Looking for a building home renovation contractor

Posted by sophiesophie 3 yrs ago
I am looking for a good reasonably priced contractor who can communicate well in English. I need to renovate my apartment from scratch, as apartment is very old. No fancy design work is required, only the basic renovation works such as painting, electrical work, plumbing, carpentry etc.

Recommendation would be highly appreciated.

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tstories 3 yrs ago
He also has a Facebook page. Quite responsive and will give you a fair estimate for good work done.

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Ed 3 yrs ago
You can find more recommendations here  and in our HK Handyman Directory 

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sophiesophie 3 yrs ago
I did call CK, the company recommended in previous post. He was arrogant and insulting and would not recommend dealing with him. I am suspicious that all the posts recommending him were actually written from him or his buddies.

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tstories 3 yrs ago
That’s awful! Low ball move

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Jerrytam0606 3 yrs ago
you can also find this company for some Renovations work and communicate well in English tel: 98643968. They are minor works contractor from Hong Kong Building Department from Hongkong Government

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KateWong1 3 yrs ago
Hello. Are you still looking for a contractor to help you with some work? I know guys that could help you and they are English speaking! You can send me a private message and I can give you my phone number. Let me know Thanks! Have a great day!

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ABC1975 3 yrs ago
I also have a recommended handyman /contractor that can help. I’ve used him and he does a really good job. His number is +852 9151 9441 Thanks.

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gregspinos 2 yrs ago
Hi Sophie Sophie,

I know this is an old post. Was wondering if you managed to complete all the renovations you had in mind orsl still have any repairs still outstanding. Or perhaps new requirements

If yes, please do let me know. Can be contacted in WhatsApp 93146432.



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KtownProp 2 yrs ago
Hi Sophie,

Hope you have settled down with your renovation, but in case you are still looking for contractors. There are a few residents in our network who just had their renovation done, perhaps you can reach out to our network to see if they can help (https://www.ktwonprop.com/residents-network) or learn more about us here (https://www.ktownprop.com).


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PSR_AXP 8 mths ago
Click here for a list of handymen and construction companies

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