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Longing for a serious relationship

Posted 05/01/2016

I am a Hong Kong born and raised woman in my early 30s.
Due to the job nature, I am just too busy to make friends in the town.
Want to meet some some nice people here to hang out together and to have some fun.
Hope we can explore the city and the lives together.

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Posted 05/01/2016

Hello there! I'm looking for some to date and have fun with. I really like guys who are funny and can get along with my weirdness :) I'm into sports, specially badminton. I'd like to date down an if all goes well, i wanted to have a long term relationship. Please dont message me if you just wanted to hook up. I'm not that kind of girl. Please respect this. I'm on my early 20's. Asian. I'd prefer someone older than me. Maybe 25-35 years old. Someone who is passionate of ehat they do and someone who loves his family and wants to have his own family someday.

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Looking for a gentleman with kind heart to grow old with

Posted 04/30/2016

I miss the time with a partner to share the joy and laughter together. Although being single is full of freedom I don't want to finish the life journey alone. I am here sincerely looking for a life partner, a gentleman who knows how to respect woman, who is compassionate, kind and non-self centered as these are my traits. I am not looking for a rich man to feed me as I am quite accomplished. However, you need at least to have a normal job and like what you do for a living.

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Looking for true love

Posted 04/28/2016

I am emotionally expressive and share my feelings. The big picture is what i interests most, and i like to assemble facts and focus on larger concepts. When i make decisions, i often think things through very carefully, weighing all the options before deciding what to do. People are important to me and i prefer to build intimate attachments with others, connecting on a deeply personal level.

Agreeable and unassuming, i can be very intuitive, and I generally prefer win-win situations that protect social harmony. I am very good at reading people, and this includes facial expressions as well as vocal inflections.

I tend to be curious and creative, optimistic and generous. I have lots of energy and i like to spend my time seeking out new things. I avoid routine and really enjoy surprises. I am creative and curious and flexible, which makes me very adaptable to almost any situation.

When it comes to love i am a die-hard romantic, and i must have depth and meaning in my relationships.i like heart-to-heart exchanges that explore personal philosophies, goals, ethical dilemmas, and the meanings behind art, music, poetry or some other abstracs topics I am emotionally expressive and want my partner to share his genuine self with me. I also admire people who make plans and schedules. And I am attracted to a mate with a fixed moral compass. Moreover, for me, love must be embedded in a stable long-term relationship beginning with a march down the aisle. Most important, to balance my imaginative and supple spirit, i gravitate to people who know their own mind, make decisions quickly, focus on one thing at a time and can provide a stable home. And i can be very sensitive to my mate, communicating my emotions clearly and tenderly..

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single filipina looking for serious relationship

Posted 04/27/2016

Hi a fun and loving filipina here seeking a serious relationship and get married soon.
I prefer white western aged 45 up. Im 27 year old tan curvy beauty type. Having a good personality, very friendly , likes to go hike, beach lady.not a bar type .if you are interested to know me more drop me a message with your contact or etc.

Hope to hear from you soon.

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Seeking life long partner

Posted 04/25/2016

I have been single for a while as didn't feel the urge to settle down before. Recently, having seen more and more of my friends getting married, I would like to start my own family and to have children possibly as my biological clock is ticking.

I am 34 years old, born in Hong Kong and has studied and worked overseas. I am a well-educated professional who speak English, Cantonese and Mandarin fluently. I am 5 ft 5 and weigh about 50 kg. I do not smoke or have any bad habits, and I am not spoiled and so I won't ask you to carry my bags or buy me expensive gifts.

I am open minded, down to earth, cosmopolitan, positive and optimistic, a good listener yet love to talk. I smile all the time as I believe that life goes on whether you are happy or sad. I am not an outdoor person but do enjoy bathing in the sun on nice sandy beaches. I also love travelling, easy hiking, strolling in the park or along the waterfront, fine dining, drinking, cooking at home, going to movies, musicals or art exhibitions.

I am looking for a lifelong partner who is aged between 33 to 45, 5 ft 8 or above, physically fit, sincere, kind, positive, willing to commit, family oriented and preferably share some of my interests. He should also be well educated, have good manners, good and stable career. Appearance is not my top priority but would be a bonus if you are good looking.

If you are interested, please briefly introduce yourself and leave me with your contact details. I am happy to exchange photos if you wish : )

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Go with the flow

Posted 04/23/2016

I used to complaint a lot, about my work and life. Travel changes me. Now I'm grateful for what I have, and I think twice before I say sth negative. I don't make big money, but I'm economically independent. Personal space is important to me. I try to live healthy, both physically and mentally. I love travel and nature. We only get to live once, and the world always amazes me.

I don't have a type of guy. Chemistry matters. As time goes by, there's compensation and empathy to make a relationship last. I do not think marriage is a must, because a perfect plan is not the solution to everything. I'm not into celebrities gossip or luxury brands all the time, so we can talk about something else. I pay attention to appearances, which I believe is good manners.

Had a few failed relationships, but I still have faith in me. Hope to meet someone with the same values. I'm in my late 20s, Chinese, have been living in HK for a long time, speak all 3 official languages fluently. Rational but spontaneous.

Drop me a line if you're intrigued.

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Fun, caring, honest guy

Posted 04/22/2016

I am a local woman and late 40+. I am honest, caring, staright forward, happiness. Look like not seems my age, a little pretty woman. I work with insurance company. Looking for a man who be friend or exchange chat first

If you interested, please write to me to let me know more about you together with your recently photos.

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Caucasian - sense of humour and easy going

Posted 04/17/2016

Hi there,
Looking for "good, quality" company so are there any men who are interested in a caucasian female with European background? I am financially independent, good-looking, intelligent and in good shape. I am not interested in party goers or young guys (unless of course you are more conservative and not into drinking and partying).
I would prefer more mature men who are easy on the eye, charismatic and who can have an intelligent conversation. A good head of hair and non-smokers only.
Drop me a line if you are interested. Would you mind telling me a little about yourself if you reply.
BTW, am not desperate for a relationship and am certainly not desperate to get married.

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Someone special..

Posted 04/15/2016

I am an ABC in my 30s who has been in Hong Kong for a year. Average looking girl with a caring heart and a love for movies, reading, hiking, traveling, eating, music, and some times, doing nothing! I am looking for someone kind, easy going and with a good sense of humour to explore the city with and hopefully lead to something special and serious. I am a Christian and in the financial services industry.

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Looking for companionship

Posted 04/14/2016

Hello there, I'm an ABC in my 30s who has lived in Hong Kong for a long time and is fluent in both Chinese and English. I enjoy hiking, traveling, going to the movies and spending time with friends and family. I'm simple, honest and family oriented. Looking for a special someone with a good heart to share good and bad times in life.

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The right timing?

Posted 04/13/2016

A HK Chinese in my late 30s, grew up and studied overseas. I am interested to meet some new friends and if timing has it, hopefully even the right man for a serious relationship. I enjoy having deep conversations with friends on different topics of life. I love travelling the world as it puts me in more perspectives of seeing different cultures and people.

If you feel there’s a connection with me somewhere, I’d love to hear from you. Every adventure in life begins with a leap of faith into the unknown...

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LT relationship, or friends with similar outlook and interests...

Posted 04/12/2016

Recently relocated back to Hong Kong after living abroad for the past 18 years. I am looking for caucasian, BBC, ABC, or xBC, i.e someone had significant western influenced in their upbringings, as hiking body, tennis body, ski body, or for LTR if we really click..

I am 35yr old, 50kg, 160cm, well presented but not at all into designers, or celabraty gossips. I am a career minded professional, and very fortunate to have been brought up in a happy and loving family, well educated and well travelled so far. I prefer seeking consensus over forceful approach. The most important things to me are health, family, friends and honesty. I love outdoors, nature, yoga, ski, calm and peace, home cooking, live music and positive energy.

I am seeking someone who has a similar background, outlook and interests to me, also work in a professional capacity in Hong Kong. You don't have to be wealthy but should be able to support yourself and have a proactive attitude towards your career. Good smile, kind heart and heights above 5 ft 10 would help.

Strictly no drug, smoke, drunks, anyone with emotional baggages.

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Looking for a long term relationship

Posted 04/11/2016

I am a Chinese living in Hong Kong. I am divorced with no kids and have not been in a relationship for a while. I am above average looking but not someone who will make you will turn your head when I walk pass. I am smart, honest, sincere, fun, loving and caring.

I would like to meet someone for a long term relationship to share my life (not necessarily lead to marriage). If you are also looking for the someone to share your life, please feel free to reply to my ad. And we will see if we have the right chemistry.

I prefer someone who is currently living in HK or have concrete plan moving to HK because long distance love is too difficult. Thanks.

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looking for friends,companionship or serious relationship

Posted 04/08/2016

Hi,i am filipina working here in hk for awhile as a Helper.im looking for a friends,company or serious relationship.im 32 years of age.i am average person,petite with medium lenght hairs.a bit big eyes with big smile.They said im cute.Im here because its hard for me to meet man here in hk as im always busy at my work and always in travel with my employers family.
I love kids,cooking,outdoor activities like hiking,beach,walking,dancing and travelling,wishing to meet a nice and genuine man in this site.im always open in any possibilities,i am straight forward person and i like to meet an honest person.Pls no married man as i dont get involved with someone who is married.I am independent person im not looking for a sugar daddy,im living in simple life and enjoying every little things,i enjoy laughing,i go to church in my day off and meet friends after if my friends are not around i usually join in a hike group.but missing to spend sometime to someone to kisses and cuddles,its good to have someone to stay in weekend at night and watch movie together or do anything.
if you dont care my job and my race drop me a line..Ps im always attractive with a man who have blue eyes😊 and tell a lil bit about yourself.thank u.

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i am indonesian single women, working in hk, looking for guy or west guy to be a nice good friend, and i have i time on sunday/holiday.

Posted 04/07/2016

my height 150, and little fat because i am short my weight about 53, send me messege if you interest on me. thank you so much.

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Looking for a Caucasian gentleman for LT relationship

Posted 04/03/2016

I am a Hong Kong woman at late twenties, look young, sweet and petite, with a slim figure.
Working as a professional in the Finance industry.

I enjoy the nature - visiting outlying islands, countryside, easy hiking, walking along the seaside and on grassland, taking a ferry/tram ride, feeling the warm sunshine <3

I love musical drama, movies, art exhibition and culture exchange - I am a beginner for belly dancing and French. Also, if you want to know the local culture/place/food, I can show you and explore with you! Please do tell me about yours also!

I like eating - I am health conscious but I don't need to be on diet. I'd rather eat first than taking pics of the food. I don't like those feminine afternoon tea sets and I don't queue up long just for a slice of cake.

I am a simple woman who believe in balanced relationship - I don't need a man to help me carrying my feminine handbag. I don't need you to buy me branded gifts like those Pandora jewelry. I'd rather you spend more quality time with me.

~ I am looking for an exclusive long-term relationship.~

~ If you are a nice and decent Caucasian gentleman, aged between 30-45, look young/good, tall (5 ft 10 or above) and strong. With a good and stable career, healthy lifestyle, don't smoke and no other serious bad habits.

Please introduce yourself and leave your contact details.

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Looking for you

Posted 03/31/2016

Hi.I'm Hongkongese.I'm 28year old.
Would like to meet someone is kind ,honest,postive mind set.
I like travling,I like sharing my time with my family and my friends .I'm not a party animal .Wish I can meet someone with similar lifestyle.

Please write me if you are interested.

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Love will keep us alive

Posted 03/30/2016

I am a Chinese girl in my 30s , tall (170cm ) and fit (56kg) , in a good shape ,well educated ,love traveling and keeping fit ..i am mature ,financially secure and drama free , i am looking for a nice man , probably from Europe as i lived there for a few year in the past , 30-45yrs old , tall and fit , pls be single and available , because i am hoping to build deep connection ,not just enjoying each other and having a great time ..

If you are interested . pls message me .. Thanks

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keep calm and talk to me :-)

Posted 03/26/2016

Hello everyone. I'm a filipina wanted to meet someone who is adventurous, funny and who ache for a nice photographs. Hiking, biking, swimming, going to museum, ovebooks and film?
Must be positive and happy :-)
I hope we can talk soon, :-) takke care everyone ♥♥♥

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