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Looking for a nice white gentlemen for Ltr - marriage

November 28, 2022

I am a Hong Kong born woman in my early 50's, living on the Hong Kong side. I am single and have no kids. I would like to meet a nice white gentleman, single, easy going, friendly, caring, giving, gentle and generous for drinks, dinners, movies, shopping, decent chatting, going to nice places together for a long term relationship - marriage. I am willing to relocate to the West.

Please reply with your tel. number and tell me something about yourself then we can chat via WhatsApp.

Hope to see you in person soon. Many thanks !
ID: cfb68a30-cdfb-4f6b-9d0b-bddc75949d9a


November 16, 2022
I am a good looking Hong Kong woman, mature in age and young at heart, have a stable character and enjoy good work-life balance. Hope to meet a compatible guy aged 60 or above, who looks for a partner on the long road traveled.

ID: 0d4eda29-987a-49a9-93a1-2bb8bd7c516b

50 yrs local lady looking for life partner

November 15, 2022
Hi l am local hk lady. Life is short and l missed several chances in the past. It’s right time for me to look for a long term relationship life partner. Relationship should be honest and trusty. Are the looking for the same partner? If yes, let’s give us a chance.
ID: 6731ae23-dcd2-470d-a243-52f342f73707

Companion with similar interests

November 02, 2022
Would like to meet single/unattached, non-smoker, late 40s to 50s, preferably overseas-born Chinese (or HK Chinese who have lived overseas) who also enjoys travelling, watching movies, good food, slow and relaxing walks/hikes, exploring places around HK, visiting museums/exhibitions, etc.

Must be currently living/working in HK. If you’re only looking for ONS/flings … or a scammer, please go to the next ad!
ID: 9ef3a992-40dc-401a-9831-33de3565265f

desperate and panicking

September 08, 2022
i am so desperate and upset now as i am approaching 50 but have failed to secure stable relationships with any guys, really. Even scammers have given up on me. i know i am such a common looking person with complex personality, characters and a wide spectrum of morality. i have tried my best and aimed high in every aspect of life but only fell hard on to grounds or very occasionally hills, pulling back by my own greed. ignorance, blind perseverance and unreasonable assumptions. i am so helplessly amazed now after this review . thanks for reading. yes, bye.
ID: 1c05e054-7d25-4e65-bad6-cc1145bd2ad7

Looking for long term serious relationship

September 04, 2022
Local lady, 39, looking for serious long term relationship, like hiking and animals, has dogs. Hope to get your message soon if you are interested to chat.
ID: 63730650-4f13-42a1-9610-71362168f1c9

Looking for a guy with chemistry

September 04, 2022
Local lady, been single for over 6 years, everyone around me are coupled or married. Just see if any chance to meet anyone with chemistry here.

A quite quiet person who likes nature, but at the same time I could be quite silly if you know me long enough. Better be a dog lover since I have dogs :)

Send me a message if you are interested to have a chat:)
ID: 4b9963ed-0578-455c-b73a-2c6d1cda9577

Grow old together with the right person

August 30, 2022
i am a local Chinese, in my 40's, quite independent, calm, thoughtful and a good listener. I enjoy movies, seeing the nature, reading and nice conversation with friends and family. i am looking for a down to earth, reliable and trustworthy man to build up a long term relationship. Grow old together, love and take care of each other. Christian preferred.

No scammers. Won’t send money to anyone or do any investment.
ID: 0095276f-1ed9-4882-b634-f3e915f524c3

Seeking the Right Match

July 29, 2022
Westernized Chinese female HKer, non-smoker, looking to meet Westernized Chinese guy, single/unattached, 48-58 years old, non-smoker, who also enjoys simple things in life which include exploring HK together, relaxing walks, going to the movies, visiting museums, good food, travelling, etc.

If you fit the above description, please drop me a message. Please message me only if you fit the above description. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Note: Will not transfer any money (or equivalent) to anyone here, thanks!
ID: 6513c7ad-8c10-4ec8-afb6-9c14bc052fc8

Happy Asian Me is looking for the Happy Caucasian You

July 23, 2022
Hello There

Thanks for reading my post. Back to available life. Ready to search you, my mature prince!
But I need to declare, scammers please don't reply, be kind not to waste yours and my time. Thank you.

I am single, never married, no kids, a Hong Kong Chinese lady at my late 40's . But look like mid-3-'s and attractive too. Thank God and my mum, I am petite, so can fit on many different clothing to make myself look young. I look after myself well too, can dress up classy for fine dine or smart casual for street food. Well travel, have been to many different countries, understand and respect different cultures. Easy going, can be quietly entertain myself without disturbing you or enjoy outdoor activities with company. I know what I want, what I like , do care and respect your needs too. I am financially independence. Very serious when work but very witty when with friends. You never bore if next to me, may be sometime you tell me "Shi". I like cooking and cleaning too, you won't suffer hunger or food poison. My finger crossed.

Well, I wish we are closer ages, same religion - Christian. You are a Caucasian. Similar like me, a good heart person, happy to do charity and volunteer works? Good looking? Wow! Like exercise and look after yourself? I believe at our age, money is not everything, we do care the world and other people who are suffering. We may argue sometime to world political news (sorry, I read news too like men) but never hurt each other, we share our happiness and sadness be a good company. You assist me when I cook? I assist you in clothing mix & match so you look sharp & smart when going out? Fair deal?

OK, hope we connect soon. Knowing each other like friends first, see how the flow go? Nothing to rush. Be ourselves. God bless you and me! Yay!
ID: ba59b6e1-9e51-465d-9356-96e088966903

Longterm relationship

July 15, 2022
Hello my name is mhari 32 years old..i am filipina searching a serious relationship..i dont know if i find here but i try to find u..please message me if u are
ID: fea41394-90fd-464f-a3b8-5c6fb7fd7e79

Serious Ad

July 13, 2022
Hopefully you read my ad first before you decide to respond to me, i prefer someone who is honest and upfront because i am the same, before we agreed or deal to something, also dont be too judgemental because i posted here with a reason, not to cheat people, messed up or play games.
Because In reality we all know that financial issues are part of our daily lives. And im here to see if i can ask someone with a good heart for their extra blessings in life that they have, and i also know of course that you will expect something in return, dont worry i am willing to repay what amount you can share. Just lemme know how.
We can meet for pleasure then you can compensate me later
About me, im Open minded mature woman in mid 40, has good sense of humor and personality, sincere,kind and honest. D and D free.
Would only respond to serious emails.
Thank you in advance
God bless
ID: bc82d7e0-4214-40bc-ac07-5c9491a6c5dc

Ebony looking for Mr. Right

July 06, 2022
I’m an African lady from Kenya . Assylum seeker , I’m educated and humble , searching for long term commitment with a good straightforward guy . I’m turning 38 soon . Would prefer my agemate to 50 maximum . No games no manipulators . Thankyou .
ID: 636a9ec0-0a7f-4cb0-b996-2b80001d467b

Reach out if you are the one…

June 27, 2022
I want to Find a partner who accepts me as I am and also inspires me to evolve because she takes our growth and journey through life together seriously. My Love will not seek to change her but it will embrace her so unconditionally that she will feel safe enough to heal the old and put effort into the new. The courage we will both have to stay committed to our inner journey will reflect brightly on our relationship, all the good qualities that we will develop as empowered individuals will help us to calmly, compassionately and creatively handle the challenges we may face as a couple. Because we both know that growing is not easy, so we will warmly support each other when one of us feels down and rejoice when victorious steps forward has been taken…
ID: 0b1efac7-444a-408f-a2b3-b0a02bc8e535

Friend and Partner

June 24, 2022
Looking for someone 65+ who is kind, caring, well educated to become friends, we can share many things together if you are the right one. I like hiking, swimming, painting, cinema, traveling, music etc...
ID: d0924ffc-bf83-4793-ade9-6131bb6e799c

Woman in 40s looking for some fun and companionship

June 24, 2022
Hi, I am a Chinese woman in my mid-40s, looking for a mid to long term relationship with a Chinese man in his 40s to early 50s. It’s going to be NSA, but we will also enjoy romantic times together. I consider myself attractive and feminine, and I am looking for someone who is pleasant looking, intelligent, kind and enjoys a glass or two.
Let’s us be each other’s getaway in our otherwise mundane and rigid life. Life is too short to be lonely.
ID: 011cf825-28ab-4ee3-853e-961929d79e5c