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POSTED BY anonymous23 (14 mths ago)
Hello everyone, first of all, I am an avid reader of this forum but had to create a new account to remain completely anonymous for the time being.
I require some advice and input on my current work situation.

I've signed a contract with a company a year ago (my current sponsoring company), but have not been given the full-time role i signed for, instead I've been placed in a pool of free lance workers with the management pulling the strings through my visa sponsorship.
Some months, the wages have been satisfactory and able to live of, but other months (past 3 months) have just been excruciatingly low and unable to cover basic living costs.

Now I'm wondering, what would be my best approach to tackle this issue, in order to not let it happen to anyone else.
Would I have any grounds to request compensation as well?



MsJones (13 mths ago)
They are not allowed to pay imported professionals on visas lesa than 15000 HKD/month. That is my info....so they could be in deep s*** with Immigration. However, if you want to stay in HK you need to try to transfer out before you go rogue on them.

Baap (13 mths ago)
There is free legal advise at the city councils once a week or once a month. Don't let them fool you and steal your money. There are clear laws here, and they are enforced. Sue them if you can.

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