search of my Prince. Prefer Chinese, aged 43-50, based in HK. Do drop me a line if you're single and we'll catch up over coffee.
ID: 2b423773-6e7c-4172-aa5f-99e5ed39813f

looking for the special one

December 18, 2021
i am a local Chinese, in my 40's, quite independent, calm, thoughtful and a good listener. eat healthy and go to the gym sometimes. I enjoy movies, reading and nice conversation with friends and family.

i am looking for a down to earth, reliable and trustworthy man who enjoy doing simple things together. Christian preferred.

Divorced many years ago. Past experience made me understand that both persons need to spend effort to maintain a loving and caring relationship. Hope to love and be loved. i wish that when i am old, my partner still enjoys spending time with me to do all the little things in life.

ID: efc5c82d-07a8-4b58-b764-ce6c38e1f23f


November 27, 2021
I am a mature local Chinese woman, nice and young looking, well-educated, have a pleasant character and enjoy good work-life balance. I am seeking a compatible guy aged 60 or above, who is looking for a partner on the long road traveled. Please get in touch on the hot mail and let’s connect.
ID: 01a5c100-dad0-4c34-a21b-91c7da134ef1

Light After Dark!

November 25, 2021
Sometimes the love of your life comes after the mistake of your life…
ID: 4d5eb35c-5f83-4f57-a167-d6d678166a87

Share a laugh

November 19, 2021
A mature Hong Kong woman endowed with a happy soul, calm mind and nice young look... I am retiring, will stay active and hope to meet a compatible guy for friendship, to go on outing, enjoy a relaxing lunch, see a movie or visit a gallery, etc.
ID: ae37d146-ba5a-4406-a7df-c715443030d7

I'm looking for a soulmate

November 11, 2021
I am a single lady with a son living alone with my boy.. I am very honest and will tell it the way it is. If you pick interest in me and you will like to know more about me kindly feel free to express yourself by telling me what you are looking for on here. I will be available to speak and chat with you on skype. If you are a skype user then let get to know each other in real life.
ID: 6dd73134-c546-4a0f-b275-ec20d9969f80


October 17, 2021
Keep believing in love. The people from your past will become a distant memory. Some of them broke your trust. Some of them may have taken you for granted and hurt you while all you did was love them, But when the right person shows up in your life, all that has happened to you won’t matter anymore...
ID: b8bc99cd-8c5a-4085-880f-bac068fa416d

Good buddy

September 30, 2021
I am a mature Chinese woman in good shape of soul, mind and looks, hoping to meet a friend to share views on books & movies, to exchange recipes, and to explore interesting places around us. You're a single guy currently living in HK, a non-smoker, aged 55-65, positive, kind-hearted, appreciate the diversity in life and people.
ID: 5bdaa05f-d8ef-4155-afc2-9c0f02b030cd

Are you "the one"?!

September 28, 2021
British Born Chinese lady, late forties, single and looking for her knight in shining armour.
I'm originally from London but moved to HK 21 years ago.
I'm more into quiet lunches and dinners or a few drinks rather than attending parties. Looking for like minded men late forties or above of any nationality for friendship first and if we click that would be a bonus!
ID: 55d25546-d806-4f1c-8b93-d1ba85d945ea

Widen circle of friends

September 26, 2021
I don't have any outward appearance definition for a person that I prefer. I hope to meet people mature, with more life experiences and are now more relaxed with themselves and the world.

Live a simple life but like to joke n cheer things up. Like fresh air, nature etc.

I'm a Chinese lady in 50s. Single. Doing voluntary services.

God bless.
ID: 171698b8-e82b-4422-9aa5-29707e3ac1f2

Finding my future husband that can love me true, No scammer please, I'm tired to be broken.

September 13, 2021
I am a simple woman but have a big heart, I know everyone deserve to be loved, so I don't lose hope to finding my man that can take care my heart and respect me who I am.
ID: 22f1f9a5-42e9-4929-a179-3ea86e29e562

Fit, Beautiful And Attractive Model

September 05, 2021
I am intelligent, beautiful and attractive American model, I visited HK a while ago, before Covid19. I liked it there and would love to visit again. Meanwhile, I want to have a good reason to visit this time, so I decided to find me a Hongkong love, since I am single.

If you are down to find a genuine and fun filled love, let's make it happen.

ID: b2a9ae3b-8d38-4e75-9fbd-d8c8f7f4ad7d

Looking for Mr Calm

September 04, 2021
If you are patient, funny, adventurous, calm and after all can be my Wonderwall, please message me.
ID: 889ed6f9-528b-46b4-90d6-2d9b0f5e3cfc

Love or not during the covid 19.

August 22, 2021
Stuck in HK for the last 2 years. Didn’t travel, couldn’t see friends or hang out. Wanna to know and meet new friends. Are you up for it and see how it goes ? Looking for age btw 45 to 50. No scammer please.
ID: 62ab54e2-6d0a-44ab-b6d4-bce44f4eef01

Looking for you

August 07, 2021
I am matured women single mom small petite morena lady from phillipines...i qm looking for a foreign who is also wanting same we can be friend or anything hit me up stands 4'11 weight 45 kg waiting for u
ID: 91dc72c1-94dc-4c01-a3ed-15c6eeb483d9

Serious Ad Here

February 10, 2019
Having a better life, a good job or business are my goals. But i cannot make it alone mostly "I have Nothing".
So here i am now, trying to seek someone who can help me to start a new or better life.
About me, i am single mom with kids.It is hard to be alone while you are raising kids and you dont have a good job or anything. I am very tired in this kind of life, i need to try something to make a solution.

So for me, i am open to hear your offers or deals(job,business,gf,etc) what you have in your mind. Let me know and lets talk about it and see where it will go. I am also open in LTR relationship,Discreet etc...
So if you are intrested kindly drop a line on my box with your viber number or wechat so we can talk and exchange some pics.Hopefully i can find someone here who will save me..

PS. I am not doing this for my own sake only. Pls do not judge me mostly if you dont know me. I am very serious, real and honest here so pls be like that also. Lets not waste our time thanks!
ID: a99399e1-a01b-457d-b3d7-3397c40b23c2