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Posted by JSM1 6 mths ago
Had a question on the employment visa as it will be the first
Time our company is hiring overseas due to the position needed. The person we are hiring
Is married and has one child. As her husband an fher child will most likely not join until a year later
And just come to Hong Kong to visit. Does she state on the application form about
Her dependents or only until they are actually planning to move to Hong Kong? That part we are
A bit confused about..

We also heard that it takes 4-6 weeks for processing and as she is finishing work in another
Country, can she head home to her home country until the visa is ready?

Thanks again


edshe_23 2 mths ago
Yes, it will take 4-6 weeks for the application. She can apply Dependant Visa if they are ready to come. Yes, she can return to her country or any place and wait for the Visa to be approved. Mostly now Immigration gives 2 years per visa employment and 3 years for the renewal of employment visa.

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