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POSTED BY babswymak (10 yrs ago)

Just need some advice.

I do exercise often... run regularly and do martial arts. In the past year, I have noticed some pain in my left knee (some days is fine and other days is just poking pain).

A few days ago I went on the tread mill for 15 minutes run. No problem, however, about 2 days later my knee swell up and keep get this clicking noise from it. Went to Chinese bonesetter for treatment but still swelling and clicking.

Is it worth getting an x-ray?


docboat (10 yrs ago)
Is it not worth getting a doctor to check your knee? An X-ray will not show much.

John Keel (10 yrs ago)
No point in getting an X Ray yet. I work with therapists and clinicians who deal with similar problems daily and I have pounded my knees out over 30 yaers of training too. So I sympathise. I am not going to speculate and write a whole essay on what your knee problem might be. You should have it looked at since it obviously bothers you enough to seek advice but I am going to offer an odd bit of advice in this instance. Go see Jeff Shurr, a chiroparctor. I have excellent results with him when a lot of mates were at the end of their tethers with similar problems. Jeff's very knowledgeable and will take a great deal of care finding out what the real problem is.

He may not be able to treat you, as they are really best suited to deal with spinal problems, but he will explain in detail what the issues might be and point you to the right specialist. Many medical people are hammers and so everthing to them is a nail. A mate of mine is a kindergarden teacher (squats all day), does martial arts, yoga and trekking. Similar symptoms as you and spent a year in agony. Saw physio, bone-setters, orthopedic etc and got minimal results. Coz most of them treat the disease and not the patient. Took her to Jeff and a couple of sessions of investigation and trial treatment, we narrowed down the causes and she's now on the mend. Set her some exercises and a supplement or two and Bob's your uncle. Discovered an unrelated problem in the examination and she sees a Chinese Doc for that.

His details are on the HKCA website. Give the man a call. I am not recommending chiropractic per se but Jeff's a knowlegeable chap with good medical ethics. So I am just recommending the guy. Hope this helps.

babswymak (10 yrs ago)
Thanks John Keel, will look him up.

yamari (8 yrs ago)
If people have similar problems in Shanghai they can visit two canadian Chiropractors there Dr Glen MacPherson and Dr. Karine Robert.

Randy Kobe (8 yrs ago)
heard new service being offered in HK and China - U.S. orthopedic doctors doing consulations

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