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Taking chances

December 09, 2019
Hopefully you read my ad first before you decide to respond to me, i prefer someone who is honest and upfront because i am the same, before we agreed or deal to something, also dont be too judgemental because i posted here with a reason, not to cheat people, messed up or play games.
Because In reality we all know that financial issues are part of our daily lives. And im here to see if i can ask someone with a good heart for their extra blessings in life that they have, and i also know of course that you will expect something in return, dont worry i am willing to repay what amount you can share. Just lemme know how..
Having a better life, a good job or business are my goals. But i cannot make it alone mostly "I have Nothing".
So here i am now, trying to seek someone who can help me to start a new or better life.

So if you are intrested kindly drop a line on my box with your viber number so we can talk and exchange some pics. no other apps pls just viber. Hopefully i can find someone here who will save me..

PS. I am not doing this for my own sake only. Pls do not judge me mostly if you dont know me. I am very serious, real and honest here so pls be like that also. Lets not waste our time Baby, cheers
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Rare South-east Asian Gem

December 09, 2019
Hello and how are you today?

Some facts about me: I am a very happy, easy-going and low maintenance lady. I enjoy simple pleasures like walking in the rain, reading, listening to music and dancing; and dinners and intellectual conversations too. I have a sense of humour; and I am a little old-fashioned (if you open a door for me, I will melt!). I'm also a liberal in being non-judgemental of people's opinions, choices, religious beliefs, sexual orientation etc etc etc. I am in my early 60s, average built and I've been told I have twinkly eyes!

I'm looking to meet a man (55 and above of age) who is happy with himself and his life; is a the-glass-is half-full-kind of person; has a sense of humour and is ready to build a friendship for a possible LTR. You should contact me if this is you.
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Am I Too Late?

December 08, 2019
Please have time to read my ad. . Thank you.

I'm looking for a nice man who will love me for who i am. .I know someone out there is intended for me as my destiny. .I'm not into games and i want to love and to be loved seriously. . I'm not a perfect person. I make mistakes but i learn from them.
I believe everyone deserves to be happy in life and to have a sweet relationship the second time around. . .BE MINE,LOVE. . . in real.
I know it is impossible for me to find true love because of my situation as a separated but i keep praying, waiting and hoping for the right one in God's time.
God bless us all.


Please message me with your pictures, i will reply you back with pics too. .thanks you..
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Black woman looking for older man

December 05, 2019
I’m 35 year old sexy black lady looking for a serious man, interested in something serious, don’t like to be controlled but I can take some advice, I’m outgoing, funny, intelligent, fun to be around and a good storyteller, love cooking and have intelligent conversations. My ideal partner, funny, older, not easily offended, not critical and emotionally stable.
ID: 340cc1b3-300b-40c0-9ffd-1c45d2c3bd31


November 25, 2019
Looking to meet long-term companion/soulmate with similar interests.

I'm a Chinese HKer, non-smoker, looking to meet someone (Overseas-born Chinese, or Westernized HKer, late 30’s-50’s, non-smoker), who shares similar interests. I enjoy travelling, watching movies, good food, checking out new restaurants, coffees, interesting conversations (including chatting about anything and having a good laugh), relaxing walks, etc.

If this is you, please drop me a message!
ID: 5705fe08-c3a1-4cb1-a4ff-eb47ada48595

Let's see what transpires ...

November 14, 2019
Attractive, stylish, fit and slender, successful, with the humor of making fun of herself and things around, has a lot to share, English Chinese (both Mandarin and Cantonese) bilingual, in her 40es. If you are a man of similar quality who is curious about this world, please text. You might be pleasantly surprised!
ID: 53c2b27f-c17d-4a95-8a92-b426a0735160

Seeking a nice guy

November 07, 2019
Expat, humorous seeks a nice guy, up to 50. All rounder, sense of humour, warm smile, capable, probably travelled, empathetic type.. and that’s just you!

I’m a female expat.
ID: d63f6048-aa48-4328-a2d6-aa29ee75b04c

Looking for date

November 06, 2019
I am 30 years old woman looking for western man for have nice time together on Friday evening.

See you,

ID: bec86edf-b13c-4fab-90a1-eb2818a3b964

Visiting Hkg Soon!

November 06, 2019
Hi! I am Jamie and I am 37yo. My daughters (18 and 13) and I will be visiting HKG for an extended stay early next year. Looking to meet some nice guys to hang out with and travel around with. Hit me up and lets chat!
ID: 2604ae4c-d0dc-40e6-b618-cb78742dcda1

Looking for real connection

November 05, 2019
Being in my late 30's and divorced i still haven't given up on romance and the believe that a loving, caring and meaningful relationship is the thing to aim for. But finding the right man for this is the tricky part as I live by strong values (truthfulness, care, kindness and respect) and do not want to compromise on those.

I travel a lot, successful in my job, extroverted and i have a very good social live with loving friends around me....I would say i am pretty adventurous and love pushing myself out of my comfort zone.

I would look for a man around similar age late 30s to 40s....good humor, takes his work serious, loves travelling, socializing and is good fun to be around and.....for sure needs to have similar values as described above.

Drop me a message if you think that is you
ID: 330b68dd-655e-46c1-9c6d-af02ab34523b

where are you?

November 05, 2019
I am a 56 year old Hong Kong born Chinese decent lady looking for her Mr Right to build a long lasting and committed relationship which will lead to marriage.

I am a young looking, gentle, non smoking and non drinking lady. I have a lot of interests like outings, fishing, cooking, karaoke, handicrafts, gardening and travelling etc,, I know how to respect people with different opinions. I hate violence and love peacefulness. I am looking for a guy with similar values and interests.

If you are interested, go to the place with hot fire, you will find me with the nick klc_ng there

See you there. Thanks for reading my ad.

ID: e798521a-649e-477c-b5c3-f012529d9ea5

Can you deal with a strong woman on your side?

November 01, 2019
I am a strong and independent lady, successful in my job and extroverted. Not every man can deal with that and not feel intimidated.....i am looking for the man who is strong enough to be proud of having a strong partner by his side. I am late 30th, divorced, no kids, European, well educated and i live a very busy life style (work, travel, friends...). For the right guy i have a lot to offer and values like respect, honesty, truthfulness and support are not just words for me but very very important in a relationship or friendship. I would look for somebody between 30 and 50, who can look after himself, is mentally stable ;-) and has the smartness to have a good debate and discussion. Would be great if you know how to have fun, enjoy life and have a good humor. If you are not scared please write me a message and rely somehow to my text so i see it is not a pure copy and past message which was send to all other adds on here before ;-)
ID: 9454caf1-fe3f-4683-be19-232ced63dd9c

So Help Me God

October 29, 2019
Am a 47 years old Canadian woman relocated from Montreal Quebec to Hong Kong 2 Months ago, i am here looking for a genuine man, someone we can both understand each other and things can work between us, i want someone i can always go out with and have a nice time together, am looking for a friendship that will possibly lead to something serious.
ID: 86e95773-2c4d-4bbc-8feb-19affb253fca

Mature but fun lady

October 17, 2019
Are there any genuine, single men in Hong Kong that are looking for a relationship with a mature, fun, curvy British Lady?
Non smoker, has adult kids (In UK), loves travelling, swimming outdoors and hot weather.
Meals out, cosy nights in.
If that’s you then please send me a message.
ID: 07e3cb85-2a31-42a3-abdf-01cd4d72670e

hi there

October 14, 2019
As i read through posts by men and women, i am wondering why so many quality souls are still single. I am also one of them. Then i realize it must be so hard to meet someone special who really like you for who you are and would like to spend time together.

So in order to increase the odds of finding that special one, i am putting a post here. Hopefully i can catch your attention, because maybe i am the one you are looking for and vice versa.

Let me tell you who i am not, because i find i share many good qualities of girls here.

I am not eccentric. i am not depressed or metal at all. i am not artistic and over emotional. oh, this whole process may take long and i am not that patient i realize. let me stop here. i am 40s single Chinese. Ideally you are someone who can articulate the definition of freedom/democracy/life.
ID: ebcee978-fb09-4915-b50a-456f14a496b8

Looking for a decent professional man in his 30s

October 04, 2019
An air crew in early mid 20s, looking for a male companion to share my happiness and laughter with. Ideally a decent professional gent in his 30s, English speaking who enjoys travelling, dining out and hiking I am looking for a decent and potential relationship for the future.
ID: 64e4cc40-a9ea-4564-bea5-7a518be2a349

I just want to be love

October 02, 2019
been in a relationship for 14 years .... time to move on. I am 40+, born in HK but growth up oversea. love outdoor.
ID: d556c195-5724-4925-a0bd-a51885c50aef

Sweet Delight

October 02, 2019
Life is for living and experiencing...

I am a pretty, "special" Mediterranean girl, living in China and taking frequent, short trips to my beloved HK (like this weekend)!

I would like to meet mature, reliable gentlemen over 45 years old (if you are of chocolate colour even better), who are able to appreciate the person who stands by their side. Good communication, respect but also passion and... you can really become the Master of the game...

I look forward to receiving your message, providing also a means of communication between us...

ID: 6f9cbc74-0beb-4f5d-bfc9-47c4d8f6326a

I am beautiful, intelligent and courageous, where my perfect match at?

October 02, 2019
I am 30 years old, I love to mingle and dance and laugh and enjoy the atmosphere. Movies are great but dancing is what I love to do. I would rather ride a horse and enjoy the river walk than stay at home.

I like to go deep, I want to talk soul to soul, I want the real thing, and I am funny as hell. If I told you what I did, you likely wouldn't believe me but it would be a fun conversation none the less. I can meet just about anyone where they are at. I am interested in how people work, what makes them sad, what makes them happy. Maybe a little too much for a dating post but may as well say it like it is.

Exploring the unknown. I love to find a man who I can go anywhere and do anything with and we would be happy and joyful together just because we are in a fun and loving relationship. If you have a recipe that's missing one ingredient that can blend into mine like no other before, then I would love to share a lot more new ingredients with you.
ID: 084a380b-8d9d-4358-954a-f6087ef08e16

Is something missing in your life?

October 02, 2019
Well, this is what I feel. Time is flying and I have been blessed with life so far until I realize that nothing worths if not shared with someone. So I wish to find a companion who will share life as it goes, enjoying the present and building the future together.
I'm a South East Asian girl and more attracted to people with Asian roots or mixed with European/Asian backgrounds. Ideally you would be in your mid 30s to 40s.
It would be a pleasure to hear from you.
ID: 2e318685-bb27-4869-8bb9-1289f73d22c8