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Tan Big Phil Woman looking for a Man who makes me feel Super special

July 26, 2019
I'm a big brown skin woman.,who love the sun. Loves cooking and being a great companion and movie buddy, funny girl.

Patiently waiting for a Man who'll show me how to be appreciated for who I am and generously wanting to know me and will make me the prettiest woman in his eyes.

I know he is just there.
I'm gonna wait..... For You
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Serious Ad Here

February 10, 2019
Having a better life, a good job or business are my goals. But i cannot make it alone mostly "I have Nothing".
So here i am now, trying to seek someone who can help me to start a new or better life.
About me, i am single mom with kids.It is hard to be alone while you are raising kids and you dont have a good job or anything. I am very tired in this kind of life, i need to try something to make a solution.

So for me, i am open to hear your offers or deals(job,business,gf,etc) what you have in your mind. Let me know and lets talk about it and see where it will go. I am also open in LTR relationship,Discreet etc...
So if you are intrested kindly drop a line on my box with your viber number or wechat so we can talk and exchange some pics.Hopefully i can find someone here who will save me..

PS. I am not doing this for my own sake only. Pls do not judge me mostly if you dont know me. I am very serious, real and honest here so pls be like that also. Lets not waste our time thanks!
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