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Looking for long term relationship /friendship

June 20, 2024
33 years old,178cm,female,Asian

Born and raised in Hong Kong

Cantonese native speaker,can speak English and Mandarin

Bachelor Degree (Honors)holder

Looking for Caucasian Gentlemen who based in Hong Kong (ideally taller than me)to develop long term relationship / or be friends will be also fine

im a easy going,curious,open minded individual
ID: 1317e7dc-9193-462a-827a-49765439da93

Looking for a nice white gentlemen for LTR - marriage

June 16, 2024
I am a Hong Kong born woman. I am single, 50s years old, slim fit and 5 ft 5".

I am looking for a nice white gentleman, single, a one woman man, easy going, friendly, caring, giving, gentle and generous a committed and serious relationship.  I am willing to relocate to the West !

Please reply with your tel. number and tell me something about yourself then we can chat via WhatsApp.  Hope to see you in person soon. Many thanks ! 
ID: 91de283e-0d90-4239-8d40-4aed565be24d


June 08, 2024
I am a decent woman, mature in age and young at heart, have a stable character and enjoy good work-life balance. I am from Hong Kong, you know where I live if you use telegram. I hope to meet a compatible guy aged 60 or above, who has a positive mind and good sense of humour, appreciates the diversity in life and people, and is looking for a partner on the long road traveled.
ID: c9ad1bf4-3e80-47d0-8de2-824509826d25

Are you ready for something serious?

May 03, 2024
I'm looking life partner. If anyone interested, please feel free to contact me. Thanks
ID: a8e917ec-4179-43a6-9cf7-0bce9dbbe892

looking for a life time partner

April 03, 2024
hello there, thanks for reading. i am a local Chinese, divorced many years ago, no kids. i am in my late 40s and now trying to think of what i would like to do in the rest of my life. i hope i could still find that special person, who love to share his world with me, facing the uncertainties of the future together and explore new things in the rest of our life. i am a patient listener, understanding, independent and not interested in expensive clothes or handbags, or shoes. i like movies, reading, hiking, and try to keep a healthy life style. I hope he is mature, independent, caring and shares some similar interests and value. i am a sincere person, dont want to play game and so, if it doesnt work, we can still be good friends?
no scammer, i wont ask for money, and wont send money to anyone.
ID: 7b6f8fcc-2b2e-4e96-b739-89016f25a188

Good companionship

April 02, 2024
Hi My Dear
I’m in my late fifty, a Chinese woman looking for somebody to hangout with say coffee or tea, movie, good food dinning out or lazing at home self cooking, simple hiking etc. I’m quiet but enjoy others joyful n happy moments. Hopefully you are 60 or above, manage to speak Cantonese, having likeminded activities to enjoy each other’s company.
ID: 053db327-63c8-42ea-8eca-902e228ae522

It Only Takes One

April 02, 2024
The good thing about this site is no photos; the bad thing is also… no photos, but HK’s a small place and no one wants clients to see them here. If you’re over 55, genuinely single, not so jaded with business trips that you’ve lost your sense of adventure,are tall, fit, enjoy your many friends, love animals, the countryside, books, good food, better wine and laugh a lot, well, we’d be on the same page. Might just click. One caveat: no protracted online back and forth please. Call me old fsshioned, but that means taking the plunge and meeting up in person. Like we used to do-:)
ID: 64c0d3bd-191d-42e4-b3b9-f6b6e7e378c4

Be good companions

March 23, 2024
Hi dear
I’m Chinese woman in my late fifty. Retired, quiet n not talkative, enjoy the nature, love simple hiking, running, squash, cooking n watching movies. Travel a lot, welcome to start our friendship with drinks, coffee or tea, a trip if we click.
ID: 198da790-e151-4ba7-b1fc-7e8c026878db

Take 2

March 09, 2024
Western Woman, early 60's. Been in HK for a fair amount of time. Generally happy, bright & positive. Don't take life too serious, although I can if need be. Love nights out but can just as easily stay in. Conversation is important, as is an easy going attitude with a touch of spontaneity!
Would be nice to meet someone to hang out with this amazing city. High up on my list of favourites: a beautiful beach, travel & champagne!!
If you have a similar disposition, Western & UNATTACHED ( a non negotiable) get in touch :)
ID: ef706331-341a-4cd1-abc7-c32b124d8f33

Look for an European man

February 26, 2024
Will you believe me if I hope to find a lover, man-in-charge and a long term partner? I live in Hong Kong. I would like to have a European aged 41-59 to have fun and dating and be patient enough to communicate with me.

After went thru a number of disappointing relationships, I gave up hopes to find a potential partner. I have to pull myself together now.

I hope to have a gentleman sweet talk and take care of me and listen to me when I encounter problems. I am looking for amusing times with nice strong guys. I am a nice lady who likes to take care of my partner, enjoy cooking, keep my apartment clean, and enjoy simple lives. I like hiking, travelling and beaches.
ID: 799b9cf1-7a9a-444d-8a7c-e2bd692582d3

Looking for serious relationship

February 25, 2024
I am 51 going to 52 yrs old HK lady. 160cm tall and chubby. Looking forward a honest and true man who can be my sole mate or life partner to spend the rest of my life together in simple life. If you have the same thought, please drop me your message or WhatsApp number, will response to you soon. PS no scammer, ONS, FWS please. Thank
ID: 1466d235-32d9-489c-8c65-a4c6983d965b

My Desired Woman

February 07, 2024
I want to Find a partner who accepts me as I am and also inspires me to evolve because she takes our growth and journey through life together seriously. My Love will not seek to change her but it will embrace her so unconditionally that she will feel safe enough to heal the old and put effort into the new. The courage we will both have to stay committed to our inner journey will reflect brightly on our relationship, all the good qualities that we will develop as empowered individuals will help us to calmly, compassionately and creatively handle the challenges we may face as a couple. Because we both know that growing is not easy, so we will warmly support each other when one of us feels down and rejoice when victorious steps forward has been taken…
ID: a2b982b6-6129-43bb-96c9-0bc0a3eea9f4


February 06, 2024
I'm single woman in hk, looking for amazing kind guy whose up for all the adventure..

Please don't hesitate to ping me,if you looking for someone like me..

ID: 479ad141-2229-40e1-980f-c0b57981ce3c

Dating Experience

January 24, 2024
Hi everyone!
My name is Iris Lau. I was born and raised in Hong Kong.
I'm 34 years old. And I am a private Chinese teacher.
When I am not working, I would like to go to cafe to drink coffee.
I like listening to jazz music, visiting to museums, cycling and hiking.
Would like to meet new friends.
Feel free to send me messages. Thanks.
ID: cb103b9c-b3a6-4471-8aae-3ffaf8b30387

Seeking friendship and companion

January 10, 2024
Hello there, I am a local Hong Kong lady looking for a gentleman to start from friends first and see how things go, hopefully a life-long partner. :) I just turn 40, I am kind, loyal and a dog lover, I am kinda small as just 157cm tall. Just drop me a message and we chat further. Cheers;)
ID: 25190b9c-fe0c-4b5c-91ea-d50a1b265e59