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POSTED BY annKlee (5 yrs ago)
2 weeks ago I applied for a teaching assistant role at an international school.

I was called today with an offer but I am curious

What is the average wage?

what are the hours you work?

I would very much like your advice.

Thanks for your time.


Amethyst blitzkrieg (5 yrs ago)
I only work part time- 4 hrs.. And I earn about 130 an hr..and I get all school holidays ;))

KelseyStroud (5 yrs ago)
There are level 1 to 4 TA's and schools will tend to have a selection of different grade TA's in school depending on what is required. Although have not seen any level 1's for a long time.


olympe (5 yrs ago)
last year I applied for a teaching assistant in the French department at an Australian school. The salary was 8000 hkd, from 8.30 to 3.00pm 5 days a week.

leodrey (5 yrs ago)
hi Olympe, if you can speak french, are you not interested in french teaching assistant? i need to hire..

olympe (5 yrs ago)
Hello Leodrey,

Thank you but I am already working as a Registered French teacher. Good luck !

leodrey (5 yrs ago)
Hi Olymoe, do you have any recommendations? or referrals?


olympe (5 yrs ago)
Yes I have , but as I say I have already got a job at an international school. Thanks

Arteflo (5 yrs ago)
Hi, I am French i am currently giving private lessons in French and some in Italian as I m completely native by lingual, please email me if you need



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