Need recommendations for good and affordable ear doctor!



POSTED BY slamer2000 (3 mths ago)
Hi there, I have an issue with my right ear as there is some ear wax impacting on my ear drum and so I constantly hear a ringing noise and have reduced hearing. Can anyone recommend to me a good and affordable ear doctor for this case? I've tried contacting the ENT centre to enquire about their prices and they told me that consultation may cost $1500+ and the actual treatment may be around 700-800. I really don't want to spend that much just to get an ear toileting procedure. I originally went to a local public clinic but when I found that the waiting times were crazy long, I started looking in the private medical sector. But they seem to be really pricey. I'm not sure if around $1500 + 800 is the norm in the private sector, if it is, I'll just go with it. But I'm just wondering if there are any possibly cheaper options?


portanier (40 days ago)
ENT and Dermatologist drive the best cars, it's common knowledge when studying medicine that they come into the higher earning category , ear nose and throat and skin problems are what we most have issues to answer your question there are no cheap ENT doctors.
If you still have this ongoing situation and want to see someone....I suggest David Ho, you may try to explain that you are a student or a senior.....or try Matilda.
hope this helps?


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