Can you stay in HK while waiting for a Work Visa



POSTED BY Jblumley (14 mths ago)

Does anyone know if you can be in Hong Kong on the normal visiting visa (not working!), while you wait for your work visa to come through?

I have a friend who just got a job here and they want him to go back home and wait before the visa is submitted and then approved (so four to six weeks). I know a few other people who got jobs while on a visiting visa and they didn't have to leave (other than to re-enter Hong Kong once the visa was approved).

Any help is much appreciated. They really don't want to leave Hong Kong just for a month.



WillowWild1 (14 mths ago)

I am South African and was able to stay in Hong Kong for 3 months until my work visa came through (not sure why it took so long to get). I did a ferry trip to Macau once a month to renew my tourist visa, and it was fine. There is definitely no need to travel back to your home country.

Good luck to your friend.

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