The Best Scenic Running Trails In Hong Kong

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The general perception of Hong Kong is that it is a concrete jungle and that it offers few opportunities for jogging or running.

Yes, Hong Kong has poured billions of tonnes of concrete, yet nearly half of the entire territory of Hong Kong remains designated as nature reserves and country parks.

Amongst the concrete jungle are some excellent opportunities, many of them right at your doorstep, to escape into leafy, quiet, and often incredibly scenic running trails.

Regardless of if you are training for the Standard Chartered Marathon or are after shorter runs to maintain your fitness and distress, Hong Kong offers multiple running trails that will help you meet your goals.

We have compiled some of the very best running trails in Hong Kong.

If you are new to Hong Kong or in town for a short work assignment or holiday, and unfamiliar with the city, most of the trails are easily accessed and clearly marked. We have provided links to online maps to guide you to each of the trails.

View from the Dragon's Back Trail.

Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade (4km)

Level of Difficulty: Easy

This running trail is best utilized in early mornings or late evenings as the promenade is chock-a-block with tourists during much of the day and during the summer months the heat can be oppressive along the waterfront. The views of the majestic HK harbour make this 4km run tick by in no time. Map It

Hong Kong Trail (50km)

Level of Difficulty: Hard

This challenging run traverses 5 of Hong Kong’s country parks and is divided into 8 sections so that runners can choose to complete some or all the 50km in one go. The trail consists of many up and down slopes and stairs, with both sealed and dirt sections. A decent level of fitness is required before tackling this running trail. Map It

Bowen Road (4km)

Level of Difficulty: Easy

Access to this reasonably flat running track is along Magazine Gap Rd and Stubbs Rd. or alternatively, from Kennedy Road. This area of Hong Kong has a ‘no-car’ policy making for a peaceful run while enjoying a spectacular view of the Wanchai and Central districts of Hong Kong. There is a fair bit of shade provided by a leafy canopy taking the heat off should you decide on an afternoon run. This track also offers public fitness stations along the way. If you are running with your dog, be sure to keep your dog leashed as there have been incidents of dogs eating poisoned meat in the Bowen Road area. Map It

Hong Kong Island Harbourfront (3km)

Level of Difficulty: Easy

This short run over a flat track is a great option if you are pressed for time. The run is easily accessible and stretches from Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park to Tamar Park providing superb views of Kowloon. Again, tourists inundate this area during the day, so your best option is to run in the morning or late evening. Map It

Victoria Road (7km)

Level of Difficulty: Moderate

Access is in the Kennedy Town district of Hong Kong Island winding through mountains, past waterfalls and sandy beaches eventually finishing in Aberdeen. If you are more ambitious you can retrace your steps, or you can stop for a meal in Aberdeen and hop a bus back into town. Map It

The Peak Trail (3.5km)

Level of Difficulty: Moderate

This 3.5km paved track loops from Harlech to Lugard Road and being on The Peak, you are obviously going to enjoy breath-taking views of the entire city. Assuming you are not mad and do not want to run up The Peak, your best bet is to jump on the Peak Tram in Central and start your run at the Peak Tower. Map It

Tai Tam Reservoir (8km)

Level of Difficulty: Moderate to Hard

The best starting point for this challenging run is Mount Parker at Quarry Bay and ending at Tai Tam Country Park (buses to Shau Kei Wan are available at the Country Park). This loop, taking you around the Tai Tam Reservoir, comprises steps, moderate to steep hills and both sealed and dirt sections. There are stunning views of Hong Kong as well as the spectacular coast lines of the south side of Hong Kong Island. Map It

The Dragon’s Back Trail (10km)

Level of Difficulty: Moderate to Hard

The Dragon’s Back is probably the most popular weekend tracks for both runners and hikers in Hong Kong. You will quickly realize why when you experience the incredible views as you make your way along the ‘dragon’s back’ ridge. Map It

Sai Kung Beaches Run (24km)

Level of Difficulty: Hard

This run commences at Pak Tam Chung, just a short cab ride from Sai Kung town, loops around the High Island Reservoir and along the beaches of Sai Kung. There are stunning coastal views as you traverse Long Ke Wan, then more remote beaches before you cut through a series of abandoned villages and end the run at Pak Tam Au. Map It

‘The Twins’ - Stairway up to Heaven. Steps into Hell. (4.7km)

Level of Difficulty: Hard

This challenging run starts near the taxi stand at Hong Kong Parkview apartments and involves some serious climbing. 1200+ stairs of climbing to be more specific. You start off by running uphill on the Wilson Trail until you reach Violet Hill where there are spectacular views over the Tai Tam Reservoir and the south coast of Hong Kong Island. Another 1200 stairs or so will bring you to the main highway where you can jump a bus into Stanley and have a cold drink or lunch, or back to the Central bus terminal. Map It

If you are in search of friends to tackle some of these runs, check out our Activity Partners channel.


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