Looking for a Long-Term Private Tutor for a Kindergarten Kid



Posted by ds2019 13 days ago
Dear All,

I’m looking for a long-term private tutor starting from Sept 2019 for a 4 years old kid with the following criteria:
- Location: Central
- Time: can discuss - approx. 4pm-8pm weekdays (prefer mon, tue and/or fri) starting in Sept 2019
- Tutorial Service Required: Help out to complete all the kindergarten homework esp in English and art (preferably in Chinese as well but not a must) as well as other general education
- Candidate criteria: prefer solid experience with teaching kindergarten kids
- Student background: 4 years old enrolling in a top kindergarten in HK

Kindly let me know your name, whatsapp no., experience and qualifications if interested.

Warm regards,


Rach89 8 days ago
Hi Daniel,
could I just clarify the amount of days you're looking for. A choice between the 3 days or youd like all 3 days if possible? Also how long would you like each tutorial class to be.

Just a brief intro.
My name's Rachel and I was born and raised in the UK. Graduated from the university of Staffordshire in Psychology and Criminology.
I'm a full time English tutor and have students ranging from the age of 2 to working adults.
I do speak and understand Cantonese as well. (dad wanted me to learn)

If you'd like to discuss any further or ask any questions, please feel free to WhatsApp me 67737320.


nadair 7 days ago
Hi Daniel, I have been teaching Kindergarten in Hong Kong for the past 4 years, 3 out of the 4 years were spent teaching K2(4 yesr olds) so please feel free to contact me at 52264074 with any further questions.

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