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POSTED BY li-xxx (7 yrs ago)

I was wondering if some of the readers here can help me with some salary comparisons.

I am currently working in London on an annual salary of £125K.

I have been offered a job in Hong Kong, same industry (ie finance) but a little more responsibility at an annual salary (incl housing allowance) of 1.8 million HKD.

Is 1.8 million HKD in HK significantly higher than £125K in London.

If its relevant, I am a single female so would not be coming across with a partner or family.

Many thanks


vak (7 yrs ago)
The carry home in HK will always be lot more. It all depends on yr life style. You can get a v decent place for between 35 to 50k p/month HKD. taxes here are a lot lower than the UK. So you are on abt 1.5 mill HKD in the UK with 35% tax and are being offered 1.8 at a sliding scale tax of 16.5% max. HK also offers a lot of oppurtunity and change in lifestyle for may Europeans who many consider being stuck in a professional RUT.

I would seriously consider it if I was in yr position.

cookie09 (7 yrs ago)
good offer really. 1.8m net tax is really 1.5 whereas 125pounds in the UK is 1m max. housing might be similar after all.

so i think you just got a 50% raise :)

li-xxx (7 yrs ago)
Many thanks all.

Vak - I have a very simple lifestyle, pretty sure I wont be into the whole LKF and fancy restaurant scene. I'm actually chinese (though very westernised, and not cantonese speaking) so comfortable eating in the HK local restaurants and shopping in the wet markets. Yes I consider myself in a professional rut - felt like I have learnt nothing new in the past 2 to 3 years. I am in a niche area so there haven't been any opportunities till now, and £125K is fairly comfortable so I got complacent.

Having said that I'd like to think I'm getting at least a 30% raise given it is still a big move to go to HK and there will be a little more responsibility. This looks to be the case so I am excited!!

Tune (7 yrs ago)
You work in finance and..? Sorry, I'm confused.

songkran (7 yrs ago)
Yeah IMO that is a great offer.

To give you a frame of reference, I am in the process of moving to HK in the next couple of weeks. The move for me is also an increase in responsibility. I work in market research and make £100k in the UK and will be on 1.5m HKD, so your increase is proportionally in the same ball park as mine.

Hope that helps & good luck with the new job :)

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