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Posted by zaco 2 mths ago

I am looking for few hours of training (in English) on the basic fundamentals of accounting/bookeepings on Quickbooks. I am running a trading business and I would like to get started on setting up Quikbooks and recording my sales and expenses.

Thanks in advance.


eairieau 2 mths ago
Hi Zaco,

I provide accounting training to entrepreneurs in HK who want to do their accounting by themselves. It makes sense as long as it is basic (lets say less than 120 transactions a year) ; otherwise many professional accounting companies are offering price competitive services (from 7000 to 15 000 HKD a year).

I am mainly coaching people to do their accounting on Excel (I provide the accounting template) or Xero.

Are you interested? I am charging 1000 HKD/hours and usually I get people on track with a 2 hours training.

Some words about myself (academic & professional background):
- Msc in Corporate Finance (French Business School)
- 11 years’ experience as a Financial Controller in Asia for a listed German Multinational Company
- Founder and Manager of a HK company for 6 years

Please get in touch with me if interested

Have a good day


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