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Mature but fun lady

October 17, 2019
Are there any genuine, single men in Hong Kong that are looking for a relationship with a mature, fun, curvy British Lady?
Non smoker, has adult kids (In UK), loves travelling, swimming outdoors and hot weather.
Meals out, cosy nights in.
If that’s you then please send me a message.
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hi there

October 14, 2019
As i read through posts by men and women, i am wondering why so many quality souls are still single. I am also one of them. Then i realize it must be so hard to meet someone special who really like you for who you are and would like to spend time together.

So in order to increase the odds of finding that special one, i am putting a post here. Hopefully i can catch your attention, because maybe i am the one you are looking for and vice versa.

Let me tell you who i am not, because i find i share many good qualities of girls here.

I am not eccentric. i am not depressed or metal at all. i am not artistic and over emotional. oh, this whole process may take long and i am not that patient i realize. let me stop here. i am 40s single Chinese. Ideally you are someone who can articulate the definition of freedom/democracy/life.
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Looking for a decent professional man in his 30s

October 04, 2019
An air crew in early mid 20s, looking for a male companion to share my happiness and laughter with. Ideally a decent professional gent in his 30s, English speaking who enjoys travelling, dining out and hiking I am looking for a decent and potential relationship for the future.
ID: 64e4cc40-a9ea-4564-bea5-7a518be2a349

I just want to be love

October 02, 2019
been in a relationship for 14 years .... time to move on. I am 40+, born in HK but growth up oversea. love outdoor.
ID: d556c195-5724-4925-a0bd-a51885c50aef

Sweet Delight

October 02, 2019
Life is for living and experiencing...

I am a pretty, "special" Mediterranean girl, living in China and taking frequent, short trips to my beloved HK (like this weekend)!

I would like to meet mature, reliable gentlemen over 45 years old (if you are of chocolate colour even better), who are able to appreciate the person who stands by their side. Good communication, respect but also passion and... you can really become the Master of the game...

I look forward to receiving your message, providing also a means of communication between us...

ID: 6f9cbc74-0beb-4f5d-bfc9-47c4d8f6326a

I am beautiful, intelligent and courageous, where my perfect match at?

October 02, 2019
I am 30 years old, I love to mingle and dance and laugh and enjoy the atmosphere. Movies are great but dancing is what I love to do. I would rather ride a horse and enjoy the river walk than stay at home.

I like to go deep, I want to talk soul to soul, I want the real thing, and I am funny as hell. If I told you what I did, you likely wouldn't believe me but it would be a fun conversation none the less. I can meet just about anyone where they are at. I am interested in how people work, what makes them sad, what makes them happy. Maybe a little too much for a dating post but may as well say it like it is.

Exploring the unknown. I love to find a man who I can go anywhere and do anything with and we would be happy and joyful together just because we are in a fun and loving relationship. If you have a recipe that's missing one ingredient that can blend into mine like no other before, then I would love to share a lot more new ingredients with you.
ID: 084a380b-8d9d-4358-954a-f6087ef08e16

Is something missing in your life?

October 02, 2019
Well, this is what I feel. Time is flying and I have been blessed with life so far until I realize that nothing worths if not shared with someone. So I wish to find a companion who will share life as it goes, enjoying the present and building the future together.
I'm a South East Asian girl and more attracted to people with Asian roots or mixed with European/Asian backgrounds. Ideally you would be in your mid 30s to 40s.
It would be a pleasure to hear from you.
ID: 2e318685-bb27-4869-8bb9-1289f73d22c8

I am in need of a serious relationship that will lead to marriage.

September 26, 2019
I am Caleb Chung, i am from Hong Kong, i am a Pharmacist, i am 47 years old, i am i need a a nice woman for a serious relationship, i am a nice man and i will be happy if i meet that special woman here, we will get to know ourselves and i am sure you will be happy to have found me here too, i will wait for a reply so we get knowing ourselves better.
ID: 1dddddaf-03fd-400d-afb5-33f5ddbf750e

Someone who can laugh , communicate and love life

September 21, 2019
I wish to meet someone who we can communicate our thoughts of anything about people and things,
someone who talk with no boundaries, someone who love life and share good and bad time with.
I look for someone whom I can love , talk and open-minded. I am in my 40+ would love to find someone who is not born in HK, who cares about me.
ID: cf10c793-fd37-4d8c-8405-0ccc16a9e690

Maybe you?

September 14, 2019
I'm local hk Chinese lady, well educated and work as marketing executive. Just wanted to give it a try and see how it goes. I am single and looking for a gentleman to spend time with sometimes after work or weekend. Maybe out dinner or just watching movie at home? Hope to catch up soon.

ID: 638e0475-a5bc-4b02-9b86-18d70edef3da

confident, emotionally strong and accomplished

September 09, 2019
I am an educated, accomplished, and an attractive single lady from Eurasian origin. I am blessed with what life has offered me and I never take life for granted. I live a purpose driven life desiring to grow more in different areas in my life and also to contribute to others' well-being. I have a strong sense of who I am and what I want in life. I am strong and direct and I have zero tolerance for time wasters, people with poor integrity / poor moral values and lack of respect for themselves and others.
I am looking for a mature gentlemen in his late 40s to late 50s; who's from western origin. you should be well educated, accomplished, emotionally and physically healthy, having clear life boundaries and happy with what you have in life. If you are transparent, genuine, willing to share your life and a good team player, I consider that very attractive.
Please reply only if the above resonate with you and you permanently live in Hong Kong.
No scammers and time wasters.
ID: 51e11ae5-a740-4624-8c5d-eeacd06053f7

Looking for a decent man

September 08, 2019
Been single for a while and time for me to move on.

Local Chinese, 40 years old, speak fluent English. I was told that I'm pretty and attractive. Perhaps you can tell me if it is a true statement or not. ;)

You should be a native English speaker (any race) in your mid 40s to mid 50s and well educated.

Come closer and drop me a line. You won't be disappointed. ;)
ID: a96476e6-11bb-4ad2-8e5e-3233e7e921bf

Looking for decent honest and fun guy

September 07, 2019
I am British Indian woman... been living in Hong Kong for 10 years . I work full time and have a fairly busy life . It would be great to meet someone to hang out with and get to know better . I love a man with a good sense of humour and who is kind and honest .

ID: 061c3463-5e52-4c75-ab06-8b1ac3517fae

You !

August 25, 2019
I’m single Asian woman in my 40s never married have no children.
Looking for someone who spend some quality time together.
I’m sincere and love food.
Hopefully I can find you.
Cheers :)
ID: 0f089242-8d87-4617-8144-17b279734d45

You are My Sunshine

August 23, 2019
I'm looking for someone who can be my sunshine! I am a busy working professional, but would love to be in a great relationship. Relationships do need to be nurtured, so it's always good to slow down, hold hands and enjoy the romance. One of the best things in life is to love and be loved, and I believe there are some good men out there.

Me: 40 something, attractive, fit , articulate and caring

You: 45 - 55 years old, honest, mature and reliable (and a good sense of humour always helps)

Please reply if you are sincere about finding the right relationship.

ID: ee6e28e5-613b-44c1-a775-fe1f70138aa9

Single mum

August 21, 2019
The title says it all. Single mum with a young child. A bargain - buy one get one free! Joke aside, it does come in a package. And you should be ready to accept and cope with this lovely problem. But rest assured, no kids will be present in any dates!
ID: 3e6fb261-2887-4250-9525-55749c571257

Good buddy

August 16, 2019
A very mature Hong Kong woman in good shape of soul, mind and body is looking for a good buddy to do things together, to share views on books & movies, to exchange recipes, and to explore interesting places around us. You're a single guy living in HK, non-smoker, aged 55-65, positive, kind-hearted, appreciate the diversity in life and people. I look forward to hearing from you and let’s take it from there.
ID: b820a411-00d7-48cc-9de0-873e7c329317

Good to be in Hk

August 15, 2019
Hi there,

I’m a BBC in my late 50s, I’m just a few weeks old in Hong Kong. I Chair an NGO that’s SDGs-oriented. We work with other NGOs, Government Agencies and Civil Society organizations to promote Sustainable Development Goals in target areas. I’m billed to be in Hong Kong until 2030

I’m actually looking for a woman that’s based here in HK that I can share my day to day experiences with. We can always start off as friends for sure and coast to wherever the future leads us. I think I’d prefer an English speaker please who might be willing to help me improve my Cantonese as well

I hope I get a reply

ID: af1c9dc7-f4ee-468a-9f75-f6cf12623026

waiting for a serious date and see

August 15, 2019
hi there,
I am just simple gal looking for a new relationship here. I am looking for white guy under 55, divorced or with kids is accepted. Understand that everyone has their own story. Drop me a line for a drink or so. No pressure ! Haha
ID: 929db985-ea05-4c1e-a805-c7ed44b3ce7b

I am young and mature age woman wants male partner

August 04, 2019
I am living in Hong Kong alone, I am doing business worldwide. I would like to know someone who is decent, polite, mature age more than 50,

we can talk, cook, have fun together. He has a healthy purpose that same as me. Please show your picture and must not scammers, if you invite me to chat. please tell me where you from and with a picture. Mature and honesty man is necessary.
No married man and gay, I like white guy who is humor, or if Asian who is kind, and with a polite manner.

I hope you are taller than 5'8" I do not mind some extra weight a happy man, I do not like thin men.
ID: 5bf0476b-c40b-4267-9f3e-4c136747e170