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POSTED BY psgallag (7 yrs ago)
I am an american who is currently studying my mba in Perth, Australia which is expected to finish in Nov 2011 and I would like to come over to hong kong to work in december 2011 and I had some questions about the qmas.

Based on the point-based test right now i have 80 point with my bachelors degree from the University of California, Berkeley and with my mba I will have 85 points. Does anyone have any feedback on the process?

How long does the qmas last for - is there a time limit for it (that it lasts)? As I know there is an annual quota for it, is there a period applications open and close? when is the best time to apply for it? how long is the normal processing time?

One of the companies I am highly interested applying for is Procter & Gamble Hong Kong, and according to their career website they have listed that we only accept candidates who are eligible to work in HK/TW, say, are HK/TW citizens or holding work permits.

Given their recruiting period starts in late november, could i go ahead and apply for the visa now or even in august even though I wont be in hong Kong till late december, so I can go ahead and apply for jobs like this and accept an offer by december.

I am a 27 years old american, with 3 years of work experience and a bachelors degree with an expected masters degree by end of november, please advise me


jlgebhardt (7 yrs ago)
I'd suggest that you start the application process ASAP. The process will take around 6 months or so, and you may need to get back to them with more, or corrected, documentation. If you are accepted, you'll get a visa that is good for a year, and will need to renew it then, showing that you are contributing to Hong Kong as a quality migrant. The criteria can probably change - but I'd guess that you'd be okay. Once renewed, you'll have a two year visa, and I believe that you will get two year renewals until you reach seven years, when you can choose to apply for permanent residency. It might be iffy to expect to have been approved by November, but get started anyway.

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