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POSTED BY visitors (7 yrs ago)
My 18 year old daughter has just started going to playgroup earlier this week. When I signed her up, the administrative staff told me the teacher is Chinese Canadian and is certainly a native English speaker.

I am very disappointed in the teacher but I am not sure if I should just bite my tongue as my goal for my daughter to go to playgroup is for her to meet friends at her age and basically have fun. I am pretty sure she lied in my face about her credential and her experience. I am familiar with the college she claims she went to as my uncle teaches there for over 10 years. There is a continuing education early childhood course but it's not a legitimate teacher training program. Also, I happened to know another teacher at the school. She has been a long time friend and she told me my daughter's teacher is actually studying part-time at a local institution for her teaching certificate. On top of that, she has an accent and I am sure she is not a native English speaker.

What should I do? Should I pull her out?


cara (7 yrs ago)
first, i think your daughter is only 18 months, not 18 years old, right?

second, if you are uncomfortable with the situation, then change to a different playgroup. you do not need to provide any reason to them.

i run a playgroup, students come and go. i've had many students come for almost 2.5 years, though, so there are quite a few long-term students too.

visitors (7 yrs ago)
yes, my daughter is 18 months old. Could you pm me your playgroup's information please?

michelley (7 yrs ago)
i agree with cara. why do you need to feel so troubled by the situation?

if you like the program of the playgroup stay. if not, change playgroups. it's just playgroup, it's not primary or secondary where changing would be troublesome and sometimes not possible.

but fyi, as far as i know, many playgroup teachers in hk are not qualified teachers of any sort.

cara (7 yrs ago)
there is no requirement that playgroup teachers be qualified.

michelley (7 yrs ago)
oh. i know that. it's just from visitors post that it seems she sort of expected the teacher to be qualified. but at least that playgroup teacher is studying for a teaching certificate; so thumbs up for her!

cara (7 yrs ago)
just wanted to make sure that the OP knew that, too....

PoliteEmployer (7 yrs ago)
Agree with michelley re: playgroup teacher studying for a teaching certificate. What's wrong with local institutions? I know of many people who have pursued their teaching certificates locally and ended up teaching in local and international schools here in Hong Kong. Isn't it more important about how she teaches and the learning environment that she is providing in your daughter's class, as opposed to just credentials and labels?

In terms of accents, I've heard of French/Italian/German English teachers hired as NET's, just because they are Caucasian. Is this more acceptable?

Sorry had to get this off my chest, because I find the narrow-mindedness of many parents here soooo aggravating!

cara (7 yrs ago)
not only that, but people from Newfoundland speak with a VERY different accent than those from British Columbia, but both are VERY much Canadian...

visitors (7 yrs ago)
I have no problem with the fact that she doesn't have a teaching certificate but I have problem with the fact that she lied to me and all the other parents. She posted her experience and credential outside of her classroom.

My other friend who is currently working at the same school is also working on her teaching certificate and she is a fantastic teacher. She taught my older daughter two years ago and since then we become good friends. So, no I am not going for the credentials.

It bothers me when she says she is a NET and yet she says, "Today is Fursday, or fank you... over and over again"

As for her teaching, one of the things that bothers me is that I repeatedly asked her to allow my daughter to draw on her own. She continues to say kids' art work can REALLY use a bit of a touch up and insisted on drawing on all the kids' art work so they look better when they are posted in her classroom. Also, when kids are moving around, she gets very upset and repeatedly says, " you are naughty". She says this to all the kids in class over 20 times in 2 hours.

Anyway, of course I know I can pull my daughter out anytime but my older one has medical issues. It's difficult logistically to change school at the moment.

visitors (7 yrs ago)

cara (7 yrs ago)
yeah, sounds like a lack of experience and just a different philosophy. i would take my child out as quickly as possible if i had the same problems with my children's teachers...

SusiSu (7 yrs ago)
anyoneknows of a good play grroup around happy valley? We would prefer a native teacher too?

homegirl (7 yrs ago)
Which kindergarten is it? Or where is it if you don't want to name names? I have a friend that is also facing the same situation and interested to see if it is the same place.

Aragon (6 yrs ago)
Do you need a teaching qualification to teach playgroup/ nursery/ kindergarten?? - singing songs, reading stories, artwork, playing games, talking English - it's just a glorified child minder position for the morning - I really think a native English person from abroad can do this job WITHOUT a teaching qualification. Naturally speaking English is good enough for this age group.

funbobby (6 yrs ago)
it's not all about speaking English...not sure if you have kids, or have ever 'child-minded' a group of 6-10 kids at one time...dropping in a video or throwing down a coloring book or two doesn't cut it I'm afraid...good staff have training in managing a group of children to ensure a safe, secure and enriching experience EVERY time the kids come to the centre, day after day....this involved more planning than you can ever's what a caring parent wants for their child when they can't be together, not just someone to speak English to them.

the point the OP was making, that you seem to have missed, was the misrepresentation of the teachers quals, including but not limited to her spoken English

isabelle (6 yrs ago)
i used to work in a playgroup, and the manager employed anyone who was caucasian to work there! we had a plumber from italy, a yoga instructor from god knows where, and a portugese man! they had no idea of what they were doing! a non-native teacher may be a better teacher sometimes...

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