63rd Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival



POSTED BY kjshek (6 yrs ago)
Does anybody know where can I find a copy of the speech?

Thank you and hope someone can help me.

Thank you!


cath youngs (6 yrs ago)
Which piece/age group are you looking for? I can help you with English pieces.

kjshek (6 yrs ago)
Hi Cath,

it's for prImary 3, "Just a skin thing" by Carol Rumble

Thank you!

kjshek (6 yrs ago)
Got it already! Thank you!

joehongkong (6 yrs ago)
Dear all,

Just wonder does anyone of you has a good english teacher can be referred to my 5 yrs boy? He is going to participate the contest.

many thanks

hkforever (6 yrs ago)
You may want to check at Interactive Tutors (interactivetutors.hk) - Some of their students participate in the contest as well.

hongkongdaddy (5 yrs ago)
There's also good information about the Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival at www.speechfestival.com

EXpatlady (5 yrs ago)
I am a good English teacher. I work in North Point and have exerpience of the Speech Festival. I am a NET and have worked in local and international schools in HK for the last 10 years.



Naturebaby (5 yrs ago)
I heard a beautiful poem at the 63rd Speech Festival, titled "How do you say goodbye" by Lois Simmie. But I cannot find this poem. Does anyone has a copy of this poem?

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