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POSTED BY The Babbit (6 yrs ago)

My Son has been referred for a Psychiatric educational assessment - to see if he has learning difficulties. He is doing well in maths and sciences but seemingly significantly behind in literacy.

Has anybody been thru this process and have any comments or recommendations ?

I'll be honest - im a bit sceptical about the whole thing, maybe he is just slow in these areas and does not have any 'learning difficulty' its just not his skill set. My skepticism has been exacerbated as I have now found out the kind of costs involved just for the assesment.

would much appreciate advice from anyone who has been thru this or is expert in the field.



cara (6 yrs ago)
there are two ways to go about it.

1) through the gov't public route, which could take years

2) privately

if you choose to go privately, Caleb Knight is well respected and knowlegeable. he has assessed quite a few people i know.

yes, there are costs involved, but wouldn't it be better for your child to find out sooner rather than later if there is a problem? if there isn't, all you are out is money. if there is a problem, it can be dealt with much sooner and will only benefit your son.

The Babbit (6 yrs ago)
thanks cara for your response. of course we would rather know now than later. Will look up on your recommendations

F100 (6 yrs ago)
Dear Babbit,

Did you go and see Caleb Knight or anyone else?

just curious because i am also looking for someone who specializes in educational assessments.

I've heard that if you go through the government the waiting list is 2-3 years.

If anyone knows of any other recommendations would be greatly appreciated.


Christeve (6 yrs ago)
Hi, have you looked at Aspergers syndrome? Many children with Aspergers are great at maths and science but struggle with writing and fluffier subjects.

F100 (6 yrs ago)
I am looking for someone who specializes in Educational Assessment.

If anyone has any information/recommendations and are willing to share their experience I would really appreciate it.

Is anyone familiar with any doctors that work at The Practice in Central.

Also, it seems like Dr. Caleb Knight seems really good as well.

Thanks a lot.

The Babbit (6 yrs ago)
yes, i have started the process with a firm called psycology resources. i was advised that dr caleb is more of a specialist in aspergers, plus to a certain degree went with what was practical and convenient. expensive though. i dont really want to say much more as until the process is complete and we have a report, its hard to gauge the quality and insight of the dr.

F100 (6 yrs ago)
thanks a lot babbit.

can you please keep us posted?

would you also seek a second opinion?

i find with doctors their view of things is greatly influenced on their area of specialty.

that's why i really want to seek a specialist that deals with Educational assessments.

midwife (6 yrs ago)
You may wish to contact me at, we have just formally launched our sub company "Pathways to learning" and getting remarkable results helping children overcome learning obstacles. We look at each child individually, go into the classroom, write up a full report for you and your teacher and work out the correct path for your child to take to find a solution to the problems hindering school and home life. There are only the two of us working on this part of the company so we offer specialist and individual target specific therapy. Call if you think we can help.

midwife (6 yrs ago)
Oh - just to stop any confusion! I am a midwife but I am also a Neuro Development therapist and my partner is an experienced teacher with a B.Ed and specializes in remedial learning needs.

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