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Reach out if you are the one…

June 27, 2022
I want to Find a partner who accepts me as I am and also inspires me to evolve because she takes our growth and journey through life together seriously. My Love will not seek to change her but it will embrace her so unconditionally that she will feel safe enough to heal the old and put effort into the new. The courage we will both have to stay committed to our inner journey will reflect brightly on our relationship, all the good qualities that we will develop as empowered individuals will help us to calmly, compassionately and creatively handle the challenges we may face as a couple. Because we both know that growing is not easy, so we will warmly support each other when one of us feels down and rejoice when victorious steps forward has been taken…
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Friend and Partner

June 24, 2022
Looking for someone 65+ who is kind, caring, well educated to become friends, we can share many things together if you are the right one. I like hiking, swimming, painting, cinema, traveling, music etc...
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Woman in 40s looking for some fun and companionship

June 24, 2022
Hi, I am a Chinese woman in my mid-40s, looking for a mid to long term relationship with a Chinese man in his 40s to early 50s. It’s going to be NSA, but we will also enjoy romantic times together. I consider myself attractive and feminine, and I am looking for someone who is pleasant looking, intelligent, kind and enjoys a glass or two.
Let’s us be each other’s getaway in our otherwise mundane and rigid life. Life is too short to be lonely.
ID: 011cf825-28ab-4ee3-853e-961929d79e5c

Local Chinese looking for long term relationship

June 20, 2022
i am a local Chinese, in my 40's, quite independent, calm, thoughtful and a good listener. eat healthy and go to the gym sometimes. I enjoy movies, reading and nice conversation with friends and family.

i am looking for a down to earth, reliable and trustworthy man who enjoy doing simple things together. Christian preferred.

No scammers. Won’t send money to anyone or do any investment.
ID: 50f24535-b91b-436f-b414-48ca5d3a72d7

Looking for a nice white gentleman for a long-term relationship.

May 31, 2022

I am a 51 year old Hong Kong born woman living on the Hong Kong side. I am single with no kid. I am looking for a long-term relationship and marriage. I am willing to relocate to the West.

I am looking for a nice white gentleman who is single, easy going, friendly, caring, giving, gentle and generous for drinks, dinners, movies, shopping, decent chatting, going to nice places.

Please contact me and reply with your tel. number and tell me something about yourself then we can email and chat via WhatsApp.

Hope to see you in person soon.  Many thanks !
ID: ba29bb4b-bd45-4409-8327-87f4aaa314a0

Long-term Companion

May 22, 2022
I’m an overseas-born Chinese HKer, slim, looking to meet someone in his late 40’s to 50’s, non-smoker, who also enjoys nice conversations, quiet environments, watching movies, good food, visiting museums/exhibitions, travelling, etc.

Preferably someone who could also speak Cantonese. I’m a nice and friendly hkislander8, you can find me at gee male to know more. If you fit the above description, please drop me a message!

Note: Will not transfer any money (or equivalent) to anyone here, thanks!
ID: d9b6ba29-25a4-45e8-93d4-ed2dca30dec5

Young-looking late 40s not-so-local local looking for a genuine relationship

May 20, 2022
Hi there! Born and raised in HK, overseas educated and worked for many years. Divorced for 3 years now, I have a stable job, a sweet home with a kid and a dog. I used to like Sunday long brunches, movies, parties & clubbing, yoga & workout..... and now I do weekend kid's activities and outings, Disney movies, yoga in my bedroom or during lunch hours! It's not easy to my time to date but with the right man I think it's do-able?!!?
About me: I think I'm attractive, witty, sassy, sarcastic, straightforward, caring but impatient... the rest you can explore... Would like to meet someone caring, honest, respects others... all the good quality you think you have :) The MBTI suggests that my best match is either an INTP or ISTP... anyways hope to hear from you.
ID: c023c97b-0e6a-44df-9fa6-8f3471c50125

Looking for serious relationship

April 30, 2022
Single aged 26 local Hong Kong girl mainly looking for expat man. (No local for the time being thanks).

An ambitious introvert, working as an engineer in an investment bank with a research master degree from a renowned university. A straightly ISTJ. A conservative Chinese girl raised in an authoritative family. I guarantee you won't be disappointed by how I look, so I do have some expectations in return.

I'm very busy with my goals, no time for casual encounters. (NO SP/ONS/PTGF/investment solicitation or facial promotion). No time for non-ambitious men who don't know what they want in life.

Preferrable criteria in the one I'm looking for:
- at least age 30+ or above. No peers please.
- mature and ambitious, sensible, emotionally stable, committal.
- must be smart and diligent, have goals and know where he's heading.

I want marriage and perhaps kids in some point of my life, so, NO to those who definitely don't want any. We won't click.

Hope it clear. Please drop me a note and tell me more about you. I'm open for questions.

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April 26, 2022
I am a mature local Chinese woman, nice and young looking, have a pleasant character and enjoy good work-life balance. I am seeking a compatible guy aged 60 or above, who is minded to look for a partner on the long road traveled. Guy with Christian faith is very much welcome to get connected on the hot mail.
ID: ee628b99-99b2-45f5-bc05-23db2c365a57

Hksunshine looking for sunshine

April 25, 2022
I am a local chinese woman looking for a decent guy to spend nice and cozy time.
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April 20, 2022
A mature Chinese woman in good shape of soul, mind and looks. I hope to meet a good buddy to share views on books & movies, to exchange recipes, and to explore interesting places around us. You are a non-smoking single guy, aged 58-68, living in Hong Kong, positive, kind-hearted, appreciate the diversity in people and life. Please visit me on the h o t m a i l
ID: e9f0985b-7af2-4a6c-b03b-d8e29359fd51

Are you the right guy for me?

April 19, 2022
I am 48 years old, Chinese, divorced, overseas education, used to travel quite much in life, but then focused on caring for children for quite sometimes. I am a happy person, with good sense of humors, a nice person I think. What am I looking for here? No expectations, just a good guy 47-52 years old, honest, enjoy being with children and who doesnt drink or smoke much, educated, has meaningful conversations, caring, someone who enjoys nature and has a healthy lifestyle. Maybe there is someone right for me / maybe no? It would be great to find the right person to share life with. Lets start with friendship and see next. I expect a honest individual to reply, dont like to waste time.. thanks!
ID: a3427f3e-89eb-4a03-bb25-6c323762990c

Local Lady Seeking a Long-term Relationship

April 18, 2022
Hi there,
I am local Hong Konger in my 30s. I am slim, petite, down-to-earth. I have a stable job working from Monday to Friday. In my spare time, I like to go for jogging, see a movie, play the piano, etc. I would like to expand my social circle and see if I can meet someone special and develop a long-term relationship. I am looking for a guy who is mature, caring and genuine ,someone who is family-oriented. For me, age is just a number. It doesn't matter how old you are as long as you have a good heart! Please contact me at mjessica365@yahoo.com.hk if you are interested. Hope to hear from you soon.
ID: bac6db0e-c566-4928-9c00-3ff896f67ba7

Local lady looking for friendship/relationship

April 10, 2022
Hi guys,

I am a local Hongkonger, 38 yrs old, looking for friendship/relationship, love travelling (aw I miss it so much), hiking and dogs.

Looking forward to your message :)
ID: 3a8d6196-8d73-4d57-a456-d7e4391bb19a

Kind Asian Woman seeking serious relationship

February 09, 2022
Dear Gentleman,
Attractive 31 year old Asian Woman looking for someone serious. Good conversationalist, good sense of humor and kind hearted man. Only message me if youre serious. Looking forward on hearing something from you soon. No time wasters please. Not into playing games.
ID: 6d46fbd2-8300-4ca8-bd89-3d53daed192c

Why not give it a go

February 06, 2022
Special HK lady, educated overseas,  slim, mature but look much younger than my age.

I am a good listener and have good sense of humor. I can make you laugh when you can't.

Enjoy both indoor and outdoor, music, good conversation, seafood, hiking and badminton.

I am looking for someone between 50 to 59 to share the ups and downs of life.

Would love to hear your story and see how it goes.
ID: 799321fc-170c-4be1-b951-6fa282311c0c

Looking for the right one

January 05, 2022
Hi there, I'm a Hong Kong lady in my late 30's, looking for a caring and patient gentleman, friends first and hopefully to find a match for a relationship. Dog and animal lover.

Do send me a message if you are interested to chat:)
ID: 45de4606-b378-4dce-8fad-6ee93b7c442a

Serious Ad Here

February 10, 2019
Having a better life, a good job or business are my goals. But i cannot make it alone mostly "I have Nothing".
So here i am now, trying to seek someone who can help me to start a new or better life.
About me, i am single mom with kids.It is hard to be alone while you are raising kids and you dont have a good job or anything. I am very tired in this kind of life, i need to try something to make a solution.

So for me, i am open to hear your offers or deals(job,business,gf,etc) what you have in your mind. Let me know and lets talk about it and see where it will go. I am also open in LTR relationship,Discreet etc...
So if you are intrested kindly drop a line on my box with your viber number or wechat so we can talk and exchange some pics.Hopefully i can find someone here who will save me..

PS. I am not doing this for my own sake only. Pls do not judge me mostly if you dont know me. I am very serious, real and honest here so pls be like that also. Lets not waste our time thanks!
ID: a99399e1-a01b-457d-b3d7-3397c40b23c2