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Long term relationship,True Friend and Marriage

Posted 01/13/2016

Am 28 yr old looking for a long term relationship. I'm hoping to find someone looking for the same thing. I'm looking for someone who can be my best friend, partner in life, and lover. I don't have any kids, but definitely want at least one of my own some day. If you already have kids, that is more than fine. I love kids!!! I'm fairly down to earth and easy going. I try to see the positive in things. Some things I enjoy doing is hanging out with my friends or family, chilling at the house watching Netflix, movies, or just reading a good book. I also love playing golf, watching football, and going to festivals in Indy. I'm also a huge music fan, especially live!
Anyways, if any of this sounds good, I'd love to hear from you. BTW, I'm cool with any race so don't let that stop you. Hope to hear from you soon! I have pics that I'm happy to send to you, but don't want to post them on here. Please , If interested, Kindly get back to me with your directly email address along with a picture so we can get to chat more.Thanks

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Hi there

Posted 01/13/2016

Hi,if u would like to talk to someone if u feel like it and if we think that we get along and decide to meet up,why not right?message me....:)

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***A sporty, artsy and smart lady looking for a partner to enjoy life

Posted 01/13/2016

I am an overseas-educated Chinese lady with multi-culture exposures in my forties (a young looking forty-ish). I lived in North America for many years before returning to Hong Kong for work. I am happy with my life in general but my last relationship didn’t quite work out as I wish it would be. After a period of reflection, I am now ready to look for some new experiences with someone special and hopefully it will make life more fun and rewarding for both you and I. It’s OK for us to start as friends and we go from there. I’d much prefer to take things easy and let things evolve as naturally as possible.

My friends say I am open-minded, adventurous, inquisitive and compassionate. I enjoy many things in life including sports (especially water sports like swimming and wakeboarding), arts, music, travel and good food ( I am equally comfortable eating at a simple café and going for fine dining). The perfect weekend for me would be a mix of exercises (go on a hike or gym or swimming or just have a stroll close to nature) and quieter engagements such as watching a movie or making a nice home meal. I am easy and not fussy. I am sensitive but not clingy. I enjoy finer things in life but I am also very down-to-earth.

Please don’t apply if you/you are —
Hate animals or think it’s perfectly alright to eat shark-fin
A heavy smoker or drinker
Would like your lady to commit before even meeting me
Just work, eat and sleep and have very little interest in the world around you
Have very low hygiene standard and think it’s OK not washing your hands after going to restroom
A negative person
Not financially independent

Would like to meet you if you are between 40-55 years old and you are physically healthy. Life is a mixed bag of ups and downs but it’s always nicer being able to share with the right person. I am not looking for a pen-pal so please be prepared to meet me over a coffee if things go right. Love to hear from YOU. Have a good day!

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Looking for a lifetime partner, preferably Caucasian

Posted 01/11/2016

Hi there, I am 34, 5f5, local Hong Konger. I have spent most of my time on working, and I think it is time to find someone to grow old with. I really need love in my life. Let's meet up for a drink and see if there's chemistry between us. Please drop me a line if you are interested. Thank you.

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Serious relationship

Posted 01/08/2016

Hi,a fun Asian is looking for a stable relationship with lots of laughs. I'm kind,fit,loyal,honest and sweet.
My work keeps me busy,so I just signed up. Hopefully I can find a person to spend the rest of my life with.
I'd love to meet a decent,fit,down to earth man who is ready for a serious relationship. It would be great if you are late 30's-mid 40's. I'm not into bars or clubs but love outdoor activities,traveling,dining out,cooking and gym. I also love going to gigs,museums and art events.
Hope to hear from you. Thanks.

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Being friends first and see what happens

Posted 01/03/2016

Hi there! I'm new here as well as to HK.

I'm a Chinese lady in early 30s. Cantonese is my first language but I can speak excellent english and Mandarin. I love going to galleries and theatres, hiking, having a stroll and cooking.

I'd like to make more friends in this city. If you'd like to chat, have a glass of wine or see some art. You can message me.

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Looking for someone to love and grow old with.

Posted 01/02/2016

I am Asian Lady looking for a white guy around 45-50 yrs old. I am divorced for 10yrs. I am 42yrs old. Looking for someone to share a life with. Dinner dates, travelling. I have a 20 yr old daughter. both of us live in Hk as residents. I almost spend my everyday working and sleeping. :) I want something new in life. Please drop your digits for easy communication. Thanks!

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45 years old local lady looking for friendship or more

Posted 01/02/2016

Hi, I am 45 years old, born and brought up in HK but have spent a few years studying overseas when I was young. So, I am both traditional and westernized.

I am looking for someone older than me, preferably Caucasian (as I tend to get along better with them) to share some fun times together. I am more looking for companions to chat with, hang out with rather than romance. I am not too keen on getting married (though that might change as no one knows what the future holds). I am 5 foot 5, and I prefer someone taller than me.

So, if you are looking for a local lady to hang out with, drop me a line. Cheers.

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Looking for a nice caucasian gentleman

Posted 12/28/2015

I am a nice and pretty Hong Kong woman. I am 40s years old.

I am looking for a nice caucasian gentleman in 40s - handsome, single, gentle, caring, generous, nice.

Drinks, dinner, go out and see how it goes.

Please reply with your tel no. and email address so we can exchange the photos.

Hope to meet you in person soon.

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Looking for...

Posted 12/22/2015

I am a recently single, 45-year-old, blonde, feminine, left-leaning, thoughtful, fit and healthy Australian women with a serious dress fetish. My passions in life are travel (active and independent travel), photography (Canon all the way) and cooking (currently trying to perfect my steak technique and a good chocolate tart).

I am looking for a good food-loving, travel-hungry, kind, confident, emotionally stable, happy and single man who has a strong sense of self, a good sense of humour and loves political discussions, especially in between long, lazy, groping sessions.

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Beautiful Marriage :: A True Nice UHNW White Handsome Gentleman

Posted 12/21/2015

​The promise of rainbow will never appear in the dark gray sky. When you meet someone special in life, distance is not an issue​. I don't mind to move out of Hong Kong and/or stay in Hong Kong for marriage. We can relocate & live in somewhere​ beautiful, very safe, peaceful, clean & travel to different safe & beautiful places together. ​

I am looking for a true nice ultra high net worth white handsome gentleman who I can rely on you to become my really nice husband very soon. You have the excellent husband materials with the warmest heart. You can treat me nicely. You have the ​​understanding of monogamous & commitment. You ​​can cherish, protect, spoil​​ & care​​ for me unconditionally; most of all is truly love me.​​​ ​You are ​​trustworthy & responsible. ​You can do what I need & want as your first priority, you can take prompt action with good proposes.

I don't plan to be single, I am tired of living in this high stressed out city !

​This is me :

-- I am a nice oriental woman (Hong Kong born) in my mid 40's year old. I've never been married, I am ​single ​without kids. I am realistic, honest, ​​real, trustworthy, ​beautiful, attractive, affection & family oriented. I am being told I look over 10 years younger, probably related to genes.

​​-- I am 5 ft 5 in height with​ ​a decent dark colored short hairstyle​ at the moment either long or short hairstyle that looks fine, black-brown-dark blue colored eyes​, fit- slender body shape. I am comfortable with good quality smart-casual clothing to classy stylish ​dress up but​ I am not in the limelight showing off.

​-- ​​I am located in a Hong Kon​​g Island side close to the ocean & nice mountains. I enjoy good times in clean, peaceful, cozy & nice places with good & waterfront view. I ​love​ playing with ​a family's sweetheart as long as​​ she is happy​ & beloved. She likes to speak English conversation​, she likes other children, dogs, cartoon, cars, beaches, toys, fruits & good food, etc. I just don't seem to have sports energy & genes, neither a sports fan nor an athlete when a little sweetheart needs lots of our energy to grow up.

​-- I like artistic-simple-classy-chic custom designs, fine arts, elegant & beautiful things, ​​​perfume, SPA, perfume relaxing oil massage, shopping, techno light music, musical comedy, cinema, yachts, ​dogs, etc.

​-- I have table manners. I like dining out at different good restaurants of international cuisines (except super oily cuisine​​)​. Sometimes I like to cook different types of Western or Asian foods. I am not a vegetarian​ or a ​super ​fan of organic​ food. I like healthy & refreshing drinks, sorbet, ​herbs, fresh fruits & juice, yummy foods.​
-- ​I am healthy, DD free, a non-smoker & never used drugs; I am not a high-risk person. I drink occasionally at the gatherings (just a glass of wine / beer / a good cocktail). I am not a drunkard because I don't suffer from alcoholism, marijuana joints & drugs. I don't go to high risk districts where some people are dealing drugs. I dislike smokey places & cigars smell, it's bad for the lungs.

-- I am an agnostic. I have traveled and/or lived overseas, including nice places in ​Europe, Australia, USA, Asia, etc.​ ​I speak English with mixed accent & a bit of other languages.​ I have neither the ancestors of Indian, Black, South Asians, West Asians or Southeast Asian people, nor Jews / Christian / Buddhist / Muslims / Islamist / Indian tradition​ idea​s, religions & cultures.​​ I was not born to be religious.

--​ ​​I am not keen staying either crowded & noisy places especially a ghetto occupied by minority groups, the locations of ​war bone, high crime area, bone-chilling cold, desert, ​snowy mountains​, wild people, heavy rain storms, air pollution, heat wave, earthquake, tsunami, hurricane.​​​ ​I am not a high risk person, I am not interested in getting involved with any mafias activities, dangerous psychopath, domestic violence, gun violence, political allies' issues, protests, extra-marital affairs, tran​s​sexual ​people​ & gay matters, drug dealers, party animals, wars, racism problem, wild & weird animals, religions matters, maniacs, terrorist groups, refugees or ​​illegal immigrants' activities.​ Please don't attempt to drag me to competitions, climbing, farming, camping, hunting, dangerous activities & weird events​.​ I dislike ​the most disgusting looking insects, ​​mosquitoes, flies, ​snakes, frogs & rats & the smell of deet.​

** You are :

-- ​​​​​​You are white, an agnostic, genuine, clean cut, ​good teeth, clean shaven, at least 5 ft 11 in height, acceptable age range around 40 - mid 50's years old. Age is just a number but I don't seek a generation gap. ​​You are healthy, DD free, non smoker; you don't suffer from alcoholism & drugs. ​You are emotionally & mentally stable, not foul mouthed. You do not hang out in dangerous nightlife districts, not a drunkard & you wouldn't come home drunk as a lord, neither a workaholic​​ nor a disabled person.

​​-- ​​​​​​You we​​ar men's clothing - decent, tidy, suitable​​, smart-casual or classy, you feel comfortable & look good. You are not into a beard fashion. You are fit & handsome, at least 6 ft tall​. You ​are not ​a super sports fan​ for all sports channels, neither an ​athlete​.

-- ​​​You​ are a one-woman-man, very single without emotional baggage, mentally abusive attitude & violent behavior showing similar disrespect. You are uncomplicated, affectionate, ​​very respectful, well-mannered, positive marriage minded with a healthy direction, ​genuine, generous, gentle, romantic. You are easy going, loving, caring & understanding. You are easy to talk to but also serious. You can be honest with me. You are family oriented with traditional values & moral, you can ​respect & take really good care of me in every aspect.
-- ​​You are financially extremely secured​ & strong. You can inform the banks & open the joint bank accounts. You are able to share your net worth, real estate, trust assets, etc. to ensure our family's good prospects & security. You can give me the ​supplementary centurion card & bank cards for me without delay.  You can do all these.

-- You can buy a luxury house close to waterfront side & a super yacht in a​beautiful place, however ​​​it's not a must-have if you have all what I expected. You can hire a very good private driver & better quality nannies who can help take care of a family. You can buy a luxury house in the south side of Hong Kong island as our asset that's perfect. Our children may go to the better international school & study nearby.

--You can propose the diamond ring very soon & then we'll select our wedding ring & arrange the wedding. You can become a loving uncle & a good father. You can stand on the promises of me.

Fine dining, drinks​​, luxury shopping, going out, weekend getaways, travel & live in together. Chemistry & attraction has to be there.​​

You believe you can be ​​​​​the right man who ​​can meet my criteria & fulfill my requirements, please kindly reply & attach the factual information includes decent photos, real full name, contact address, tel. no., email address & let me know about yourself. I can return mine so ​we can talk on the phone. You can arrange everything with me. Thanks.

I hope the promise of rainbow will appear in front of my eyes.

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Some company - nice caucasian gentlemen - dinners, drinks, hang out

Posted 12/20/2015

​I am a nice and simple local woman living in HK side.​​

​​I would like to have nice white gentlemen who are kind, generous, gentle, caring, respectful, etc.

Dinners, drinks​, hang out, etc. We can be friends to discuss good opportunities and ideas.

Please tell me something about yourself with your name, photo, email address and tel. number.

Look forward to meeting you in person very soon.

Business travelers are welcome when you come over to Hong Kong soon or if you are planning a move to Hong Kong or have recently arrived.

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Looking for a gentleman for LTR with this warm hearted lady

Posted 12/15/2015

hi there, if you like my profile, pls send me a note as I would say I am quite a shy person when it comes to this...

I am an honest, warm hearted, caring and simple minded lady. I prefer spontaneous than too much planning, I prefer adventurous than taking the same route everyday, I prefer nice companion than a Michelin restaurant. I always find the best food is actually something you eat at home!

I have other 'pros and cons' too, but then they have to be discovered by yourself ;)

I am here looking for a LTR, someone who is mature in mind, gentle yet witty, confidence, professional and passionate of what he is doing now. It's not necessary you have the similar personality like me, maybe the opposite, really see how we feel and communicate!

Hey, btw I am not into ONS...

Message me ;)

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Who is free to meet at Xmas holidays?

Posted 12/14/2015

Hi there, I am local girl with overseas studies experience. I want to find some events or meetings with new friend around late 20s or early 30s and meet at Xmas holidays? Even going to church mass together is fine too, anyone want to join me?

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Looking for Mr right

Posted 12/12/2015

I'm an intelligent woman who can hold a conversation. As well as have a great laugh.

Princess is not part of my vocabulary. Being treated as a real woman most definitely is.

I'm looking for someone who can get my attention....and hold it....

And age is just a number -older, doesn't matter

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Long term relationship

Posted 12/11/2015

Looking for someone to start a long term relationship. Can be friends first and see how it leads. If you are sincere, serious and in your early 40's, please get in touch.

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Looking for someone to share the rest of my life with

Posted 12/09/2015

I am a 38 years old Filipina working here in Hong Kong and looking for someone to share the rest of my life with. Race, age, color doesn't matter to me as long as you are honest, faithful, loving, caring and responsible. If you want to know more about me, please drop me a line.

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Where is my prince charming

Posted 12/03/2015

Where is my prince charming

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Looking for the RIGHT WOMAN....

Posted 12/02/2015

I am 49years old man,From Hongkong ,would consider myself to be a very honest and sincere, fun loving, easy going, down to earth and faithful man...I'm a goal oriented man who believes in hard work...I like meeting new people and travel most times for work.I'm that kind of man who respects the value of a home and true love when I see one...i would always want to hurry home after work to spend time with my family......I like going to the gym, the parks, seating on the sea shores, taking a walk in the woods. I'm willing to go an extra mile for true love... In short I would say I'm outgoing and warm-hear ted, I will love to meet a woman WHO WANTS SERIOUS RELATIONSHIP!!!!!!!!

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Caring, single, good looking and honest single woman - Looking for serious relationship

Posted 11/23/2015

Hi there.

I'm a Hong Kongese and graduated college in the UK.

33 years old, slim, pretty, simple woman who is single and looking for a serious relationship.

I am always referred as "fun to be hang around with", so I can guarantee you will never get bored :)

If you are interested and consider yourself honest, caring and is ready for long term relationship that will lead to marriage, please drop me a line.

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