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What is AsiaXPAT Find a Foreign Employer Website?

Our Find a Foreign Employer website facilitates the direct hiring of Foreign Domestic Helpers in Hong Kong eliminating the need to work with an employment agency. 


The AsiaXPAT Advantage!

Unlike other websites that allow domestic helpers and drivers to submit their ads to their sites without seeing or speaking with them, every domestic helper and driver listed on AsiaXPAT has attended our office in Central and been interviewed by our team to ensure that the bio data posted with their ad is accurate.   Our team actually handles the posting of the helper ads so we can be extra certain that the bio data is both correct and legible.

We are the only domestic helper/driver website in Hong Kong providing this level of pre-screening.

All of the domestic helpers and drivers listed on the site are available within a reasonable period of time.  Typically, helpers and drivers seeking new employment in Hong Kong have 2 weeks to find a new employer once their visa expires. 

AsiaXPAT automatically removes any helper or driver within 6 weeks from the date they posted their ad ensuring only domestic helpers who are actively seeking employment are listed.

Our experienced staff are available to answer any questions relating to the hire of a domestic helper or driver in Hong Kong. Questions are typically answered within 2 hours of the same business day including weekends. Should you have any questions click here to contact us.

Should you require any assistance with either the hiring of helper or driver or if you have found a helper or driver from our website or any other website please contact us for more information on our agency or documentation services.


How to Write a Job Posting

Here are some tips for writing a great job advertisement for a domestic helper or driver that will get noticed:

Use a Great Job Title Highlight

This is one of the most important parts of your job posting.  When you create your title highlight make sure it stands out and attracts the best helper or driver!

Describe the Type of Helper  or Driver You Are Looking For

This shouldn’t just be limited to the helper or driver's education, experience and skill set.  Give a short but accurate description of the personality traits that will fit best with your family.  This can include such specific traits you would like to avoid.


A helper job normally includes hands-on childcare and child-related duties as well as general household duties.  Don’t waste time including these in your list. Instead use the space provided to list any additional duties that will be required.


Short Listing and Interviewing Candidates

You can make use of our search engine to find candidates who meet your requirements.  We offer a number of filters including age, education and childcare experience.  Once you have narrowed your search you can add potential candidates to your shortlist.

When you are ready to set up your interviews it is advisable to create a list of questions relevant to your requirements ahead of time.


Many helpers and drivers are not allowed to take phone calls during the day so you may find it difficult at first to reach them. It is therefore advisable to text or send them a Whatsapp or email to arrange interviews.

Narrowing Down the List

Once you have gone through the interviewing process it's time to shorten your list!  One effective way to do this would be to ask for former employer contact details and arrange a time to call or send an email.  The feedback from former employers can be extremely useful when making your final decision on which domestic helper or driver you decide to employ.

Making the Job Offer

Once the decision has been made on which helper or driver to hire, it's time to present them with the job offer! 

This will involve agreeing upon an appropriate salary and the signing of the Hong Kong Immigration Department’s standard employment contract for the hiring of a Foreign Domestic Helper.

Please remember that the minimum salary for helpers is HKD4,520.00 per month.  Paying a helper anything less is an offence.

Applying for the Helper's or Driver's Visa

Except for finished contract candidates, you will need to use a Hong Kong-based domestic help agency to process the paperwork.  If you are in need of agency assistance, please contact AsiaXPAT and one of our agents will be happy to help you handle the entire process.


Understanding Terminated vs. Break Contract Candidates

Many employers consider ‘finished contract’ candidates to be preferred over those who have broken their contracts or have been terminated.  This guide will help you to make sense of the differences and understand the significance of each category

Finished Contract

Finished contract candidates are those helpers and drivers who have completed the full two-year contract with their current employer.  Finished contract helpers and drivers can apply for an extension to their visa and delay their annual leave at the end of the contract.  This means they can start a new contract without having to return to their home country.

Break Contract & Terminated

Break contract means that the helper or driver has decided not to continue working for their current employer. They have initiated the breaking of their contract.  

Typically, the helper or driver has been put into a situation that they can no longer tolerate and therefore have decided to quit and find a new job. 

Situations where this comes in play are:

  • Helper or driver is required to work long hours
  • Sleeping conditions are not appropriate; i.e. with adolescent children, on the floor, in the kitchen, in closets
  • Injured while performing their duties
  • Family emergency
  • Expectations of employment were not properly revealed during the interview process

Terminated Helper or Driver

Helpers or drivers are typically terminated for the following reasons:

Termination with Cause

  • Poor work performance
  • Theft
  • Personality conflicts

Termination Due to Relocation

  • The employer is leaving Hong Kong and is unable to relocate the helper with them

Termination due to Financial reasons

  •  The family can no longer afford to pay the helper or driver and therefore has no choice but to terminate their employment


Part-time Job

It is illegal for a domestic helper in Hong Kong to accept part time work if the helper is on a DH visa.

Technically, as the helper's employer, you have the right to terminate the helper's contract with you.
First explain to your helper that working part time is illegal in Hong Kong and that there are serious penalties that include custodial sentences and a permanent ban on working in Hong Kong. Is it really worth the risk?
Helpers work hard during the week and it is in their interest both physically and emotionally to have a day's rest.
If the helper continues to work part time illegally, and you are uncomfortable with the situation, then you can consider terminating.

Annual Leave

An employee is entitled to 7 days' annual leave with pay after serving every period of 12 months under a continuous contract.An employee's entitlement to paid annual leave will increase progressively to a maximum of 14 days according to his length of service as follows:
Years of Serviced             Annual Leave Entitlement (days)
1                                                  7
2                                                  7
3                                                  8 
4                                                  9
5                                                 10
6                                                 11
7                                                 12 
8                                                 13
9 (or more)                           14 

Working Hours

There’s no specified number of hours for Helpers to work on a daily basis however, you should provide at least 1 rest day (holiday) every period of seven days. A rest day is a continuous period of not less than 24 hours.


Living Arrangement

Your domestic helper should only reside on the employer’s residence. (page 1 No. 3 point on the standard employment contract).   Serious penalties apply to both the helper and employer should the government discover the employer is living out.

A Google search on this issue brings up a number of articles that indicate the authorities are serious about enforcing rules regarding live-out domestic helpers in Hong Kong.

For instance, in 2015, four foreign DH’s were arrested when immigration officers suspected them of breaking the live-out law.

One employer and his were also arrested for obstructing the immigration officials.

The law regarding live-out helpers was amended in 2003 and presently only helpers who had been working for the same employer since before the new law came into effect are permitted to live out.

Allowing a helper to live-out is a criminal act that can be punished by fines of up to HKD150k and custodial sentences of up to 14 years for employers. Domestic helpers face permanent deportation from Hong Kong if convicted.

In light of the serious consequences if you are caught employing a live-out helper, our team recommends that if you don’t have space for a live in DH, that you consider contacting Merry Maids and organizing daily maid service through them. It will be more expensive than hiring a full-time helper but it will provide you with peace of mind.