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Government tax authorities and other regulatory organisations such as OECD
are mandating further intrusive demands on individual’s business and family
wealth accounts, with a view to broaden applicable taxes, including inheritance
taxes by which to pay for their expenditure excesses and debt.
Global regulations are changing and becoming more intrusive.
In a global world of enterprise and investment holdings, the risks of
transgressing new legislation, with new and ever-increasing reporting
requirements, punitive penalties and un warranted lawsuits, potential creditor
claims, and conflicts increase.
If you want to:
• Maximise the protection of your financial assets
• Make prudent decisions to ensure your assets remain as secure as possible
within disclosure parameters
• choose how, and when, your wealth is passed to your next generation
• mitigate your tax exposures
• ensure greater flexibility and maximise investment freedom
ASPIRE Multi-Family Office offers a wealth of comprehensive wealth management
solutions, including SAMOA-based TRUSTS, which have very well-developed trust
laws and comprehensive benefits not available in other trust jurisdictions.
Which include:
• non subscription to imposed external reporting regulations (FATCA, ESR, CRS)
• offer 100% foreign control and comprehensive confidentiality provisions
• have no inheritance or income taxes
• are formed quickly and relatively inexpensively
• offers resilience against foreign court orders
ASPIRE boasts mature Samoan trust-related operational experience, and has
facilitated a noticeable increase in trust formation recently as families move to
safeguard their wealth.
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