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POSTED BY Robyn (6 yrs ago)
Our daughter is currently on the list for both Yew Chung and the Australian School. We will find out soon if she is accepted into the Australian school Reception 2012. Are your children at these schools what is your feedback please. Do we wait for Yew Chung or go with the Australian if we get accepted? What is your experiance please.

We will have to travel from Tung Chung for both schools as they are both in Kowloon Tong.

Thank you so much for your time.


Phoenix7 (6 yrs ago)
Where are you originally from? If you are native English speakers, choose AISHK. Feel free to pm me if you require elaboration.

Robyn (6 yrs ago)
We are new zealanders, our daughter has been at a local kindergarten for 2 years. Her Chinese study is quite good. Thanks for your time Phoenix7 I would love your feedback.

Phoenix7 (6 yrs ago)
Robyn - sent you a pm!

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