The Ultra-Running Domestic Helpers of Hong Kong



Posted by Ed 8 mths ago
Six days a week, Jaybie Pagarigan cooks, cleans and shops for her employers, a family in Hong Kong.

Then on Sundays — her one day off — she hits the trails.

Traversing the city’s lush and vast country parks, the 39-year-old domestic worker from the Philippines clocks in miles of running and thousands of feet in elevation as she conquers one peak after another.

Ms. Pagarigan is part of a growing community of maids in Hong Kong who have taken up trail running for the challenge of the sport and the opportunity to be treated as equals in a society that often discriminates against them.

In addition to long work days, one-day weekends and an exhaustive list of responsibilities, these domestic workers somehow find the time and energy to compete in mountain ultramarathons. They squeeze in training runs before the crack of dawn or late at night, and find creative ways to turn their household duties into training opportunities.


Ed 8 mths ago

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