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A Fine Rare Vintage

Posted 09/28/2015

A Fine Rare Vintage

Like a fine bottle of wine, many women get better with age. They develop their own sense of elegant style and gourmet taste. This attractive, well educated, well-traveled vintage has a successful career and a fulfilling personal life which gives her a sense of independence and allows her true beauty to shine through. Plus she's got a great sense of humor, a sparkle in her eye and a contagious smile.

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a nice & handsome Caucasian gentleman

Posted 09/24/2015

I am a local woman, I am simple. I am looking for a nice & handsome Caucasian gentleman and see how it goes.

You are single, generous, caring, gentle, etc.

We may go out, dinners, drinks, movies, etc. and visit some nice places in Hong Kong.

Please reply with your tel no. so we can talk instead of typing words. Thanks.

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Only white gentlemen

Posted 09/23/2015

​​​I am a nice & good looking Hong Kong woman.

I would like to meet new people especially nice white gentlemen - very generous, gentle, good looking, single, caring.

Dinners, drinks, go shopping, movies, decent chat, etc.​​​​ You can respect and ​treat me nicely.

Please send your photos​ &​ phone no. for details and tell me something about yourself. Many thanks.

Business travelers are also welcome - white gentlemen only

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Posted 09/22/2015

I am a Hong Kong woman living in HK island good side, not close to central business district. I know the great surprise can happen in life so don't be surprised. I am looking for a very good super-rich white gentleman to have marriage, you can be committed to me, marriage and a family.​​

I am​ nice, trustworthy, honest, quite pretty. I am single with no kids but I am family oriented, ​​DD free, non-religions,​ emotional and physical healthy. I have good taste, I like classy stuffs and beautiful places. I love fresh food, enjoy happy meals and great restaurants.​

You are white, ​normal, good looking, ​generous, non-religions, easy going, emotional mature and stable, polite. You must be sincere, supportive, ​single, genuine, decent, a 1 woman man, affection, gentle, loving, reliable, understanding.​​​ ​In terms of physical appearance, you are good looking, clean-cut, ​fit and healthy, clean, DD free.​

I know the super-rich men often have ​multi-million-dollars mansions in different countries, perhaps you have a few luxury mansions and vacation beach houses. The super-rich gentlemen don't know where accidents might happen, ​​normally they can share billions dollars and give the luxurious life for the wives & children.​ They bought the luxury mansions, jewelry, yachts, etc. as the biggest gifts for their wives. I have ​the realistic expectations of the man becoming my really nice husband. You can buy me a multi million dollars mansion in Cayman​​ Islands or Beverly Hills or Hong Kong​....We can live in and travel together.

​You are not one of those super rich​ individuals who intend​s to become ​very famous in public​. You can keep your promise. You can come to Hong Kong shortly. You can propose the official 100 % guarantee marriage proposal and a diamond engagement ring for me then we shall choose our wedding rings & stuffs, etc., process the marriage registration, spouse visas, relocation, etc.

​This posting is genuine.

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looking for serious relationship/lifetime partner

Posted 09/22/2015

Hi there.I'm 26 yrs old from philippines.I'm looking for man 30-45yrs old single/divorce,with or without a child but must be 5'7" or taller.I prefer white man but any nationality are welcome.I want honest,kind,responsible and not abusive.I want someone who can promise to grow old with me.
I'm quite petite 'coz I am only 45kg and 5'4" in height.I've been modeling,school campus muse and I'm always invited to join beauty pageant before.I love music and i'm also composing my own songs.I like painting and drawing and reading books as my past time.I'm very artistic and i've been in theater group before too.I don't have wealth,good education or visit many countries. to be proud of because I believe that true love can't be measure by that.I'm very simple,kind,honest,independent and hardworking.
I'm willing to exchange picture before meeting.If anyone interested please leave a message or contact number.
Thanks for reading!

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Posted 09/21/2015

am in my mid thirties and suddenly want a partner to laugh and cry with, and do something meaningful or meaningless together. Nice personality. Cantonese speaker preferred. pls let me know more about u by dropping me a message if u are interested. cheers!

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Posted 09/19/2015

Hi im from philippine.im looking for a serious relationship, im honest , caring, passionate,and very down to earth person.im not a type of girl who is going to bars to meet a guy, i have moral and values, im a bit shy but once i get to know you, i talk more.
Im very friendly and love.to go to the beach specially in my leisure time.
I also love to play badminton and volleyball.
Im 29 from phil and looking for a serious and good man.
If you are just looking for fun.then pls.spare me coz i dont have time for play or to ride what your looking for.thanks and hope to talk to u.

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Special friend

Posted 09/19/2015

I am a local chinese lady, 154cm tall 98 lbs. Married and want to look for a special friend to have casual fun. This is with my husband's encouragement as he is open minded. He won't get involved during the date.

If you are hygenic, respectful, have stamina & skills, then please get in touch. Caucasians preferred but others will be considered too. NSA.

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A Chinese gal want to chat with you

Posted 09/19/2015

Hi there, I am in my 30 years old. I am caring, elegant, considerate and open minded. I love to try new things everyday. I admire those women who is pretty and success in their career. I think that iit is time to work hard in my relationship and career.

I am looking for some one who is within 28 to 38. No games player.

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Just bored....maybe?

Posted 09/18/2015

Hi, I'm a busy working personal, sincerely looking for more male friends to hang out with and perhaps have some romantic outings once in a while? I'm 40, Chinese Singaporean, single, chubby, etc.

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Looking for the Patient type

Posted 09/17/2015

I am a down to earth girl, very easy to get along with, honest and trustworthy and would do anything for someone. I would like very much to get to know you better if your interested and see what happens. Guess gotta start somewhere huh?


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Looking for a special friend

Posted 09/16/2015


I am a chinese lady, petite, 36 years old. Am married but wanting to find a gentleman for special friendship, prefer caucasians and must be hygenic. I am not cheating my hubby as this is having his consent and encouragement.

Just looking for some fun, no strings.

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beautiful lady looking for nice man

Posted 09/15/2015

i am chinese lady with 35 year old ,romantic, good shape,good looking, love sports ,enjoy life ,aslo work hard, independ , funy, like have fun, hang out .. i want to meet a romantic,honest,responsiblity, educated and work hard man, aslo know how to enjoy life,how to take care of woman,
do not be heastite contact me
i am waitting for you here

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New here

Posted 09/14/2015

Hello! Pilipina here.I'm 30 and im just trying posting it here.I'm an open book; turn me one page at a time to unravel my story..I'm not desperate or lonely, just adventurous enough to date online.I believe in success through hard work & dedication. thres a saying ‘If you want something, work hard & you will achieve it; there are no short cuts’. I enjoy life to the fullest. I am a progressive thinker & respect each person’s space & values.

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Posted 09/13/2015

- Chinese by blood, born in Manila
- independent, caring, sweet & thoughtful
- in HK often at least once a month for business
- I own and run my own business so pretty much financially independent
- Non smoker, non drinker, no drugs
- in the gym 4-5 times a week
- lived in the U.S. for several years so I am more westernized, open minded and straight forward
- Love to travel somewhere new every month if possible!
- very much into adrenaline pumping activities such as white river rafting, paragliding, etc.
- 37, 5'4, fit, classy and intelligent
- never married, no kids
- looking for something serious that hopefully leads to marriage, if not I'm happy to make new friends!
- not into branded bags, jewelry, etc. I'd rather invest in property

- Single/ divorced , preferably no kids
- Loves to travel
- kind, loyal, family man
- not an alcoholic/ drug addict
- financially independent
- ideally aged 35-50, fit and taller than me

Will be in HK on Wednesday onwards, so it would be great to grab a drink!
Please message me, I'd be glad to send photos!

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looking for an attractive man to date

Posted 09/12/2015

I'm end 30s Chinese lady from mainland China then overseas educated in U.S., presentable, honest, affectionate, kind, good education and well-mannered. I' like to get to know someone who we can enjoy and share lot of things in life and explore our life together.

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A very good super rich white gentleman ready for marriage

Posted 09/11/2015

​Some ladies could find some really nice gentlemen over the internet then they got married. I am looking for a very good super rich white gentleman who can be devoted to me, marriage and a family. I shall belong to you and and you will loyal to me.
I am a Hong Kong Asian woman living in HK island good side.​ ​I am​ nice, very honest, non-religions, DD free, quite pretty. I am single with no kids but family oriented with my family members, ​​non-religions,​ emotional and physical healthy. I like classy stuffs and beautiful places. I like fresh food and great restaurants, etc.​

You are white, generous, non-religions, easy going, emotional mature and stable, polite, sincere, supportive, ​single (not married / attached), genuine, decent, a 1 woman man, affection, gentle, loving, reliable, understanding, educated​​.​​​ ​In terms of physical appearance, you are clean-cut, good looking, fit and healthy, clean, DD free.
You can come to Hong Kong shortly when you are truly ready for marriage then we ​will process​ the marriage registration, spouse visas,​ relocation, etc. ​You give me the 100 % guarantee marriage proposal and a diamond engagement ring, we shall buy our wedding rings & stuffs, etc. You buy me a multi million dollar mansion. I know the super rich often have ​multi-million-dollar mansions in different countries. I shall be very happy if one gentleman will give me the biggest gift.

The super rich men give billion bucks to secure their ladies'& families in reality when they don't know what happens at the accidents. It's very normal. They can give the luxurious life & afford a lot of things for their ladies, kids and families that I know. There are great gentlemen who are responsible and super nice. They always give really nice gifts and surprises for their ladies, be there and support all the time.

I have realistic expectations of a man becoming my very nice husband.​ ​​We go out together, fine dining out, luxury shopping, travel, c​​hill out at home, etc.

You make this excellent decision. Please reply with your email address, location, photos, phone number​​​ ​​for our ​own communication directly that's much better in privacy.​ Thanks.

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I noticed you noticing me

Posted 09/05/2015

I noticed you noticing me so I just wanted to put on noctice that I noticed you too.

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Business travelers are welcome - white gentlemen only

Posted 08/29/2015

​​​I am a nice HK woman with HK citizenship.I like to meet new people especially nice white gentlemen, gentle, good looking, single, caring.

You are generous. Dinners, drinks, shopping, movies, decent chat, etc.​​​​ You can respect a woman nicely.​

Please send your pic.​ &​ phone no. and tell me something about yourself. Thanks.

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Looking for friends

Posted 08/29/2015

Hello everybody.
Im 25 years old single asian girl.
I will travel to Hong Kong from 9 to 15 Sep 2015.
Looking for some friends to meet up when im there.
Send me a message if your interested.

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