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23 y.o young girl looking for expats

May 30, 2020
Please send me a message if you are an Expat looking for an Asian girl.
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Lonely young heart

May 17, 2020
Hello there I am Vollo, some friends call me mymo. I am presently working here as a tutor, teaching in a private entity. I am single , I live a routine life and I think I am beginning to get bored of same routine every single day. I need to break forth and do something different, I am just 28 living alone and literally doing everything just by myself and for myself since I moved here., its kinda getting too boring and I need to do something different, so I hope to meet someone to share my daily life experience with, not necessary or compulsorily seeing every single day. Someone like a friend and a companion to talk to and hopefully develop something special . you can write me here or send me an email lets get to know each other.
ID: 7f2cdf34-0df2-4522-b597-c5caee54f4a4

Looking for companion

May 12, 2020
Hi there..I'm 42 single mother from Philippines and recently working in hongkong.Im sincere and loving person.Im looking a man with a good heart and caring..if you are interested you can leave a message thru my WhatsApp
ID: e844ca2d-6f4f-436c-b02e-31798c85cfeb

Looking for a long term relationship

May 09, 2020
Hi, I am 45yrs local Chinese. Due to the fact that I am traveling a lot of my job and a personality "not very active", been single for some years. I am now looking for a partner, with whom to share my passion for life, who is independent and mature to understand the complicated world, and enjoy living in a busy city like Hong Kong but also quiet in private life. Love movie, music, sports, food ... normal and quiet life.
ID: ebba498d-42b1-45ef-9a55-bf8d58872b33

Keep Believing In Love...

May 04, 2020
Keep believing in love. The people from your past will become a distant memory. Some of them broke your trust. Some of them may have taken you for granted and hurt you while all you did was love them, But when the right person shows up in your life, all that has happened to you won’t matter anymore...
ID: f95644a4-9f15-40ff-b62e-b03f42dcbd0e

True Love, Loyalty and Devotion!

May 04, 2020
You don’t deserve someone who comes back, You deserve someone who will never leave you! A man who understands that he doesn’t have to protect you because you are weak, He protects you because you are important. A man who would build his world around you and put you first in everything! That’s true devotion! Love! And Loyalty!
ID: 42128268-502a-4447-97de-aad88137826f

One day someone will walk into your life and make you realize why it never worked out with anyone else...

May 04, 2020
My desire is to meet a warm, matured and loving woman who is willing to love and be loved and who I can hold her hands and together we will write the remaining chapters of our life and forever together.
ID: 0cb94521-c63b-445d-a34a-db547af6fe86

I am here to find a honest and sincere woman

May 03, 2020
I need a woman who i will spend the rest of my life with, a woman who will love for who am i .
ID: 3cf7005b-696e-444f-9542-b9c369116c1c

Sincere single lady looking for a meaningful relationship

April 27, 2020
I am local Chinese in my 30s. I am gentle and caring. I would like to try my luck here and see if I find my soul mate here. I like jogging and playing music. I admire the beauty of nature. I am looking for someone who is mature, between 40-60, sincere with a good heart. You may be Asian or westerner.....

Looking forward to receiving your reply.

ID: e398001b-89be-4729-9582-e13134e13763

Are you there !?...

April 24, 2020
Hi there,

Life is precious adventure, it's how you interpret this proverbial phrase "is the glass half empty or half full ? ". I am a local female in my mid-forties and look at it in a positive way. I prefer to focus on the bright side of people, not dwell in the past. Me : adventurous, cheerful and optimistic. Hobbies : swimming , snorkeling, hiking, cooking. Physique : 166cm, 53kgs. It is important we are soulmate with each other and share common interests because it is a life journey.

Don't wait and write back !
ID: 67ca6aa9-07df-4942-b431-084727ceeb53

Good buddy

April 07, 2020
A very mature Hong Kong woman in good shape of soul, mind and body is looking for a good buddy to do things together, to share views on books & movies, to exchange recipes, and to explore interesting places around us. You're a single guy living in HK, non-smoker, aged 55-65, positive, kind-hearted, appreciate the diversity in life and people. I look forward to hearing from you and let’s take it from there.
ID: 081a2b6e-c441-4ee8-b239-5fd0192b84fd


April 07, 2020
Am Jone am looking for a good man with a care heart of love ,would like to find someone that has a balanced lifestyle as I do not prefer to have someone monitor my day to day life. I believe that trust and open communication can prevent misunderstandings in a relationship . I want to meet a friend or lover that I can speak without words, so that I can let myself go and feel protected and appreciated. I am looking for an open relationship at first but would like something more serious , you also email me
ID: 3745cdc3-69c6-4ce2-a114-983f25be30d9

I believe in love and romance

April 01, 2020
I am a quiet, down to earth, open minded and caring person looking for some fun but at the same looking for that right man. Tell me what you have in mind. Chances are I am open to it.
ID: 329944cb-030e-4e57-bcd4-6760d362dfb3

Chocolate :)

March 29, 2020
March 28, 2020

I am a independent Chinese girl from Hong Kong in my mid thirties. Far from being ugly, some might find me pretty or more. Into the fitness industry, I am slim, fit and I have short hair.

Being attached, but nothing to hide, I am looking for a male friend only for various cultural and physical activities. I would like to practice my English with BBC. I am not talking about the Radio and TV

If you are a dark gentleman keen to know more, let's chat, trade words and photo in a respectful, polite but genuine manner.

May all of you be safe during those times.

Scammers, people not concerned or judgemental with this ad, please stay away.
I will report any message involving money or / and insults.
ID: 235a00d7-2985-4459-a086-2639d09e773b

I don't feel loved!

March 20, 2020
I gotta look deeply what I need
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March 19, 2020
Im looking for a woman who’s beautiful from heart. Appearance and Age doesn’t matter.
ID: eef7aa55-c4a2-49e4-ab42-4348cda29726

A challenge for the right man

March 16, 2020
I am good looking, independent, highly educated lady. If you are interested and ready for the challenge, please leave a message.
ID: 45025b5e-eb81-43f9-b1b4-002a56103224

I want a man to put an end to my search

March 05, 2020
I am a simple, adventurous and down to earth lady who enjoys the adventure life can offer. I am goal oriented and strong minded but not afraid to show my happy side when the time is right. I am equally comfortable hiking, climbing mountain or fishing. When I am less busy I enjoy taking a walk or relaxing with good novel. Feel free to get back to me if we have things in common, I will be glad to know you better and see where it lead us.
ID: 6a57aa27-210d-4617-a6c2-56e8bc375eda

Hello there

March 01, 2020
I am a petite, fun and elegant lady, who enjoys the simple things that life can offer
. I am goal oriented and strong minded but, not afraid to show my sensitive side when the time is right.
I am equally comfortable hiking in the hills or going to a black dress gala.
When I am not busy with work I enjoy relaxing with a good book, cooking or just watching a movie with that special someone.
I do like to keep fit and enjoy; hiking, badminton, yoga just to name a few activities
I don’t have a shopping list for the exact qualities that I am searching for in a partner but, at the very least you must be:
- Honest, sincere, genuine
- Have a steady moral compass
- Be able to go through the good times and bad times with a smile on your face.
If after reading the above you feel that we have some things in common, I would love to here from you.
If you are looking for a one night stand I am NOT your girl!
Good luck in your searching
ID: fba4d8bc-1644-4f88-b33f-d43cb677e007

could it be you?

February 22, 2020
hello i am a Chinese. got a stable job and live a healthy life. looking for a caring, sincere and trustworthy man to develop a long term relationship. thank you.
ID: 042d690d-2612-4df4-babf-cd01d884deac