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POSTED BY agromc (6 yrs ago)
Well let me start like this. I m 31 years old Macedonia who had been working and studying abroad for the last 7 years. I used to work in Taiwan but due to some reasons i had to move back home (Macedonia). Im willing to go back to Asia again , but this time i want to try HK. I visited HK couple of times and im eager to get a job over there. Im a Bachelor Degree holder , i m fluent in Chinese and i have experience. Now the thing is Im not really sure how can i get hired and get a working permit, though i m not willing to work illegally and get into trouble. I have been trying and applying to all kinds of website but the responses i get are 0. Some people say that I must go there first and apply directly as the chances are bigger, but isnt that a risk? What if i dont find an employer who is ready to apply for work permit for me. I dont wanna end up spending all my money and still jobless. Any help , any advice would be appreciated


cara (6 yrs ago)
you have experience doing what?

99.9% of the population is fluent in chinese. a large percentage of the population speak both cantonese and mandarin, a slightly smaller percentage also speak english.

what can you offer to hk that is not already available here?

that is the question that hk immigration will ask.

one of the main criteria of getting a work visa is that you have a special skill that is not already available here.

is it more likely to secure a job and visa if you are in hk? yes.

is it possible for you to come here, spend all of your money and still not secure a job or visa? yes.

agromc (6 yrs ago)
Cara i know about the percents u r telling me , and i wasnt trying to say that i m special cuz i can do that , (maybe i m among the foreign population). Anyway u asked me about the experience. I worked as a TOEFL/IELTS study abroad consultant/advisor, also i was responsible for editing and translating books issued from the school i worked for. The other job was just an English Teacher (kindergarten and Cram school). I was doing that for 7 years in Taiwan.

Btw my education is as follows: BACHELOR DEGREE IN AGRICULTURE (crop science) , English Proficiency Certificate , Chinese Proficiency Certificate and a Bartending License.

The criteria that u said about having the special skill that is not available , is almost everywhere in every country , so i m not saying that im super qualified but i m just asking if there is a hope that i can blend in and get a job somehow (legally).

cara (6 yrs ago)
again, you may very easily find a job, but you might not get sponsorship for a visa or the visa could be rejected.

you, yourself, said you're not special.... if that's the case, then why would immigration approve a visa for you?

of course, you may be able to find a job. but nothing is guaranteed. one strike against you is that you are not native english speaking. that could be a problem as it would be difficult to prove that you have something that a local cannot provide.

if you were from the UK or USA or another english-speaking country, then you would have a better chance.

i am not in any way being nasty or mean. i am simply telling you what immigration will be asking. if you can't answer those questions, then you are highly unlikely to find a sponsoring company for your visa and job to go with it.

but never say never.... anything is possible.

agromc (6 yrs ago)
Thats not really promising but anyway thanks for your replies

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