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Single mom

Posted 11/24/2017

I am from HK. 39 years old and have been separated with the cheating husband. Now I am finally got over and ready for a new adventure. I am confident to say. People always call me beautiful mama, so I am confident to my appearance.

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Beautiful Single Mum ( I am told)

Posted 11/18/2017

Hi, I am 47,people see me as a beautiful and confident woman....I have a 12 yo son,and a teacher. I arrived in hk in 99, spent 12 years, had a blast, and I am back now and all my friends are gone and have moved on. I met some really nice people but was focused on my career. I married and divorced very young...i wanted to be independent...big mistake, my ex husband from New Zealand was great but I had to leave and came to Hong kong. Now at 47 I am looking for an honest man, loyal,fun,handsome and good communicator to hopefully have a serious relationship with. I am sorry but I prefer Caucasian, like myself.

I have done heaps in my life and think I have done my part of good deeds and helping others. Now I would really.love for someone to love me.and someone I can lean on and trust. I am French with a huge mix of origins.

When I first arrived here 20 years ago I was the party goer and organiser. I am not in that mood anymore,still want to have fun though as for each age there is different fun...otherwise I love the outdoors,surf, ski,volleyball, swimming, having a nice dinner with great company and love dancing.

Ok, if you.would like to get to know me please send me a message with a brief description of your expectations.


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looking for a nice guy for marriage

Posted 11/18/2017

Single woman in her early 40s, charming, strong, independent, who is looking for a nice western gentleman to settle down seriously. I love all natural stuff, like watching sports games, and sometimes I'd love to participate in outdoor activities like tennis, hiking, traveling...Hopefully you're coming from North America and we can exchange some emails and know each other from this way. Thank you!

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Very Simple wish

Posted 11/13/2017

If you are looking for an easy going woman to hangout with , like dinner , coffee, movies, concerts, wine tasting.... etc .

P.S. I'm not ugly :)

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Friends and Beyond for the Mature (aka 40+)

Posted 11/03/2017

We are a group of mature singles, age 40+, hanging out on a regular basis (dining, live music, comedy show, coffee etc). Great company with the potential to meet someone special. If you want to be part of the group events, please send me a message. When replying, please kindly provide your name and phone number so that I can add you to our whatsapp group. Thanks!

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Still waiting.....

Posted 10/31/2017

A Hong Kong born single,mature lady aged 54 looking for a like-minded, non-smoking, health conscious man (Asian or Caucasian) between 48-58 LOCALLY (if you are not living in Hong Kong please do not reply), with similarities on personalities and interests, and interested in a serious, long lasting and committed relationship that will lead to marriage if chemistry sparks.

The ideal man would be down to earth, sincere, non-judgemental, non smoking, reliable,clean and tidy, honest, healthy ( both mentally and physically) and playful ( here I only mean being active and sociable, like making jokes and bearing a sense of humor). He must like eating because I like trying different kinds of food around the world:) , He doesn’t need to be rich but he must bear a big heart to respect people from all walks of life. I would like him to share some of my interests like hiking, travelling, boating and fishing, movies, cooking, gardening, walking along beaches and….more. Am I asking too much? I hope not! Let’s get in touch if you think we might click. You are best over 5 ft 7 as I am not short…..hehehe!! Although I cannot consider myself a young lady but I am very young at heart and by appearance. And I believe a person’s beauty is mainly from the inside. I can prove it and you will not be disappointed. Want a new start? Write me! Cheers!

p.s. When you reply, please copy and paste your profile including your age and location please.

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An elegant Lady who is waiting

Posted 10/31/2017

I'm 48 years old pretty lady and still single. I' m Hong Kong Chinese but I had been travelled many countries before. So that, all of my ex-boyfriends who're Caucasian anyway.

In additional, I'm looking serious/long term boyfriend now. If possisble can lead to relationship of marriage. I like all types music,reading books, outside dining and see movie some time.
Pls drop yr. lovely message to here if you have interest to me. I'm waiting for you now,my dear.

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looking for mentor (male 45-65)

Posted 10/30/2017

looking for mentor (male 45-65)
Posted 11 mths ago Category: ID: c1fe420e-da48-4cec-832b-e884a770e6e8
i am from Shanghai. I am looking for a mentor with good body shape , between 45-65 yrs and above 175cm. same importantly, he is kind, openminded social, bit sportive and successful with healthy lifestyle , easy-going, positive.. to share good conversation and help me come out of my mid life crisis.. hope i did not make criteria so complicated. above all, he is strong in mind and kind in heart. i want him to inspire me

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Looking for a man whom i can share my life with

Posted 10/30/2017

i am 29years old,single Filipina.Computer Engineering by profesion.i was in hongkong twice.I am looking for a man whom i can share my life with.,loving and responsible person.

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Looking for a long term relationship...

Posted 10/30/2017

Hi, this is simple girl from Philippines.30 years old .working here in Hongkong for 3 years and counting.... I decided to post here because one of my friend advice me.. She found her forever in this site... They just got married last month.. That's y I crossed my finger to meet also a guy here hopefully...

Hope to hear from you...

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Relaxed and easy-going caucasian female

Posted 10/30/2017

Hi there, Are there any tall caucasian males out there wishing to meet a female caucasian? (preferably a European male) If there are any males who are not too young and who are interested in stimulating company, hanging out or hiking, drop me a line. By the way, am not interested in guys under 6' (189cm) and am not interested in non-europeans. I would prefer a well educated, financially independent male, professional, kind and charismatic, quite sporty and definitely non-smoker and clean living. I am pretty fit and have looked after myself very well

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Attractive female looking for chemistry

Posted 10/30/2017

HI there, I am an attractive caucasian female seeking the company of a male caucasian in his 40s or 50s. No strings attached would be ideal to start with. I am very healthy, a non-smoker, independent and fun to be with. I am not looking for young non-caucasians so please do not reply if you do not fit the criteria. I am not interested in young guys, smokers, party animals and non-europeans. BTW, very tall, intelligent charismatic guys please feel fee to apply. Intellectual chemistry is magic.

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Seeking for a Caucasian companion who wants to settle down. 38-55 y/0

Posted 10/30/2017

I believe in chemistry and law of attraction. Similar attracts similar, in terms of intelligence, gentle, kindness, positive, considerate, respect, witty and good heart. Simply, if you meet someone who is not similar type, you hardly make very good friend to each other? Do you agree?

Besides the above described, I am also a cheerful person, finance independent, self confidence and attractive. You won't stop laughing if you around me, at least I won't make you cry, OK!

I am at my early 40's, sorry I look like 30's, petite, Hong Kong Chinese and well traveled. Single and never married. Yes, bad luck still have not yet got any relationship leads to marriage. Well, although bad luck, we still need to live with hope! You also! :) I know what I want, work hard, work smart and play hard. Already enjoyed enough night lives and now prefer simple healthy life. Exercise and eat healthily. Shop only when needs, dress up classy when fine dine, dress causal on causal days. Travels a lot to see the world and understand people and their cultures. Curious to world news which make me realize how lucky of me living with no wars and no suffers!

OK, thanks for reading my post. If you find you are also similar person, Caucasian, age between 38 - 55. Looking for settle down or marriage (different to sugar mami)? Seeking for a listener and wise talker (sorry different Taro reader)? Looking for a shoulder to lean on and a care taker (different to mami)? Let's try to see if we clicks? Any witty Christian? Looking forward to your contact and see how things go next!

Good luck to me and your love searching!
I am sure you will be blessed with good luck and be realized a smart handsome boy if you remember to reply with a photo. Blink blink ;)

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A young new expat

Posted 10/22/2017

I am a young interesting lady, dynamic and very versatile at things and activities. I am shy and reserve especially whenever I finf myself in a new environment. I am new in this wonderful city, I moved here just few weeks ago. I am enjoying the vibe of the city and I would like to make it more interesting by meeting and making friends with a perfect gentle man, someone to share my daily experiences with and to have deep conversation, someone I can share my early morning coffee with and also enjoy the afternoon tea with. I like Hong kong and I cherish it people, people seems to be very nice to you here especially as a foreigner, my experience so far has been awesome.
I am a very simple lady and I live a simple life style, I like the good things of life but needs are more important to me than luxury. I am a open book type of woman looking forward to meet and make friends, I will like to meet like minded people with positive vibe, an active gentle man with good intention. Someone who like to talk, Someone with an interesting personality, someone who like to go out and enjoy good food. I hope you can show me around the city and we can explore and try new things together. If you think or believe you fit in kindly drop me a note, a dinner or a coffee break would be nice to start with. I work in the Education sector and I have been in this field for quite a number of years, working with children is a little bit challenging but I enjoy doing it, they are little saint with clean heart and soul.
Don't hesitate to drop a message if you're interested in me and my childish attitude... hahaha...

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Very pretty Single mum

Posted 10/22/2017

Athletic slim

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Western Man seeking a Chinese woman for marriage

Posted 10/16/2017

Hello i'm from United state I am seeking for a long term relationship that will lead to marriage with Someone special to capture my heart and knows how to handle it with care, one who will cherish me,i am looking for someone to love as well, Capture my heart,Someone kind and affectionate and believe in romance A real person, who likes them self and is comfortable with who they are, even if not where they are,i am seeking someone who can keep up with me, challenge me and inspire me. And who is intelligent, has ideas, may be creative and has needs and/or expectations to be fulfilled,I am looking for my soul mate to share lives dreams with, someone who still believes in romance,fun,and is a true gentle woman at heart..please contact me if you think we can build something together and see where it leads i'm very serious about it.. please only serious person should contact me.. Thank you...

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Looking for a compatible Mature Man

Posted 10/15/2017

Mature, independent expat looking for a mature man (48-60). I am presentable and young at heart. I like to travel, try new restaurants and see live music. I also enjoy quiet time- reading, watching movies at home and the outdoors. In fact I love trying new things and am interested in life in general. I am an extrovert and I like making friends and socialising, but I really miss having a partner in crime, best friend, or soul mate. Although I am happy in my life now I hope to find a special partner again.

I am divorced with grown, independent children. I am looking for a man in a similar stage in life, who is serious about finding a partner. I have been living in Asia for 20 + years and I love the culture and food of HK and Asia in general. I have no preferences in race, ethnicity or nationality. I would like to meet a single, divorced or widowed man,( not married or separated ) with or without children who lives in Hong Kong full time. It would be great if you are fit, relaxed, openminded, kind, honest and believe in karma and doing good in this world, not religious, not rigid, not a Trump supporter, and not a romance scammer.

Thank you for taking the time to read my add. If you would like to reply, please be kind enough to send a recent photo with your response. Good luck in your search.

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Believe in love

Posted 10/15/2017

I like to laugh. Simple things could make me laugh easily. I'm caring, positive, bubbly, like to eat, wines, music, sing and traveling. I am very respectful and committed into a serious relationship. I hope to find someone who is around my age (35-40) or older to develop a relationship, to laugh together and to share good and bad things in life. I do not have a list of requirements because I believe feeling and comfortably being together should come first. Drop me a note if you would like to meet up for dinner, movies, coffee, wines and etc.

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Looking for a date

Posted 10/11/2017

Are you planning to eat out in this upcoming holiday or go shopping with me at weekend? :) I'm young charming elegant single woman, if you feel yourself cool, decent, easygoing, don't hesitate to leave a message.

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Only for those who are looking for Serious Long Term Relationship only

Posted 10/08/2017

I am a local HK girl in my mid-30s, looking for a very serious relationship. Life to me is simple. I only need food, a place to live and the Internet. That's it. I don't enjoy shopping like other girls as long as I have the basic needs. I like great food especially desserts and I like reading and singing too. I tried so many other websites and meeting people in real, I still could not find my Mr. Right. Since you are reading my ad right now, I guess there are at least some connection between you and me. If you are thinking the same, please write me a message and see how things will go on. You will never know if you don't try, right? Oh, by the way, it would definitely a plus if you can speak Cantonese. Hope to hear from you soon. Have a nice day!! =)

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