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POSTED BY 90210 (6 yrs ago)

I am looking for a playgroup to take my toddler to but I'd like to be able to pay-as-you-go rather than sign up for a month or a term at a time. Somewhere with parking would be a bonus. Kowloon or HK island. Anyone have any suggestions?



physiosmith (6 yrs ago)
My kids go to a fantastic playgroup in Jordan at USRC ( non members can attend playgroup) which is 'pay as you go'. They have a huge garden and a large room with a great selection of toys. Drinks and snacks are supplied and they have singing time at the end. Tues & Fri from 9.30-11.30 except public hols ( includes school hols too!). The only thing to remember is that the club has a strict no domestic helpers policy. Parking is available during the session time, but you need to tell them when you pay. Come along and try it out - it's a really great place to meet other mums too!

90210 (6 yrs ago)
Great! Sounds perfect. We will come and try it out on Friday.

gwyneth (6 yrs ago)
How much is the playgroup? Sounds really good especially as it is difficult to find places with outdoor areas in Hong Kong.

cara (6 yrs ago)
the reason there are not many of these around is that rent is VERY expensive. i run two playgroups and while i would love to be able to offer something like pay as you go, it is impossible for me to do it financially. i need to KNOW that i will have enough to pay my rent.

as for outdoor space, i was lucky and found a place with a 6000' outdoor playground! but it doesn't come cheaply.

gwyneth (6 yrs ago)
There are actually quite a few pay as you go playgroups in HK but not so many with an outdoor area.

quisie (6 yrs ago)
Would really want to know about the cost, as there is not many with outdoor area. Can you please let me know the cost and the time and frequency?

clevra (6 yrs ago)
Look what I have found in the USRC website


Nicola Barguss

9775 4944

$40 1st child (member)

$70 1st child (non-member)

$25 per additional child

Tuesday: 9:30am

Friday: 9:30am

Does anyone know the minimum age of the playgroup?



gwyneth (6 yrs ago)
I don't think there is any minimum age for playgroups. My youngest daughter started at 3weeks old and I have met people (usually when they have more than 1) who have brought babies aged 1-2 weeks old to playgoups.

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