Crimping internet cable

Posted by Diego 4 mths ago
I need to crimp 2 connectors to an internet cable. This is what a connector looks like.
I need to crimp at each end of the cable.

I have the tools and the parts, I just fail every time I try to do it.

Would anyone in the Clearwater Bay / Sai Kung area happen to know anyone who could do this?

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danf 4 mths ago
Hey there, I recently wired my home and too bought similar equipment and some long cable. I think my success rate was about 50/50.

In the end, I gave up and just bought pre-made cable for the length I needed. If you are not having much luck crimping yourself, and it is a pain, just bit the bullet and buy pre-made. You can buy 50m CAT5e/6 from shops like Foresoon Engineering, or you can buy online.

Good luck!

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