Internship or Job Opportunities for foreigners in Hong Kong



Posted by arupng259 8 mths ago
Hello Everyone ! I am new to this group.
I was follow posts of this forum very often and today I thought of asking for some suggestions from you people who live & work in Hong Kong, a place which I love !

I am 25 years old from India who is looking for some Internship or Job Opportunities in Hong Kong. I also did my Internship in Taiwan for about 04 months and also went to Singapore on behalf of my Current Company for whom I work for now as a Business Analyst & Marketing Executive. I am very much looking forward to work in Hong Kong now either as an Intern or as an Employee so that I may increase my Career Exposure and gain some valuable experience. I have a Masters Degree in Public Administration and a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration with almost 3 years of Work Experience (excluding my Internship works).

If anyone could please recommend or share their views regarding some available potential opportunities in Hong Kong or any advice which you would like to share as I don't know if coming to Hong Kong on a Tourist Visa and then applying to Internships or Jobs would help.

Thank You.

- Arup

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