Scam buyer in classified post again

Posted by alexisq 20 days ago
Some years ago, there is a thread here about overseas “buyer” replies to seller in classified post here and Ways they tried to cheat money from seller. Today I received a whatsapp apparently from Ukraine, asking if I can ship my $100 lego to Thailand. Buyer said would pay for speed post cost and asked me how much. I checked in internet that the speed post cost $163 for 500g parcel. So a total $263 for the buyer to pay. I said made it $300 as my bank may deduct bank charges. Buyer then asked for my bank account name, number and bank name.

I can tell this is a scam because buyer can get a brand new one with this cost from Amazon, my stuff is not a limited or terminated Items. Why would the buyer buy it? I do not want to continue wasting my time with this buyer.

I want to remind everyone trying to sell stuff in this website’s classified what are the next steps the buyer to cheat your money. According to the previous threads and summarised here:

1. If you provide the bank info, you will receive a so called bank letter (it is fake of course) saying there is a remittance for you to collect but you have to remit bank charges first. There is no such remittance and they just want your ‘bank charges’.

2. Buyer will say the amount of remittance to you is too small and bank does not do it. Buyer then askS you to remit money to him/her first so as to make up a bigger sum to remit back to you. Of course, no remittance will be send back to you after you send your money.

My last reminder is, only trade face to face in Hong Kong. If someone ask you to send the stuff overseas, 99% are scam. Don’t waste your time.

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Ed 16 days ago
Please be aware of the various classifieds scams.

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alexisq 12 days ago
Today I received WhatsApp message from +1 (323) 395-5382, asking me to ship my stuff to overseas and like to pay the postage. I think I should disclose all these numbers for others to be alert. The number I received earlier was +380 (93) 169 02 62.

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Ed 12 days ago
Please note, if someone tries to buy an item from you, and they are not in HK --- then it's definitely a scam.  The cost to ship something to another country would almost always be more than the value of what they are purchasing....

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