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POSTED BY DK262 (6 yrs ago)

Are there any good electric guitar teachers in HK? I used to play in rock bands when I was younger, but I'd like to learn other contemporary guitar styles such as blues, jazz and pop.


DK262 (6 yrs ago)
Hi Blair,

Cheers for your reply. I've had a chance to try guitars that have been worked on by different repair techs in town since I last posted. I found a really talented tech who is a qualified luthier from Roberto Venn and also a Berklee graduate. His attention to detail and work is flawless. The fact that he's a professional level player makes him very particular about how guitars should play and sound. It's quite amazing and surprising to see and hear what my guitars are capable of when he plays them! So far, he's refretted my PRS custom, and fret dressed and rewired my masterbuilt strat. I couldn't be more happy.

He's also a fantastic teacher (English is his first language which is a bonus.) My son and I are currently both studying guitar with him.

This is his website.



RVF (6 yrs ago)

Re: Electric Guitar Teachers

Firstly, It depends on the style you are looking to learn... jazz, blues, fusion, R & B, etc. so look for the style player/teacher you have the most interest.

Second, are you looking to play/learn songs? chords, scales, lead-playing techniques...

If you post this criteria, you might get several teachers in that line to choose!

All the Best!


For scales, I would like to teach more advanced players looking to expand their lead playing in

R & B, Blues, Rock....

email if I can be of any further assistance!

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