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Looking for matured open minded western guy

May 31, 2021
I am looking for western matured guy. I am open minded, cheerful and drama free young woman. You know what to do if you want to know me. Xx
ID: 89586dad-032b-47fc-a1b8-d59e8dba75b3

keep looking

April 24, 2021
hi all,
I am Hongkong girl looking for serious relationship, but should be starting from friendship, hangout sometimes for good food, drinks and sports.
please leave me a message if you're looking for the same thing. I like expats!

ID: 26ecbf02-b9fe-4c9c-83e2-ac4c85df4395

Looking for an open minded matured man

March 19, 2021
I am looking for an open minded matured western guy that i can talk with. Someone who will understand me. Someone can explore with me without any jealousy.
ID: 266428e6-48bc-43a1-bc2f-ab88e52dbf5f