Hiring a Foreign Domestic Helper in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Domestic Helper - Direct Hire vs Agency Hire

If you use an agency they will note your requirements and search their database as well as that of AsiaXPAT for suitable helper candidates (AsiaXPAT has by far the largest database of domestic helpers in Hong Kong and helper agencies make extensive use of this resource). Agencies will also assist you with processing the paperwork for your new domestic helper hire. Of course, domestic help agencies charge significant fees for assisting you with finding a domestic helper.

Every month hundreds of AsiaXPAT members purchase a low cost membership that allows them to search and contact domestic helpers who are listed on our site and who are living in Hong Kong. Most domestic helpers on AsiaXPAT have previous employer reference letters; we recommend that before you hire a domestic helper you review their reference letter(s) and contact previous employers to obtain further information on each domestic helper.

The obvious benefit of hiring a domestic helper in Hong Kong without using a domestic helper agency is that you save agency commissions. You can easily browse our database of helpers and select the most promising candidates then contact the domestic helpers to arrange interviews. Most helpers will be able to process all documentation required with minimal input from you.

Hong Kong Government FAQs Re: Hiring a Domestic Helper in Hong Kong

Hiring a domestic helper in Hong Kong can at first seem a daunting task. AsiaXPAT’s Hong Kong users have generated a comprehensive checklist of questions that you might considering asking domestic helpers when interviewing them. This should make the process of hiring a helper much more efficient and help to ensure that you select the most appropriate helper for you and your family’s needs.

Hong Kong Domestic Helper Task List

You’ve hired your new helper and now you need to organize tasks and work schedules. Once again, AsiaXPAT’s Hong Kong members come to the rescue with a comprehensive domestic helper task list.

Hong Kong Domestic Helper List of Statutory Holidays

If you employ a foreign domestic helper in Hong Kong, your domestic helper is entitled to the following days off: List of Domestic Helper Holidays.

Please note that if the Hong Kong public holiday falls on a Hong Kong domestic helper’s normal rest day, you must provide a day off on the day following the public holiday or alternatively, a substitute day of rest.