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March 14, 2023
I am a good looking Hong Kong woman, mature in age and young at heart, have a stable character and enjoy good work-life balance, whom you can find at the popular mail address on the website. I hope to meet a compatible guy aged 60 or above, with a positive mind and good sense of humour, who appreciates the diversity in life and people, and is looking for a partner on the long road traveled.
ID: b4fd503a-f455-4b85-b936-eda6eeae5e11

Friendship or more

March 13, 2023
Hi Everyone, please to meet new friends here for outdoor adventures, hiking or sharing stories with cup of coffee (yeah, I'm unapologetically a coffee addict).

I'm a Filipina woman, over 40years old, single and currently working with HK family (employer)here in HK for quite long period of time. I regularly visit my family in the Philippines too. i usually spend most of my rest day/day off and other public holidays exploring HK countrysides, outlying islands, beaches or meeting up with friends. I'm not a party girl because I prefer nature adventures or simply staying indoor in the company of my cup of coffee and do reading or watching movies on my computer.

Looking forward to meeting someone with same passion or interests. Feel free to say hi.
ID: 2a8fa3ab-08ab-4c99-b3e9-36dbc6cc9075

Looking for serious relationship

March 13, 2023
I am 40+ single woman who is looking for a serious relationship, message me if you want to meet me ;)
ID: 68e8503e-e3ad-4af2-a910-da2045d98942

Looking for A Nice White Gentleman for LTR - Marriage

March 13, 2023

I am a Hong Kong born woman in my early 50's. I'm living on the Hong Kong side. I am looking for a nice white gentleman, single, easy going, friendly, caring, financially secure, giving, gentle and generous for dinners, movies, shopping, decent chatting and go to nice places together !

I am willing to relocate to the West ASAP. Please kindly reply with your tel. number and tell me something about yourself then we can chat via WhatsApp. I hope we can meet in person soon.

Thank you.
ID: cfb68a30-cdfb-4f6b-9d0b-bddc75949d9a

A genuine relationship

March 13, 2023
I am in my late 50’s and live a very healthy lifestyle. Attractive and fun loving. Looking for a genuine relationship and outdoor loving partner. You need to be good looking and enjoy extroverts.
ID: f46a6a1c-0581-4205-9e25-02ac3f30db7f

It’s my wish to find a nice woman for a serious relationship, I hope I find her here.

March 10, 2023
I am 58 years old, I am a pharmacist, I am mixed HongKong and British, I live and work in London United Kingdom but often visit HongKong.

I have a lot to say about myself but I will wait to tell you more as we keep in touch, please feel free to send me a message and I will be happy to reply.

ID: 1f1778fd-1d55-48e4-acef-1711e42ae2f6

Looking for chat friends

February 28, 2023
Hi there, I'm Naya, an Indonesian 33 years old.
ID: 052b70f4-c47a-4533-9b1e-ba7e1c02cdbb

If you also passionate for beauty in health and life , then we sync

February 13, 2023
I am a local HK lady with stable professional work life, as a work/life balance , I enjoy and am passionate for every moment that reminds me the beauty of health and life , such as travelling to exotic places, indulging in the cultural history and tasting authentic cuisine, or as simply as watching a sensational /hilarious movie, or going out for a hike.

Would like to meet companion who also appreciate such lifestyle, yet no scammer/ long distance .
ID: 67e7f0f5-035c-44b8-92c6-2b25c2f26dfd

Looking for a man

February 10, 2023
I am 35+ single woman who is looking for a interesting guy, message me if you want to meet me ;)
ID: 916244b5-e3a8-41d0-aa27-78336ae27663

Looking for miracle!

February 01, 2023
I am a HK woman, 55 years old, a few extra pounds, separated and wanted to look for my miracle! Am cheerful and happy, easy to get along with. Life is short, need someone to laugh together. How good will it be, if can spend time with someone who equally feels good when each other is around?!!

Am doing office work, recently like to learn Unity and C# programming.

Obviously looking for someone who is living in HK right now. Expecting we can meet in person after a few calls & video chats. No interest in long d or scammers!
ID: 45d1b074-ce48-4ec8-b13a-e211582b5401

Looking for someone to talk to and might lead to serious relationship

January 30, 2023
I am in mid 30s, Asian from Philippines. I'm slim and loves to socialize. I have a great sense of humor and likes to have fun. I have a masters degree in business management. Currently working here in Hong Kong. I'm looking for someone to talk to. Been broken hearted for a couple of times and hopes to find serious guy too. To settle and start my new life with again.
ID: 235dcd52-b3f3-4192-a977-e1129b2b360d


January 09, 2023
Hi I’m Simon looking serious relationship for long term if you interested can we chat thanks
ID: 2b1806c4-9933-4e92-abef-b8d5bc1c012a


January 09, 2023
Hi I’m Simon looking serious relationship for long term if you interested can we chat thanks
ID: 02503566-4406-4050-86fc-a4bb145c31bc


January 03, 2023
Hi..I am new here..looking for someone to be my forever a serious men. Singlemom here..41 yrs old..filipina but working here in hk
ID: 088507c0-3728-40b2-9575-c28270b39106


December 07, 2022
Hello I’m looking a serious men and I’m from Philippine but I’m currently in hongkong
ID: 8d602efe-689a-42af-84d8-909ab8aeab72

50 yrs local lady looking for life partner

November 15, 2022
Hi l am local hk lady. Life is short and l missed several chances in the past. It’s right time for me to look for a long term relationship life partner. Relationship should be honest and trusty. Are the looking for the same partner? If yes, let’s give us a chance.
ID: 6731ae23-dcd2-470d-a243-52f342f73707