Need kids to travel from tung chung to American international school or Kowloon Tong



POSTED BY reshuharry (6 yrs ago)

I m looking for 5-6 kids who r looking fr transportation from TUNG CHUNG TO KOWLOON TONG or American international school

If anyone is interested to join as we r arranging private van or mini bus for our kids.

Pl reply or suggest any bus service



Robyn (6 yrs ago)
It's a problem I understand, best to post this on the club house notice boards. I can help you with posting something on the coastal one if you don't live there. Pm me if you need me to. I will drive to and from tung chung to the Australian school next feb if my daughter is accepted but my daughter will be in kindergarten finishing at 11.15 am each day. The Australian school does have a private bus from Tung Chung. Not sure if it's close to the American?

reshuharry (6 yrs ago)
Thanks. We will post the same in Coastal Skyline clubhouse, my daughter got admission in American International School but there is no school bus service from Tung Chung to AIS, so looking for alternatives, one person who operates private cars says he can arrange 7 seater van from Tung Chung to AIS and back, but monthly charges wud be 13000 hkd, i have 2 daughters one to AIS and another to Kowloon Jr School, so looking for few more students , if any , might have similar situation.

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