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POSTED BY poison (9 mths ago)
my mom is diabetic and she recently got diagnosed with her heart main artery blocked at 65%. shes been prescribed some drugs to avoid further blockage, some anti blood stickiness drugs and beta blockers. it's been a few months of her taking these drugs and she was doing good till last week. she's having some heaviness over her heart again and we are afraid maybe her blockage is progressing further. do any of you know any good cardiologist here in HK who can help? she got her heart CT scan in a private hospital and after seeing her CT reports the doctor said her artery image wasn't so clear and they are not 100% sure which part of her heart is really blocked. we are so confused because he's a private doctor and we paid thousands to get her CT and he said the image quality isn't clear enough. we can't just wait and put her health at risk.the public hospital doctor said they dnt normally do angiogram unless there's over 70% blockage!! someone pls tell me what should we do?


JennyTalia (9 mths ago)
If/when she gets a pain in her chest - anywhere near the *heart* - go straight to A&E of your local hospital and even the mention of "heart attack" will galvanise the staff into prompt action - *NO* waiting for 4~5 hours to see a doctor, it'll be very swift attention.

I know this for a fact - my brother was pretty much immediately admitted & given a Stent in the artery near his heart,

That was more than a year ago - and he's still around!

Me? I take around about 20 pills a day (I'm a diabetic type2 with other "problems") and my organs & total body will be the property of QMH for replacements for others and for trainees to practice surgery on.

At the end of this, what's left will be cremated & my ashes dropped in to the sea.

No chance of this nonsense Ching Ming / Chung Yeung inflicted on the rest of the family.

poison (8 mths ago)
Hi jenny
Thanks for your reply. My mom got onto lots of drugs for her heart and now the doctors are suggesting to do angioplasty and will be good right? Stents prolong life and are safe right? I read somewhere on the internet that stents are not good and medications and diet,exercise are much better because if theres a stent and gets blocked again then it will be more serious and bad. Do you know what kinds of stents are available in HK hospitals?
Im sorry about your health. Why do you sound as if you have given up on life? Come on there must be something you can do to improve your health. Life is given only once so dont give up please.
I hope you recover soon.

4nic7plus1 (8 mths ago)
I believe that there are some different types of Stents - I have NO idea how many - I *think* that one type is the "bog-standard" type that the surgeons insert to expand the blocked arteries, and the second - presumably more expensive type that emits chemicals to provide ongoing medications - but I don't know how looooong this emission works for.

No, I'm not despondent about my health, even though I as super-saturated with various drugs all day.

I have [Internet] watched and saved UKTV programs on diabetes, some get cured by a "crash-course" of starvation, and others by having ~ 50% of their stomach removed. Gives the pancreas time to recover - rather than being force-fed with drugs to boost up its internal actions.

I pay nothing for treatments, specialist clinics *&* expensive drugs - luckily my spouse is a retired senior Civil Servant - and that's one of the benefits available to me !!

Even a stay in Ruttonjee & QMH over the years co$t us only a few hundreds Dollars.

You have never mentioned WHERE your mother is, but - if in HK - she'd only get charged a bit for stenting & don't delay !!

My brother has had it done - several years ago in QMH - and is still active.

poison (8 mths ago)
Its so good to talk to someone about this and get the worry and burden a bit off. How long have you been diabetic? My mom has had it for 20 yrs already! Shes taking so many drugs for it and now more drugs for her heart. I hate to see her like that and hope she will recover soon.
Ive been searching in the net and discovered that there are bare metal stents and also drug eluting stents. The drug eluting ones are better for diabetic patients so lets see what her cardiologist suggests.
Removing 50% of stomachs in diabetics sound scary! I cannt imagine suggesting this to my mom she will totally freak out. Shes already so freaked out by this stenting thing. We are still trying to convince her to do it.hopefully she will agree to it.
And yes we are in Hk and shes getting treatdd in Tseung Kwan O hospital and the cost for her angiogram and stenting will be 63 thousand and if there goes a problem then will have to pay more to fix it. But we dnt care abt the cost just that mom gets better.
My sister died of cancer in QMH. Terrible memories we have in that hospital but thats how life is,full of ups and downs.
I hope all sick people get better and in best health.

archcherub (7 mths ago)
what brands of blood glucose monitors would you guys recommend for diabetes? rossmax? omron? or some other brands?

miochan81 (7 mths ago)
Sorry to hear that. Hope you mom cure soon.
I am also having a bad time too with similar case.

Although I am not familiar with heart disease, I would still want to say
cheer up! Be tough! If you feel depress, then will also affect your mom's situtation.

Quenum (7 mths ago)
Hello Poison,

A very good friend of mine just had 2 stints put in close to his heart here in HK 2 months ago. It was done by a masterful cardiologist that I highly recommend.

Dr. Duncan Ho Hung Kwong
2835 7899

He is reportedly the best in HK. I was there for several of Duncan's visits to my friend while he was in the hospital and have to say that he is one of the best I have ever met. Gracious, honest, non rushed, completely on point with the patients procedures and a wonderful easy going but sincere bed side manner.

Good luck and hope everything works out for your mother.

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