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Friendly Chinese Lady

June 15, 2019
Thanks for reading. I am a local Chinese lady who is 40's and want to meet more people and make some western gentleman. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks a lot!
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serious man only

June 08, 2019
I'm moving to Hong Kong from US and am looking for serious man to spend time with. I love HK, but it's much more fun to explore the city with someone rather than alone. I'm looking for a man to treat me like a QUEEN
ID: 21eed3de-a5a1-4fa0-b325-1f105d8c72a3

Looking for that special person

June 06, 2019
I am a local Chinese, 43, divorced.
I have a stable job, and like movies, gym, family gathering. Quite independent and am a patient listener. Looking for a caring and kind-hearted person, about 43~50 yrs old, and preferably he is a Christian and can speak Cantonese. Hopefully this will be a long term relationship but having a good friend is also great.
ID: f29104ef-a17d-4dea-98bd-55c4fcacb1db

Simple But Sophisticated

June 04, 2019
I like to describe myself as simple but sophisticated. I am a local woman in my mid-forties with good education background. I like to look at the good side of people rather than dwelling in the negative aspect because life must move on. By the way, I love swimming and laying on the sand watching the blue sky. Hope to search for a genuine heart to share some daily life chats first. Let's try and see how it goes.....
ID: 99cd425a-0610-4c3f-97d8-3c05e755ea89

Casual friendship

June 03, 2019
Looking for sweet gentleman who can easily talk to, fun and easy going.
I am late 30s but people always say younger than my age.
Good appearance for sure ~
No game, friendship first !!
ID: 56d8dd04-24eb-4eb2-8c8a-31e76867e98c

Let's start a new chapter

May 28, 2019
I am a 55 year old lady, never married and have no kids. I am a Hong Kong born Chinese. I am looking for a long lasting and loving relationship which will lead to marriage. I am down to earth, considerate, reliable lady with lots of interests. I look much younger than my age. Come and say hi.... You will never regret. White guys are also welcome. Non smoker preferred.
Only available for guys living in HK. My nick is klc_ng. You can locate me at the fire place mailbox if you are clever enough. Thanks
ID: bc52aa10-31fe-44a1-868e-6bcbf04cef87

a new friend and perhaps a serious relationship

May 23, 2019
enjoy chilling by the pool/beach
desire for spontaneous holidays every now and then
love a good laugh

sound like you? drop me a line ;-)

I'm in my 30s, Asian, petite. I'm well travelled, like dark humour, love a good sweat...
ID: d675d311-d346-4c3a-921a-d71bc0a2be37

Strong independent woman - looking for equal

May 19, 2019
Boys are getting intimidated, Real Men getting excited by a strong woman ;-)

I am a strong, successful and independent woman and looking for a real man to enjoy the nice things in life with. I have high standards when it comes to values however if you are the right person I have a lot to offer in return. I am 38, European, well travelled and educated....I love adventures and to see the world, dancing, meeting with friends and a lazy day at the beach.

I am looking for a gentleman between 30 and 50, well educate, smart and independent. Values like truthfulness, kindness, respect and care are not just empty words for you. You are keen to explore the world and different cultures and you top this up with a great sense of humor? Then I would be very happy to hear more from you.
ID: 7f97c216-0ef6-4a58-a839-0a6790c05849

Local Hongkong lady looking for like-minded gentleman to be friends first

May 16, 2019
Local Hongkong lady in her mid 30s, looking for like-minded gentleman to be friends first.

Maybe we just chat and be friend first and see how it goes:)
ID: ed6729f9-e4e2-488a-8304-2294650b7b4d

hope to find a life time partner

May 13, 2019
i am a 38 yr old Chinese. i love dogs and have three little dogs and they keep me busy. i run a few times a week and live a healthy life style. i am caring and not materialistic. i am looking for a long term relationship with a Chinese man, late 30 or early 40. i am a Christian and it would be better if he has the same religion. i am family oriented and hope he treasures family too. write to me so that we can know each other more :)
ID: 84d47c36-1909-4d86-9736-f6354f3acdbe

I am in search for a man of his word for a long lasting relationship

May 05, 2019
I am of age 30 and I am in search of a serious ,mature and responsible man should be about 40years and above for a lasting and trustworthy relationship that can lead to marriage someday. also I like a devoted man who will treat me as he would like to be treated. a man with whom we can go through all the season of life together someone truthful at heart with whom i can talk with,understand,become friends. . I have a a good sense of humor because life would be meaningless without laughter and smiles. i am here open minded and love communication am waiting for him
ID: 03226584-e348-418e-ac27-9a7d28b7ffdf

Ltr with a Sincere Woman

May 05, 2019
I am a man in my 40’s seeking a woman above 40 for fun, sincere and serious relationship.
Wind and words. We are only human, and the rgods have fashioned us for love. That is our great glory, and our great tragedy.

I'm a courageous sorts of gentleman, who likes nothing more than hiking with the right woman.

The first thing people usually notice about me is my bold personality, closely followed by my smashing eyes. I am not one of those fake people who pretends not to notice their own qualities. My eyes are top notch. These gems of honesty are just part of the courageous person I am.

I work as a Pilot, helping customers fly. This allows me to exercise my skills: leadership and strength. I would like to tell you about the time I met Brad Pitt, which is true, but it's important to me that you know I'm honest, so I'll save the wilder parts of my life for another time.

My life goals include:
Fight a dragon
Become the best pilot I can be
Fly all the customers in the world
If you're the right woman for me, you'll be lovable and helpful. You won't be afraid to dance and will have a healthy respect for honesty.

My ideal date would involve golf in Dubai with an intelligent woman by my side. While we're there, I compliment your smooth eyes.

Honesty and openness are the most important qualities in a relationship. I will be honest with you, if you will be honest with me. I will never hit on your best friend whilst you're visiting a sick relative, never text my ex behind your back while you're asleep, never post naked photos of you on Facebook. That's just the kind of gentleman I am.

When you play The Game Of Love, you win or you die.

I urge you.

ID: 29b1d21a-d647-40a0-abd2-f27d9c6e55f6


May 05, 2019
I am 40s want to have some good friendship with a gentle, sweet and nice guy.
ID: cc26324c-c81d-40b4-8fe9-d0562baaa029

First timer in hongkong

May 02, 2019
Petite, charming and of course willing to do new things.
ID: bc5fa835-233a-48e8-aa32-17d7f5e87566

40+ Hong Kong Born Chinese

April 22, 2019
You must be single and professional, age above 35 Height above 173cm and LIVING in HK !

A HK born Chinese lady who likes badminton, tennis, foot/body massage, movie, traveling, wine and dine is looking for a stable boyfriend/companion to meet during non-office hours & the weekends. My WeChat ID: Wanwanonwechat

No married guy no traveler no SP no ONS please.

Thank you very much.
ID: 05536ef1-5489-4203-a0cb-3a0e0cf34f43

Do you like an adventure?

April 20, 2019
Are you between the age of 45 and 56?
Are you available from Monday 22nd April to Saturday 27th April?
Do you like beautiful places, beach, pool, food?
Are you up for a massive adventure to come away on holiday with a British Lady, I’m fun to be with, down to earth, I’m 55 but don’t look or feel it.
It’s all booked and paid for, you would need to pay the flight though, I have booked 2 seats so I know there’s one available and I will check with the airline how much it will be.
I am really looking for a loving, long term relationship but no strings if I’m not what you are looking for, it would just be nice to have male company and fun.
If you fancy this crazy request then please message me.
Thank you for reading.
ID: 41c8d7e5-1393-48f8-bf37-4f1075c706cc

Love is Sweet

April 18, 2019
Someone once said, ”Love is sweet when it's new, but it's sweeter still when it's true.”

I am a 40 sth girl looking for a sincere man in his late 40s / early 50s. You dont have to be rich or handsome, because I am more interested in a man with a good heart. You are someone who lives a healthy lifestyle and takes care of his body. More importantly, you are someone with integrity and substance. You can dress up or dress down, be serious or downright silly, but in the end, you are always yourself. We will be respectful of each other, patient and never take the relationship for granted. It's okay to have differences of opinion, as long as we realize that it's better to be kind than to be right, and there is no winner in an argument.

Hope to hear from you soon!
ID: eb857178-17bb-416b-8693-800ba4d6965c

Hoping to meet my match

April 17, 2019
Happy, attractive, easygoing Caucasian/Canadian woman in her early 50's looking for an available ( single, divorced, unattached) attractive, kind, intelligent, funny man who knows how to enjoy his life.

I am divorced with grown up children, it would be great if you are similar, but not necessary. I have no preference in height, race, nationality or profession, but I am looking for a HK resident. You should be well travelled, Internationally minded and financially secure ( as am I). Let's have some new adventures together.

I hope for someone with kindness and empathy. I would like to find that special connection, my sexy, best friend and life companion.

I prefer not to exchange millions of messages, let's meet for coffee. Exchange photos first. I hope to hear from you.
ID: dee42361-4fe7-4faf-8a38-0b8c7346b46f

Seeking For the One

April 12, 2019
Hello I am 27 years old but currently based in Yokohama, but willing to relocate if things go right.
I am separated but very unhappy with my current situation. I married the wrong person and want to love again. I am looking for my soulmate. Also I have a son through a former boyfriend who refused to marry and let me see my son. I am doing what it takes to have him back in my life.
I know these kinds of things are hard to accept but please know that I am a kind, sincere woman and will devote myself to you if you would do the same. I am ready to find happiness and life again. We all need someone to grow old, laugh, to cry with, to share ups and downs. We should treat each other as best friends and soulmates. Enjoy our time together and learn and grow together. that could treat me as a friend, soul mate and not just a wife alone. Enjoy each others company as we learn each day of our life. I know this is a lot, but I'm being straight and honest. I am ready for devotion and true love again. If you want to know more about me, please don't hesitate.
Thank you for your time.
ID: 492ab8ac-df98-450e-b83b-1c3c2162f3e3

Looking for someone with a click in mind

April 12, 2019
Looking for someone (aged 40-48) who have common interest to get along with in leisure time. Interested in nature and animals, light hiking, relaxing walk on an island, laying back with music and a cup of coffee. Love travel and online shopping too.
Born in HK, late 30, 166cm 55kgs, smart and independent.
Prefer to start as casual friend before going into LTR.
Drop me a line if you are looking for the same thing.
ID: d9b769ff-68b5-4e4a-922a-cf05f46335cb