A good Mandarin School-recommendations pls!



POSTED BY mmdr3721 (7 yrs ago)
Hello Jen,

There are many good Mandarin learning centers in HK. For group lessons, the fees will be approx. 150 per hour, for private lessons, the fees will be around $350/per hour, because both the center and teacher need to earn money. Normally, you will also need to pay in advance for a package.

You don't need to get a student's visa to take these courses.

If you don't mind learning from a private tutor, you may wish to browse the website below:


Good luck!


Nana2010 (7 yrs ago)
Hi Jen,

My friend and I are Mandarin tutors. We are native speakers with more than 4 years experience in personal coaching expats, bank staff and school children. Our students include British Council HK, Jp Morgan, Consulate General of Spain Trade Commission HK and etc. Both of us hold Master's degree in Education. Call us at 2381 2660 or 5168 5257 for a trial lesson. Flexible study hours and class site.


vivienwc (7 yrs ago)
Hi Jen,

You can also check out Mandarin School - http://www.mandarinschool.com.hk/

They have trial classes - private instruction, that you can try out and their teacher is superb. I learned a lot from the first class and it's worth a try.

Good luck!

alex15 (6 yrs ago)

There's also GlobalCitizen which offers many language classes and particularly chinese. It's located in central, but they also offer courses "virtually", meaning you don't need to go there physically but only need a computer and internet to follow a class, thourgh an avatar. It's a pretty cool system. The staff there is very friendly too, so don't hesitate to contact them. Here's the website: http://bilingualizer.com/

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