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A nice lady

November 19, 2022
Iam a teacher for teaching Chinese as a second language, wish to meet a nice one .
ID: 3432079c-84d6-4588-9ec6-58ff74e88f7b

Attractive American Les

October 14, 2022
I am beautiful, romantic and experienced, I have a good sense of humor. I am an American looking to have a genuine connection with an Asian Les for a serious relationship. I have always have a thing for the Asian women. Hopefully, I can find one here.

ID: 519c7fe8-d470-4247-8414-7ff0a57eccbd

Local lady seeking a gentleman

September 05, 2022
Hi there, I am local Chinese in my 30s. I am gentle and considerate. I would like to meet someone who is serious about the relationship. I prefer an older guy who is intelligent, mature and care about the family. You may send me a message in interested. Thank you
ID: 0407868b-253e-485c-93db-6ef001e419a0