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POSTED BY vbshahani (10 yrs ago)
I'm looking for some info on the english medium schools in HK, (but not the International ones) where the medium of instruction and the syllabus itself should be in english and which is attended by non-chinese students


cara (10 yrs ago)
you should check out the education dept's website, i'm sure you will find information on EMI schools. but most of the students will still be chinese, although there may be a few who aren't.

WWCORP (10 yrs ago)

vbshahani (10 yrs ago)
Thanks WWCORP, but by english medium schools, I meant Primary school. I'm sorry I should have been more specific. My child is already attending K1 class, but most of the kids in her class who are expats, will be attending International schools after Kindergarten. I am not so keen to send her to Intl school, cost being the major factor. Thanks for ur help.

hkmama1 (10 yrs ago)
st. margaret's co-ed english primary and sec. school

vbshahani (10 yrs ago)
Thanks hkmama1,

But pls can u give me some more info on this school??? I mean where is it?? Do any non-chinese especially Indians are attending it. It would really be a great help. Thanks again

KBR (10 yrs ago)
Actually therte are quite some schools.

1. Sir Ellis Kadoorie Primary school in Causeway Bay. It is government school of english medium. variety of students are Indian / Pakistanis / Chinese / Philipinos.... it has history of over 100 Years, very experienced teachers. It is totally free.The even used to teach hindi / urdu before, but now not sure.

2. St. Maragret's co-ed is in Nam Cheong - extended kowloon. it is good school. it is international, with fee around $1000 (in secondary, not sure abt primary)

3. Li Cheng Uk Primary PM school (AM is chinese medium, PM is English medium). It is in Lai Chi Kok, Kowloon. It is similar to Sir Ellis Kadoorie, totally free, english medium.

hkmama1 (10 yrs ago)
my son goes to st. margarets near the nam cheong station, kowloon. the fee for primary is about $2,600 now. a lot of non chinese go there such as indians, mixed kids, filipinos etc... good school with both a local and international perspective, train through school to form 7 i think. my mixed kid is doing good in both english and chinese now. very hard to get into though like the rest of them. good luck!!

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