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I wish to find a nice man for a serious relationship here

June 17, 2021
I am Alexis, I am 26 years old, I am a pharmacist, I am from Miami Florida USA, I wish to find a nice man here, add me to your WhatsApp if you are serious about having a serious relationship .
ID: 304fea26-fda9-41c9-bbec-68c14da88f0a

looking for Male friends

June 11, 2021
Hi there, hk gal is getting bored, looking for new friends to hangout . Chat, enjoy good food and sports ...
white men is preferable sorry !
looking forward to hearing back from you guys;)


ID: c2092cac-933e-4305-8284-8622472cf1d9

Looking for Chinese or Caucasian Expat Guy

June 04, 2021
Hello there, it is my first time to post ad here, I am an Asian woman and looking for an Asian expat guy in Hong Kong. I like positive people, I like to stay around people who also have positive vibes like me, not always wining or being victims. I think this is the most important thing nowadays to stay around with people who have positive energy especially of Covid. Both Mental and Spiritual is our first concern. I like Middle East Cusine, like Hummus with Pita Bread, if you found one which is very very delicious in Hong Kong. Please bring me there and check it out together . I was a model before and working in airline for 12 years, so I know so well all the great food around the world but not in HK. And now I am a full time yoga instructor and have a yoga studio in Hong Kong Island. If you found my background is interesting to you. And also you are the one I am looking for. Be brave and drop me a line.
ID: 9e91e040-44c5-4759-909e-88d3afcc1af1

Happy mature friend

May 19, 2021
I am a mature Hong Kong woman endowed with a happy soul, calm mind and nice young look. I am retiring, will stay active and hope to meet a compatible guy for friendship, to go on an outing, enjoy long lunch, see a movie or visit a gallery, etc. I am an eastislander. You’re welcome to visit me at the hot mail.

ID: d588e713-fba5-462b-a523-0ed901984003

Hello I want to find someone special

May 11, 2021
Hello I'm Mia I'm from Morocco im 20 years old I'm looking for a good person
ID: 07cf7a6f-b279-447c-8d91-ca1e0f151608

Soft Hearted And Loyal Woman

May 08, 2021
My name is Erica, I am beautiful and intelligent, I have a soft heart which makes me allergic to tough handling, you've got to handle me with care. I am loyal and respectful, you would be glad you found me.
ID: cff255e0-cc61-42fa-9e0b-915dec5f46ef

Good buddy

April 24, 2021
A very mature Hong Kong woman in good shape of soul, mind and body is looking for a good buddy to do things together, to share views on books & movies, to exchange recipes, and to explore interesting places around us. You're a single guy living in HK, non-smoker, aged 55-65, positive, kind-hearted, appreciate the diversity in life and people.
ID: 46feea44-3411-4727-a526-41bc5f02c692

Looking for matured guy

April 23, 2021
I am asian lady. Im looking for matured expat guy to hang out and see how it goes. I am open minded easy going and drama free person. I like exploring different things if we both agree about it. If you want to know me you know what to do.
ID: 68f0f5fa-a196-431e-984a-b2665e027348

European gal looking for long term relationship

April 18, 2021
European lady, 48, attractive, slim, independent, happy, positive with a good sense of humour. I work in the healthcare field and love what I do. Love catching up with friends, hiking, traveling when it’s not a pandemic and a real foodie!

Enjoys intelligent and interesting conversations about any topic, and I'm looking for a life partner who is fun to be with, makes me laugh and is romantic and nurturing (plus financially stable).

Looking for someone who's interested in a long term relationship - who wants commitment & stability. Also someone I can really talk to and connect with emotionally, physically and intellectually.

If this sounds like you, please get in touch!

Nothing ventured nothing gained... Carpe diem!
ID: 940b36a9-95f5-4a3c-a76d-f9abb2d81e46

Ready to settle down

April 15, 2021
Hi there, I am a local hk lady, have a decent job, 165cm tall, around 110p, long black hair.
love hiking, art exhibitions, cinema goer, foodie, enjoy travels, intelligent conversation, different cultures, love history etc...
single, no kids, never married.
Look for ready-to-settle-down-man, drama free, respect-to-each- otherish relationship.
Let’s start with a drink, be friends and see what happens.
I am happy to stay in hk or go to your county in long term.
Ideal type: aged 40+ To 5X man, over 170cm tall( so that I can wear heels haha) , hkger, Asian( but not India, Indonesian, Pakistan, Middle East) , Caucasian. Single or divorced also fine but not separated or unavailable man. No time waster please. ;)
More importantly, you must live in hk now
:) charie6(at)HotmealDogCome
ID: bc5745c1-66c6-4ffa-83eb-7f2b644c220a

Going for a walk?

April 12, 2021
In my mid 30s, outdoor and active in sports. Usually quite tan for a Chinese : )
Looking for someone serious about relationship but wouldn't mind starting it lightly and gently. I think communication is important as a foundation. willingness to take time to get to know each other would make me comfortable because I am a bit of introvert underneath my outgoing appearance.
ID: 25b58517-d514-45e1-9338-8a41ca1a2c6e

Would like to date with mature Chinese gentlemen

April 05, 2021
Dear all, I am a HK born Chinese lady at my early thirties. I am 155cm tall and weight 110lbs.

I would like to date mature local or overseas Chinese gentlemen age over 50s, elder is fine to me, no matter with their statues. Hope we can enjoy fine dining, riding around and doing exercise, releasing ourself from the stressful life.
Hope to hear from you, see you.

ID: 8a43aab2-28a7-4d78-9bb5-57a3afa51b06


March 19, 2021
I am a mature local Chinese woman, nice and young looking, well-educated, have a pleasant character and enjoy good work-life balance. I am seeking a compatible guy aged 60 or above, who is looking for a life partner on the long road traveled. Please get in touch on the hot mail and let’s connect.
ID: c331f540-c64b-4bb3-9763-bf49eddaa7d9

Looking western guy

March 11, 2021
Hi to all I am shiela 38 from Philippines and I am living here in hk 10 years now and I am looking someone I can talk.i am enjoying meet new people over dinner,drinks ,hike,camp,etc.if you interested to know more about me send me a message and we can swap number?i am looking minded and looking long term relationship also.
ID: dfece94d-9005-49fe-b7ec-d3a6dc8cf60e

Looking for long term relationship

March 10, 2021
I'm a Chinese, 58, 1.5m in height, 45kg in weight. I had a 24 year marriage, but we are like brother sister living together for at least 22 years. I love to work out in the gym, 3-4 hours each day. Love to sing and watch Chinese comedy. I am not so fond of travelling. I'm pro-Beijing and it's important we share the same political view. Looking for an affectionate man to hold hands, to kiss, hug...I have an above average appearance and look 20 years younger for my age. Prefer Chinese or Westerner, 48-68. Scammers can save your breath, as you won't get 1 cent from me.
ID: 74961e47-8759-4d43-9355-63232c79c86a

Start as friends

March 06, 2021
I am looking for a committed relationship in the long term but I want everything to start as casual friendship. Nothing dramatic or too serious. Am just looking for people whom I feel comfortable to hang out with. I think I am more connected to western guys because of my education background. It would be nice you like hiking and prefer a lifestyle away from the city.
ID: 6919de69-bc40-49c6-a511-7a86a4477718

Come find out together what I should be looking for

March 01, 2021
Ive read few posts here of 'women wanting men' before I write mine. Interesting that most of them seem from very nice and 'proper' ladies.
I was thinking to myself that they all sounded very nice...maybe no one would want to write to me...hahaha
So I guess that I should introduce a little about myself
I am a female, from Hong Kong. Been working and living in the UK and US before.
I'd prefer to speak English than other language. No offence, I don't find Cantonese an romantic language
I don't speak mandarin either cuz we were not taught in school ((IN my generation)) haha
I am in my 40sto50s...so I'd prefer to meet or talk to some mature ones than younger ones.
Not tall
Not fat nor slim
NEVER smoke

Like the title said, let's chat and see what I should be looking for here....

ID: fc0f2e6f-a0d9-4135-991a-91d1000c9437

Long-term companion/soulmate

February 25, 2021
Female Chinese HKer, overseas educated, looking to meet Overseas-born Chinese / Westernized HK Chinese / Caucasian guy who is single/unattached, non-smoker, 40’s to early-50’s, for friendship, or stable relationship.

(I’m not interested in ONS/flings/casual sex/discreet relationships, thanks!)

I enjoy meeting new people, good food, watching movies, travelling, nature walks, reading, etc. Let’s communicate here, smilehk888 in googel male, to know more. Looking for a long-term companion to enjoy a simple but happy life together.
ID: e8fe9f9f-6e5b-4066-a06a-a510a1c98020

looking for decent man for a long term relationship

February 25, 2021
Hi, I am asian woman, mid 40's who's looking for partner who can share many things together. Used to live in hk but now moved to other asian country. Frequently travel to hk but now hold visit hk due to Covid situation and hope to resume hk visit soon. I'm pleasant to talk with, easy going to share many thing with and caring if I am with right person. No thanks to man who just wants to have fun with woman and live like single man during relationship. I like to start with easy friendship to transfer to a long term relationship or life time partner who can rely on many different stage during ups and down in the life if I can start to believe he's right person. Open to move different country and very flexible with different culture. Drop me a line if you want to know more about me.
ID: f39cfc60-253b-4004-a188-0b52ce1a7f98

Attractive Asian woman looking for a serious relationship

February 22, 2021
I am an easy going, independent, chilled and attractive Asian woman looking for a long term partner from his late 30s to early 50s. Not interested in ONS and friends with benefits. Photos will be furnished. Enjoy travelling (used to travel frequently pre-covid), reading, listening to classical music, going to the movies, and enjoying a good meal. If you are genuine, want good companionship (yet some personal space from time to time), I would love to hear from you. Scammers need not waste their time as I won’t transfer money to anyone whom I have never met in person.

ID: 603f558d-e00d-4886-b5a9-1da501405cdc