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A soulmate, Partner and Husband Needed!!...

Posted 08/29/2016

Thanks for reading here,I am looking for long term relationship,share my everything in the future with him.It could be you.

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An old fashioned hk girl looking for serious relationship

Posted 08/27/2016

i am an sincere , pure and old fashioned girl in my late 20s who are looking for life partner.
i am a family oriented person who prefer to stay home and look after the family in marriage.
looking for someone who respect and share similar value with me!!!
Looking forward to hear from you~
ooo, one important thing is i like tall man(above 175cm)!

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Hoping to find a single western gentleman

Posted 08/27/2016

I am Australian and looking for a well educated, easy going western male companion in his late 40's or 50's. I have a secure job and I am fit and healthy and most people say I am fun to be with. I enjoy life and would love to share it with someone. I am a non smoker and a genuine and caring person.

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Chemistry matters!

Posted 08/26/2016

Attractive Asian lady is seeking a man between 30s and 40s for friendship or more. Chemistry matters!

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Love,Family,Home,Trust and Respect

Posted 08/26/2016

I need those 5 important things in 1.

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Eat Pray Love

Posted 08/21/2016

Hi There,

I am a lovely and simple woman in my 30s, looking for a simple life and marriage.

looking for someone who is: sincere, mature, presentable, confident and care.
The environment in Hong Kong make love become complicated and lost its meaning somehow... we are here just to look for someone who can share our experience and our future. and to find a partner that we grow old with... aren't we?

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Posted 08/18/2016

I like hiking (Winters only), jogging, reading and dogs. Just started learning to golf.
38, looking for someone to hangout with.
No messing ;)

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Looking for a sincere guy

Posted 08/15/2016

Hi there,

I am a real person looking for a real relationship, preferably long-term. It would be good to spend weekends with someone--going for a run, hiking, swimming, cooking, talking, joking or just chilling. If you really love someone, doing the most mundane things can be enjoyable. I love travelling and have been to several places, but would love to travel with my partner because everything is made more enjoyable when shared with the one you love.

I am in my early 40's, newly single and would like to find the right partner. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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A sunshine girl

Posted 08/08/2016

A local 30-year-old girl looking for a sincere heart to be with.
Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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Searching a like mind friend and starting from there

Posted 08/08/2016

body : athletic height : 5'4" (162cm) status : single

age: 50

I am a mature Hong Kong lady looking to meet like minded friends with the possibility of leading to a long term relationship.

About Me:

I am a petite, fun and elegant lady, who enjoys the simple things that life can offer. I am goal oriented and strong minded but, not afraid to show my sensitive side when the time is right.

I am equally comfortable hiking in the hills or going to a black dress gala.

When I am not busy with work I enjoy relaxing with a good book, cooking or just watching a movie with that special someone.

I do like to keep fit and enjoy; hiking, badminton, yoga just to name a few activities.

About You:

I don't have a shopping list for the exact qualities that I am searching for in a partner but, at the very least you must be:

- Honest, sincere, genuine

- Have a steady moral compass

- Be able to go through the good times and bad times with a smile on your face.

- Living and working in Hong Kong

If after reading the above you feel that we have some things in common, I would love to here from you. If you are looking for a one night stand I am NOT your girl!

If your looking to tell me some sad story about how you fell upon desperate times on a business trip and now need my help. . ...FORGET IT!

I will only respond to those people with a current picture in their email

Good luck in your search.

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I am single and searching

Posted 08/07/2016

I am new here and I am looking for a serious relationship with a loving and caring man from 40 above. I am 38 and never been married, I have no kid but I am looking for a serious relationship that will lead to marriage. I am a white woman that works in Hong Kong. Please contact me to know more about me

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Looking for honest and gentle man

Posted 08/06/2016

Hello I'm 35 from Indonesia looking for serius relationship.

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The full package!

Posted 08/03/2016

Smart, athletic, fun, optimistic, international femme fatale who recently moved to Hong Kong from London (American by trade). Late 30s, tall, redhead. Seeking a nice, adventurous, smart and thoughtful gentleman!

I laugh a lot. I'm incredibly fortunate to have had such wonderful adventures and experiences.
Looking for someone who is interesting, adventurous, optimistic, smart, and nice to humans.

Passions include skiing, hiking, playing soccer, tennis, athletic adventures, travel, tasty food and wine, and public policy, with aspirations to make the world a better place.

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Looking for a nice guy, simple but sweet and knows how to respect woman

Posted 08/02/2016

Im an average woman, 4'11 height 56kg

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Looking for sercious relationship

Posted 07/31/2016

Hi,I am a simple,single,friendly lady.40 yrs,162cm,50kg. divorced ,no kids.Looking for one who will really know me and enjoy life together.Drop me a line... Thank you!

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Love life

Posted 07/31/2016

Hmmmm, here goes.......a wicked sense of humour lasts forever even when we get old and cynical. Life is short and shit happens so you get up, dust yourself off and keep going. That's me.
I'm approaching mid 40's. Into the arts, theatre, movies (Nordic noir and psychological thrillers) heavy rock (sorry I was force fed Aussie rock throughout the 80's). So there you go, I'm Australian. Editors note- not from Sydney and anybody from Australia will understand exactly what I mean by that.😉
I exercise for release and focus and so I guess I do it more than the average person.
No children as I teach enough of other people's and at 6pm I can say "bye bye now!"

I love food, life, dogs,beer/champagne, to smile, to laugh, to talk and to watch the sunset.

I guess that is me. How about you?

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wanna met guy for serious relationship

Posted 07/25/2016

height 5'2
weight 45kl.

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looking for serious relationship

Posted 07/24/2016

weight 45kl.
height 5.2 feet

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A girl in banking field is looking for someone genuine and smart to be my Mr. Right

Posted 07/17/2016

Hi everyone.

I am here to seek for someone who is genuine and intelligent, with a good heart and willing to communicate with your lover.

I am kind, and love kids. I am not good at cooking but I am learning hard to do so. Communication is very important to me, and I believe communication is by heart but not only by languages. But I will try to learn your language if you speak different language with me.

I hope you can feel relax with me. I am a simple and easy-going lady. Although I work in a professional position in the bank, I am humble and always smile to all people, as I believe everyone entitle equal love and care from others. I have a lot of friends, from different countries and different fields But I miss my Mr. Right to share every part in my life.

I am looking for 30- 45 gentleman, prefer from westerners or European. I am Hong Kong Chinese with mixed race. Working in a bank in some professional role.

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Seek for an expat Christian boyfriend

Posted 07/15/2016

Hi . I am Asian Chinese. Aged 28. Seek for an Expat Christian boyfriend . Have been living in Hong Kong for more than 20 years.

I am a teacher, average looking , long hair , wearing glasses, height between 165-170 , not too thin or not too fat .

I enjoy reading, and I love talking with the one who are funny, gentle, kind-hearted,

I seek for a boyfriend who is :
1. Aged 28-39
2. a Christian and have regular church life
3. American/European/Canadian preferred
4. Have stable jobs and income
5. Love your family and friends
6. Serious attitude towards religion and relationship ;)

Send me the message and let's exchange pics first to see if we can develop more ;)

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