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It’s not that hard to surmise that Hong Kong is a hiking paradise filled with a good number of hill and mountains trails, and scenic country parks.
Most expats are already familiar with the territory’s urban landscape, which is filled with tall buildings that highlight its skyline, but only a few are aware of its beautiful countryside. For both professional and novice climbers, there are plenty of sites where one can experience surreal levels of thrill when hiking in Hong Kong.
Whether you’re looking for basic walking trails or want to take on the extreme climbing challenges of the territory’s peripheral islands, here are ten hiking trails you can visit, climb and discover across Hong Kong.
Dragon’s Back.
Get an exhilarating experience as you walk through the winding course of Dragon’s Back’s mountain ridge, or what many regard as the most popular trail in Hong Kong. Venturing to the peak will give you a stunning view of the southwest side of the island’s shoreline—a total departure from most tourists’ perspective of Hong Kong’s concrete jungle. Within 20 minutes of your hike, you’ll chance upon Shek O Beach towards the east, leading you to Big Wave Bay Beach as your final scenic treat at the end of your hike.
Peak Circle Walk.
If you want to see the most panoramic view of Victoria Harbour, take the trails of the Peak Circle Walk at Peak Tower. Its peak is one of the highest in Hong Kong Island that winds around towards breathtaking scenery. If you plan to jog, take the trail of Lugard Walk which is filled with tall trees, vegetation, and fresh air, which will eventually lead you back to The Peak Tower via Harlech Road. Make sure you fuel up before you take this trail as it’s unlikely you’ll find water stations along the route.
The Peak to Lung Fu Shan Country Park.
Most hikers climb peaks to take in the beauty of nature. This one will give you one stunning view and more as you also get to see Hong Kong’s past during the colonial period. You’ll surely enjoy the cool climate that goes with such rustic structures as the century-old Grade II Historic Building at The Peak Lookout. In Hatton Road, you’ll come across another heritage site, the Pinewood Battery. Nothing beats an exciting trail that keeps you fit, gets you in touch with Mother Nature, and interests your senses simultaneously like this one.
Sha Tin Pass Road to Kowloon Reservoir.
Let this trail take your breath away as it runs above Kowloon’s skyline to allow you a majestic view of Victoria Harbour’s northern panorama. As you walk the trail, you may view the new territories in the north, and the Kowloon Peninsula in the south. Make your way to Lion Rock, which symbolises the locals’ hardworking nature and be mersmerized by the city lights that illuminate at night. If your objective is to simulate flight, check out this hiking trail right away and go above Hong Kong’s entire territory.
High Junk Peak.
Known to be the highest point on the Clear Water Bay Peninsula at 344 meters, this trail lets you view the scenic coastlines of Sheung Sze Wan and leads you to the challenging hill of Miu Tsai Tun. But all your effort will be worth it when you reach the summit as you get to see the picturesque Clear Water Bay and Pacific Ocean. Clear skies will let you see the Ninepin islands over in the east. Make your way further to the top from Miu Tsai Tun for more awesome views, which would roughly take around 20 minutes to the peak for experienced climbers.
Hong Kong Wetland Park/Tsim Bei Tsui.
Hong Kong not only boasts majestic mountain ranges and hill trails but also some of the best birdwatching sites in the region. The 61-hectare Hong Kong Wetland Park is located near the Mai Po Nature Reserve where a guided walk will lead you to swamps, mangroves, and intertidal zones frequented by rare migrating birds. Hikers will find this trail an easy one with a few downhill paths near the Tsim Bei Tsui police post and unleveled surfaces near fishponds. Fear not as the entire trail will only take you two and a half hours to complete.
Lau Shui Heung to Fung Yuen.
One country trail in Hong Kong that showcases a variety of butterfly species is the path from Lau Shui to Fung Yuen. Navigate through the thick forest cover of the reservoir and onto the valley at Hok Tau. You’ll get to see natural waterways before you reach the reserve where you can be in awe of various species of this winged-wonder. The trail will take about three hours so it’s best that you bring an ample amount of drinking water as you trek the 7.5 kilometer distance.
Lantau Peak.
Another favorite hiking trail for most Hongkongers is Lantau Peak in Lantau Island for its breathtaking sunrise. Situated right next to Sunset Peak, it is the second highest in Hong Kong that boasts fantastic views of the imposing Big Buddha. Start your trail at around 4AM to catch the sunrise from Lantau Peak. If you are looking for bigger challenges, take the 70-kilometer trail consisting 12 stages and a few days to complete. The best months to visit and climb its trails are from December to February when the skies are clearer and the mist is thinner.
Ling Kok Shan Hiking.
A hill located in east of Lamma Island, this hiking trail gives you access to ancient countryside villages and a great view of the coastal scenery. While into the trail, you will chance upon a deserted farmland that features the captivating ocean side. You may take a break and dip into the waters of Shek Pai Wan, which is the largest white sand beach in the island, before making your way towards the top of Yam Ling Au. The trail ends back to Sok Kwu Wan where you can relax and re-energize at the area’s several seafood restaurants.
Ngong Ping.
The plateau where the giant Tian Tan Buddha sits also offers a hiking trail that allows you to experience the calm and peaceful atmosphere of Lantau Island. For those who are spiritual in nature, this is the perfect hike made more sacred by the Po Lin Monastery and the Wisdom Path where the 38 timber columns that are inscribed with the Heart Sutra, a summary of the Buddhist Mahayana teaching meaning “form is empty”, will surely fascinate you.
The Hong Kong Government has a dedicated 'Enjoy Hiking' Website that providers comprehensive hiking information including:
  • Trail Maps
  • Hiking Skills
  • Safety Guidelines
  • Planning Guide
If you are looking for hiking partners, please visit our Activity Partners channel.

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