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Hi there

Posted 01/24/2017

I'm a hk woman in my late 30's looking for a man.
I'm down to earth, easy going.
Feel free to drop me a line and hv a drink outside.:)

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Looking for a friend and hopefully can bring in to a new relationship

Posted 01/20/2017

Hi I'm looking for friends I can share my art with my love for photography and painting
Who wants to share what I do my passion and my dreams. I believe being friends first is important before jumping into a serious relationship let alone time and understanding towards each other make its way to make us fall inlove. So if you think we have same thing in common message me :)

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Looking for ONE Companion

Posted 01/14/2017

Yes, one is enough !!!

I was born and raised in HK but educated in Europe.
It's crazy that I am over 50 and been single for the whole life, which I don't want to. Wish to find a lifetime partner.

I love travelling locally and overseas, like hiking, eating, laughing, dancing, music..... Don,t like being alone.

I'd would like to look for a Caucasian to share everything with. Can't wait to hear from you if you are also 50+, single, genuine, have a stable life and looking for a lifetime partner.

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New Year a New Start

Posted 01/14/2017

I'm just into life in general. I love to travel when I can and explore. I don't like to follow the herd and prefer the off beaten track in life. When it comes to relationships personality and character is the key with a smile that reaches your eyes. I'm in my 40's and Australian.

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Posted 01/13/2017

I am new here and i am in search of a serious relationship, i will be happy if i get to meet a nice woman here to get along with and get to know our selves better... please write me and i will be happy to reply thanks...

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Posted 01/11/2017

I am a middle-aged Overseas Chinese who spent half of my life living in Sweden & other countries. Born & raised in HK, returned home 3 years ago & find it hard to get used to living in a concrete jungle again!

Personally I am looking for a long term relationship with someone with similar backgrounds & interest. I have a great variety of interest e.g. foreign languages, music, travel, movies.....etc

Life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you are going to get.

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One Day Someone Will Walk Into Your Life and Make You Realize Why It Never Worked Out With Anybody Else...

Posted 01/11/2017

My desire is to meet a real, honest and passionate woman... a woman that knows how to love and be loved in return...A woman i can hold her hands and together we will both write the chapters of our forever together

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Looking for companionship

Posted 01/10/2017

Hello. I'm a 36-year old Chinese female who has spent most of my life in Hong Kong. I enjoy hiking, eating, traveling and going to the movies. I appreciate people who have a good sense of humor and is kind. I'm looking for someone who can share the good times and the bad with me.

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HK local girl looking for a date

Posted 01/06/2017

Heya, some facts about myself:

- 27 years old
- born & raised in HK
- 5” with curvy figure
- wear glasses, and I might look younger than my actual age
- currently working in Central

I’m looking for new friends and potential romantic partner.
Points added if you are a bit nerdy!

Do drop me a line if you want to know more about me :)

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Friendship and more

Posted 12/29/2016

I'm mix Asian lady Singapore citizen in hk ,I like to make friend enjoy good convertasion ,,go out , hiking ,dance learning something new ,,respect care to other like to be honest ,vegetarian I'm interested to meet honest person

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Are you a nice gentleman?

Posted 12/27/2016

I am local Chinese, slim and petite, in my 30s...
I like music, sports and culture..........
I would like to meet a nice western gentleman who is over 40 years old, smart and intelligent......

See you soon

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Posted 12/20/2016

Hi there! You are viewing my profile, it means something catch your eyes. I believe that appearance is not everything we need, and I hope you would like to know my inner world as well. In a few words, I am a sociable, energetic and active young woman! At the same time I am a serious and reliable person, especially when it comes to my family and I am very family-oriented! I Live in Austin TX, USA.
I like to travel and to visit some new and interesting places, so I am Planning to be In HK after Christmas for a business plan, I do want to meet an honest and kind man for romantic relationship. I would like him to be intelligent and family-oriented like me. I would like to meet someone who will just make me happy! I will do everything so he would feel himself the happiest man in the world with me, maybe spend sometimes together and Know where it leads to.

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Any decent guy can go out together during Xmas holidays ?

Posted 12/17/2016

Hi there, I am early 30s girl looking for a good guy in late 20s or early 30s, hope I can get a reply?

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Looking for my Soul Mate

Posted 12/01/2016

I am a single woman who has never been married and has no kids... I am looking for a man who is not here for games or lies, A man who wants true love, someone who wants a relationship..

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Posted 11/23/2016

Ppl don’t like too many emails and prefer text or phone calls immediately.. Just think…if u don’t know more about a person, how you can really ‘talk’ to them (but not bull-shitting) Anyway, here I am.. Am (30s) looking for someone genuine (between mid 30s to mid 40s) who doesn’t mind exchanging email for a while and also don’t mind to start with friends.. Go with the flow, no pressure, feel free and see how it goes. Am no rush to ‘dive’ in relationship again but don’t get me wrong, zero interest in ONS or casual stuff either. Drop me a line if it sounds right. Cheers!

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Looking for a long relationship

Posted 11/19/2016

A pretty and simple woman looking for a sincere relationship w a Caucasian man as they are less picky on women's physical age I am in my early forties with a dependent daughter I am kind caring humble arts lover also travelling music sports reading hope you are down to earth mature caring compassionate, and , Christian no scammers pls

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Look forward

Posted 11/12/2016

Special HK lady would like to meet someone mature, sincere, understanding, with sense of humour. Look foward to a meaningful conversation, enjoying good food together and the chemistry...

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Posted 11/08/2016

I am a middle aged Overseas Chinese who is seeking a Long Term Relationship with Mr. Right. If you are 40-59 years old, single/divorced, expat, who is looking for Intellectual Stimulation plus a lot more....I have a great variety of interests: foreign languages, cuisine, music, movies, travel etc. Please do not hesitate, drop me a line.
Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get!

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Why not give it a go

Posted 11/06/2016

HK lady, educated overseas, slim, understanding, with good sense of humour. Like music, lanuguages, hiking and good food. Would like to meet someone in his late forties to fifties, who enjoys good conversation, with sense of humour and considerate. Look forward to hearing from you…

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Posted 11/05/2016

I am Chinese aged 40+. Smart and beautiful.
I am looking for a life long partner who share similar values, hobbies and interests. I dont mind if you have kids cos if we get along, I will treat your kid as mine.

Message or Wechat me if you are interested.

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