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30 Year old Cbc looking for older women

September 28, 2020
Western born and educated asian looking for an older woman. I am sick of younger girls playing around. Looking for someone who can hold a conversation and is independent. I look art, fine dining, cooking, movies and hiking. I like to drink socially and love trying new restaurants. Looking for someone to cook for during this lockdown! Would love a future travel and workout partner as well!
ID: ce58f964-29af-47a1-835d-101a2b94a6bb

Mature fun

September 17, 2020
Looking for mature companion for long- term relationship, regular meet. Prefer age 45-65. If you interest please drop me a line.
ID: 6c9075b2-3b69-4e0f-b704-24a91159f479


September 10, 2020
I am a simple loving man that is looking for a caring woman to be friend with and if it works for a future relationship,why not? Whatsapp
ID: d890a8c1-994e-4981-b040-29dc7b26cb0a

foreigner looking for nice women

July 06, 2020
try it that is to love it
ID: 3d56d0bc-67d3-4858-a8e4-fda1a5e88fd2

Lovely lady

June 11, 2020
I want to meet a good man
ID: 4bd57f11-f676-4e0e-bad7-ba39847a1b72

Looking for a long term relationship

May 09, 2020
Hi, I am 45yrs local Chinese. Due to the fact that I am traveling a lot of my job and a personality "not very active", been single for some years. I am now looking for a partner, with whom to share my passion for life, who is independent and mature to understand the complicated world, and enjoy living in a busy city like Hong Kong but also quiet in private life. Love movie, music, sports, food, tennis, swimming etc
Normal and quiet life.
ID: 653f0b6e-849e-49d8-a36a-b7614d5f8de1

Love, Respect, Compromise...

May 04, 2020
Be with someone who handles conflicts with maturity, someone who lets you know when he is unhappy with you instead of bottling it all up inside, someone who shares all his moments (both happy and sad) with you, someone who treats you with respect even when you are not there and someone who is willing to make compromises because of the love you both share!
ID: 201f390e-6794-4f2b-b7ba-4886e9bb2361

Looking for Dating 40+ Chines lady

April 07, 2020

My age is 34 , Height 178, Body Type Average , Looks : Good

I am looking someone older than me for dating. I am a genuine person, I can provide my identity information etc. I am an expact. I am professional and talkative.

I am polite and talkative personality. If you interested the please share some details about you also.

Best Regards
ID: 39551a60-3bfc-4495-9072-268dcf8b0d29