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The right timing?

Posted 04/13/2016

A HK Chinese in my late 30s, grew up and studied overseas. I am interested to meet some new friends and if timing has it, hopefully even the right man for a serious relationship. I enjoy having deep conversations with friends on different topics of life. I love travelling the world as it puts me in more perspectives of seeing different cultures and people.

If you feel there’s a connection with me somewhere, I’d love to hear from you. Every adventure in life begins with a leap of faith into the unknown...

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LT relationship, or friends with similar outlook and interests...

Posted 04/12/2016

Recently relocated back to Hong Kong after living abroad for the past 18 years. I am looking for caucasian, BBC, ABC, or xBC, i.e someone had significant western influenced in their upbringings, as hiking body, tennis body, ski body, or for LTR if we really click..

I am 35yr old, 50kg, 160cm, well presented but not at all into designers, or celabraty gossips. I am a career minded professional, and very fortunate to have been brought up in a happy and loving family, well educated and well travelled so far. I prefer seeking consensus over forceful approach. The most important things to me are health, family, friends and honesty. I love outdoors, nature, yoga, ski, calm and peace, home cooking, live music and positive energy.

I am seeking someone who has a similar background, outlook and interests to me, also work in a professional capacity in Hong Kong. You don't have to be wealthy but should be able to support yourself and have a proactive attitude towards your career. Good smile, kind heart and heights above 5 ft 10 would help.

Strictly no drug, smoke, drunks, anyone with emotional baggages.

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Looking for a long term relationship

Posted 04/11/2016

I am a Chinese living in Hong Kong. I am divorced with no kids and have not been in a relationship for a while. I am above average looking but not someone who will make you will turn your head when I walk pass. I am smart, honest, sincere, fun, loving and caring.

I would like to meet someone for a long term relationship to share my life (not necessarily lead to marriage). If you are also looking for the someone to share your life, please feel free to reply to my ad. And we will see if we have the right chemistry.

I prefer someone who is currently living in HK or have concrete plan moving to HK because long distance love is too difficult. Thanks.

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looking for friends,companionship or serious relationship

Posted 04/08/2016

Hi,i am filipina working here in hk for awhile as a Helper.im looking for a friends,company or serious relationship.im 32 years of age.i am average person,petite with medium lenght hairs.a bit big eyes with big smile.They said im cute.Im here because its hard for me to meet man here in hk as im always busy at my work and always in travel with my employers family.
I love kids,cooking,outdoor activities like hiking,beach,walking,dancing and travelling,wishing to meet a nice and genuine man in this site.im always open in any possibilities,i am straight forward person and i like to meet an honest person.Pls no married man as i dont get involved with someone who is married.I am independent person im not looking for a sugar daddy,im living in simple life and enjoying every little things,i enjoy laughing,i go to church in my day off and meet friends after if my friends are not around i usually join in a hike group.but missing to spend sometime to someone to kisses and cuddles,its good to have someone to stay in weekend at night and watch movie together or do anything.
if you dont care my job and my race drop me a line..Ps im always attractive with a man who have blue eyes😊 and tell a lil bit about yourself.thank u.

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i am indonesian single women, working in hk, looking for guy or west guy to be a nice good friend, and i have i time on sunday/holiday.

Posted 04/07/2016

my height 150, and little fat because i am short my weight about 53, send me messege if you interest on me. thank you so much.

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Looking for a Caucasian gentleman for LT relationship

Posted 04/03/2016

I am a Hong Kong woman at late twenties, look young, sweet and petite, with a slim figure.
Working as a professional in the Finance industry.

I enjoy the nature - visiting outlying islands, countryside, easy hiking, walking along the seaside and on grassland, taking a ferry/tram ride, feeling the warm sunshine <3

I love musical drama, movies, art exhibition and culture exchange - I am a beginner for belly dancing and French. Also, if you want to know the local culture/place/food, I can show you and explore with you! Please do tell me about yours also!

I like eating - I am health conscious but I don't need to be on diet. I'd rather eat first than taking pics of the food. I don't like those feminine afternoon tea sets and I don't queue up long just for a slice of cake.

I am a simple woman who believe in balanced relationship - I don't need a man to help me carrying my feminine handbag. I don't need you to buy me branded gifts like those Pandora jewelry. I'd rather you spend more quality time with me.

~ I am looking for an exclusive long-term relationship.~

~ If you are a nice and decent Caucasian gentleman, aged between 30-45, look young/good, tall (5 ft 10 or above) and strong. With a good and stable career, healthy lifestyle, don't smoke and no other serious bad habits.

Please introduce yourself and leave your contact details.

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Looking for you

Posted 03/31/2016

Hi.I'm Hongkongese.I'm 28year old.
Would like to meet someone is kind ,honest,postive mind set.
I like travling,I like sharing my time with my family and my friends .I'm not a party animal .Wish I can meet someone with similar lifestyle.

Please write me if you are interested.

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Love will keep us alive

Posted 03/30/2016

I am a Chinese girl in my 30s , tall (170cm ) and fit (56kg) , in a good shape ,well educated ,love traveling and keeping fit ..i am mature ,financially secure and drama free , i am looking for a nice man , probably from Europe as i lived there for a few year in the past , 30-45yrs old , tall and fit , pls be single and available , because i am hoping to build deep connection ,not just enjoying each other and having a great time ..

If you are interested . pls message me .. Thanks

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keep calm and talk to me :-)

Posted 03/26/2016

Hello everyone. I'm a filipina wanted to meet someone who is adventurous, funny and who ache for a nice photographs. Hiking, biking, swimming, going to museum, ovebooks and film?
Must be positive and happy :-)
I hope we can talk soon, :-) takke care everyone ♥♥♥

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Serious Relationship Wanted

Posted 03/24/2016

A 31 year-old lady who works in a bank as professional in Hong Kong. I am serious and true person and now I am looking for a soulmate type serious relationship. I don't accept any open relationship. So please do not approach me if you have a girlfriend or wife.

One thing, be respect to me and my hometown. I hope someone can share the happiness and sadness with me. I am the person who value true love and great heart, and I am willing to sacrifice for my love.

I am difficult to fall in love, but I hope to meet him soon.

Text me if you want to know me more.
p.s. : I love travelling to different new places ( no shopping malls ), learning new things... but I will try the new things with my love, no worry :)

True heart white or asian prefer.

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Simple Wish

Posted 03/22/2016

All I need is a genuine guy who can share our happiness , sorrows and moments . If you are one . Message me . Let's get to know each other first ??

Please dont if you are looking for :-
- young ladies
- marriage
- Hit and Run

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Plus Size Woman is here!

Posted 03/21/2016

Hi there! I am a plus size lady so if you like to chat with me please message me :-0) Take Care.

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Nice to meet you

Posted 03/16/2016

I am a local Hong Kong people. 25yrs old. Single. Here seeking a relationship built on love ,trust, loyalty... I search of Serious relationship. Not just have fun!!
Not sure how this works but it seems I can try first. I will be very happy to meet that special man here. Waiting to hear from you =]

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Love make world round

Posted 03/15/2016

I am here seeking a relationship built on love ,trust and loyalty . I am mature yet youthful ,I know What I want and always aware what it is coming in life . Love children ,love world love myself ,I am fully independent ,open mind and down to earth , I love learning and my curious side has always led me to explore more in life .
Message me back if this idea appeals to you ,if there s a spark ,let's make it happen , life is too short to set and wait for things to happen , I am looking forward to hear you back .

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Dinners, drinks, decent chatting - good white gentlemen only

Posted 03/14/2016

​​I am looking for nice white gentlemen who is decent, generous, kind, emotional stable, gentle, caring, respectful, etc.

Dinners, drinks, shopping, decent chatting, etc. We can have good freindships.

I am a nice, normal & simple HK woman living in HK island side.

Please tell me something about yourself with your decent photo, name, email address and tel. number so we can communicate.

Expats, business travelers & visitors are welcome. Have a nice day !

P.S. I am not looking for hookups. If you do, please keep your conversations with other women. Please keep your messages decent !

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Looking for a military guy

Posted 03/10/2016

I am an adorable local in my 20s, well-educated and with unique perception to the world. Looking for a patriotic man with pride, not arrogance. I could offer you towel at your order but would eat all your MREs if you angered me.

Please no players. You would turn my heart into minced pork.
Please no PLA. My admiration only saves for those who defend civilisation.

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Two Brains Are Better Than One

Posted 03/09/2016

I believe in two brains are better than one; the more I grow, the more I find it true. Not simply because I'm slowly becoming retarded, but because I feel like life is only going to be more and more complicated than when we were just a kid. In this sense, creating a home that contains simplicity and purity of love and support earn the extra value in my heart.

I'm 27 years old now. Remembered when I was 26, one of my seniors told me- reaching 26 was a great age for your career; and she was right that my career has started to blossom since then. And just because of that, I don't want to be passive anymore to just wait for my life partner to appear in my life, I want to be active seeking for him.
And I hope this will be YOU :)

To be honest, I had never had a dream man figure in my mind, but I do believe in personality is the key, and being respectful to people is the basic.

A bit of background of me:
- Work in the art scene(means I always get invitations and accesses to interesting events in the city);
- Because of that, I travel around the world too;
- I respect personal space a lot because of the training as an artist;
- People is my art, so come into my life to inspire me :)

Look forward to hearing back from you soon!

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hi there

Posted 03/09/2016

hi there,

a very simple intro of myself: a local lady, age of 39, round face, big eyes, sweet smile, well-rounded figure, positive...

like hanging out with friends for good food (I can cook and bake cakes :)), travelling (very typical...who doesn't like?), sitting at the praya during weekend sunset.

have a very stable career and financially independent (yes, I like working). comfortable with westerners coz I went to college in Canada and work for a MNC now.

being single for couple of years, now want a company / partner to share things in life. try my luck to look for a normal sincere and kind man here. prefer 39-46. Send me a message with contact details so I can add u to wechat.

look forward....

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Casual Dating, New friend or relationship soon..

Posted 03/06/2016

Dear all,

I am a decent lady who is in her mid-thirty, originated from Hong kong, well educated, simple mind. What I am looking for here is new friend, casual dating,possible long term relationship. I don't want everything to be in rush. For me, it takes time for people to know more about each others. Well, there are so many people around the world, but who will be the special one ? The one who knows the meaning of love. Giving and taking, going out as partner, traveling . I am looking for men from his 35 to 45 with mature mindset.

I love traveling, computers, piano and fine dining. I may be very busy and not always to be here for email communication. But I am sure I will reply to suitable one. Can we date and be good friends > partners > lovers > or even beautiful couple later ? May be one day. Drop me a line....then :)

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Just looking for a nice decent honest man to share good time & be a life companion....

Posted 03/06/2016

I'm easy going, that's seeking for some one who regards true love and affection. Someone who is honest not just to others but them self. Mature, good sense of humor and a kind heart is what I desire. A sense of adventure is always desirable and honestly, is there anything better than a good sense of humor?

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