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POSTED BY PKS_2010 (7 yrs ago)
we are in process of moving to Hong Kong in 1 month. I am looking for a school for 3 years daughter. Can you please let me know which school do Indian small kids normally goes ??


RA (7 yrs ago)
HK being a world city has schools which have students from different nationalities. What do you mean by school for Indian kids?

omega (7 yrs ago)
"HK being a world city has schools which have students from different nationalities" - yes it does have the German Swiss School, the French School, two American schools - HKIS and AIS, Australian School, Canadian School, Norwegian School....and many more. There is no Indian school here. You could choose a kindergarten depending on which part of Hong Kong you live. In Hong Kong Island there is Small World, Woodlands, Sunshine House, PIPS and many more. My kids went to Small World - which is a lovely school with children of all nationalities .

locoloco (7 yrs ago)
Actually I believe there is one "indian" school it's a kindergarten based out of the Kelsa Diwan temple off the back of Happy Valley, it is open to all but due to the location I would imagine most of the children are of indian background and in all likelihood sikh in religion. It is an English speaking kindy.

ABSN (7 yrs ago)
PKS_2010, I suggest you give a local Kindergarten a try. We put our children in Linganan on Stubbs road and then in St.Paul's as a result she speaks very good Cantonese. You child would need that to live in HK. Locoloco is right, the Indian Kindergarten is inside the Gurudwara on Queen's Road East. I am not sure but a lot of Indian kids go to Ellis Kadoori school as well.

manasingh (7 yrs ago)
first tell, where will to stay in Hong Kong.

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